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Chapter 1582: The two Whites meet

Song Shuhang said, “Myriad Swords Converging.”

He truly longed for sword techniques, and although he couldn’t use any, he had a large batch of invisible sword insects in his Inner World. With so many sword insects, the sword formation they could form was as powerful as ordinary Fifth Stage sword formations.

The only regretful thing was that ordinary cultivators could not see the invisible sword insects, which caused their impact to be lacking.

“…” Senior White.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

There was no saving Shuhang—he had already gone mad in this regard. His talent in the saber path was clearly amazing, so why not focus on practicing with the saber? Why still think about practicing with the sword?

Senior White asked, “What is the origin of these guys?”

While saying that, he went to a Celestial, and squatted down to take a look at them.

The Celestial was paralyzed, looking at Senior White stiffly.

Afterward, Senior White took out a phone and scanned the imprint similar to a ‘QR code’ on the forehead of the Celestial.


No response.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White said, “Eh? I thought it was a QR code, but it turns out that it isn’t.”

Song Shuhang said, “These guys are Celestials, a race from the ‘Celestial Realm’. They have the hobby of extracting the golden cores of Fifth Stage cultivators and the monster cores of monster cultivators. The QR code on their heads cannot be scanned, it seems that it’s used for projecting things.”

“Oh, so it’s them. I do have an impression of them.” Senior White nodded, and asked, “What do you want to do with these Celestials? Should I send them into a star?”

For Senior White, these Celestials were of no use at all, and keeping them captive would mean having to feed them. It would be better to raise spirit beasts rather than them, which was why he immediately suggested launching them into a star…

“No, no, no, Senior White. These Celestials are actually quite valuable,” Song Shuhang hurriedly said. “The annual event organized by the Cultivator Alliance this year involves hunting these Celestials. All Celestials of the Fourth Stage and above can be exchanged for spirit stones and resources. It just so happens that there’s a saber controlling technique that I want to exchange for.”

“Oh, it’s this time of the year again?” Senior White nodded—he was not very interested in the events of the Cultivator Alliance, and the prizes of each event were not as interesting as the treasures he could dig up casually. He had joined in some of the events a few times in the beginning, but he would dominate the list every year, causing him to feel slightly embarrassed about participating in them again.

“I heard that there’s a leaderboard for the event, and that the cultivators with a lot of points get extra rewards,” Song Shuhang said—unlike Senior White, this was his first time joining an event hosted by the Cultivator Alliance. More importantly, he was poor.

Senior White laughed, and said, “Mm-hm, there’s a leaderboard and rewards every year. I won’t be participating in it, you have fun.”

Song Shuhang was puzzled. “Eh? Senior White, you aren’t interested in such events?”

He thought that with Senior White’s character, he would surely be very interested in such a lively annual event.

Senior White lightly said, “I participated a few times in the beginning… but then it felt boring, so I chose to give way to other fellow daoists.”

Song Shuhang nodded—Senior White was tired of playing? Or, did the event organizers prohibit him from joining it?

“Right, Senior White, let’s halve the rewards for these Celestials,” Song Shuhang said—whenever someone worked together with Senior White, after finding treasure, Senior White would always split it with whomever he was working with.

As such, Song Shuhang felt that he should also split the rewards with Senior White.

He stretched out his hand, transferred all the neatly arranged Celestials on the ground into the Inner World, and locked them in the Palace of Winter. Afterward, he stored away the four Celestial aircraft. When it came to these aircraft, Senior White might have some interest in them.

“Halve the rewards? Why?” Senior White wondered. “Aren’t these your spoils?”

Song Shuhang rhetorically asked, “Senior White, don’t you do the same?”

Senior White cheerfully said, “That’s just a personal hobby of mine. Every time I go digging, I find so many treasures that I don’t have enough space to store them. As such, of course I would distribute some of them to the fellow daoists who are with me, that way everyone can have fun together. Also, I’m quite self-aware. Every time fellow daoists search treasures with me, they all… how do I say this… they all suffer hardships. The fellow daoists in the group regard seeking treasures with me as ‘seeking wealth amidst danger’. That being said, you don’t have to learn from my personal hobby.”

Senior White left some words unspoken—the fellow daoists’ evaluation of seeking treasures with him was ‘seeking wealth amidst danger’, but they also had an evaluation for adventuring and seeking treasures with Song Shuhang, and that was ‘splitting the wealth while Shuhang takes all the hardships’. As a human-shaped, disaster-drawing machine, little friend Shuhang had his own halo that aggroed all kinds of disasters.

However, this sentence was too heart-rending, so Senior White kindly omitted it.

“Anyway, you can just collect your spoils by yourself. I don’t need anything. Hmm… but try to save some spirit stones. After all, you still owe me a spatial magical treasure’s worth of high-grade spirit stones.” Senior White lightly patted Song Shuhang.

The spirit stones that Senior White had lent Song Shuhang back then had all been at the Eighth and Ninth Stage.

Song Shuhang didn’t know much about spirit stones back then, but now, after his strength had increased, he had a much better understanding when it came to common sense in the world of cultivation. Now, he had a relatively complete concept of the Eighth and Ninth Stage spirit stones in that spatial magical treasure.

Just take the spirit stone exchange rate in the Celestial hunting event: even if he were to hunt down Celestials for a lifetime, he wouldn’t be able to get enough spirit stones to repay Senior White. Each living Fifth Stage Celestial was only equivalent to 0.9 of a Ninth Stage spirit stone.

However, this value did not include the points that one could get during the event. Judging from the list of redeemable items, the value of points should be more than spirit stones. After all, points could be used to exchange for treasures that you would not be able to purchase with spirit stones.

Senior White asked, “By the way, is that magical power top-up device here?”

Among the memories that were transmitted back to him by his clone were those of its exploration of an immortal cave in the chaotic sea. In the end, the clone took a device away from these ruins.

“Here.” Song Shuhang took out the device, and handed it to Senior White.

Senior White looked at the device up and down, and said, “I’ll study this thing and see if I can figure out its production method. Once I do, I’ll try and make copies of it.”

According to Song Shuhang’s introduction, this thing could launch magical techniques after being recharged with magical power. It was a very convenient tool.

After putting away the device, Senior White said, “Shuhang, there is one more thing. Can you contact that White from the Netherworld Realm for me? I want to see him.”

Senior White had already made an appointment to meet White Two. He felt that today was the day.

Song Shuhang replied, “I’ll give it a try.”

Previously, Senior White Two had also agreed to meet Senior White. It was back when he borrowed the ‘small-black-room-breaking disposable flying sword version 001’ that he agreed to the meeting.

Song Shuhang said, “However, Senior White Two has been very busy recently. I don’t know if I can get in touch with him.”

When he had contacted White Two previously, he had been beating up the liquid metal ball, and had shown Song Shuhang the live broadcast of it.

Anyway, Song Shuhang’s consciousness entered the Inner World, and he then sent his consciousness into the world of the black lotus through the channel between the two worlds.

Song Shuhang called out, “Senior White, Senior White, are you there?”

Senior White Two’s voice sounded. “I’m busy. Didn’t I tell you not to bother me if there wasn’t anything important? I’ve been super busy recently… Damn, I can’t fit this leg at all.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White Two said, “What is it? I’ll give you ten seconds.”

Song Shuhang responded, “The main world’s Senior White wants to see you.”

“Hahahaha, good!” Senior White Two let out a weird laugh. “I’d like to see how he’d cut off my leg back then and how to merge with it. Anyway, I want my leg to be reconnected with me as quickly as possible. I’ve been trying to fuse it back for so many days without a clue as to how. Beep beep~ beep beep~”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Erm… Senior White Two, Senior White and Wielder of the Will White are not the same person.

Senior White Two said, “Alright, make him go to your Inner World, and then to the world of the black lotus.”

Song Shuhang requested, “When I bring him over, you must get along, alright?”

“…” Senior White Two.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness returned to the main world.

At this time, Senior White had already canceled his illusory reality, and the restaurant was restored to its original state.

The roof of the restaurant was also placed back. However, there were still huge cracks in it, which would need to be repaired by the puppet maiden.

Senior White asked, “Have you contacted him?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “Senior White, come with me.”

The clone continued to keep watch at the store while Song Shuhang’s main body took Senior White into the Inner World, and then to the world of the black lotus.

In the world of the black lotus, Senior White Two was already waiting for them.

Moreover, it was Senior White Two’s main body that was present… The familiar giant cocoon, which was now on the back of the ugly tiger, was at the entrance of the world of the black lotus.

Senior White glanced at the giant cocoon, and then looked at the ugly tiger. “This big cat is ugly, but its ugliness is very unique.”

The ugly tiger happily said, “Right, right, you’ve got great eyes, Fellow Daoist. Although I have no fate with handsomeness, my ugliness is unique. I would rather be ugly and unique than handsome. This is my motto in life.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White said to the giant cocoon, “Fellow Daoist White Two, I wished to meet you. I’ve got a lot of questions to ask you.”

“Song Shuhang, you are dead rabbit,” White Two said as he gritted his teeth—the nickname White Two had been given to him by Song Shuhang.

“???” Song Shuhang.

I didn’t say anything.

Senior White Two said, “I also feel that it was time we met.”

While he was speaking, a gap opened in the giant cocoon.

Senior White Two broke out of the cocoon.

The two Senior Whites looked at each other in the air.

The same handsome face, the same back-long hair, the same otherworldly temperament.

When the two stood together, everything between heavens and earth was eclipsed and became foil.

This was the first time that the two Senior Whites had met face-to-face properly.

Previously, White Two had consciously avoided White One, and never appeared beside Song Shuhang when White One was by his side.

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