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1769 Urgent! How to memorize something that can“t be recorded with the brain?The Dragon Network Assistant sincerely replied, “If Administrator Tyrannical Dragon wants to equip it as an eye, there’s no problem with that. However, the Dragon Eye Gem will not be able to perform your eyeball’s functions.” 

“Then forget it,” Song Shuhang said regretfully. “So, how do I use it?”

This thing couldn’t be put into one’s eye sockets, couldn’t be eaten, and couldn’t be planted in the ground, so how was it supposed to be used? Was it like the black dragon spirit stone, and had to be crushed to be used?

The Dragon Network Assistant said, “The Dragon Eye Gem is activated using mental energy. After activating the Dragon Eye Gem, you will be able to get in touch with the source of the Black Dragon World for a short period of time. Everyone sees the Black Dragon World’s source differently. I wish you a smooth journey, please do treasure this opportunity.”

The Black Dragon World’s source was a huge mystery related to ‘eternity’. It was incomparably huge, and the portion of the Black Dragon World’s source that was exposed through the Dragon Eye Gem was minuscule in comparison to its entirety. It was similar to a blind person touching an elephant with their hands.

This was why the Demon Emperor would steal Dragon Eye Gems time and time again to get in touch with the source of the Black Dragon World. Every time, the Demon Emperor was only able to see a small part of the source. Therefore, it was only by doing this repeatedly that he was able to construct a more complete view of the source of the Black Dragon World in his mind.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “As the highest-ranking administrator of the Dragon Network, can I access the world source without the Dragon Eye Gem?”

The Dragon Network Assistant shook its head. “Unless Administrator Tyrannical Dragon is willing to abandon everything, become one with the Dragon Network, and become a part of the Dragon Network’s Will, you won’t be able to access the Black Dragon World’s source with your authority.”

“Then forget it.” Song Shuhang laughed. Afterward, he reached out, grabbed the Dragon Eye Gem, and urged his divine sense the way the Dragon Network Assistant instructed him to do in order to activate the Dragon Eye Gem.

When the Dragon Eye Gem was activated, Song Shuhang’s consciousness got out of his body, entering a black and white world.

The whole world fell into a state of ‘time stop’.

His physical body, the virtuous lamia frolicking in the distance, and even the Dragon Network Assistant all froze in time, becoming motionless. It was only his consciousness that could walk and move around in this black and white world.

His consciousness took two steps, and then he looked around himself filled with uncertainty.

This black-and-white world where time was frozen was the source of the Black Dragon World?

A world frozen in time?

While he was in thought, ripples emerged in the boundless ocean in front of him.

The surface of the ocean spun, and a whirlpool was born.

When Song Shuhang’s consciousness saw this whirlpool, a kind of enlightenment flashed in his mind—this was the gateway to the source of the Black Dragon World. He didn’t need anybody to explain it to him; as soon as he saw it, he came to naturally understand what it was.

His consciousness moved forward, leaped gently, and fell into the whirlpool.

In the depths of the whirlpool was a black-and-white core, which was like a bottomless black hole, swallowing everything that neared it. The seawater walls of the whirlpool gleamed like stars, illuminating the passage in the whirlpool.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness entered the whirlpool and fell downward.

The whirlpool was like a bottomless hole. Song Shuhang’s consciousness was clearly falling, but he felt that he got further and further away from the black-and-white core as he continued to fall. He didn’t feel like he was getting any closer to it.

And while he was falling, the ‘starlight’ on the walls of the whirlpool unceasingly floated and merged with his consciousness.

With every wisp of starlight that merged with his consciousness, a brace was added to Song Shuhang’s mind.

His mental energy began to increase nonstop.

Not only that, as the starlight continued to merge with his body, he felt that he could read out some data while looking at the ‘black-and-white core’—the starlight was the key to reading the data.

At first glance, the content appeared to be about the laws and principles of the world. But when he took a closer look, it appeared as if what he was seeing was something even more profound than laws, something closer to the core of the world. If a command prompt was the law that constituted and controlled a world, then what he was reading now was the code that constituted the commands.

If it were a genuine Eighth Stage Profound Sage in Song Shuhang’s shoes, they would definitely be bursting with excitement once they read such information. This was tantamount to an ‘additional bonus item’ for when they ascended to the Ninth Stage. Even if reading this information was at the cost of several thousand years of their lifespan, they would gladly pay that price.

It was a pity that Song Shuhang was a fake Profound Sage.

The information he was reading from the ‘black-and-white core’ was way past his level, and even though his instincts told him that the information before him was very valuable, he still couldn’t understand it.

Without reaching a certain realm, one would find it too tall a task to understand such things.

Therefore, Song Shuhang could only forcefully remember the information, and try comprehending it as he recalled it after reaching higher realms in the future.

Song Shuhang was able to read things smoothly at the beginning as a cultivator’s memory was simply superb. In addition, Song Shuhang’s mental energy was particularly strong, so rote memorization could be considered a strong point for him.

But as he went deeper and deeper into the whirlpool, the information he read became increasingly profound.

Some of the information before him reached the level where he was no longer able to describe it in words, and it was already completely foreign to him.

How am I supposed to remember these things? They don’t have a framework or a concept at all, and I simply won’t be able to remember them with my head.

Song Shuhang felt great despair.

A mountain of gold was right in front of him, and even if he could dig it out, he couldn’t bring it away.

He could see it, yet he couldn’t touch it!

[Shuhang, why are you in a daze?] At this moment, a familiar voice sounded by his ear.

No, not by his ear.

To be precise, it should be by the ear of his clone.

It was Senior White’s voice!

In the Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation Space, Senior White was communicating with Song Shuhang’s clone.

[I don’t know, it should be my main body. The main body seems to have come into contact with some knowledge that can no longer be described in words. He wants to remember it, but he can’t record this knowledge with his brain. What can he do, Senior White?]

Senior White laughed, and said, [If he can’t memorize it with his brain, then why not directly use his body to do so?]

Then, this sudden sound was cut off.

Song Shuhang muttered, “If I can’t memorize it with my brain, then I should use my body?”

Why do I feel that this is the kind of method used by those honest and hardcore musclemen who lack in brains?

Use my body to remember…

Perhaps I can give it a try?

Pseudo-Eternity Mode—Smoky Body! With a thought, Song Shuhang tried to transform his spiritual body into smoke.

I wonder how my ‘spiritual body’ looks right now. Would all of my main body’s energy get transferred over?


Song Shuhang’s body spread out, swelling into a cloud of smoke.

His smoky body continued falling just the same under the attraction of the source of the Black Dragon World.

Song Shuhang said, “Just memorize what the brain can’t understand by using the body… This ‘Pseudo-Eternity Mode’ should be better at memorizing than pure muscles, right?”

In the next moment, his smoky body really began to actively record the information of the Black Dragon World’s source!

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