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Chapter 1436 Putting on Senior White Two’s coat

If Senior White Two were to also appear at this time, then the three forces that were involved in the previous incident would gather once more. If so, all of them might end up getting sent into the Wielder’s small black room again.

A fire on the city gate brought disaster to the fish in the moat.

If two existences that were truly standing at the peak of the universe were to make a move, even if they didn’t mean to, their surroundings would definitely be subject to the disaster which was their power.

The shock waves from the violent cold holy light and the evil energy of the Netherworld colliding spread further and further. The evil energy of the Netherworld brought about an illusion of destruction with mountains of corpses and seas of blood… While the cold holy light was filled with a feeling of oblivion.

The eyes of most Fifth Stage practitioners in the surroundings turned red as splitting pain filled their senses. Unstable tremors came from their golden cores, seemingly desiring to break out of the practitioners’ bodies.

Fights between peak existences and casual movements from them contained the supreme principles and power of the Great Way. Therefore, for practitioners with insufficient strength, their eyes would be unable to withstand such power and could even explode.

With Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors being unable to bear it, it was even more so the case for the genius disciples that had been brought to the Immortal Feast. All of the disciples at the Fourth Stage and below immediately fell unconscious when the fat ball-possessed Skylark and the burning holy light pillar exchanged moves.

The power of one’s will had no bearing here, as this was a form of crushing pressure brought about by the other party’s realm.

However, if there were weak-willed geniuses among the crowd, the terrifying evil energy of the Netherworld and the cold holy light would become their inner demons in the future and plague them for a period of time. The mountains of corpses and seas of blood, as well as the end of all things from the cold holy light, would become a deeply engraved nightmare in their minds.

The practitioners who were at and above the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm fared slightly better, but they were still hard-pressed, having to resist with all their might.

In the end, it was Eighth Stage Profound Sages and Seventh Stage Venerables who had to take action and prop up defenses in order to protect the other guests of the Immortal Feast.

“[Smiling proudly), Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, in the end, you are still mine.” The fat ball-possessed Skylark walked towards Song Shuhang and reached out to grab him. “You can’t run away from me.”

“Although you possessed Senior Skylark’s beautiful figure, your main body is still a fat ball. Therefore, you won’t be able to get to my heart.” Song Shuhang, who was stuck in between the Inner World and the main world, didn’t seem scared.

At this moment, he was like a powerful man who could face even death.

“I only want your body.” The fat ball-possessed Skylark grabbed Song Shuhang and forcefully pulled him over to her.

After Song Shuhang was dragged over, the Inner World quickly closed. The possessed Skylark grabbed Song Shuhang’s arm, and said in a robotic voice, “Tell me everything you know about the Scholarly Sage. Where is that part of mine that I lost.”

“Aaaah-” At this time, Song Shuhang suddenly started screaming.

The screams were deafening, and their volume was clearly amplified.

Immediately after, his body spun quickly.

His arm was being held by the possessed Skylark, but this didn’t stop him from doing a 360-degree spin.

His body moved, but his arm did not. As a result, his arm became completely twisted.

After completing the spin, Song Shuhang’s body landed upright, and his arm was stretched like noodles.

Then, he tilted his head and died.

He really did appear dead. There wasn’t any aura coming from his body, nor was there any vitality.

The fat ball-possessed Skylark became inexplicably angry.

On the ground, the dead ‘Song Shuhang’ suddenly opened an eye, and looked at the possessed Skylark.

“Die!” Skylark raised her foot and stomped on Song Shuhang’s body. “Bam”

The entire secret realm that the Southern Eternal Sword Sect had provided shook violently.

Song Shuhang’s body was turned into mush, and it dissipated into countless specks of light of virtue.

It was the virtuous lamia.

This new death-faking technique was the newest fruit of her research, and it was called the “Playing Dead with a 360-Degree Spin and Amplified Screaming”.

This new technique was completely impossible for Fairy Creation to copy. It was a new trump card that the virtuous lamia had come up with in order to surpass the other party. As soon as Song Shuhang’s body had become stuck, the virtuous lamia had immediately flown over and enveloped Song Shuhang, acting as a shell.

The real Song Shuhang had already returned to the Inner World.

“You fat ball, you allowed him to escape.” After the flaming pillar of cold holy light was slashed apart, all of the energy was fed to the eye, and the eye became a projection of the big-eyed planet.

“Who are you calling a fat ball? Die!” The possessed Skylark became enraged, and turned around to attack the projection of the big-eyed planet.

The big-eyed planet did not show any signs of weakness, and rays of light shot out of its eye one after the other, condensing into a net to catch the possessed Skylark. Skylark broke the net apart with one kick. Then, she moved onward to the projection of the big-eyed planet.

The two engaged in battle.

As the battle between the two escalated, the entire secret realm of the Southern Sword Sect headed towards collapse.

Above, the hand of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will slowly moved downward.

The movements of the fat ball-possessed Skylark and the big-eyed planet stopped for a moment, and they began to consciously control the amount of power they used while fighting. With this, the descent of the hand also came to a stop. At this time, the big-eyed planet solemnly said, “I’ll let you off this time. But the next time, I’ll definitely destroy you.”

Having said its part, it got ready to escape. When it fought with others, its biggest disadvantage was that its body was too large, and it was inconvenient for it to teleport over. However, once its body was summoned over, it would gain a huge advantage.

Now, faced with the obstruction of the fat ball-possessed Skylark, together with the deterrence of the hand of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, it was simply wasting its time. Dragging things on further wouldn’t bring it any benefit.

More importantly… When it had been locked inside the small black room, its Church of the End almost collapsed. As such, it had to hurry back and deal with that matter first.

Next, the eye that had condensed through the pillar of cold holy light suddenly exploded.

Before leaving, it naturally wanted to leave behind some dazzling fireworks for the possessed Skylark.

The fat ball snorted coldly, and the evil energy of the Netherworld spread out from its body, forming a small black hole beside it. Once the energy from the explosion of the cold holy light approached Skylark’s body, it was instantly consumed by the black hole.

The possessed Skylark was completely fine, but the guests of the Immortal Feast were once again affected.

The explosive power of the cold holy light began to spread.

The defenses that the Profound Sages and the Venerables had set up in a hurry began to falter, looking like they could collapse at any moment.

“I’m back.” At this time, fluctuations of spatial energy emerged.

Senior White’s clone had returned to the Immortal Feast.

He had sent Immortal Fairy Biexue away and returned as quickly as he could.

As soon as he returned, he was hit by the impact from the explosion of the holy light. “Meteor Sword!” Senior White’s clone shouted, and Meteor Sword crossed space to appear right in front of him.

Senior White’s clone grabbed the sword and held it firmly.

Guardrail Scabbard-Umbrella Form.

The umbrellshaped Meteor Sword was turned into a powerful shield with the power of Senior White’s clone.

“Absolute Defense-Iron Fortress!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon also took a step forward, standing right beside Senior White’s clone and unfolding his strongest defense.

The explosion of the holy light in front of him was so powerful that it made people tremble. However, it was exactly this kind of attack that he found worth defending against.

Before his rematch with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song on October 10th, he could use this holy light explosion to test his new path of defense. Hmm? Why am I going to have a rematch with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song on the 10th?

When did I make an appointment with him?

“White.” When the possessed Skylark saw Senior White’s clone, her pupils shrank.

But soon, she found that the White she knew was different from the one right before her.

This wasn’t White, but a human practitioner of the main world that looked just like White.

The possessed Skylark said, “Since you have the same appearance, I’m going to kill you.”

She stretched out her hand and waved it. Hundreds of icicles appeared in the air. These icicles were pitch-black as they had been entwined with evil energy of the Netherworld.

She didn’t want to use these icicles to attack. They were simply being used to stabilize the connection between the Netherworld and the main world.

The possessed Skylark floated upward.

She was getting closer and closer to hitting the bottom line of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

But as long as the energy was well controlled, and only the secret realm below was eliminated, the bottom line would not be crossed.

Senior White’s clone and the several Profound Sages became uneasy as they looked up at the fat ball.

At this time, everyone’s power had already reached its limits from having to resist the holy light explosion. If the fat ball were to attack as well…

“Feel the pain. Only when you experience pain can you understand its true beauty. Understand the pain, and become a demon for me.” The fat ball stretched out its hand and raised it. “Falling Sky!”

In the next moment, the sky literally collapsed.

In a secret realm, the ‘sky’ was usually the ceiling

Once the ceiling of a secret realm began to collapse, the entire secret realm would follow suit.

After collapsing, a secret realm would become a hellscape and turn into a stretch of chaotic space. Without having mastered spatial abilities, no matter who or what it was, they would be ripped to pieces once they entered a chaotic space. The hearts of the practitioners of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect bled profusely.

“It’s over.” Senior White’s clone sighed… He himself possessed spatial abilities, so he could instantly make an escape before the secret realm collapsed, but there were still a lot more people inside the secret realm.

Even if he wanted to help, he wouldn’t be able to take them all away.

After all, spatial abilities wouldn’t connote something like Song Shuhang’s Inner World, so it would be impossible to transfer so many people at once.

And because of the limitations of Song Shuhang’s strength, the number of people that he could transfer with the Inner World was limited as well.

We’ll only be able to take a few of the guests away, Senior White’s clone thought.

Just as Senior White’s clone was thinking this, a door to Song Shuhang’s Inner World opened behind him.

Song Shuhang solemnly said, “Senior White, try to get as many people as you can into the Inner World. I’ll keep the fat ball occupied and buy you some time.”

After saying that, Song Shuhang stepped out of the Inner World.

He was holding a coat in his hand.

It was a coat of the exact same style that Senior White Two usually wore.

“You’re finally willing to come out?” The fat ball coldly looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and put the coat on himself.

However, there was another thing inside this coat.

It was what Senior White Two had left behind when he escaped the last time… his outer shell.

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