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Chapter 1512 When we meet again in the future, I will be in color

Pavilion Master Chu could sense that Song Shuhang was in so much pain that he was about to cry, but for some reason, she found this oddly cute… As such, she was actually considering whether or not she should wake Song Shuhang. At this moment, a figure suddenly sat up from Song Shuhang’s body, causing Pavilion Master Chu’s head to jump in shock.

The figure that suddenly sat up was wearing a purple dress… She had long brown hair, which was carefully braided and hanging by her shoulders. Besides this, she also had long bangs that slightly covered her eyes. “It hurts.” This figure screamed quickly after getting up. Her eyes were red, and tears kept falling from her eyes.

It was Ye Si.

As Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit, under normal circumstances, her senses were connected to Song Shuhang’s. Therefore, when Song Shuhang was in a lot of pain, the pain that she would feel wouldn’t be anything weak, either.

This kind of pain almost directly made her fall unconscious.

Ye Si quickly cut off her ‘sensory sharing’ with Song Shuhang

“Phew.” After letting out a long breath of relief, Ye Si turned her head and looked at Pavilion Master Chu, who was only left with her head.

“Pavilion Master!” Ye Si’s eyes were red again, and her tears kept falling.

As soon as she saw Pavilion Master Chu who only had her head left of her, the (Tome of Never-Ending Tears) began to cause tears to crazily stream down her face.

“…” Pavilion Master Chu.

The (Tome of Never-Ending Tears) was really good, and it was even really powerful. As long as Ye Si continued to push forward, the (Tome of Never-Ending Tears) had the potential to bring her all the way to the Tribulation Transcender Realm. Moreover, if the path of emotion had yet to be taken by someone else, Ye Si could use the (Tome of Never-Ending Tears) to reach the Immortal Realm in the future.

However, it causing Ye Si to start crying so frequently made her heart feel very stifled.

After finally getting a hold of herself, Ye Si sat next to the living spring, and asked, “Pavilion Master, when will you recover?”

Pavilion Master Chu comforted, “I’ve got not a clue on how long I’ll be like this. However, I’m already in much better condition than I was, my neck has grown out, and even my collarbones have begun to grow out.”

Ye Si said, “Pavilion Master, your collarbone is so beautiful.”

“…” Pavilion Master Chu.

Ye Si suddenly said, “I’m leaving, Pavilion Master.”

“???” Pavilion Master Chu.

Ye Si held her thick, life-bound golden book in her arms. “I’m going to be away for some time. Not that long ago, the Heavenly Emperor recovered. After that, the Heavenly Emperor’s aura suddenly weakened, while the current Wielder of the Will’s deterioration appeared to slow down. Cheng Lin speculated that the current Wielder of the Will is trying to recover and complete itself through the Heavenly Emperor.”

Pavilion Master Chu frowned, and asked, “Are you afraid that the Heavenly Emperor will cause you trouble because of Cheng Lin?”

After all, Cheng Lin was one of the main culprits that led to the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly City.

Ye Si said, “That is indeed one of the things I’m currently worrying about, but that is not the main reason for why I’m leaving. I can’t speak of the specific reason for my departure as of the moment, because if I were to speak of it, you might become involved with it as well.”

In fact, Cheng Lin was a divine ghost fragment.

The Heavenly Emperor was similarly a divine fragment that the current Wielder of the Heaven’s Will had raised.

In addition, the current Wielder of the Will had secretly used the Heavenly Emperor and his Ancient Heavenly City path to try and complete itself. However, due to Cheng Lin taking action back then, the Ancient Heavenly City was destroyed, and its plan was ruined.

It seemed as though the current Wielder of the Will’s plans had already failed. However, who could say that the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly City back then wasn’t a part of the Wielder of the Will’s plans?”

Ye Si whispered, “After I leave, please take care of Shuhang for me.”

Pavilion Master Chu nodded lightly.

“Pavilion Master, I will be leaving now. See you again next time.” As she spoke, Ye Si’s figure split into two.

One of these halves was still Ye Si.

However, the other part was a pure, high-level ghost spirit.

This high-level ghost spirit had an obscure face, appearing to have no gender nor special characteristics. There wasn’t a single bit of Ye Si or Cheng Lin’s aura emanating from it.

After splitting out this high-level ghost spirit, Ye Si stretched out her hand.

This high-level ghost spirit replaced her, inherited her and Song Shuhang’s “ghost spirit contract”, and entered his body.

Ye Si squatted beside Song Shuhang, reaching out to stroke his hair lightly before saying, “Goodbye, Shuhang.” Suddenly, Song Shuhang’s eyes opened abruptly.

His eyes were staring at Ye Si intently.

Ye Si was taken aback. “How did you wake


“Hey, don’t underestimate my firm heart. No matter how intense the pain is, I can bear it by gritting my teeth until it passes. Although the pain is at the level where it could cause me to faint, as long as I get used to this level of pain, my pain-bearing heart can rise by another level,” Song Shuhang said triumphantly—if his body hadn’t been convulsing rather violently while he was saying this, he would have appeared quite domineering. “I’ll be gone for some time.” Seeing Song Shuhang wake up, Ye Si softly said, “When I leave, the parts of your memory that are related to me will become blurred, just like when you entered the ‘small black room’. If… If you suddenly forget about me, don’t panic.” Song Shuhang’s face was pale, and his body continued to convulse. “How long will you be away?”

Ye Si said, “It shouldn’t take too long.”

Song Shuhang: “Will Fairy Cheng Lin be with


Ye Si said, “To some extent, she has completely disappeared.” “…” Song Shuhang The mother of a man surnamed Zhang once said that the more beautiful a woman was, the more deceptive she was. Song Shuhang believed that Cheng Lin very much fitted this saying, so he didn’t believe a word about her disappearance.

Ye Si’s little hand continued to gently stroke Song Shuhang’s head. “When we meet again in the future…”

When she said this, her hand stopped.

“?” Song Shuhang. “I will be in color!” Ye Si announced triumphantly. “???” Song Shuhang. What do you mean?

I know what each of those words mean separately, but when you put them together like that, I’m quite unable to understand what you’re trying to say. “Colorful, beautiful colors!” Ye Si said again, and her little hand went back to rubbing Song Shuhang’s head again. At this time, Song Shuhang had a crew cut.

Ye Si finally said, “This is much more comfortable to touch than when your head was bald.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Ye Si said, “By the way, there’s one more thing.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Hmm?”

Ye Si said, “When we meet again, don’t be surprised if I become you.” Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

“Don’t be surprised. I am a ghost spirit, after all.” After Ye Si said that, she stood up. “It’s time.”

She got up and stepped away.

A passage split open inside the Inner World, and Ye Si entered it.

It wasn’t the spatial abilities that Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders had, nor was it spatial talents like the ones Senior White possessed. Instead, this was the Inner World working together with Ye Si, opening a passage for her to leave.

At the moment when Ye Si’s figure disappeared, a small hand suddenly stretched out from Song Shuhang’s chest, grabbing towards the void… However, this small hand wasn’t able to grab onto anything. It was the virtuous lamia’s hand.

Song Shuhang softly asked, “Did Fairy Cheng Lin also leave with Ye Si?”

It was only when she was in the presence of Empress Cheng Lin that Fairy @#%x would forget herself.

The small hand that stretched out from Song Shuhang’s chest clenched into a fist, and became motionless.

Pavilion Master Chu blew bubbles in the living spring. “You’ve got quite the number of fairies in your body.”

Some time ago, Song Shuhang had Ye Si in his body, and Ye Si was accompanied by Cheng Lin.

Then, there was the virtuous lamia, and also Fairy Creation.

There was also Lady Onion, who was stuck on the enlightenment stone.

Song Shuhang patted the virtuous lamia’s hand lightly. “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, can you retract your hand first? Look at it, your fist looks like it’s stuck in my chest, and it’s very strange.”

After a while, the virtuous lamia’s fist retracted from Song Shuhang’s chest… Then, it stretched out from the top of Song Shuhang’s head, still clenched.

“…” Song Shuhang.

If it weren’t for the pain I’m feeling right now, I would definitely be pulling you out of my body and having a serious talk with you.

“Beginning… to disappear.” At this moment, the virtuous lamia’s voice sounded.

Song Shuhang asked, “What’s disappearing?”

While he said that, he suddenly felt that some of his memories were becoming blurred.

It was his memories of Ye Si.

All the clues related to ‘Ye Si’ were disappearing

The parts of his memory about Ye Si were all replaced by a ghost spirit with an obscured face.

This was the same as what the others felt when Song Shuhang and his party had been sent into the Wielder’s small black room.

All of the traces of Ye Si’s existence were erased from the roots.

Even the photos and videos of Ye Si that existed in the main world were all erased.

“Senior Chu, is Ye Si avoiding something?” Song Shuhang asked before his memories of Ye Si completely disappeared.

He wanted to know whom Ye Si wanted to hide from.

If it was a Tribulation Transcender or Immortal… there wouldn’t have been a need to go to this extent.

If worse came to worst, he could try to hold onto Senior White Two’s thigh and come up with some jokes.

Even if the other party was an Immortal, they would have to kneel when faced with Senior White Two.

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Although Ye Si didn’t say who it is, it’s probably the current Wielder of the Will.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Isn’t the current Wielder of the Will weakening?” “It has entered a state of degradation a very long time ago. However, no matter what, it is still the Wielder of the Will, and it definitely has backup plans. Anyway, I am merely speculating here,” Pavilion Master Chu said. After saying that, she went back to blowing bubbles in the spring.

After a few more minutes.

Song Shuhang’s, the virtuous lamia’s, and Pavilion Master Chu’s memories of Ye Si had completely disappeared.

Even their memories of Cheng Lin had become messy like a sieve, full of holes and no longer complete.

The virtuous lamia’s other hand stretched out from Song Shuhang’s head, and grabbed firmly at the air.

However, it didn’t get to grab onto anything.

Her hands were clenched into fists, poking out of Song Shuhang’s head, completely motionless.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“I remember that I’ve still got things to do.” Song Shuhang scratched his hair. “Right, I have to go out. The sealed space should have already returned to being a spatial node by now. I should go and take a look at it.” After saying that, Song Shuhang’s body left the Inner World.

When his body stepped into Island Master Tian Tiankong’s room, he felt his body lighten.

Then, his soul emerged from this body, and what appeared in front of him was a door.

It was an entrance to the sealed space.

It seemed to be inviting him to enter.

“Haha.” Song Shuhang gently laughed.

Do you think that just because you leave me a door and invite me in, I’ll go in all willy-nilly? You’re too naive, there’s no way I’d be so intent on seeking death!

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