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Chapter 1439 Time, reverse!

Senior White landed, and said with a distressed face, “I just went to get my delivery, has the Immortal Feast already ended?”.

Song Shuhang lamented, “Senior White, you took too long to pick up your delivery!”

“It’s because there was a problem with the space shuttle they sent over, and it had to be returned. The process of picking it up, inspecting it, and finally sending it back to me took some time. Moreover, didn’t I leave my clone behind in case something happened?” Senior White said. “What happened while I was receiving my delivery?”

“Main body, let me share my memories with you,” Senior White’s clone replied while holding Meteor Umbrella.

After a while.

Senior White and his clone’s memories completely merged.

“It’s this kind of super troublesome enemy again.” Senior White rubbed his temples, and seriously said to Song Shuhang, “Shuhang, let me check your constitution. Every time I leave you for a short while, huge trouble immediately comes looking for you. You must have a constitution that attracts calamities!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White, I feel like the reason these huge calamities come is related to you leaving instead!

Wait… why does it feel like we just said the same thing?

Can I even fight back? This really makes me feel despondent.

“However, there wasn’t that much of a danger this time. I even profited quite a bit.” After Song Shuhang said that, he took off Senior White Two’s outer robe.

The time limit of the ‘exoskeleton armor’ had been reached, but Senior White Two’s outer robe didn’t disappear.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Next time, I should ask Senior White Two for another ‘exoskeleton armor’. It’s really easy to use and can absolutely be considered a life-saving trump card.

In a while, he should see if he could get some help in coming up with new jokes.

He planned on becoming better at making jokes so that he could exchange for limitless wealth using limitless jokes with Senior White Two.

After taking off the robe, Song Shuhang gently folded it up “What is that?” Senior White approached and saw that there was an extremely high concentration of evil energy of the Netherworld inside the robe that was in Shuhang’s hand.

Song Shuhang used secret sound transmission, and said, [With this thing, my Inner World can expand a good deal.)

Then, he moved the robe, as well as the highly concentrated ball of evil energy of the Netherworld, somewhere inside the Inner World. Next, a lotus projection appeared, and its roots plunged into the evil energy, starting to absorb it.

The evil energy that came directly from the lair of the ruler of the Netherworld was thousands of times richer than ordinary evil energy; it was a huge profit.

He had truly benefited this time.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, can you look for a safe place we can transfer everyone out to?”

“No problem.” Senior White nodded. Song Shuhang took a deep breath, and the spiritual energy in his body was drained very quickly. When the spiritual energy of his second golden core was completely depleted, Song Shuhang Two appeared once again. Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, you can take my clone to a safe place, and I can transfer everyone there.”

Through consuming a great amount of spiritual energy, his clone could be revived.

However, it would consume an amount of spiritual energy equivalent to a single golden core’s worth… If he didn’t have a second golden core, he really wouldn’t be able to do this casually.

Senior White said, (Create an opening in your Inner World again. I’ll use a ‘small black room-breaking disposable flying sword version 001’ to leave.]

After a while, Song Shuhang created a small opening in his Inner World.

Senior White took Song Shuhang’s clone, brought out a ‘small black room-breaking disposable flying sword’, and used the giant turtle of disaster’s Space-Time Traversal talent to leave the Inner World.

Just as Senior White’s main body left the Inner World, the space where Song Shuhang’s main body was suddenly twisted.

“Eh?” Song Shuhang was stunned. The space behind him had turned into a vortex, and he was being sucked into it.

Senior White’s clone hurriedly said, “Quickly close your Inner World!”

At the same time, he stepped over to Song Shuhang’s side, stretched out his hand, and displayed his spatial innate skill to stabilize Song Shuhang’s figure.

However, the vortex that had engulfed Song Shuhang’s main body did not seem to involve the power of space, so Senior White’s clone’s innate skill had no effect on it.

“Main body!” Senior White’s clone called out.

Senior White’s main body that had left the Inner World quickly came back, then came to Song Shuhang’s side, and reached out to grab him.

“Senior White, I seem to be being made into noodles,” Song Shuhang said—could this be the fat ball’s doing?

While saying that, Song Shuhang’s figure disappeared.

Senior White’s clone said, “It’s isn’t a spatial ability.”

Senior White stretched out his hand, and headed toward the vortex that was gradually disappearing. “I’m going to follow after him. You stay here and protect everyone.”

Senior White’s clone said, “Main body, this is too dangerous!” Soft Feather and Su Clan’s Sixteen had exited the Palace of Winter, and after seeing the vortex, Soft Feather cried out, “Senior White, be careful! This is the power of time!”

“The power of time?” Senior White’s eyes lit up, and his hands plunged into the vortexthis new power had aroused his curiosity.

But his hand, which had penetrated the ‘vortex’, was not sucked in.

Senior White frowned.

He kept his hand in the ‘vortex’, and analyzed this power in detail.

“Analyze, understand how the spiritual energy is being used, then simulate and reproduce.”

Soft Feather looked at Senior White with worry. The power of time was 100 times more dangerous than the power of space. It was the most dangerous power of all.

Every time it was used, one would have to pay a steep price.

Senior White rashly making contact with the power of time was simply too dangerous.

Senior White said, “It should be fine now.” Then, his figure merged into the vortex and disappeared.

Soft Feather was speechless and looked up at the sky.

After a while, she hammered her left palm with her right fist. “Right, although this goes against the principles of cultivation, it is very Senior White like.”

Behind Su Clan’s Sixteen, the White Dragon blinked. “Sixteen, this Senior White of yours… is very problematic.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen responded, “Mm-hm.”

Inside the Netherworld Realm, at the lair of the liquid metal ball.

Song Shuhang reappeared right where he disappeared, and his long blue hair had returned, fluttering with the wind. Song Shuhang smiled dryly. “Yo, fat ball, we meet again.”

This time, it really was the end.

He definitely wouldn’t be able to use the same trick twice. It was impossible to borrow the power of the giant turtle of disaster to escape one more time.

The liquid metal ball said, “You won’t be leaving this place alive this time (cold smile].”

“Then, I won’t leave. How about that?” Song Shuhang replied-perhaps it was because he had spent a lot of time with another ruler of the Netherworld, Senior White Two, that despite being faced with the liquid metal ball, he actually didn’t feel that pressured.

Although he knew that the other party merely needed to wave their finger to end him, he didn’t feel that much pressure. The people who sought death… Why was it that they sought death in the first place? Was it because their way of thinking was different from the rest of society? No, that wasn’t it; it was because of their powerful psychological qualities.

Even when they were faced with an existence much more powerful than they were, they didn’t feel much psychological pressure. They wouldn’t be afraid, and their will wouldn’t bend. They would simply take on whatever might come from their death-seeking actions.

The liquid metal ball said, “You’ll still die.”

At this time, an entire tentacle’s worth of body was missing from the liquid metal ball. This was the price that it had paid in order to reverse time. By reversing the time on a small scale and shifting space, it had managed to bring Song Shuhang back to its lair.

This was the effect of combining time and space.

At the same time, after it willed it, the blue hair on Song Shuhang’s head fell off by itself…

The long blue hair then rolled to one side.

If the giant turtle of disaster reappeared, the liquid metal ball didn’t mind capturing it and studying its weird space-traversing ability. The liquid metal ball coldly said, “This time, no one can save you.”

While it said that, a vortex appeared behind Song Shuhang

After a while, a man wearing a white shirt and black trousers jumped out of it.

“It really is an interesting power and a completely new domain. The laws, knowledge, and principles within it are enough for me to research for several years,” the long-haired man said in satisfaction.

“Senior White… How did you get here?” Song Shuhang’s eyes widened.

With some regret, Senior White said, “I smuggled myself over using the vortex that brought you here. It’s a pity that I’m unable to simulate this kind of power for the time being. I still haven’t learned it.”

After saying that, he paused slightly and turned his head to look at the black liquid metal ball and the possessed Skylark.

Senior White said, “Sure enough, it’s a super troublesome enemy.” Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “Yes. I’m sorry, Senior White.”

Strange. With Senior White’s luck, he should have automatically avoided such big trouble, right? Why did he get involved in this incident?

“It’s alright. After all, I chose to come here myself.” The smile on Senior White’s face slightly receded. A number of magical treasures floated around him while emitting faint lights, adjusting the strength of his body to its best state.

In fact, when he came in contact with the temporal vortex, Senior White’s intuition told him that he should avoid it. However, out of curiosity for the power of time, he chose to go through.

Life couldn’t be smooth sailing forever; adventures and excitement were a vital part of life.

“Each and every one of the guys called White truly disgusts me. Time, reserve!” The liquid metal ball stretched out one of its tentacles and tapped at where Senior White was.

Previously, Song Shuhang had escaped from the Netherworld Realm, so the liquid metal ball had to pay a rather steep price to use its temporal and spatial abilities. However, Song Shuhang and this cultivator named ‘White’ were currently both in its lair in the Netherworld.

With its authority as a ruler of the Netherworld, and the path of time being used on a single person, the consumption this time was extremely small.

The liquid metal ball said, “Directly turn into a fetus.”

Behind Senior White, that temporal vortex started to spin faster.

Senior White became younger.

His appearance changed by the second.

After two or three breaths, the ‘Little White’ from the illusory reality had appeared before Song Shuhang

And this Little White was still getting younger.

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