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Chapter 1540: The ‘666’-shouting Shuhang

From this perspective, if Skylark wanted to borrow the Sage’s eye, then it wouldn’t be good to say no.

Song Shuhang felt a little conflicted in his heart.

He glanced at Skylark, who looked expectant. Her eyes gleamed, while her blue eyelashes rose up and down.

It seemed that if he didn’t lend it to her, she wouldn’t give up.

Since she had decided to borrow it, she wouldn’t leave until she succeeded.

Song Shuhang said, “Actually, Senior Skylark… everyone in the universe got pregnant not that long ago. Wouldn’t it be really cruel if they were to get pregnant again so soon?”

The virtuous lamia emerged from behind Song Shuhang. She placed her little hand on Song Shuhang’s eye socket, took off the Sage’s eye, and put back Song Shuhang’s original eye.

“Hahahaha, do you not realize that this is exactly what makes it exciting? Moreover, China is now launching second-child benefits, I’m merely going with the times.” Skylark squinted happily.

Song Shuhang: “…”

F*ck, Senior Skylark’s words are so reasonable. I can’t refute her at all, what should I do?

In the face of the number one death-seeking existence of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, his suggestion had no effect at all.

There was nothing he could do. Perhaps the only thing he could do was to remind everyone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, as well as those cultivators he knew, to be extra careful. At that time, if Senior Skylark were to show her divinity, when the Profound Sage Speech came, everyone should avoid watching the live broadcast, lest they get pregnant once again.

Song Shuhang sighed and handed the Sage’s eye over to Skylark.

Skylark took the Sage’s eye, her eyes squinted happily. The corners of her mouth rose, revealing a good-looking yet evil smile.

[Shuhang, let me show you a live broadcast, hahahaha. It’s very exciting. There are explosions everywhere.] At this time, in Song Shuhang’s mind, Senior White Two’s voice suddenly sounded.

Song Shuhang: [???]

What explosions?

Senior White Two said happily, [It’s the trap that I’d carefully arranged in my old lair for the fat ball. That fat ball ran to my lair and prepared to empty it. Hahahaha. But how could it possibly be so easy to do so even if I had already abandoned the place? All of those heavenly tribulation guided missiles, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, along with that disgusting holy light, produced an effect that was simply horrific. In addition, there was also the virtuous golden diamond, which was the icing on the cake. After several days of strengthening, it finally exploded. Even I wouldn’t be able to bear it, let alone the fat ball.]

It had been a long time since Senior White Two was this happy.

In the past, he used to fight the fat ball every day. But because both of them were rulers of the Netherworld and had the same authority, their strength was pretty much equal. Even if they occupied a geographically-advantageous position, that would only give them a small upper hand.

Today, with the help of the power of the heavenly tribulation, the power of holy light, and the power of virtue—all of which countered a ruler of the Netherworld—Senior White Two had been able to launch his best offensive in many years against the fat ball.

He was using this wave of magnificent explosions to see off the fat ball.

After this fight, he was afraid that the fat ball would disappear.

Still, even though he did not spare any effort for this wave of attacks against the fat ball, there was nobody to witness it and shout 666 for him. This made him feel like the scene was lacking, and his satisfaction decreased.

Senior White Two immediately remembered Song Shuhang.

Nevertheless, it was not possible to directly bring Song Shuhang to the Netherworld Realm and have him watch the scene. After all, this was a full-on battle between rulers of the Netherworld. If Song Shuhang were to head there, he might instantly get turned into ashes.

However, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t open up a live broadcast for Song Shuhang to see. During the live broadcast, Song Shuhang could still shout 666 to cheer for him.

Song Shuhang praised, [Senior White is truly mighty!]

Yes, this was it!

The satisfaction value in Senior White Two’s heart improved a lot all at once.

What part of a live broadcast was the most refreshing? Of course, it was when viewers were spamming 666, or yelling for the streamer to let them birth a child for them.

Senior White Two said, [Release your mental energy, I will protect it for you. This way, I can show you the live broadcast.]

He couldn’t transmit this live broadcast directly to Song Shuhang to watch either.

A battle between rulers of the Netherworld involved many principles and laws. If he were to directly show it to Song Shuhang, the latter might be overwhelmed and turned into an idiot.

Therefore, it was necessary to add a layer of protection first.

This discussion between the two had actually only taken a few breaths of time.

Senior White made his move and added a layer of protection to Song Shuhang’s mind, before allowing him to see the live broadcast.

Senior White Two said, [The most exciting part is coming. You can watch the detonation of the +999-enhanced virtuous diamond.]

Song Shuhang: [666!]


On the screen in his mind, the golden virtuous diamond exploded loudly. After the +999-enhanced golden diamond exploded, the rich power of virtue, which looked almost liquid, created a sea of virtue.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” On the screen, the fat ball, who had just endured the heavenly tribulation guided missiles, nuclear bombs, as well as the holy light, said under tormenting pain, “White, White… I will absolutely, absolutely kill you!”

“Go ahead and come to fight me!” A projection of Senior White Two appeared and floated above the explosions, letting out a cheerful laugh.

Song Shuhang: [Ah, a good nuking! 666!]

With Song Shuhang’s cheers, Senior White Two was extremely satisfied.

Back in the main world, Skylark had just taken the Sage’s eye from Song Shuhang. The corners of her mouth rose upward as she revealed a wicked smile.

Here it is… I’ve finally got the Sage’s eye.

I no longer need to worry about becoming pregnant due to the Sage’s eye.

Now, become my test subject, Tyrannical Song!

Skylark stretched out her other hand and grabbed at Song Shuhang.

The Skylark in front of him was actually the one possessed by the fat ball.

It had carefully disguised itself so that neither Song Shuhang nor the virtuous lamia could detect anything off about it. After all, it was the ruler of the Netherworld, and its methods were completely beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

In addition, it had even used Skylark’s original body. Because of this, it was naturally much easier for it to disguise itself.

However, as her hand was about to touch him, her body shook violently.

Someone had blown up its main body.

Moreover, it was blown up miserably!

White, White, it’s that damned White again!

Every time, at the most critical times, it would get compromised by White.

“Ahhhhh~” The fat ball-possessed Skylark let out a series of screams.

She could no longer conceal her disguise.

Her hair and her pupils all turned back to pitch black.

The aura of the ‘ruler of the Netherworld’ on her body could not be concealed, either.

And because of the sudden pain, her grip on the ‘Sage’s eye’ loosened, which caused it to fall.

“Damn!” Song Shuhang’s heart thumped frantically.

He leaped forward and grabbed Sage’s eye.

The virtuous lamia also swiftly placed her hand on his eye socket, got the Sage’s eye, and replaced Song Shuhang’s eye with it.

“Have a taste of maternal love! Impregnating Gaze!” Without hesitation, Song Shuhang sent an Impregnating Gaze at the fake Skylark in front of him.

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