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Chapter 1713 I am not Tyrannical Song, I am Demon Sage Tyrannical ScholarWhat’s a ‘blacklist’?It sounded similar to the ‘Tome of Targets’ that his Demonic God Sect had, and recorded within that magical treasure were the names of those the sect wanted dead.

If any of the disciples of the sect could get the head of a person recorded in the ‘Tome of Targets’, they would merit a reward. This kind of tome was something most large forces had.

Is being added to this ‘blacklist’ similar to being added to a ‘Tome of Targets’? the Demon Immortal thought to himself.

This Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is quite bold.

Moreover, the blacklist he got added to even forcefully reached him through the ‘Dragon Network’, and he had no option to refuse. It was rather overbearing and quite similar to the way his demonic sect did things.

But who is this Tyrannical Song? Why did he suddenly add me to his blacklist?

While he was in thought, he swept over the guy he had regarded as a ‘bug’.

“…” Demon Immortal.

This bug actually has a Sage Seal suspended right beside him, and it says ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’ on it, no less. This bug is only at the Fifth Stage, yet he possesses a Sage Seal?

No wonder I wasn’t able to casually pinch him to death. Just what exactly is the background of this guy?

It seems that I’ve underestimated him.

The Demon Immortal swept his gaze over Song Shuhang, and said in a deep voice, “Interesting, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, you actually added me to your blacklist. It appears that I underestimated you.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

[Beep~ Added the ‘blacklist’ function, Beep~ Successfully added the Demon Immortal ‘Demon Emperor Hezhi’ to the blacklist.]

No wonder the Demon Immortal was looking at me weirdly.

I’ve been tricked!

Which ‘blacklist’ function would notify the other party when they were added to it? Does my QR code have a misunderstanding of what a ‘blacklist’ function is supposed to be?

Demon Emperor Hezhi solemnly said, “I withdraw what I said before. Since you’ve added me to your blacklist as a hunting target, then I shall repay the favor.”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

Does this guy also have a misunderstanding regarding what a ‘blacklist’ is?

Suddenly, Fairy @#%×, who was behind Song Shuhang, said, “Actually, I’m not Profound Sage Tyrannical Song~ I’m Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar!” While she was speaking, Fairy @#%× held up both of her hands, and showed the Tyrannical Scholar Demon Seal which was shining brightly.

“???” Demon Emperor Hezhi.

That thing really does not look like a Sage Seal.

So, he glanced at Song Shuhang again.

This guy really isn’t Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, but Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar!

Did I see wrongly just now?

“…” Song Shuhang.

Song ‘Nothing to Say’ Shuhang.

At this moment, Senior White’s clone said, “He is stalling for time. Don’t talk nonsense with him.”

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna asked, “Should we attack him?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Fellow Daoist White, let’s take the lead!”

“Tired.” Senior White’s clone looked at the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna. “Go!”

Furthermore, dealing with the Demon Immortal had little to do with them. Song Shuhang and they were just guests, and it was the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna who really had to be worried here.

“Then I’m on it!” The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna obviously understood this.

She waved her hands like a conductor.

Afterward, a golden light condensed behind her.

The Dragon Network was cooperating with her. With the power she possessed as the Will of the Dragon Network, she condensed a golden light that had the power to ‘split worlds’.

Unfortunately, she could only utilize the energy from the Will aspect of the ‘Dragon Network’.

She could not use even a drop of the energy belonging to the Dragon Network itself. Once she did so, it would be equivalent to lifting the ‘ban’ on the Demon Immortal. At that time, the ‘Dragon Network Node’ of the Demon Immortal would once again be supported by a steady stream of energy, and it would be able to recover back to what it once was after a short period of time.

As the light condensed, the ground under the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna’s feet broke apart. The ground was unable to bear such a large force.

Lady Kunna shouted, “This is the most I can call upon right now.”

After she condensed the light, it turned into a light cannon, blasting towards the Demon Immortal, and locking onto the 108 demonic god pillars. Wherever the light cannon’s attack passed, everything was shattered and split apart.

At the same time, the attacks of Senior White’s clone and Scarlet Heaven Sword followed closely behind hers.

“Heaven Burning Earth Splitting… Sword!” With a slight twist of his wrist, Senior White caused Scarlet Heaven Sword’s body to burn with raging flames. At the same time, an earth-splitting sword intent and a heaven-burning saber intent merged together, creating a ‘saber-sword joint attack’.

Senior White used Scarlet Heaven Sword to successfully slash out with sword qi.

Scarlet Heaven Sword almost burst into tears due to the excitement—despite being a sword-type divine weapon, this was its first time sending out a genuine sword-intent-filled attack.

The saber intent that could burn the heavens and evaporate the seas was the energy transformed from the ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’ which Scarlet Heaven had stored in its sword body.

As for the earth-splitting sword intent, it came from Senior White, who was cooperating with it.

The combination of saber and sword, which was supposed to be lacking in chemistry, displayed an overall effect greater than simple addition.

Demon Emperor Hezhi said, “Hahaha, you think I’m stalling for time? I was just doing something more important, and ended up looking slightly distracted.”

After he said that, a demonic pattern flashed brightly on his left arm.

A sharp phoenix cry rang from the demonic pattern.

In the next moment, a dark phoenix burning with pitch-black flames emerged.

The dark phoenix’s body was huge; it was as large as a small city. It spread its wings and stood in front of the ‘golden light’ Lady Kunna had shot out, protecting the 108 demonic god pillars.

The light cannon attack formed from the golden light blasted the dark phoenix’s body.

In an instant, the world-splitting force within the attack was all released.

The dark phoenix looked up to the sky and screeched. Around its body, a projection of the ‘Black Flame World’ emerged, stubbornly resisting the bombardment of the light cannon.

The dazzling light, the black flame, the mighty power that could split worlds, and a collapsed small world…

After a short while.

The light cannon’s attack was extinguished, and the ‘Black Flame World’ projected by the dark phoenix also disappeared.

The dark phoenix’s body had shrunk by a decent amount, but it was still alive and kicking

It raised its head proudly and screeched loudly… like a proud black rooster having come victorious in battle.

When it screeched, the heaven-burning saber intent and the sharp sword intent, which were combined as one, quickly came flying right at it.

The dark phoenix didn’t evade… It couldn’t. The speed of this attack was simply too high.

It could feel the heaven-burning saber intent and the earth-splitting sword intent contained within the attack. However, it was immune to both.

As a dark phoenix, flames were its food, and there was no flame under the heavens that could hurt it. At the same time, its body was connected to the ‘Black Flame World’, so the earth-splitting sword intent was also useless against it.


There was a crisp cracking sound as the dark phoenix was struck by the slash of the ‘sword-saber joint attack’.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang also made his move.

He stretched out his hand and took out a weird ghost-handle saber. At the same time, the Sage’s eye in his left eye socket also shone.

Behind him, Fairy Creation looked serious. “I am Tyrannical Song, 18 years of age, please guide me. If I have offended you, you can come and fight me.”

She also stretched out her hands and raised them up, cooperating with Song Shuhang by bringing out the ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’ Sage Seal.

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