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Chapter 1714 Seven-Ties Karmic Saber“Fairy, change the line next time. That one is too aggravating,” said Song Shuhang. Then, his left eye brightened, shooting an Impregnating Gaze at ‘Demon Emperor Hezhi’.The Impregnating Gaze was ineffective against genuine powerhouses, and Demon Emperor obviously belonged to this rank. He would definitely be able to withstand the Expert’s Appraisal.

Nevertheless, Song Shuhang did not hesitate to use the technique.

After all, it was an attack launched from the Scholarly Sage’s eye, an attack from the most amazing man of his times. Even if it was just a small magical technique, even if it would prove ineffective, it could still dish out a ‘shock’ effect.

Regardless of whether it worked or not, he wouldn’t lose anything by sending one out.

Fairy @#%× loudly shouted, “What is filial piety!”

Fairy Creation began, “What is—”

Before she could finish her line, Song Shuhang’s ‘Impregnating Gaze’ had already reached Demon Emperor Hezhi.

Fairy Creation stared at Song Shuhang, her eyes wide open.

What was this about? She hadn’t finished her line yet!

“Do you know the greatness of maternal love?” Fairy @#%× interfered, snatching another line.

Fairy Creation squatted silently behind Song Shuhang, holding her head in both hands.


In the distance, Demon Emperor Hezhi was struck by the Impregnating Gaze.

It didn’t happen because he was indifferent, nor because he was looking down on Song Shuhang, whom he regarded as a bug earlier…

…The reason was that he couldn’t move.

The dark phoenix had been slain in a second.

When the sword-saber slash struck the dark phoenix, the latter had been snapped out of existence. Flames were obviously supposed to be ineffective against it, and even the sharp sword qi attack should have been rendered ineffective with the ‘Black Flame World’ that it possessed.

However, when the slash engulfed the dark phoenix, the latter was inexplicably beaten.

Demon Emperor Hezhi still could not understand how his dark phoenix had fallen.

What were the principles behind the sword-saber attack? Why was it able to instantly slay the dark phoenix, to the point that it could not even activate its skill ‘Fiery Rebirth’?

It didn’t make any sense to him.

After the dark phoenix had been slain, the sword-saber slash disappeared.

When the dark phoenix died, the Demon Emperor suffered a backlash, and his body stiffened at that instant.

At the same time, the attack from Tyrannical Song reached him.

The aura attached to this attack shocked him.

When Demon Emperor Hezhi sneaked into the Ancient Nether World to plant his wards, the Scholarly Sage had not yet been born. Therefore, he did not know of him.

But… this kind of peak Immortal aura was something he would absolutely never forget.

This powerful aura was very similar to the aura of the person who made him taste defeat in the past.

It was the aura of someone who was truly invincible in the world, the aura of someone who had suppressed the entire universe!

The light fell on him.

However, not only did the Demon Emperor not feel the slightest harm, he didn’t sense any negative effects acting on him, either.

However, this is usually what’s most troublesome. The Demon Emperor frowned.

The unknown was the most terrifying thing. Back then… because he was hit by a seemingly ordinary and simple skill, one that neither hurt nor itch, he did not take it seriously, and continued fighting.

But in the end, ignoring that seemingly pointless skill became the biggest regret of his life.

Attacks of this level, even if they were small magical techniques, were not to be ignored.

The Demon Emperor’s consciousness began to scan his body.

At this moment, there was suddenly a loud boom that came from the passage where the 108 demonic god pillars had formed behind him.

“???” The Demon Emperor.

The sword-saber joint attack that Senior White’s clone had sent out, which had disappeared after slaying the dark phoenix, had reappeared.

After reappearing, it slashed at the demonic god pillars.

What just happened?

There weren’t any spatial fluctuations, yet that attack suddenly appeared again.

This doesn’t make any sense.

In the distance, Senior White’s clone’s eyelids slightly drooped. “Tired.”

The sword-saber joint attack just now was infused with the Space-Time Traversal ability of the ‘giant turtles of disaster’.

After the slash destroyed the dark phoenix, it traversed time and space.

When something was in this state, even the ruler of the Netherworld wouldn’t be able to sense it. It would disappear silently, and cause no spatial fluctuations when it reappeared.

Soon after, an explosion took place on the 108 demonic god pillars.

Fortunately, the Demon Emperor’s demonic god pillars were sturdy enough, and were able to endure the attack.

However, the Demon Emperor felt very tired.

His gaze shifted over the handsome man with long hair that reached his back. What is the origin of this guy?

The Demon Emperor had a feeling that this handsome man was his biggest problem. This existence was likely to ruin his plans.

When he stared at the handsome man, the other party’s Sage Name naturally emerged in his mind.

[Sage White].

This feels like the effect of the ‘Nobody Under the Heavens Doesn’t Know of Me’.

Don’t tell me that this Sage White is a newly ascended Eighth Stage Profound Sage?

If the main world’s current Eighth Stage Profound Sages were so powerful, then what was the point of his millions of years of planning?

His sixth sense was telling him that this ‘Sage White’ had to be killed first.

This feeling was extremely strong.

People at his level rarely felt such strong intuition.

Demon Emperor Hezhi made his move, and a spear appeared in his hand, locking on to ‘Sage White’.

He threw the spear with great strength.

At this moment, Senior White’s Clone suddenly said, “Energy, exhausted.”

“?” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Senior White’s clone said, “Can’t anymore, tired, go back.”

After saying this, the clone disappeared. Scarlet Heaven Sword was left floating all alone in the air.

The spear which Demon Emperor Hezhi had thrown with all his strength suddenly lost its target, freezing in mid-air.

Afterward, the spear fiercely burst into movement again, blasting towards Song Shuhang and the others.

‘Sage White’ had somehow disappeared, but Song Shuhang and the others were still there.

As soon as his spear was shot out, it needed to shed blood before returning.

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna said, “Mr. Shuhang, let me take this spear! You just focus on attacking.”

She once again mobilized all of the energy that she could, and condensed a golden light.

Scarlet Heaven Sword also shouted, “Shuhang, use the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique.”

“Karmic Saber Technique!” Song Shuhang waved the karmic ghost-handle saber, which was the half of the ‘karmic spear’ that had transformed into a saber.

He swung the saber with great force.

As he slashed out with the Karmic Saber Technique, Song Shuhang’s seven small golden cores all lit up.

Karmic threads emerged from behind him one after the other.

The first connected to Senior White.

The second connected to Senior White Two.

The third connected to an illusory image of the Sage, which eventually evolved into the Sage’s eye.

The fourth connected to Pavilion Master Chu Two and Pavilion Master Chu’s head.

The fifth connected to the Heavenly Emperor, then went further, and connected to a mysterious existence.

The sixth turned a corner, and connected to a striped dragon lying on a pillar.

The seventh connected to the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna at the side.

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