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Chapter 1513 Different dimension

Every time I seek death, I make mental preparations, calculate the cost, and then decide on whether to go through with it!

Without any protection for his soul, there was absolutely no way he would willingly enter the ‘sealed space’. Moreover, his Resurrection Gold Coins had yet to cool down, so he could not afford to die at the moment.

As such, Song Shuhang’s soul lay back down in his “physical body” on the ground.

The separation of one’s soul from one’s body was a disaster-like experience for ordinary people. If they were not careful, their body could enter a vegetative state, and it would no longer be able to move.

However, for practitioners, especially Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperors, it was not that big a deal for their soul to be outside their body-for Golden Core practitioners, this was called soul departure.

After Song Shuhang reached the Fifth Stage, he had gained the qualifications to use this Fifth Stage talent, but he hadn’t gotten to try it out


Therefore, even if his soul was pulled out of his body by external forces, he simply needed to lie back down into his body. After doing so, there was practically nothing to worry about.

Song Shuhang’s soul lay down in his body. At this moment… he suddenly discovered that something followed his soul, and entered his body with him.

Is this some kind of possession? Song Shuhang’s heart thumped. Could it be that after his soul was drawn out of his body by the sealed space door, something had taken the opportunity to try to take over his body?

Something wants to possess my body?


His body was protected by Fairy @#%x—the materialization of his huge amounts of virtue

—and he also had four cores and the protection of his ghost spirit, as well as the Sage Seal and the Demon Seal.

In addition, he practiced the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha) and the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique). Even if it were a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, the other party would still have to weigh whether he could cope with such a huge amount of virtue and the threat of the two sage seals before trying to take possession of his body. Song Shuhang said, “Let me see just what it is that is trying to take my body from me.”

With a movement from his will, he quickly discovered what it was that entered his body.

To be precise, this ‘thing’ had not entered his body, but was attached to his ‘sun finger’.

At the same time, a thought was transmitted to his mind.

[Ah, I lost my connection to the Internet, why did I lose connection? I can’t send messages anymore. There’s no signal, no chat, no Internet… What am I supposed to do now? I’m simply like a salted fish.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

[I’m already like a salted fish, if I lose the Internet as well, I can’t even be considered a salted fish. A salted fish without Internet is like one who has lost their dreams and is worthless.)

“…” Song Shuhang. It’s you, boss salted fish!

No, I mean… it’s you, Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul!

It was unexpectedly Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul that had entered his body.

It appeared that, for some reason, Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul crawled out of the computer, and went into Song Shuhang’s virtuous finger.

(Eh? Am I back online?!] Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul said in surprise-he seemed to have sensed Song Shuhang’s consciousness. But after a while, he again wondered, (Strange, what happened to the chat interface?]

Song Shuhang responded, “No, you aren’t back online.”

Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul replied, [Not back online? Heavens, when can I get back online? I’m going crazy.) Song Shuhang answered, “If you continue to stay on my virtuous finger, you will never be able to connect to the Internet.”

(Never be able to connect to the Internet?!] Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul went silent. After some time, he seriously said, (Let me die!)

Senior Tian Tiankong’s Internet addiction was very serious… Maybe he needed some special therapy.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Tian Tiankong, go back. The sealed space spatial node has reverted to how it originally was, so you should be able to go online again after you go back.”

After saying that, he squatted down and put his virtuous finger beside the computer.

I wonder if the island master’s remnant soul can return inside the computer? All that’s left of him is a remnant soul, so would this going back and forth end up consuming it as well? Song Shuhang became a little worried.

Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul smoothly left Song Shuhang’s virtuous finger. The remnant soul turned into a fluffy spot of light, and moved toward the computer.

Song Shuhang secretly let out a breath of relief when he saw this.

He already had enough fairy maidens in his body, and he had no desire of adding Island Master Tian Tiankong to that list. Therefore, it would be great if the island master could return to the computer.

Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul drew closer to the computer.

However, after reaching it, he was bounced back.

“…” Song Shuhang. What happened?

Why was Island Master Tian Tiankong pushed away?

The fluffy spot of light did not give up, and continued to drill toward the computer.

However, as soon as he got close to the computer, he would be bounced back away.

Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul was rejected by his own protective formation.

For some reason, Song Shuhang’s heart throbbed a little.

He thought of his own Impregnable Holy City.

Afterward, he felt pity for the island master for suffering the same problem.

“Senior Tian Tiankong, I guess you can stay attached to my virtuous finger for now,” Song Shuhang said. Before Senior Tian Tiankong revives, I guess I can carry him with me.

It shouldn’t take that long anyway.

However, the fluffy spot of light did not seem to have any intention of coming back.

(What’s the point of being alive without access to the Internet?]

And so, Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul continued to charge towards the computer.

Song Shuhang sighed, and stretched out his hand to catch Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul.

I can’t let him continue. If I do, his remnant soul might end up getting destroyed. At that time, even the hope for a resurrection would be gone.

Song Shuhang gently caught Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul. At the same time, he accidentally touched the computer.

In that instant, a powerful ‘rebound force’ acted on Song Shuhang’s wrist.

“?” Song Shuhang.

This can’t be right. The computer that housed Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul can’t possibly have such power, right?

Moreover, the feeling that he felt when his wrist touched the computer… was like hitting an ‘invisible wall’.

A bad feeling rose in his heart.

Song Shuhang stretched out his finger, and poked the computer vigorously.


A layer of ripples emerged, and an invisible wall vaguely seemed to appear between him and the computer, preventing him from touching it.

The sealed space?! But hadn’t the enclosed space already receded? The channel between the Inner World and the ‘main world’ had also reconnected.

Song Shuhang raised his head, and used the Scholarly Sage’s eye to look at that spatial node.

There, he saw that the sealed space spatial node that transformed into a large door still existed.

Song Shuhang immediately tried to connect to his Inner World—the Inner World had not hidden away, and was still there.

“Then what’s wrong with me right now?” Song Shuhang frowned, and he reached out to grab his phone.


Before his finger could touch his phone, his hand seemed to have hit an invisible wall.

It wasn’t only the computer or phone, but the same went for everything inside Island Master Tian Tiankong’s room. Song Shuhang couldn’t touch anything.

It was as if Song Shuhang and these things were in two different dimensions.

The feeling of discomfort in Song Shuhang’s heart became heavier. “I couldn’t have been brought into the sealed space, could I?”

Perhaps he was already drawn into the sealed space at the moment when his soul and body separated… Even so, could the door in front of him then be a passage to leave the ‘sealed space’? Would he be able to leave if he went through it?

When he thought this, the door in front of him seemed to have become a lot more attractive.

“Over my dead body.” Song Shuhang chuckled.

He stretched out his hand and brought Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul with him as he returned to his Inner World.

As long as the Inner World was not hiding, it could be said to be all-powerful. It didn’t matter if the entrance and exit to the Inner World remained within the sealed space.

Song Shuhang’s Inner World was connected to Senior White Two’s world of the black lotus.

He could simply use the world of the black lotus as a springboard to first head to the Netherworld Realm, and then back to the main world from the Netherworld Realm.

I have a back door and I’m proud of it, do you think that you’d be able to corner me with just this?

After returning to the Inner World smoothly, Song Shuhang’s heart felt at ease for some time.

He first returned to the edge of the living spring

The living spring of the Inner World had a special recovery effect. It could even help Pavilion Master Chu’s body recover, so maybe it could also nourish Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul.

In the living spring, Pavilion Master Chu was in a daze.

She stared at the sky blankly, making others only able to question as to what she was thinking about.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Chu, I will be leaving Island Master Tian Tiankong’s remnant soul on the edge of the living spring first. Can you help me take care of him?”

Pavilion Master Chu didn’t respond. It was as if she couldn’t hear Song Shuhang’s voice at all.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Chu?”

He stretched out his hand and shook it before Senior Chu’s eyes.

However… Pavilion Master Chu didn’t respond at all, it was as if she really couldn’t see him.

Song Shuhang’s heart went cold.

That ‘sealed space’ couldn’t have also invaded his Inner World, right?

However, the Inner World was his domain; it was the work of the Third Wielder of the Will. If the sealed space had invaded this place, the Inner World should have reacted.

While in thought, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and brought his finger toward Pavilion Master Chu’s cheek.


Ripples appeared in the void, and Song Shuhang’s fingers failed to touch Pavilion Master Chu.

In the living spring, Pavilion Master Chu suddenly looked around.

She softly muttered to herself, “Strange, why do I feel like someone poked me just now?” Song Shuhang frowned, and he thought of another possibility.

Perhaps it was not the ‘Inner World’ that changed, and it was him instead.

His body might have been affected, and it seemed as if he was in another dimension from the main world and the Inner World.

If that was the case…

Song Shuhang reached out and touched Pavilion Master Chu’s head. Although it was separated by an invisible barrier, Song Shuhang’s hand did seem to be touching Pavilion Master Chu’s head.

I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time.

In the living spring, Pavilion Master Chu felt uncomfortable.

She kept changing her position, but no matter what she did, she kept on feeling like someone was touching her head.

No matter how she moved, she couldn’t avoid it.

“…” Pavilion Master Chu.

She puffed up her cheeks and sank to the bottom of the living spring.

Song Shuhang smiled and retracted his hands.

For now, I’ll go to Senior White Two. Although Senior White Two always said that he shouldn’t disturb him if there was nothing important, the situation right now was quite serious, and he felt that he needed to call him. Who knew, perhaps Senior White Two would even find his ‘sealed space’ state very interesting?

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