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Chapter 1441 White picks up an old lair

The liquid metal ball murmured, “Did someone create this while researching the concept of ‘eternity’?”

As it was also studying the bone of eternity, although it hadn’t been that long, it was able to make some progress and produce something similar, just that it was a lot weaker than this smoke.

The question was, wasn’t Song Shuhang merely ‘touched? Why did he also become a smoke monster?

Could it be that the ‘indestructible’ smoke was contagious? Was it that when ordinary creatures were touched by the smoke, they’d acquire a body of smoke, losing their minds in exchange?

Perhaps I should study this thing next, the liquid metal ball thought to itself.

A pair of hands emerged from its body, grabbing the icicle that sealed Song Shuhang.

The liquid metal ball said, “With this indestructible smoke, my research of the bone of eternity will definitely make great progress.”

However, with him having lost his rationality, will I still be able to dig out his memories? If I can, that would be great.

However, when it grabbed the icicle, it suddenly found that the seal on the icicle was being eaten away.

The smoky Song Shuhang swallowed all of the energy that could be swallowed. The ice made of the evil energy of the Netherworld, as well as the seal which had come to be through the liquid metal ball’s energy, were completely swallowed, strengthening Song Shuhang.

The liquid metal ball said, “Damn it.”

In just a few breaths, a small hole had been eaten out of the icicle.

Afterward, the smoky Song Shuhang flew out through this small hole, recondensed in the air, and then jumped up

How annoying!

“The one who was able to produce this thing was definitely at the same level as me, or maybe even above me. In other words, this should be the product of someone who was at least a ruler of the Netherworld or a Wielder of the Will.” The liquid metal ball stared at the Song Shuhang, who was in the air.

Recently, with the advent of the great tide of spiritual energy, a new era was about to begin. As such, various products of the previous Wielders of the Will and rulers of the Netherworld were emerging.

For example, that annoying big-eyed planet, the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, or that turtle that had suddenly swallowed and taken Tyrannical Song away… and there was also the world of the golden lotus and the world of the black lotus.

All of these products were in one way or the other related to the concept of ‘eternity’, making them all troublesome to deal with.

From what I can recall, there weren’t many of these things emerging during the previous spiritual energy tide. Could there be something special about the one coming this time? the liquid metal ball pondered.

“Wuuu.” In the sky, the smoky Song Shuhang let out a strange sound once again, and then charged at the liquid metal ball without any fear of dying

A metal sword condensed on the liquid metal ball’s body. At the same time, its body took on a human form made out of black iron.

The liquid metal ball solemnly said, “In the Netherworld Realm, there is nothing that I cannot cut through.”

This sentence carried the Netherworld’s will.

As it said that, the liquid metal ball swung its sword. Sword light came bearing down, and Song Shuhang was cut in half.

Moreover, this cut remained in place, and it appeared to be unhealable.

This was a sword slash that carried the Netherworld Realm’s will—whatever the sword cut through would die. Even if the smoke possessed some of the attributes of ‘eternity’, it would be unable to survive a cut like this.


The two halves of Song Shuhang turned into smoke again.

After that, two balls of smoke fell to the ground. These two portions were the part that had been cut by the sword and were now unable to fuse together.

The rest of the smoke gathered into a ball, and then turned into Song Shuhang once more. Strange sounds came from his mouth as his eyes locked onto the liquid metal ball, ready to continue.

“Do you really think that I’m unable to deal with you?” The liquid metal ball felt that its dignity was being challenged. As a ruler of the Netherworld, it was actually taking such a long time to deal with this ‘pseudo-eternal’ product with trash-tier strength.

If White were to know of this, he would definitely laugh out loud.

The liquid metal ball thought, I should just seal this thing in a space without any energy, and then bring it back with me for research.

At this moment, Song Shuhang suddenly paused… He had twisted too forcefully, causing his waist to take on a weird shape.

Because of his waist having been cut by the liquid metal ball just now, the unhealable part was discarded. As such, a gap had appeared at the smoky Song Shuhang’s waist.

This gap was slowly healing, but when Song Shuhang twisted too much, he ended up in a strange posture because of this gap. The smoky Song Shuhang paused for a moment, then suddenly turned his head and flew into the pile of clothes, phone, and magical treasures that he had dropped a while back.

Under the doubtful gaze of the liquid metal ball, Song Shuhang opened his mouth and swallowed the giant whale monster core.

After he swallowed it, it turned into a ball of mirage energy.

This mirage energy and Song Shuhang’s smoke were two completely different types of energy. The mirage energy was colorful, while the smokey Song Shuhang was pitch-black.

The mirage energy from the swallowed monster core moved to Song Shuhang’s waist, and applied colorful patches to the gap.

And so, the pitch-black smoky Song Shuhang now had a colorful band of light at his waist. If someone who didn’t know better was here, they might think that there was a treasure hidden in Song Shuhang’s waist. After applying the patch to his waist, the smoky Song Shuhang suddenly seemed to have calmed down.

He seemed to have regained his reasoning.

He began to put on his clothes, then picked up his magical treasures, his phone, wallet, and other things, and tidied himself.

Then, he sat right where he was, and rested his cheek on one of his hands, as if he was lost in thought.

The liquid metal ball said, “Have you regained your consciousness?”

Song Shuhang said, “Mister Fat Ball, I’ve finally calmed down. However, there’s still a bit of a problem with my memory. I’ve recovered most of it, but there’s still a lot that I can’t recall.”

The liquid metal ball asked, “And the parts related to the scholarly faction?”.

Song Shuhang pointed to his head, and said, “It just so happens that that belongs to the part I can’t remember.”

“It’s fine. You’ve got a lot of time to remember things.” The liquid metal ball took out a bottle from its body, and said, “Now, you simply need to be a good boy and stay inside my bottle. After a few days, you should be able to remember everything you knew about the Scholarly Sage.”

“Well, I’d rather not.” Song Shuhang laughed.

Behind him, a spatial gate opened.

A mini Senior White wearing a small daoist robe stepped out of the spatial gate. His clothes had always been the kind of daoist robes that could transform with but a thought, changing into any size that one deemed fit.

The spatial gate closed.

Behind Senior White, the long river of fate and time was floating high up.

At this time, that hand made of smoke was holding Senior White’s body. Song Shuhang suddenly became sober, but this wasn’t because of eating the monster core but because Senior White had woken up, which woke him up as well.

The liquid metal ball exclaimed, “How is this possible?!”

The deadly curse that made use of the power of the Netherworld, the one that it could only cast once a year, had failed to kill the other party?

Did he use some cheats or something?

Moreover, the liquid metal ball felt that this mini White from the main world had a similar temperament to that annoying White from the Netherworld. Although one was big while the other was small, the feeling they gave it was pretty similar.

“Are you alright?” Senior White asked in a childish voice.

Song Shuhang patted his colorful waist, and replied, “I’m fine, completely fine. It’s just that my waist has been partially cut, but I’ve already patched it up.’

Senior White nodded.

He then turned his head, and said to the liquid metal ball, “Receive this one attack from me.” The liquid metal ball asked, “Who are you?”

Senior White didn’t reply… In fact, he didn’t have the extra energy to spare to reply.

He currently only had enough energy to perform one attack.

From the river of fate and time, a hand of smoke condensed and stretched out.

The hand of smoke compressed wildly, becoming material, and turning into a slender palm.

This palm flew toward the liquid metal ball.

The sense of crisis that the liquid metal ball had been feeling suddenly spiked at this moment.

Hundreds of different attacks suddenly erupted from its body.

Spikes that were specialized in breaking any kind of defense, sword qi that could cut stars, light beams that could cut straight through planets, a Netherworld vortex that could extinguish stars, a slash that carried the will of the Netherworld, the curse of weakening that would render Immortals useless…

The liquid metal ball attacked with all its power.

All the attacks carried with it the Netherworld’s will and energy.

Even during its fights with the Netherworld White, it had never gone all out like this.

However, all of its attacks were useless in the face of that slender palm.

All of the techniques were dissolved. Nothing could hurt it.

Sword qi, magical techniques, and curses all hit the palm at the same time, but not even a small wound appeared. The liquid metal ball gritted its teeth, and said, “The power of eternity!”

Other than the power of eternity, it couldn’t think of anything else to describe this thing.

What happened when I reversed time? Did I reverse a Wielder of the Heaven’s Will? “Bang!”

The palm lightly hit the liquid metal ball.

Despite this being ‘light,’ the fat ball was sent flying A deep palm print appeared on its body, almost piercing through its body.

The fat ball kept flying backward, and it couldn’t stop at all.

“No, it’s something that’s still slightly weaker than the ‘eternity’ of Wielders of the Will.” The liquid metal ball compared the power of the palm just now with the bone of eternity that was in Skylark’s old body.

Although it also possessed an indestructible nature and the ability to destroy everything, it sensed that the power in that white palm just now was still slightly weaker than the power held by the bone of eternity. That smoke!

After that strange smoke had condensed to an extremely high degree, it had transformed into that palm.

Could it be that the white hand just now was also a creation of a Wielder of the Will?! And it’s a product that is extremely close to attaining ‘eternity’! The liquid metal ball became excited.

After finally coming to a stop, it opened a spatial gate, and returned to where it had originally been.

But at this time, Song Shuhang and Senior White had both disappeared. The liquid metal ball scanned around it, and finally found two motionless clouds of smoke on the ground. It was the remains of the gap in Song Shuhang’s waist that it had cut out!

In the old lair of the liquid metal ball.

Huge areas of land had been wrecked here.

Senior White Two’s figure slowly emerged, sniffing around.

“I can sense remnants of Song Shuhang’s aura, and the aura of that human White from the main world. And there are also remnants of that fat ball’s aura. Hehehehe.” Senior White Two placed his hand on the ground. Since the fat ball isn’t here, I’ll be taking this away with me.

He quickly teleported the entire area elsewhere.

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