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Chapter 1511 Sitting up in shock while fatally ill

Everything about the Inner World was great. It was convenient and practical, and Song Shuhang felt like he could never go without it. The only problem was that it always ran away too quickly.

But this time, Song Shuhang was prepared.

What should he do with the Inner World running away? Of course, before it could completely run away, he had to escape into it.

However, he still had one thing to do before running away himself.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “Song Shuhang Two, I’m leaving everything to you!”

He endured the severe pain that was pulsating all over his body, and sent his clone out.

After going through so much, he had finally found a clue about the ‘sealed space’, so he couldn’t just miss the chance to do something. Fortunately, he had his own clone, and it could replace him in exploring the ‘sealed space’ and look for clues by itself.

After sending his clone out, he stretched his hand outward a little. Before the Inner World could be completely blocked by that ‘sealed space’, he dove into it.


“I’m safe.” Song Shuhang was lying on the edge of the living spring inside the Inner World, curled up into a ball.

Some of the spring water overflowed from the living spring, and touched Song Shuhang’s body. The cold spring water slightly eased his mental pain.

Inside Island Master Tian Tiankong’s room.

Song Shuhang’s clone was also curled up into a ball, his face pale as a sheet of paper. He tremblingly stretched out his hand, and grabbed the phone on the ground.

The clone exclaimed, “The main body ran too fast, he didn’t even spare the time to bring his phone with him.”

The clone stretched out his hand toward the air, preparing to send the phone to the Inner World. However, the Inner World had been completely blocked at this time, and communication with it was no longer possible.

It really did run away quickly!

If his main body was any bit slower, it might have been locked out of the Inner World.

That was close.

At this time, that strange sealed space had expanded enough to encompass the entire room.

The clone stretched out his hand and flicked on the phone, trying to see if the phone still had a signal.

The clone thought to itself, Sure enough… even the signal has been blocked.

If there had been some signal, he would have sent a message to warn Senior Seven Lives Talisman. However, there was nothing that he could do now.

Fortunately, his main body was inside the Inner World. After the sealed space retreated, he could notify Senior Seven Lives Talisman through his main body.

Song Shuhang controlled the clone, and put the phone aside.

He wanted to use the clone to do several tests. In order to avoid the phone being destroyed in these tests, he placed it aside first, and waited for the sealed space to dissipate so that his main body could come and retrieve it.

Afterward, Song Shuhang controlled the clone, and walked towards the door-he wanted to figure out the scope of the ‘sealed space’. And when he did reach the edge of the sealed space, he would be able to break out of the spatial locking and free himself.

The sealed space seemed to be only the size of a ‘room’. When he reached the door, Song Shuhang felt himself being pushed back by an invisible wall.

He stretched out his hand to press against the wall, but this invisible wall did not budge.

Other than this invisible wall, nothing in the room had changed.

This sealed space was similar to a shadow. Even if it was present, the people of the main world would not be able to sense it. It completely overlapped with the main world without conflict.

“(Basic Buddhist Fist Technique).” Song Shuhang slammed his fist at the invisible wall.

His punches were like meteors, with every punch carrying immense power.

Boom, boom, boom,

Ripples appeared in the space due to the punches.

Despite this, the invisible wall still did not budge.

Upon seeing this, Song Shuhang switched to using the more powerful (Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique), employing it along with the (Steel Hands Technique).

After this series of punches, similar to before, the space rippling was the only result, and nothing actually seemed to change.

Song Shuhang said, “It seems that I will have to use an even stronger fist technique.”

He retracted his fist, changed his posture, and got ready to use a stronger fist technique…

After a while.

Song Shuhang discovered a very serious matter: the (Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique) was the strongest fist technique that he knew.

Despite being a dignified Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor, someone a lot of newbies in the world of cultivation looked up to, the strongest fist technique that he knew was actually one of the Second Stage.

It was truly shameful.

Song Shuhang’s clone comforted himself, “Fortunately, the thing that I am best at isn’t fist techniques, but saber techniques.”

Subsequently, an order flashed through his mind.

21 Ancient Holy Apes appeared behind him, each holding a Scholarly Scripture, and wearing a serious expression on its face.

(Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique)+ (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) +(Steel Hands Technique).

Immediately afterward, the whale core got to work.

A drop of golden spiritual energy appeared on Song Shuhang’s fingers, becoming a treasured saber under the urging of his saber intent.

The invisible saber insect, Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades, and treasured saber Broken Tyrant were all in the Inner World, and could not be taken out at the moment. Therefore, he had to use his own spiritual energy to create a saber for himself to use.

Song Shuhang had mastered three great saber techniques.

The strongest was undoubtedly the “Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique” that had been taught to him by Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven. However, Song Shuhang had only comprehended a pitifully small part of this saber technique. Without the assistance of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, the power he would be able to bring out by using it would be nothing great.

The second was the (Inverted Scale Saber Technique), which consisted of the (Dragon Dance Style), (Dragon Scale Style), and (Inverted Scale Style). This was a set of extremely powerful saber techniques, though it was still incomplete. At this time, Song Shuhang had yet to complete it. But most importantly… it was a defensive saber technique, and it had no offensive power.

The third was the (Strong Gale Saber), also known as the ‘Strong Whale Saber’. This set of saber techniques was crazy, and even Song Shuhang himself was afraid of it. Of the 10 saber slashes that were sent out, each would be faster and more ferocious than the last. However, this was a saber technique practiced by those at the Third Stage.

“…” Song Shuhang.

If word of this went out, nobody would believe

The first Sage in 1,000 years Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was at the Fifth Stage Realm, and he was most proficient at saber techniques —but besides the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique, which he had barely even grasped, the strongest saber technique he knew was at the Third Stage.

As for the strongest fist technique he knew, it was merely at the Second Stage.

Besides this, the strongest movement technique he had, which was the upgraded version of the (Virtuous Man’s Ten Thousand Mile Walk), the (Celestial Sprint), was merely at the Second Stage as well.

On the contrary, when it came to his body-tempering techniques, each was of immense power. The (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) and (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) were both top-notch body-tempering techniques known throughout the entire universe. Even his (Steel Hands Technique) was a mutated version of the original technique.


Song Shuhang’s heart felt stifled. “My overemphasis on specific parts of my cultivation is something I have to take seriously. I have to learn some cool saber techniques when I have the chance.”

He wanted something similar to Senior Su Clan’s Seven’s “Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry Sea”, which was not only a cool move, but it even sounded cool.

Of course, he didn’t want to learn the “Heavenly Sword Buries the Starry Sea” itself, as it was something unique to the Spirit River Su Clan. Since he was not from the Su clan, he would be killed if he dared learn it.

He simply wanted to learn something like the cool, powerful, and violent… “Heaven Sword Buries the Starry Sea” sword technique.

“Take my saber!” Song Shuhang waved the treasured saber created with his spiritual energy, and used the (Strong Gale Saber) to send slashes towards the invisible wall of the sealed space. Each saber strike was faster and more ferocious than the previous one.

Coupled with the help of his three body-tempering techniques and the vast amount of spiritual energy from his four golden cores, the attack power of the Strong Gale Saber he performed was close to the Sixth Stage, or maybe even at the Sixth Stage.

Boom, boom, boom

Similar to before, the only thing that happened was ripples appearing in the space. The invisible wall did not budge.

After that, Song Shuhang controlled his clone again, and tried using the ‘Lightning Palm’, and also the (Heavenly Master’s TechniquesThunder Chapter)’s ‘Lightning Finger’.

However, it was of no use, either.

Whether it was fist techniques, saber techniques, or even magical techniques, none of them could do anything.

Song Shuhang’s clone said, “Perhaps it’s only spatial power that might be able to break it.” He had not given up yet, as everything he had been doing was for the sake of probing. After his tests failed, he simply turned around and went back to Island Master Tian Tiankong’s computer. “Now, I should already be inside the ‘sealed space’, right?” Song Shuhang said—but for some reason, he could not find Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul.

Is Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul not here?

Moreover, there was another problem.

Song Shuhang thought, How did Island Master Tian Tiankong die? Who had been able to kill him such that even his flesh, and most of his soul, was swept away?

After the sealed space opened, other than trapping him in the room, there hadn’t been anything lethal that came up.

So at that time, how did Island Master Tian Tiankong die?

“Could it be the third spatial node?” Song Shuhang’s heart thumped.

Could the existence that killed Island Master Tian Tiankong be lurking in the last spatial node?

Just as Song Shuhang thought this, the ‘sealed space’ began to shrink.

The ‘sealed space’ that enveloped the entire room began to shrink back into a ‘spatial node’.

Song Shuhang’s clone, the only ‘living creature’ in the room, was also drawn into the ‘sealed space’ node.

Song Shuhang’s clone was completely unable to resist this kind of pulling force.

People who hadn’t mastered the ‘power of space’ could not resist the power of space at all.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, If I had the Ancestral Witch’s Blessing with me, I might have been able to escape this spatial suction by using its instant teleportation function.

Sadly, it was on the hand of his main body, and there was no way of transferring it out from the Inner World at the moment.

In addition…

If Island Master Tian Tiankong also faced this kind of suction at that time, could his body and soul have both been drawn into this sealed spatial node?

While he was in thought, Song Shuhang’s clone suddenly felt a sharp pain.

His body seemed to have been thrown into a ‘crusher’, being crushed into powder.

The suction force of the sealed space engulfed the powder which was his body, and sent it into the spatial node.

Song Shuhang could almost figure out how Island Master Tian Tiankong might have died.


After the clone was crushed, the clone technique was released.

Inside the Inner World.

Song Shuhang, who was originally curled up like a shrimp, breathing with difficulty by the living spring, found his face turning even paler.

After the clone died, the sharp pain that the clone experienced and caused it to die was wholly ‘shared’ with the main body.

Song Shuhang was already on the verge of collapse from having to face the aftereffects of the secret appraisal technique.

After the pain of being crushed this time was transmitted back to him, it became the last straw that crushed the camel’s back.

“This is as painful as dying,” Song Shuhang screamed, his eyes rolled, and he passed out happily.

This was the first time Song Shuhang had passed out due to severe pain after his heart became as firm as steel.

For the current him, passing out was for the best.

While passed out, Song Shuhang’s body still continued to convulse due to the intense mental pain he was feeling.

Pavilion Master Chu raised her eyes and looked at Song Shuhang, speechless.

She was considering whether to wake him up.

But at this time, from within Song Shuhang’s body, a figure suddenly sat up. It was as if his soul left his body, sitting up.

Did he just sit up in shock while fatally ill?

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