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Chapter 1541: Holy light, envelop me!

Take my Q, Impregnating Gaze!

Now, take my W, Embryonic Gaze!

These two skills were combinable skills, and when used together, they would produce some terrifying effects. The first time he used it, he had turned his enemy into a tree, and the second time, he turned his enemy into stone. As for whether there would be other effects that would result from the usage of both skills at the same time in the future, even Song Shuhang himself had no clue.

It’s not over yet, I still have my E, the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique!

Next, my R, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure—Impregnable Holy City.

After using up his set of skills, he used B to send himself back to the Inner World, so that he couldn’t be killed.

All of the above…

Were merely battle scenes flashing in Song Shuhang’s mind.

In reality, he hadn’t even gotten to use the Impregnating Gaze on the fat ball-possessed Skylark.

As soon as the light of the Impregnating Gaze came out, the possessed Skylark had avoided it.

Even if its main body was affected by the explosions, this clone was strong enough to suppress an existence at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm in a direct battle. This was why, despite the light in Song Shuhang’s eyes being released instantly, it had predicted the pathing of the Impregnating Gaze and easily avoided it.

At this time, there wasn’t any consciousness of Skylark left in this body, so it wouldn’t twist around in convoluted shapes in order to get hit by the light of the Impregnating Gaze on its own initiative.

The light of the Impregnating Gaze fell on the playground.

This playground won’t get pregnant now, right?

At that instant, Song Shuhang had such a thought in his mind.

Of course, this idea merely flashed in his subconscious.

As the Impregnating Gaze had not hit Skylark, Song Shuhang connected with the Inner World as soon as possible.

Although he was in school right now, and disappearing out of thin air would cause some confusion, he couldn’t waste time. It was fine to just look for excuses when explaining things to others later on.

No matter how much chaos the scene would ensue, it would still be infinitely better than getting caught by the fat ball and turned into a test subject.

If he were to get caught by the fat ball, he would likely die.

As for the matter of the virtuous lamia switching out his eye, he did not worry about other people seeing this at all… because ordinary people could not see the virtuous lamia.

It seems I have no choice. I must hide immediately.

…Not good, I can’t even hide!

The Inner World was blocked again.

His connection with the Inner World was fine just a few seconds ago, and he was even able to communicate with Senior White Two through the Inner World.

Even though it was Song Shuhang’s life-saving trump card, it would hide itself faster than Shuhang every time…

This was truly depressing.

“[Sneer], I’ve seen you use that space to escape a few times by now. Did you really think I would come unprepared?” The fat ball-possessed Skylark was trembling all over, with a pained expression on her face.

Its main body was being blown up rather badly this time, and the clone could feel the severe pain its main body was feeling, resulting in her being unable to straighten her waist.

I’ll settle things with this little cultivator first, then I’ll return to the Netherworld Realm and kill White. The fat ball version of Skylark gritted its teeth and decided in its mind.

It first cut off the sense sharing between itself and the main body.

At the same time, her hair and pupils returned to their previous blue color—this disguise was not only used to deceive Song Shuhang, but also to shield itself from the senses of the Heaven’s Will, so as not to accidentally bring about a disaster.

The fat ball-possessed Skylark silently said in its mind, No more nonsense this time, I just have to get right to it.

Given its past experiences, it decided to directly search Song Shuhang’s memory and dig out all the things related to the Scholarly Sage in his mind. It wanted to find where the Scholarly Sage had hidden the part he had taken from its counterpart, the Wielder of the Will.

The fat ball-possessed Skylark took elegant steps and approached Song Shuhang.

In the onlookers’ eyes, a beautiful older sister with blue hair was slightly smiling as she approached Song Shuhang—as for the instant when she yelled and her hair turned black, was it some illusion because of the sunlight?

Skylark’s eyes stared right at Song Shuhang, and in the next instant, several complex immobilizing, gravitational, and petrifaction techniques were placed on his body.

Song Shuhang suddenly couldn’t move.

Even the virtuous lamia behind him was frozen and stuck in place.

What do I do? The Inner World has hidden itself again… Senior White Two is currently dealing with the main body of the fat ball, and as the Inner World is blocked, Senior White Two can’t even use the world of the black lotus as a springboard to come and save me.

Should I use the smoke mode?

His heart thumped.

Previously, he’d relied on this smoke mode to survive as he waited for Senior White to save him from the clutches of the fat ball.

“When extracting memories, I should prevent you from entering that troublesome eternity state.” While speaking, two smoke-like knuckles appeared in the hands of the fat ball-possessed Skylark.

This pair of knuckles possessed Song Shuhang’s aura—he couldn’t be mistaken, it was his long lost waist.

This waist of his, which was still in the smoke state, had actually been kept by the fat ball for its research.

With the other party’s strength and experience as a ruler of the Netherworld, even if it had not completely understood the principles behind the smoke mode, it must have at least been able to figure out a way to deal with it—at first glance, it could be inferred that this pair of knuckles was a magical treasure it had made to deal with Song Shuhang’s smoke mode.

“Give me your memories.” The fat ball-possessed Skylark stretched out her finger toward Song Shuhang’s forehead.

[This is not good. I’m really done for this time… What should I do?]

Song Shuhang’s brain was now in overdrive.

As he watched Skylark’s finger get closer and closer to poking his forehead, a flash of inspiration suddenly hit Song Shuhang.

He immediately willed the holy light attribute of the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove to activate.

[Holy light, envelop me!]

Cold holy light spread all over Song Shuhang’s body, enveloping him.

To a ruler of the Netherworld, holy light was as disgusting as crap.

What was that saying again?

Ever since I became a lump of crap, nobody has dared to step on my head anymore!

This statement had some truth to it.

With his whole body now covered in layers upon layers of holy light, if a ruler of the Netherworld wanted to touch him, they would first have to consider their emotions. Would she really poke her finger into a thick pile of shiet?

“Naive.” Skylark’s finger pierced straight through the cold holy light, and touched Song Shuhang’s forehead. “Although holy light is disgusting to me, your memories are of much greater importance.”

It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway, it could just ‘wash’ its hands afterward.

Moreover, the body the fat ball was using was Skylark’s, and not its own.

“Forceful reading.” The power of the fat ball-possessed Skylark was forcibly injected into Song Shuhang’s glabella.


A sweet jingle emerged in the consciousness of the fat ball-possessed Skylark.

Afterward, there was the sound of something being to ‘turn on’.

After another moment, a very anti-cultivation but very scientific interface appeared before the eyes of the fat ball.

C drive, D drive, E drive, F drive, and a DVD G drive. There was even an icon for ‘Network’ and ‘IE’.

The fat ball-possessed Skylark: “…”

What the hell is going on here?!

As the ruler of the Netherworld, it had read the memories of thousands of people, but no one’s memory had ever been formatted in such a strange manner.

Fortunately, I’ve been in contact with the main world recently, and have learned a lot of things about it. Otherwise, when faced with such a memory interface, I would have had no idea of where to start. The fat ball-possessed Skylark silently said in its mind.

With that, she first tapped on the F drive.

Generally speaking, the C drive was the system drive and didn’t store memory. The memories related to the Scholarly Sage should be stored in the D, E, and F drives.

As soon as the F drive was opened, all kinds of data appeared on the interface.

It was the kind where countless files were shuffled in a mess.

The fat ball-possessed Skylark tried to read some of the memory files.

Next, two beautiful fairy maidens appeared on the screen.

One was wearing a phoenix crown and robe, sitting on the edge of the Jade Lake; while the other wore a smile like a blooming flower as she sat beside the other fairy.

“Cheng Lin~”

An indescribable emotion emerged in the fat ball’s heart.

What kind of damned memory is this?

The fat ball frowned. With its strength, outstanding reading speed, and computing ability, it read all the memory files in the F drive in a single go.

After a while, its heart could only feel stifled.

More than 80% of the memories in the F drive were of shows of affection related to the Ancient Heavenly City’s Cheng Lin.

Of the remaining 20% of the content, 2% was a variety of classic lines from ‘TV dramas and movies’, as well as 1,111 ways to ‘play dead’.

Another 2% were ‘storage backups for stealing lines’. It stored things like ‘What is filial piety? What is love?’.

The last portion of the memories was useless garbage.

Skylark exited the F drive and opened the E drive.

In the E drive, there was only a small file—in the picture, Song Shuhang was facing a huge disaster, and then the owner of the picture received an order to provide Song Shuhang with energy.

“Was the content of this drive erased?” The fat ball-possessed Skylark frowned.

The information it wanted, which was related to the Scholarly Sage, couldn’t possibly have been on this drive and gotten erased, right?

No, this drive doesn’t look like Song Shuhang’s memory. It should be the memories of Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit.

Then, it should be you, D drive.

Song Shuhang’s memories must be in this drive.

Skylark forcibly opened Song Shuhang’s D drive.

After doing so, she discovered that within Song Shuhang’s D drive, there was a portion of memories that was actually sealed and protected.

The sealed memories were memories that Song Shuhang once had, but, with his consent, were sealed.

On the other hand, these protected memories should be memories that contained confidential information. They should be memories that could not be read by anyone other than Song Shuhang himself.

“That’s it.” The fat ball-possessed Skylark was overjoyed.

The memories related to the Scholarly Sage should be stored here.

She randomly picked a file from the portion of ‘protected memories’ and began to read it forcibly.

It was the ruler of the Netherworld, so it was naturally able to forcibly read the memory of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor!

With this, she began to read out this first memory.

The memory file surprisingly cooperated with her, taking the initiative to allow her to read it.

Then, a picture appeared in her eyes.

It was a figure dressed in white, the figure’s entire face was shrouded in holy light, and while hopping on one leg, he said, “The eyes of God, gazing into the future.”

This sentence caused an explosion in the fat ball’s spiritual world.

Just like a world-destroying storm, it struck the fat ball’s spiritual world, destroying the portion of the will it had left in Skylark’s body.

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