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Chapter 1435 Stuck!

Simultaneously, Song Shuhang’s main body began to return to the Inner World.

At this time, the clone that was in the middle of rushing to the kitchen was suddenly destroyed.

A blazing pillar of holy light appeared out of thin air and exploded on Song Shuhang Two’s body.

The holy light laser instantly burned his body and reduced it to a crystalline state, causing it to shatter right after.

The pain of having one’s body shattered was transmitted to Song Shuhang’s main body.

Upon receiving the feedback, his main body immediately knelt down. He felt the true pain of having one’s bones and body shattered into powder, which was even crueler than the various deaths he had experienced in the world of the golden lotus.

Fortunately, it was Song Shuhang Two who had run out to find Senior White’s clone just now. Otherwise, it would’ve been his main body’s turn to be transformed into dust.

“Sure enough, that thing has come.”

This cold holy light was the signature move of the big-eyed planet. It seemed that guy had finally been freed from the Wielder’s small black room.

If it is only the big-eyed planet that is the bringer of disaster this time, then my Inner World should be relatively safe.

The Inner World should be able to avoid the attacks of the big-eyed planet. And even if the other party were to lock on to his Inner World, he could simply activate the Inner World’s Pure Land Domain mode, making it such that the other party’s attack and the Inner World would be in different dimensions, allowing him to avoid its attacks.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, endured the pain, and continued to move his body towards the Inner World.

But at this time, a strange force wrapped around his body, firmly grasping his upper body.

“I’ve caught you. You can’t escape.” From the void, a robotic voice was transmitted. “I’ve already locked on to you. No matter where you escape to, I’ll be able to find you instantly! You’re mine!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Am I… stuck?

He was currently stuck in between the Inner World and the main world.

At the Immortal Feast venue, Sage Monarch Winter Melon, Sage Monarch Blue Phoenix, Sage Monarch Enchanting Dream, and the other Sage Monarchs all had a change in their expressions.

The blazing holy light did not completely dissipate after killing Song Shuhang Two. Instead, it turned into a pillar of fire, staying right where it was.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “This is not holy light!” He was a practitioner of both the cultivation system and the holy knight system, and holy light was a vital part of his cultivation.

Holy light should be warm and bright, having a healing and positive power. However, the blazing holy light that was right in front of him was filled with biting cold and an aura of oblivion.

This energy was the complete opposite of the holy light he was familiar with, but it appeared to be no different from holy light in the eyes of all the onlookers.

“Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s clone was destroyed in a single shot.” The brows of that Sage Monarch dressed as a scholar furrowed.

A Profound Sage’s clone might only have half or an even lower portion of the main body’s power, but in any case, it should still, at the very least, be as powerful as a Seventh Stage Venerable.

“This blazing cold holy light appeared out of thin air. Spatial energy must have been used.” Sage Monarch Blue Phoenix went to guard the two girls with colorful hair, positioning them behind her.

The other party had to be an existence that was at least at the Ninth Stage Realm.

At the center of the venue, an eye slowly appeared and opened on top of the pillar of holy light.

In an instant, the believers of the Church of the End all over the universe burst into tears. They could finally remember the God that they’d forgotten. Their God had finally returned.

In an instant, endless power of faith gathered, and merged with the pillar of holy light.

A terrifying power began to condense within the eye on top of the holy light pillar. The flaming pillar became bigger and bigger, and the eye was blessed with the power of faith, and began to transform into the projection of the big-eyed planet.

If it continued to grow, this projection would be able to summon over a small clone of the big-eyed planet.

Then, that small clone would be able to summon over its main body.

If the main body of the big-eyed planet were to descend, then it would be the end.

But suddenly, the power flowing into the holy light pillar stopped. The huge eye above the pillar of fire looked towards the sky.

Song Shuhang followed its actions, and looked up at the sky as well.

In the Immortal Feast venue, only the two of them could see the huge invisible hand in the air. The hand was hovering above their heads, seemingly ready to grab them at any time.

Previously, this hand appeared when Senior White Two, his ultimate weapon ‘Little Sun’, the big-eyed planet, the liquid metal ball-possessed Skylark, and Song Shuhang were causing trouble.

After doing what they did, all of them were locked inside the Wielder’s small black room.

And now, after having just gotten out of the small black room, the big-eyed planet immediately began to make a scene again… This was simply a provocation. It seemed like it wanted to return to the Wielder’s small black room right away.

The big-eyed planet immediately stopped what it was doing after the hand of the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will appeared.

At this time, Song Shuhang suddenly felt that the Wielder’s small black room was very cute.

Go, go ahead and make a scene- In the worst case, we’ll both return to the Wielder’s small black room!

Moreover, I don’t really mind being in that presence-less state for a few more days. It would be best if it can last past October 10th and help me avoid that tribulation!

The Immortal Feast venue fell into a brief silence.

However, this silence did not last long.

A spatial gate opened, and then a figure with long blue hair stepped out of it.

“I finally managed to come out,” said the woman with long blue hair. Her voice seemed to have gone through autotune. If one listened carefully, they would probably find it quite cute.

Song Shuhang’s eyelids twitched.

It was Skylark’s old body, which was currently possessed by the liquid metal ball.

At this time, some changes had taken place in Skylark’s old body. The bone of eternity in her body was no longer rioting. It appeared that the liquid metal ball had used some special means to control it.

After appearing this time, the liquid metal ball no longer had to worry about being detected by the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

The liquid metal ball-possessed Skylark saw the eye on top of the flaming pillar of holy light, and said, “You again? Scram!”

The fat ball became upset after seeing that fellow.

If it weren’t for the big-eyed planet back then, it would have already captured that guy who seemed to have information about the Sage’s eye. Perhaps it could have even discovered the whereabouts of the part that its main body lacked.

Therefore, the liquid metal ball-possessed Skylark did not waste time and directly took action.

She lifted her leg and swept it towards the flaming pillar of holy light, resulting in a terrifying wave of evil energy of the Netherworld slicing at the pillar. The filthy, evil, and violent energy directly cut apart the pillar, and began to devour the holy light. “It’s you again!” The big-eyed planet was also enraged. Previously, it had almost been able to capture Song Shuhang, but because its main body had yet to descend, this blue-haired woman managed to interrupt it and ruin its plan. It was the same this time-its main body still hadn’t been summoned over, and its projection was already under the attack of the other party.

In the air, the hand of the Wielder of the Will did not move; it merely continued to float.

It seemed that the interaction between the liquid metal ball-possessed Skylark and the big-eyed planet had yet to touch its bottom line.

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