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Chapter 1539: Song “So Cute When He Suddenly Turns His Head” Shuhang

Qing Wu went offline after writing her reviews… Only the heavens knew how confused the shops that were left with her reviews would be.

These years, without a large heart, how could one have a store?

In particular, stores that do business with students had to be proficient in all kinds of knowledge, such as astronomy and geography… Because who knows? There might be buyers who asked questions before buying something. If the seller couldn’t give them a proper answer, would they still buy the product?

Qing Wu said to her three roommates, “I’ll be going first. Remember to get out of bed soon.”

Gao Moumou asked in a daze, “Are there classes in the morning?”

Qing Wu replied, “Yes, so don’t oversleep.”

Tubo waved his hand. “I’ve adjusted the alarm clock.”

“Then I can rest assured.” Qing Wu nodded and left the dormitory.

Before setting off, she looked in the mirror hung behind the door.

“Mm-hm, my appearance is ok, my expression is ok, my walking posture is ok, and my voice is also ok. Everything is in order.” After confirming that she was in proper order, Qing Wu got her bag and headed towards the classroom.

“Yo, Shuhang, good morning.” When someone in the dormitory next door saw ‘Song Shuhang’ coming out, he stretched out his hand and greeted him.

Qing Wu turned her head politely and smiled slightly. “Good morning.”

She hadn’t even gotten to take a few more steps before someone shouted from behind her, “Shuhang, good morning.”

Qing Wu turned her head and said, “Good morning.”

Along the way, a lot of people greeted her.

Ever since she took Song Shuhang’s place in class, her popularity had exploded.

Obviously, she had been as low-key as possible, but because she had an innate talent for ‘charming others’, even if she remained low-key, she would still gain the favor of those around her by simply being there.

Qing Wu was very much aware of this, but she didn’t really pay it much mind.

After Qing Wu had gone far…

“Hmm, I didn’t really feel it! Why do all the girls say that Song Shuhang is really cute when he turns his head?”

“Women and men have different tastes. If you actually felt that Song Shuhang was cute when he turned his head, then you’re done for.”

“You’ve got a point.”

“Since you know that you wouldn’t find him cute when he turns his head, why do you still call him from behind so often?”

“I’m curious and want to know what it is that the girls find ‘cute’.”

“I want to imitate and learn from him, and I want to understand why he has become so popular among the girls recently.”

“When I call out to him, it feels like we’re good buddies.”

“I feel that Song Shuhang has become very kind recently, like a family member. Whenever I see him, I can’t help but call out to him.”

“Rather than a family member, for me, he feels a bit more like a pet?”

Gao Moumou: “…”

After he woke up in a daze and got ready to go out to air his quilt, he heard the guys in the dormitory in the middle of their discussion.

Some time ago, they had still been screaming, ‘Brother Gao Sheng must die’. How did that end up becoming ‘Song Shuhang is very cute’ so quickly?

With each passing day, things changed very quickly.

When Qing Wu went to the university area, she received a call.

“Hello, is this Qing Wu?” Song Shuhang’s voice came through the phone.

Qing Wu asked, “Yes, it’s me. Mister Tyrannical Song, are you coming back?”

Song Shuhang said, “Yes, I’m on my way to Jiangnan University Town, but it will take some time. There are two classes in the morning, and if I hurry, I should be able to make it to them. At that time, let’s find someplace to switch out.”

Qing Wu said, “Got it. Mister Tyrannical Song, I will be waiting for you in the willow forest behind the school district. After the switch, I can stay rooted there for a while.”

Since Mister Tyrannical Song was coming back, he should be the one to handle the love letters and confessions instead.

It would be best to leave those emotional matters to him.

Moreover, to be honest, she was very awkward when faced with those human confessions. After all, she was essentially still a monster willow tree.

Around 8:30 in the morning.

Song Shuhang finally successfully arrived at Jiangnan University Town.

He landed directly in the location that he had agreed upon with Qing Wu.

There were already some magical formations arranged around here, which allowed them to avoid the sights of ordinary people.

When Song Shuhang landed, Qing Wu had already revealed her true body and was rooted in the willow forest.

Qing Wu said after seeing Song Shuhang, “Mister Tyrannical Song, all the textbooks for this morning are in the bag.”

Song Shuhang took the bag and put away the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. “Thanks for your hard work these days.”

The puppet maiden descended beside him, while little Yinzhu was still riding on his shoulders.

Qing Wu smiled, and said, “It wasn’t that hard. Actually, it was quite fun.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Did anything happen during this time?”

Qing Wu said, “No, it was rather peaceful, and there were no disturbances. Right, there were a few girls who confessed to you and wrote love letters to Mister Tyrannical Song. I’ll be leaving these emotional matters for you to handle.”

Song Shuhang: “???”

F*ck, for childhood to adulthood, I’ve never got a single love letter.

Some time ago, he had accompanied the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group in producing a movie and finally became a celebrity… However, he did not get to experience the treatment of a big star at all. On the contrary, no matter who saw him, they would always have thoughts like ‘Brother Gao Sheng must die’.

Qing Wu had lived in his place for just a period of time, but she actually received love letters?

Qing Wu said, “If something goes wrong, Mister Tyrannical Song, you can call me. For now, I’ll be resting and trying out the nutrient solutions I got yesterday and see if they suit my tastes.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“Mm-hm, I’ll be going to class now. If anything does happen, I’ll ask for your help.” Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at the puppet maiden again. “Fairy maiden, what about you? Are you going to stroll around or go back to the Inner World?”

The puppet maiden stretched out her hand and said, “I want to go shopping. Give me some money.”

Song Shuhang took out a stack of money from the Inner World and handed it to the puppet maiden—he didn’t really have much money on him. Nevertheless, if he really did need money, he could simply exchange some gold sand with Snow Wolf Cave Master. If not that, he could look for Senior Medicine Master to do some odd jobs, learning some pill-refining while earning pocket money.

The puppet maiden happily went on her way after receiving the money.

“I will accompany Big Sister Fairy Maiden,” Li Yinzhu said. She jumped off Song Shuhang and hopped away with the puppet maiden.

Song Shuhang wondered, “When did their relationship get so good?”

Just like the inexplicably deep friendship between Lady Onion and Senior Turtle, the puppet maiden had become friends with Li Yinzhu at some point.

Could it be because little Yinzhu practiced the techniques of the Northern Emperor that the puppet maiden became friends with her?

The friendship between a woman and a monster, a young girl and a woman, and a young girl and a puppet, was always elusive.

Song Shuhang carried the bag and headed to his class.

He had been gone for a month or so, but it felt like he’d been gone for a lifetime.

The exciting life of a cultivator was what Song Shuhang liked.

However… If he wanted to survive the remaining five days, then it would be best for him to choose campus life.

Well hidden in the city. As long as he buried himself in schoolwork, he basically shouldn’t encounter any major ‘life or death’ events.

“Shuhang.” At this moment, someone behind him suddenly called out.

Song Shuhang turned his head and looked back.

A stranger behind him was beckoning to him, but he didn’t know the other party at all.

Was it a friend that Qing Wu had made when she was living his life?

“Good morning.” Song Shuhang smiled and nodded.

After that, he continued on his way.

Behind him, the strange buddy squeezed his chin. “Weird… Song Shuhang today seems to be different from the previous few days. Today, he didn’t look cute at all when he turned his head.”

Song “Five-Core Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor” Shuhang: “…”

He hadn’t even taken a few steps when another voice came from behind him. This time, it was a girl’s voice, “Shuhang~”

Song Shuhang turned his head and found that it was a girl he didn’t know.

Was Qing Wu’s popularity just that great?

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Good morning.”

Then he continued on his way.

Behind him, the girl wondered, “Eh? Was it the wrong person? The moment Shuhang turned around today, he wasn’t cute at all.”

Song “Five-Star Hotel” Shuhang: “…”

Once again, after taking a few steps, someone called him. “A’Hang, good morning.”

Song Shuhang looked back and found that it was another girl he didn’t know. “Good morning.”

He turned his head back forward, and continued walking.

The girl wondered, “Weird, the way A’Hang turned his head today was not cute at all. Is he in a bad mood today?”

Song “What The Hell Is With This Cute Head Thing” Shuhang: “…”

He rubbed his eyebrows in distress.

In addition to the turning his head thing, there was also the issue of love letters and confessions.

Song Shuhang had no experience dealing with this type of thing, so what was he supposed to do?

“Shuhang!” At this moment, there was another voice behind him.

Song Shuhang: “…”


Song Shuhang turned his head and said, “I’m not in the right mood today, so I don’t look cute when I turn my head. Please stop bothering me.”

But when he turned his head, he saw a tall woman wearing a round, white hat, smiling and waving at him.

Her long blue hair was thick and dense, hanging behind her like a cape. Even her eyelashes were an icy blue.

At this moment, the blue-haired woman’s smiling expression froze, and she blinked. “What do you mean when you say ‘you don’t look cute when you turn your head’?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

It was Senior Skylark.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior, why did you come to Jiangnan University Town? Weren’t you going to look for Senior Thrice Reckless?”

Senior Skylark said, “Oh, I haven’t done that yet. I was hanging around here today and just happened to run into you.”

At this time, her body had returned to its original size.

Skylark asked, “By the way, is the Sage’s eye still with you?”

Song Shuhang nodded.

“I want to borrow and use the Sage’s eye.” Skylark grinned and said, “I’m going to transcend the heavenly tribulation again.”

When Song Shuhang heard this, his lower abdomen suddenly ached.

Should he let her borrow the Sage’s eye?

After all, in theory, the Sage had left behind his eye so that it could stare at Skylark one more time.

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