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Chapter 1712 Beep~ Profound Sage Tyrannical Song has blacklisted youSenior Scarlet Heaven Sword flashed and fell into Senior White’s hands. “Fellow Daoist White, we can try working together. But I’ll say this first, I excel in saber intent. As such, if we can’t cooperate perfectly, don’t blame me.”

“I feel like we’ll be able to cooperate very well.” Senior White’s clone laid his hand on Scarlet Heaven Sword… Then, the light of the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ shone.

“Ahh, so refreshing~ Fellow Daoist White knows how to use this magical technique as well?” Scarlet Heaven Sword said in surprise.

Senior White’s clone replied, “Shuhang has used it on me so many times. As long as you figure out the principles behind the magical technique, it isn’t difficult to imitate it.”

When he was sleeping, Song Shuhang had been unable to stop himself from laying his hands on his body and using the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ again and again. As such, Senior White’s clone had managed to analyze the principles behind the technique.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword savored the feeling, and commented, “As expected of Fellow Daoist White. Your imitation of the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ is very close to that of Shuhang. There are only a few subtle differences.”

These subtle differences did not greatly affect the effect that the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ could dish out, so it didn’t change the fact that the technique still made Scarlet Heaven Sword feel very refreshed.

Senior White held it, and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword fully cooperated.

In the next moment, their minds linked… Perhaps after working together for some more, they would be able to enter the state of One With the Sword.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hands and raised them high. With that, two sets of the Combined Magical Treasure appeared.

The Impregnable Holy City protected the demonic hamster and Little Yinzhu while arming Song Shuhang with weapons.

As for the Holy Sword of the End, it remained suspended above Song Shuhang’s head.

Song Shuhang’s face was calm at this time.

Even if he was facing the Demon Immortal, one of the strongest Immortals, he held no fear.

After all, his side was quite extravagant, and his main body possessed the strength to go head-to-head against even an Immortal.


He had started to regain his connection with the Inner World. After acquiring a high authority in the Dragon Network, Song Shuhang’s connection to his Inner World began to be unblocked.

As long as his Inner World did not go into hiding, Song Shuhang wouldn’t be afraid.

Moreover, there were powerful allies which he could call for inside his Inner World.

And at this moment, Senior White Two also contacted him.

[Is there something wrong on your side? I can sense the aura of the Heavenly Punishment.] Senior White Two’s voice sounded directly in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang quickly replied, [Senior White, someone is attacking me. The other party is a powerhouse even amongst Immortals.]

Senior White Two curiously asked, [Did the main world’s Senior White not return to you?]

Song Shuhang replied, [Senior White has gotten involved in my Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation.]

“…” Senior White Two asked, [Do you need my help? Who is around you right now?]

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and replied, [Currently, the main world’s Senior White’s clone, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, Fairy Creation, and the Will of the Dragon Network are with me. In addition, my Inner World has been unblocked, and Senior Turtle is inside… And I guess I could also ask Pavilion Master Chu’s head for help if I really needed it?]

Senior White Two: […]

Is it even possible for your camp to lose?

Senior White Two replied, [Alright, I understand the situation. The Black Dragon World currently has the ‘Heavenly Punishment’ ongoing inside it, so it isn’t convenient for me to make a move there lest the Heavenly Punishment targets me. After all, I’m the ruler of the Netherworld. Nevertheless, if something goes wrong on your side, open a spatial gate and run to the Ancient Nether World. I’m currently making some rather interesting arrangements here in the Ancient Nether World. If that guy you’re fighting dares to chase you to the Ancient Nether, I guarantee you that I’ll make him experience something he will never forget.]

Song Shuhang responded, [Got it, Senior White.]

Then, he calmly stared at the black hole in the Dragon Network Node where the Demon Immortal was located.


Fight me!

The Demon Immortal’s deep voice sounded. “Hehehe, a bug that I wasn’t able to pinch to death the first time, I won’t pinch it a second time. Therefore, you need not worry. For at least today, your life is spared.”

Fairy Creation sang, “Song~ Bug~ Survives~ Another day!”

The virtuous lamia remarked, “For at least today, your life is spared!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Anyway, seeing this Heavenly Punishment which you’ve drawn over in order to deal with me, I can no longer say I’m unimpressed. Honestly, your plan has slightly surpassed my expectations. Nonetheless, that’s all there is to it. It merely slightly surpassed my expectations, and it is still insignificant,” the Demon Immortal’s voice continued. “If this is everything you’ve got, then you are bound to be disappointed today.”

The pupils of the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna shrank slightly.

“Today truly is a good day. I have waited millions of years, and now the time is finally ripe. This Heavenly Punishment you drew over is outside of my expectations… But I’m very happy. Because it came at just the right time!” The Demon Immortal laughed loudly.

In the next moment, within the black hole, another 108 pillars rose up.

These 108 pillars had been hidden in the depths of the black hole area all this time, swallowing and absorbing the energy of the Dragon Network for millions of years.

The Demon Immortal said, “Now, I’ll show you my means.”

After saying that, the 108 pillars merged together.

They seemed to be one entire set of combined magical treasures.

After they merged together, the 108 pillars turned into an abyss, connecting the Dragon Network World to another world!

The Ancient Nether World!


The Heavenly Punishment in the sky continued to strike down.

The Demon Immortal smiled, stretched out his hand, and drew a figure out from his stomach.

The figure rose into the sky, and took on its original appearance.

At the same time, the figure jumped towards the ‘Ancient Nether World’.

It carried the aura of the ‘Ancient Nether Will’!

The lightning of the Heavenly Punishment seemed to be dragged with the figure, chasing after it, and blasting into the Ancient Nether World.

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna frowned, wondering what the Demon Immortal wanted to do.

Song Shuhang asked, “Shouldn’t we go after him? I’m getting the feeling that if we let that guy succeed in what he’s doing, the situation will become very troublesome.”

In Song Shuhang’s mind, Senior White Two’s voice sounded. [F*ck, how did the Heaven Punishment fall into the Ancient Nether World? What did you do this time?]

Song Shuhang replied, [We didn’t do anything… It’s the Demon Immortal who was attacking me. He did something to lead the Heavenly Punishment to the Ancient Nether World. We have no idea what he’s planning on doing.]

Senior White Two angrily said, [F*ck him! Shuhang, put him on the blacklist for me! Does that guy think I don’t dare kill him?!]

Quite clearly, the ‘interesting arrangement’ he had made in the Ancient Nether World had been affected by the Heavenly Punishment. It might have even ended up being completely destroyed, causing Senior White Two to fly into a rage.

Song Shuhang chuckled, and said, [No problem, I will make a blacklist right away.]

“Hahahaha.” In the distance, the Demon Immortal let out a hearty laugh.

The Heavenly Punishment had really come at the right time.

The time is ripe. Ancient Nether Chaos Will, today is the day you shall be completely crushed, the Demon Immortal thought to himself.

He was planning to destroy the Ancient Nether Chaos Will, and take over the Ancient Nether World.

Then, he would go on to swallow the Black Dragon World and the Dragon Network in one breath.

At that time, he would become the master of the Black Dragon World and the Ancient Nether World.

While he was thinking about these things…

[Beep~ Profound Sage Tyrannical Song has blacklisted you.]

“…” Demon Immortal.

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