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Chapter 1580: The most important thing for a family is order

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Senior White had guests? Hadn’t he just gotten out of the sealed space?

Song Shuhang was puzzled.

It couldn’t be some uninvited guests, right?

He was going to ask, but Senior White had already hung up.

At this moment, Senior White looked at the four aircraft in the distance.


The aircraft were lined up side by side, arranged horizontally in a very orderly manner.


Although he did not know the origins of the other party, they did not seem to have come with good intentions… He could sense the killing intent coming from the aircraft a distance away.

In each aircraft, there were more than 30 Fifth Stage practitioners.


Only the heavens knew how such a small aircraft could fit in so many people.

Senior White stretched out his hand and lightly patted Meteor Sword, which was right next to him—this just so happened to be a way for him to test out the new power of his Meteor Sword.

While Senior White was in thought, the four aircraft in the distance changed their trajectories, bypassing his figure, and flying toward Western Orchid Island instead.

“???” Senior White blinked. Their target wasn’t me?

Was it just a misunderstanding?

At this time, in the Celestials’ aircraft.

The Celestials were communicating in their own language.

“I almost jumped in shock just now. How did he suddenly come out of thin air? A big shot like that who can traverse space should be a Tribulation Transcender, right?”

“I thought he was going to pinch us all to death… But it looks like the other party was just passing by.”

“Me too… I thought that he was going to attack us when I saw him touch that flying sword. I was so scared. Even to this moment, I feel like I managed to luckily escape with my life.”

“That wasn’t a Tribulation Transcender. It was the sixth Sage in 1,000 years, Sage White. Generally speaking, he’s an even more terrifying existence than a Tribulation Transcender. If you recall carefully, you will find that he’s clearly a human cultivator, but his appearance is extremely recognizable. After a glance, you will find it difficult to forget him. Even among our Celestial Race, there are many who have a crush on him. In addition, his popularity is even higher than that of the first Sage in 1,000 years.”

“Fortunately, he had no intention of dealing with us. Alright, speed up. Our destination, Western Orchid Island, is where the variant human cultivator with four golden cores is. We must be fast and efficient. The sixth Stage in 1,000 years is nearby, so don’t be sloppy lest matters become more complicated.”


“Turn on the invisibility technique. Since Sage White is nearby, we must not disturb ordinary humans. When capturing the variant cultivator with four golden cores, we should avoid inciting chaos. It would be best to suppress and capture the other party in an instant.”

“In fact, everyone shouldn’t worry too much… There is a very interesting legend about the sixth Sage in 1,000 years ‘Sage White’. It is said that he is the god of fortune, so running into him was actually our great fortune. If we pray to him sincerely, there will be a miraculous effect. Although I am not a believer of the ‘Sage White Church’, it should be fine to believe in it a bit, it doesn’t cost anything anyway.”


“There’s such a thing?”

“Then, should we make a wish before Sage White’s figure disappears?”

“Dear Sage White, please let us smoothly capture the cultivator with four golden cores, and not have anything unexpected happen.”

“Dear Sage White, please let us accomplish our mission and return neatly and orderly.”

In the distance, Senior White scratched his nose, looking at the four aircraft that were moving away with an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

Senior White took out his phone, and called Song Shuhang again.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, has the matter been resolved?”

“I misunderstood. I thought that those fellow daoists were coming at me with hostile intentions. I did not expect that they would simply brush past me and fly away. It appears that I was not their target,” Senior White said with a tinge of regret in his voice.

Song Shuhang quipped, “I feel that if they had really been looking for Senior White, then their bodies might have already been cold at this moment.”

Senior White said, “Let’s not dwell on it anymore. Anyway, where is your clone? I’ll find your clone first, and if there’s some spare time, we can pass by and take a look at the immortal cave where my own clone crashed.”

Song Shuhang replied, “My clone is in a restaurant on Western Orchid Island. Senior White, wait a moment, I will send my phone to the clone and ask him to send you his coordinates.”

Senior White said, “Alright… Besides this, there is something else that I want you to help me with.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Sure, what is it?”

Senior White said, “I’ll discuss it with you when we meet up.”

After coming out of the sealed space, he wanted to meet with the one Song Shuhang called ‘the other White’ or White Two. He had a lot of doubts in his mind, and he felt that he could get some answers after meeting White Two.

Song Shuhang said, “Okay.”

After saying that, he transferred the phone to the clone through the ‘Inner World’.

At Western Orchid Island, in the restaurant.

Song Shuhang’s clone was acting as an assistant for his disciple Chu Chu.

Chu Chu was currently practicing an immortal chef skill.

Since she was a beginner, he couldn’t have her waste natural treasures, edible spirit beasts, and precious ingredients. Song Shuhang’s clone had purchased a large number of ingredients at the market for Chu Chu to practice her cooking skills with, and was assisting her by washing the ingredients.

While washing the vegetables, Song Shuhang thought about asking Fairy Bie Xue for an opportunity so that he could send Chu Chu over to her to study immortal chef cooking.

However, before sending Chu Chu to such studies, it would be best to raise her realm to the Third or Fourth Stage first.

After all, it was only at the Fourth Stage where she would be able to acquire the ability to fly on a sword, making it convenient for her to move around.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s main body passed the phone over.

The clone shook off the drops of water on its hand, took the phone, and sent its coordinates to Senior White.

After the coordinates were sent, Senior White responded with an [OK] emoji.


In the next moment, spatial fluctuations appeared right by Song Shuhang’s clone. Senior White was using his spatial talent to cross through space.

“Eh? It smells good. What are you doing?” Senior White sniffed around.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Chu Chu is practicing an immortal chef secret technique. Her cooking skills are improving very quickly.”

“Hello, Senior White.” At this time, Chu Chu was serving Song Shuhang’s clone a grilled steak—the clone did not need to eat food, but it had no problem providing Chu Chu with comments on the taste of her dishes.

Steak was a common ingredient, but Chu Chu tried to prepare it alongside some ingredients mentioned in the ‘immortal chef secret technique’. Due to the limited ingredients she had on hand, she could only add a few of them.

Senior White reached out to take the steak, taking a knife and fork before starting to taste it.

Senior White commented, “Mm-hm, the taste is ok. And each piece of steak is neatly arranged, making it very nice to look at.”

When it came to those with OCD, neatness and arrangement were king.

While talking, Senior White’s hand suddenly paused.

He raised his head and looked toward the roof of the restaurant.

Song Shuhang and Chu Chu also raised their heads and looked up.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Chu Chu, enter my Inner World.”

“Yes, Teacher,” Chu Chu responded. She cooperated with Song Shuhang and hid in the Inner World.

After entering the Inner World, she lightly clenched her fists.

Her strength was too low. At times like these, she could not help her teacher at all.


She softly said, “I hope that the path of immortal chefs suits me, and will allow me to increase the speed of my cultivation.”

She didn’t want to hide in the Inner World every time there was danger.

Outside Song Shuhang’s restaurant.

Four celestial aircraft descended.

The aircraft assumed a square formation, and locked onto Song Shuhang’s restaurant. Afterward, light came down to form a powerful barrier and illusion formation.

The barrier and illusion formation isolated the restaurant from the rest of Western Orchid Island, allowing them not to worry about affecting ordinary people.

More importantly, it could prevent the ‘four golden core variant cultivator’ from escaping.

“Sure enough, the information was correct. I’ve already sensed that special golden core aura!”

“Tsk, tsk, a four-core variant. As long as we hunt him, we will be the biggest winner of this year’s hunt.”

“Don’t waste any more time. We need to hurry. Don’t forget that the sixth Sage in 1,000 years ‘Sage White’ is still nearby. Be fast and move neatly!”


“Rise!” A Fifth Stage Celestial made its move, making a grabbing motion toward the restaurant.

The roof of the restaurant was lifted by an invisible force as if it were a building block.

In the next moment, the Celestials saw two figures in the restaurant.

One was a man with short hair. Judging from his aura and appearance, it was the cultivator with four cores. Moreover, what surprised the Celestials was that the variant cultivator with four cores seemed to now have five cores in his body!

The other figure brought an even greater surprise to the Celestials. The dazzling figure looked like an immortal from legends. He had long black hair that poured down to his back and white clothes. His eyes were as dazzling as stars, and his temperament was otherworldly as if he did not belong to this world.

“S-S-Sage White!” the Celestial who lifted the roof with one hand said tremblingly in its language.

Why was Sage White here?

Hadn’t they passed him when flying over to Western Orchid Island? At that time, Sage White had not been heading to ‘Western Orchid Island’!

Why was he here now?

Can anyone tell us what is going on?

Song Shuhang’s eyes swept over the other party. He started counting, and there were over 120 Celestials, all at the Fifth Stage.


Senior White’s eyes also swept across the four Celestial aircraft.

He stretched out his hand and hammered his palm lightly. “I understand now. So it turns out that their target was you, Shuhang. No wonder.”

Song Shuhang asked, “What do you mean?”

Senior White laughed, and said, “When I was talking to you before, didn’t I say that a group of guests was coming at me aggressively? I thought that they had come looking for trouble with me, but they hurriedly went past me right after. I didn’t think it would come full circle after that, and they would still arrive right in front of me.”


Some things really did feel ‘destined’.

After several twists and turns, those who were to come would come in the end, and those who were to meet would meet.

“!!!” The Celestial who had lifted the roof put its palms together, and quickly placed the roof of the restaurant back to its original place.


“Hahahaha, it is always a pleasure to have friends visiting from afar! Guests, don’t leave lest other fellow daoists say that I, Tyrannical Song, am terrible at hosting guests.” Song Shuhang let out a hearty laugh.


The laughter carried the Lion’s Roar effect, making it deafening.

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