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Chapter 1581: Neat and orderly even during capture

Under normal circumstances, Song Shuhang would’ve chosen to hide when faced with 120 Fifth Stage Celestials.

It would’ve been too challenging to defeat so many of them in one go and capture them all alive.

The difficulty was simply too high, and the task would be arduous yet fruitless.

If he wasn’t careful, he might even get beat up by the other party.

And if he were to make use of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword and send out a powerful Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique, all the Celestials would turn into ashes. What would be the point of that, then?!

The best choice of action would be to avoid the enemy first, and use the virtuous lamia to lock onto them secretly. Afterward, his main body could call some friends over, summon some thugs, and finally beat up all 120 Celestials at once and capture them… Facing enemies was like facing the cold in winter: if higher numbers could keep you warmer, then why go alone?

Anyway, the reason Song Shuhang could still smile boldly while faced with so many Celestials was that Senior White was by his side.

With Senior White here, these Celestials did not have any chance of running away.

Being neatly converted into spirit stones and points was their inevitable fate.

Song Shuhang felt as if the ❮Immortal-Chopping Three Sabers❯ was already in the bag!

After laughing, Song Shuhang waved his hand, and golden core spiritual energy came pouring out.

With a light sweep of spiritual energy, the roof of the restaurant was swept away again—as it was already broken, he could just have the puppet maiden repair it again.

In the air, every single one of the 100 plus Celestials was already retreating, trying their best to keep their lives.

The speed of their retreat was very high.

After all, if they were too slow, their meager lives would be lost.

“Guests, please wait.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and shouted, “Senior White, please help me stop them!”

Song ‘Got Only a Pitiful Number of Skills’ Shuhang.

Besides the Impregnating Gaze and the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure, he couldn’t think of a way to stop the Celestial aircraft.

The Impregnating Gaze needed the Sage’s eye, and both the eye and the combined magical treasure were still in his body.

Senior White snapped his fingers lightly.

In an instant, the environment of the puppet maiden’s restaurant changed.

The restaurant became an endless desert, and the air became hot.

It was Senior White’s long-unused ‘Illusory Reality’.

In this illusory reality, no matter how the Celestials flew, they would not be able to leave the desert.

The Celestial aircraft stopped stiffly in the air.

At the same time, there was a spatial fluctuation behind Song Shuhang’s clone.

His main body crossed through the ‘Inner World’ and entered the desert.

Senior White turned his head and looked at Song Shuhang’s body. “Are you playing around with the Three Heads and Six Arms form again?”

At this time, Song Shuhang had the virtuous lamia’s head on his left shoulder and Fairy Creation’s head on his right shoulder.

On top of his head, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword remained upright.

“This time, it wasn’t me who chose to be in such a state. It’s the two of them who wanted to play the staring game with one another.” Song Shuhang sighed. “Senior, just wait here as I deal with these Celestials!”

Senior White asked, “You won’t have a problem dealing with them on your own?”

Song Shuhang calmly said, “Yup. Still, can I request Senior White to be ready to protect me, just in case?”

Senior White nodded. “Sure.”

With Senior White by his side, Song Shuhang was now assured.

He stared at the four Celestial aircraft. “Come out!”

The four walls of the kings emerged out of thin air, pressing against the four aircraft.

The aircraft couldn’t avoid them, and fell down under their pressure. All the Fifth Stage Celestials who were inside the aircraft could only abandon the vehicle and flee on their own.

“Boom~” The Celestial aircraft was pushed into the desert by the walls, causing an explosion of sand.

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth rose.

Now that he was here, he was going to give them a taste of the power of the ❮Heavenly Master’s Techniques—Lightning Chapter❯’s Lightning Drawing Technique, which he had recently practiced.

He raised his hands high, his eyes gleaming.

“What is filial piety!”

“What is love!”

“Do you know the greatness of maternal love?”

“No, not that, stop that right now!” Song Shuhang called out.

The virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation, one shouting and one singing, stated the Scholarly Sage’s three questions preceding pregnancy.

While preparing to use the Lightning Drawing Technique, Song Shuhang’s heart started feeling stifled, which caused the casting to fail…

The Fifth Stage Five-Core Five-Star Spiritual Emperor Song Shuhang failed to cast something as simple as the ‘one bolt level’ of the Lightning Drawing Technique.

He had really lost face this time.

“…” Senior White.

In the air, the Celestials looked puzzled. They watched Song Shuhang raise his hands up high, but no skills had been released.

What was he doing?

Song Shuhang solemnly said, “Fairies, the Impregnating Gaze isn’t the only skill I have. I occasionally use other skills as well.”

The virtuous lamia tilted her head and blinked.

Fairy Creation slightly raised her head, and lightly sang, “Silaso~ A’Song.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

He sighed, his left and right hands still held high. Since the casting failed, he should put aside lightning techniques for now.

In the end, he chose to deal a blow to the morale of the Celestials first.

Come out, ‘Tyrannical Song’ Sage Seal and ‘Tyrannical Scholar’ Demon Seal.

His prestige as the ‘first Sage in 1,000 years’ was the best way to deal a blow to the morale of others.

Guests in the sky, do you like the ‘Tyrannical Song’ Sage Seal in my left hand? Or do you prefer the ‘Tyrannical Scholar’ Demon Seal in the right one? Or perhaps you like both?

The virtuous lamia’s eyes lit up when she saw Song Shuhang reveal the Sage Seal.

“Call me daddy!” she shouted—she’d recorded this line back when Song Shuhang and Pavilion Master Chu Two had been saying goodbye to each other.

More importantly, this line was recorded by her alone. Fairy Creation had no archive of this, and so she couldn’t steal it, at least not this time.

In the sky, the Celestials saw the ‘five-core variant cultivator’ suddenly bringing out Sage Seals with his left and right hands, and their hearts skipped a beat.

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

Demonic Sage Tyrannical Scholar.

It’s him, the first Sage in a thousand years!

“DDaddy Song!”

“DDaddy Scholar!”

The over 120 Fifth Stage Celestials tremblingly called out these two names.

“…” Senior White looked at the virtuous lamia on Song Shuhang’s shoulder.

Fairy @#%×’s dubbing somehow fitted the situation.

“…” Song Shuhang.

What can I say now?

I don’t need to say anything. Fairy @#%× and Fairy Creation will say all the lines I want to say for me.

The only thing that Song Shuhang was grateful for at this moment was that the two fairies did not have the mind-reading technique.

Otherwise, Song Shuhang would not have any more room to say any lines in the future.

But in general, the deterrent effect of the two seals was very good.

The Celestials in the sky fell into despair.

The first Sage in 1,000 years ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’ plus the sixth Sage in 1,000 years ‘Sage White’.

The roles of hunter and prey had instantly switched.

“It’s over.” At this moment, Song Shuhang raised his right hand high and waved lightly.

“Thud, thud, thud~”

The Fifth Stage Celestials fell from the sky like dumplings. They fell onto the desert, all rigid and unable to move while frothing at the mouth, neatly arranged on the ground.

It was as if they had been poisoned.

Senior White raised his head and looked at the air—there was a group of invisible sword insects dancing happily.

Mm-hm, those were his invisible sword insects.

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