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Chapter 1437 Senior White Two’s Exoskeleton Armor

Back then, Senior White Two, the big-eyed planet, and the possessed Skylark had engaged in a three-way battle.

In the end, they were all captured and locked inside the small black room by the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

The big-eyed planet and the liquid metal ball did not manage to escape and were eventually imprisoned.

As for Senior White Two, who was the wittiest of the three, he immediately left behind his Pet No. 1 when things went south. As a result, the hand of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will grabbed Little Sun, and threw it into the small black room.

But after a while, Little Sun was, once again, fished out. The hand of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will then grabbed ‘Senior White Two’, who was inside Little Sun, and threw him back into the small black room.

However, what had actually been thrown into the small black room at that time was merely a layer of skin that Senior White Two had shed.

In the meantime, Song Shuhang, who was helping out Senior White Two, got caught in the crossfire and had his main body sent into the small black room.

Now, as Song Shuhang’s, Soft Feather’s, and Su Clan’s Sixteen’s sense of presence was returned to them, the possessed Skylark and the big-eyed planet were similarly sent out of their respective small black rooms.

Senior White Two’s ski— outer shell was naturally thrown out as well.

When this outer shell was thrown out, it fell beside Song Shuhang. The Inner World was still open when it happened.

Anyway, one better not underestimate this outer shell! It was equivalent to a suit of ‘exoskeleton armor’, and wearing it could allow one to enjoy an increase in power.

As long as he put it on, Song Shuhang would be able to wield Senior White Two’s power for a short period. Before the energy within this outer shell was consumed, Song Shuhang would become very powerful.

Now, it was time to put it to use.

Song Shuhang didn’t waste time and put on Senior White Two’s (Exoskeleton Armor).

In an instant, his temperament changed. His height slightly increased, and beautiful black hair grew on his head.

A gorgeous outer robe covered Song Shuhang’s figure, fluttering despite the lack of wind.

His manner also became very imposing.

In an instant, Song Shuhang’s charm value increased by 1,000 points. Every part of his person became handsome to the extreme.

Senior White’s clone was speechless

The Song Shuhang before his eyes was composed of (Senior White Two’s body and hair + Song Shuhang’s face). Although he was very handsome, there was something rather awkward about him.


The possessed Skylark gritted her teeth, and said, “White!”

“Don’t be foolish. You’ve mistaken me for someone else.” Song Shuhang’s black hair gracefully fluttered.

In the next moment, 11 Ancient Holy Ape Projections appeared behind him—this was the number of ‘Holy Apes’ that belonged to Song Shuhang himself.

Then, behind each of these holy apes, there was a group of 999 neatly arranged Ancient Holy Ape Projections. This was the boost in power brought about by Senior White Two’s Exoskeleton Armor.

There were now a total of 11,000 Ancient Holy Apes covering the sky.

It was simply terrifying to witness!

The 11 Holy Apes in the lead had Scholarly Scriptures in their hands. They opened the scriptures and began to chant loudly, cheering for their master, and boosting his aura.

Each of the holy apes at the back joined the Holy Apes in front of them in their chanting.

For a time, the entire secret realm was filled with the sound of the Holy Apes chanting scholarly scriptures.

The wrecked secret realm now possessed a divine and sacred feeling to it.

With the boost from the 11,000 Holy Apes, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand toward the air and punched.

The army of Holy Apes followed his actions and waved their fists.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!!”

The sky that was in the middle of collapsing surprisingly stopped.

However, the collapse of the sky was only temporarily stopped.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand again. The Combined Magical Treasure emerged, and the seals on it were instantly lifted.

Song Shuhang said, “Come out, Impregnable Holy City!”

With the boost from Senior White Two’s power, the Impregnable Holy City was forcibly pushed to the Ninth Stage.

The gigantic holy city supported the collapsing sky and held down the ground, suppressing the chaotic space below.

Moreover, it protected Senior White’s clone and the other guests of the Immortal Feast.

At this time, all the practitioners at the Seventh Stage or below gathered at the Immortal Feast were stunned. The move from the liquid metal ball, Falling Sky, left even Seventh Stage Venerables incapable of fighting back. At this moment, it was only those who were at the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm that could hold their own.

The several Profound Sages stared at Song Shuhang in the distance and even forgot to breathe.

The long-haired Song Shuhang and the huge army of Holy Apes behind him made him exude a huge oppressive aura.

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was actually this powerful?

Senior White’s clone quickly grabbed the unconscious practitioners, and threw them into Song Shuhang’s Inner World. He then said, “Stop being standing there in a daze! Profound Sage Tyrannical Song might not be able to hold on for much longer. Move quickly.” Those several Profound Sages quickly came to their senses and began to help out, quickly transferring the unconscious practitioners to the Inner World.

Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief after seeing that nearly everyone had been evacuated.

Meanwhile, the possessed Skylark crossed her arms over her chest, which accentuated her large bosom. Just a little bit more. Song Shuhang stretched out his hand.

In the air, the light of virtue recondensed into the virtuous lamia.

The lamia opened her mouth and spat out Scarlet Heaven Sword, which she handed over to Song Shuhang. “Finally. It’s once again my turn to go on stage.” Seeing the sun again after such a long time, Scarlet Heaven Sword was filled with energy. Song Shuhang said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, we have to go all-out this time.”

With a twist of his wrist, he activated the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique.

Flames that filled the sky gushed out from Scarlet Heaven Sword. This flame carried the intent of burning the skies and boiling up the seas. The temperature in the secret realm suddenly increased, and all the water evaporated.

The possessed Skylark looked toward the sky and saw the hand of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will slowly resume its descent.

Song Shuhang shamelessly said, “Don’t worry. Let’s just go back into the Wielder’s small black room together.”

The possessed Skylark said, “In your dreams. Since you want to enter, go ahead. But I won’t be joining you.”

“You’ve got no choice in this!” Song Shuhang said boldly. Then, he slashed out. This slash had the powers of Senior White Two and Scarlet Heaven Sword behind it, so it would at least force the fat ball to resist.

After slashing out, under the cover of the heaven burning flames, Song Shuhang quietly retreated into the Inner World.

If he didn’t leave now, when else would he be able to?

“It’s time.” The fat ball clasped its palms together, and said, “Switching Heaven and Earth.”

The hundreds of icicles that stabilized the connection between the Netherworld and the main world exploded.

Space was overturned.

Song Shuhang, who was escaping into the Inner World, was forcibly pulled into another world.

This was a world that would make anyone uncomfortable.

Looking around, one could see evil energy flowing like oil.

The surroundings were filled with mechanical structures. In the chimneys of these structures was flowing a steady stream of rich evil energy of the Netherworld.

“This is the Netherworld Realm’s (Metal Throne]. My personal domain,” the possessed Skylark said. “I have been operating this place for tens of thousands of years, and it is difficult for even White to barge in. This place is like a Netherworld within the Netherworld Realm, as well as my lair.”

In the meantime, a huge liquid metal ball appeared behind Skylark.

It was the main body of the fat ball.

“Tyrannical Song, you are the first human being to visit this place,” the liquid metal ball and Skylark said simultaneously in a robotic voice.

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