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Chapter 1440 The indestructible freak

“Senior White!” Song Shuhang said anxiously.

He suddenly remembered something-Senior White Two had painted nine dragon patterns on his life-bound whale core, and the ninth dragon pattern had the ability to reflect one’s ‘true self’.

As such, anyone who stared at his ninth dragon pattern would be able to see their true self.

However, when Senior White looked at his ninth dragon pattern, what he had seen was a portrait.

Could Senior White’s main body be a portrait that had developed intelligence? This seed of doubt was buried deep in Song Shuhang’s heart.

After all, in a world where stones, banknotes, and virtually anything could gain intelligence and start cultivating, it wouldn’t be impossible for a painting to have done so as well.

If the ‘time-reversal’ continued to affect Senior White, what would he turn into?

Would he really turn into a fetus? Or would he become a portrait?

When Song Shuhang’s voice fell, Senior White’s figure froze. The vortex behind him was still spinning, but his figure was stuck at the two-year-old ‘Little White’.

At the same time, an illusory galaxy appeared behind him.

The time-reversal vortex began to spin faster and faster, and the illusory galaxy behind Senior White became increasingly terrifying.

The galaxy had no end to it. It was unknown where exactly it came from, and it was also unknown where it was headed.

Although it was being described as a galaxy, if one looked closely, they would find that it wasn’t actually a galaxy. It was something that could not be described in words. It contained virtue and fortune, and it looked like a river of fate and time.

Song Shuhang subconsciously asked, “What is that?”

“What the hell is that?” The liquid metal ball asked the same question. It had clearly used the time-reversal ability on a single person, and thus it was reasonable that with its authority as the ruler of the Netherworld, the consumption it would have to experience would be very small. But now, the evil energy of the Netherworld within its body was gushing out like crazy.

Have I reversed something terrifying? The liquid metal ball immediately stopped using the time-reversal.

Eh? Even the ruler of the Netherworld doesn’t know what that thing is? Song Shuhang was puzzled.

The two-year-old Little White remained motionless with his head lowered. A white shirt hung loosely on his body. This happened because the liquid metal ball had only used the time-reversal on Senior White’s body, and had not targeted any of the things that were on his person.

Song Shuhang’s first thought was to take out his phone and take some pictures. However, this was just a random thought that flashed by. He was currently facing the liquid metal ball, and he wasn’t even certain that he could keep his life, so how could he possibly still have the time to take pictures? He wasn’t Fairy Cheng Lin who had even recorded her death.

While he was in thought, a ripple appeared in the river of fate and time behind Senior White. In the next moment, a huge hand made out of smoke stretched out from the long river.

The liquid metal ball’s gaze became serious. This huge hand made it feel a sense of crisis, something that it had not felt in a long time. Excluding the other ruler of the Netherworld, White, this was the first thing that made it feel this way ever since it was born.

Song Shuhang felt his body become heavy, and each of his cells was sending him signals of distress.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “Fat ball, it seems you went too far.”

The liquid metal ball said, “I can kill you without problems even if things go south. I merely need a toe to do so.”

I really should stop provoking it!

After the huge hand stretched out, it gently enveloped Senior White and protected him. At the same time, under the suppression of the huge hand, the vortex affecting Senior White was swallowed into the river behind him.

Senior White seemed to be safe, and the time-reversal had come to a stop.

However, there was a new problem… Song Shuhang found himself just outside the range of the hand of smoke.

He suddenly got a bad feeling.

“Regardless of what this damned thing is, I will deal with you first.” The liquid metal ball looked at Song Shuhang. “(Evil smile).” Song Shuhang said, “Would you believe me if I said that I’m only a clone?”

There were many treasures on his body, but none of them had any use against the liquid metal ball.

Other than Senior White beside him… he could only hope that Senior White Two could sense the abnormalities here, and come over to the lair of the liquid metal ball.

But this time, the liquid metal ball did not bother talking any nonsense with Song Shuhang

Previously, when it wasted some time to talk nonsense, Song Shuhang took advantage of a giant turtle of disaster to escape.

What if he managed to make a miracle happen


In the meantime, the fat ball-possessed Skylark retreated and escaped the area. Skylark’s old body and the bone of eternity within it were simply too important for the liquid metal ball to lose. Immediately afterward, the liquid metal ball faced Song Shuhang, and snorted, “Come!” Song Shuhang lost control of his body, and was pulled over to where the liquid metal ball was.

At this moment, the hand of smoke that was protecting Senior White suddenly stretched out a finger and aimed it at Song Shuhang, trying to grab him. The hand of smoke brushed along Song Shuhang’s back, and the sound of metal and iron clashing rang out. Sparks flew everywhere. The finger was a step too late, and Song Shuhang was ultimately still brought in front of the liquid metal ball.

A pair of big metal hands emerged from the metal ball’s body and grabbed Song Shuhang. Then, it opened a spatial gate and jumped into it.

Before closing the spatial gate, the liquid metal ball faced Senior White, who was enveloped by the hand of smoke, and solemnly said, “Die!”

As soon as the word “die” was uttered, the power of the entire Netherworld Realm was mobilized, turning into a huge curse that descended on Senior White’s body.

The ruler of the Netherworld had used its authority to cast a deadly curse on a living being. This was a curse that even the liquid metal ball could only cast once per year.

Immediately afterward, it closed the spatial gate, not bothering to see what would happen next, and appeared on another continent of the Netherworld Realm along with Song Shuhang.

“I’m not going to waste any more time. Let me see your memories.” The liquid metal ball decided to forcefully read Song Shuhang’s memory.

It had not intended to use this method at first, because when memories were forcibly read, what one would acquire tended to be messy. This could cause the loss of some memories, which would be a problem as it needed complete and accurate information regarding the part that it had lost to the Scholarly Sage.

But now, it had no other choice.

After reading the memories, I’ll just have to organize them myself.

A tube stretched out from the liquid metal ball’s body and pierced Song Shuhang’s forehead.

Strangely, Song Shuhang did not resist.

He remained in a frozen posture, confused, letting the needle pierce his head.


The needle pierced Song Shuhang’s head and made a strange sound.

The liquid metal ball frowned slightly, and its metal hands vigorously hurled Song Shuhang away.

Song Shuhang’s body was sent flying and fell to the ground.


Song Shuhang’s body shattered, and turned into a cloud of smoke.

It was the same smoke that formed the hand that had emerged from the river of fate and time behind Senior White.

Many things fell from Song Shuhang’s body.

These ‘things’ consisted of his clothes, wallet, phone, spatial bracelet, size-reducing purse, the Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush, and a whale monster core that was still beating.

After all of these things fell to the ground, a Song Shuhang made of smoke rose in the air.

Is this happening because that huge hand of smoke touched him just now? the liquid metal ball speculated.

“Wuuu~” A strange cry came from Song Shuhang’s mouth as he charged at the liquid metal ball. “Although you’re made from the same kind of smoke, your power is far from that of that huge hand,” the liquid metal ball said coldly as it swung its steel hands at Song Shuhang’s body.

“Bang-” Song Shuhang was slapped into pieces.

But in the next moment, the smoky Song Shuhang reformed behind the liquid metal ball. He stretched out his fingers, and madly grabbed at the body of the liquid metal ball.

Flames exploded, but he couldn’t even tickle the liquid metal ball with his attack power.

Unfortunately, the smoky Song Shuhang seemed to have lost his mind, and he kept attacking the liquid metal ball just like a beast. The liquid metal ball was annoyed, and made countless spikes extend from its body.

Song Shuhang was pierced by the spikes and turned into smoke again, fleeing to the side. “Swallow!” A large horn formed on the liquid metal ball’s body, sucking wildly at Song Shuhang

The smoky Song Shuhang could not resist the suction power, and ended up getting sucked into the horn.

The liquid metal ball smacked its lips. “What is up with this bitter taste?”

While it was speaking, smoke burst out from the horn that it had just formed, recondensing into Song Shuhang.

Despite the strength that the liquid metal ball had, it was unable to digest the smoke.

A huge amount of evil energy of the Netherworld condensed all around, shooting towards Song Shuhang.

At the same time, the liquid metal ball made a hand seal with both of its hands. “Seal!”

The liquid metal ball was very proficient in sealing techniques, and it had even used them on White Two with success. Unfortunately, after White Two was sealed inside the world of the black lotus, he managed to take control of the place and transfer the ownership to himself.

The liquid metal ball’s plots succeeded, but it lost one of its most valuable assets in return. It was the worst loss that it had suffered since its conception.

Anyway, the evil energy of the Netherworld condensed into icicles, sealing the smoky Song Shuhang inside. At this moment, the freakish Song Shuhang was finally unable to move.

“What is this smoke made of? Appraise!” The liquid metal ball stretched out its hand and pressed it on the icicles, using its authority as the ruler of the Netherworld to analyze the freakish Song Shuhang.

Soon, information about the composition of the smoke appeared in the liquid metal ball’s mind.

In a sense, this smoke was ‘indestructible’. It could transform into infinitely small particles in an instant and avoid all physical damage. It would also constantly swallow the energy around it to reproduce.

These attributes made it look like a weaker version of the power of ‘eternity’.

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