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Chapter 1423 Damn, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was really pulled into the fighting space!

Kids wouldn’t forever stay cute and small… One day, they would grow old.

This was the rule of time, and Song Shuhang was no exception.

One day, he would also become a respected senior in the Nine Provinces Number One Group…

He firmly believed in this point.

Song Shuhang propped up his chin, and watched the battles of the under 10 bracket while listening to the comments of the seniors beside him.

The scenes and explanations of these battles would all become precious knowledge—at least that was what he believed.

At this time, Soft Feather lowered her voice, and said, “The battles of people at the First Stage Realm are really bad. There are so many flaws.”

Given her family’s teaching, coupled with the fact that she had reached the Fourth Stage Realm, she could see tens of flaws in each of the movements of the young ones on stage. Smiling, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “They are pretty good for being only at the First Stage. Most of the kids on stage have been practicing for about two to three years at most. With such a performance, they are already worthy of being called geniuses.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber added, “Especially those who have already reached the Dragon Gate Realm. If they manage to make a breakthrough to the Second Stage before they reach 10, then their future can be said to be limitless.”

Song Shuhang was curious, and humbly asked, “Those who are able to break through to the Second Stage within four to five years are considered geniuses with limitless potential?”

He truly had no concept of such things… After all, all the people he came in contact with were very special. For example, the Scholarly Sage or the Heavenly Emperor-who had only been slightly weaker than the Scholarly Sage. The time these two took to make a breakthrough to the Second Stage was counted in days. It took the Scholarly Sage 15 days, while it took the Heavenly Emperor 20 days to reach the Second Stage.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber added, “Naturally. After all, everyone knows that the boundary between the Dragon Gate Realm and the Second Stage isn’t easy to cross. According to legends, those who are able to break through to the Second Stage Realm in a few months are all freaks.”

Song Shuhang felt embarrassed.

Hearing this, Soft Feather propped up her cheeks with her hands and stared at Song Shuhang with bright eyes, smiling happily.

Song Shuhang felt very embarrassed from being stared at, so he immediately changed the subject. “If that’s the case, Little Guoguo’s situation is pretty good. He’s only six years old, yet he’s already opened fourth apertures. There’s a great chance that he’ll be able to reach the Second Stage Realm before becoming 10.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song also knows Little Guoguo? He’s Great Master Profound Principle’s little treasure. If another Immortal Feast is held within the next four years, perhaps Great Master Profound Principle will take him there to participate.”

The topic was successfully shifted to Little Guoguo and other talented juniors from the various sects of the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Soon… the competition of the under 10 age group ended.

There weren’t that many of this age that were brought to the feast. Most of the little ones were like Guoguo, kept at home by the seniors of the sect while doing their best to rush to the Second Stage Realm.

In the end, it wasn’t a practitioner from the cultivation system that emerged victorious from this group-it was a little guy from another world.

This kid had only opened the Fifth Aperture, and was quite a distance away from the Dragon Gate Realm. However, the bodies of lifeforms of other worlds tended to surpass humans in strength.

In the First Stage Realm, when fighting mostly depended on the strength of one’s body, the races that had a strong physique enjoyed a great advantage. Therefore, even if his realm was not the highest, he managed to claim victory with his strong body. Northern River’s Loose Cultivator exclaimed, “Having a strong physical body is also part of one’s strength. However, I have to admit that those with strong bodies have quite an advantage during the First Stage.”

The stronger the physical body, the stronger the qi and blood. And during the First Stage, those with stronger qi and blood were able to unlock their apertures with greater ease. From the path that led to the arena, the teserving girls from before appeared once again, carrying cold dishes to the tables.

Each cold dish was personally prepared by Immortal Fairy Biexue. Each table was provided with 10 dishes, among which were many exotic delicacies. There was food that had flown in the sky and swum in water, and some of it came from far away in the universe.

Normally, there would indeed only be 10 small dishes per table… However, on Song Shuhang’s table, there was a total of 20 cold dishes.

Among them, there were 10 small plates placed in front of Senior White.

Immortal Fairy Biexue had clearly given Senior White some special attention.

The short-haired girl serving the dish grinned, and said, “Immortal Fairy has specially prepared these for Sage White, and they should conform to your tastes. We hope that you like them.”

Immortal Fairy Biexue’s fighting spirit had never been as high as during this Immortal Feast.

She had vowed to conquer Sage White’s stomach to conquer his heart. Senior White said, “Can I really have all these dishes?”

“Senior White, please enjoy.” The short-haired girl covered her mouth, chuckled softly, and left.

Senior White said, “Actually, I’d feel quite embarrassed to take all of these for myself.”

Song Shuhang said, “Then Senior White, how about you give us a share, and then we can ha – 11

While he was in the middle of saying something, Song Shuhang suddenly felt a chill run through his spine, and he involuntarily trembled.

He subconsciously touched his waist.

It felt as if a ferocious gaze had locked onto his waist, which caused his waist to be frightened and tremble.

Song Shuhang immediately realized what had happened.

He had no choice but to realize-otherwise, there might end up being another dish during this Immortal Feast called ‘fried Profound Sage Tyrannical Song waist’. It was best not to doubt Immortal Fairy Biexue’s cooking skills, for she was one of the only remaining immortal chefs in the world of cultivation who could cook Eighth Stage ingredients!

She could cook an Eighth Stage Whale Sage, so there was no need to even mention whether or not she had the ability to cook Song Shuhang, who was a fake Profound Sage.

Senior White said, “You want some? How much do you want?” Song Shuhang desperately shook his head, and wittily said, “No, no, I feel like I should just save the space in my stomach for the food later. Cold dishes are only appetizers anyway, and the Immortal Feast isn’t a feast of cold dishes.”

While speaking, Song Shuhang felt the gaze that had locked onto his waist soften-with his witty reaction just now, maybe he could get an extra chicken leg later?

After the competition for those under 10, it was the turn of those under 15.

Song Shuhang was finally able to recognize someone in this age group.

Fairy Lychee’s junior, Loli Shi.

Shi had just turned 11 a few days ago.

Last month, at the recommendation of Fairy Lychee, she transferred to Jiangnan University Town to live with Song Shuhang for a while. Soon after, she successfully ascended to the Second Stage Realm. When she reached the Second Stage, she had still only been 10 years old. According to Senior Thrice Reckless’ words, she could be considered a genius with unlimited potential. If the Immortal Feast had been half a month earlier, she would have been able to participate in the under 10 bracket, and her Second Stage Realm self would have been able to overwhelm everyone in her age group. “Shi, you can do it!” Song Shuhang waved at Loli Shi and cheered her on.

Loli Shi looked at Song Shuhang, and after a while, her small face turned pale.

It wasn’t only her, even her opponent’s face turned pale. Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar knows this girl? Doesn’t this mean that if I win, I might end up being subject to his revenge?

As a result… Not long after Loli Shi went on stage, she lost the match.

Although the opponent had qualms in his heart and had been showing some abnormal behavior, it had been even worse for Shi.

Fairy Lychee sighed. “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you scared Shi. After Shi had reached the Second Stage, she practiced our sect’s secret technique. If she were able to fight normally, she would have at least been able to win a few matches. Sigh-“

“…” Song Shuhang.

He looked up at the sky and was speechless for a long time.

In the end, the victor of the under 15 bracket was a little girl called ‘Yuyu’, who belonged to the cultivation system. The girl hadn’t officially finished her discipleship, so she didn’t have her own daoist name yet. She used two brushes to exhibit a dual spear technique to perfection. Moreover, when she made a move, her attacks faintly carried ‘intent’. Given some time, she would definitely be able to comprehend spear intent.

The saying was: one month for the rod, one year for the sword, and a lifetime for the spear… To some extent, those who were proficient at using spears were unfortunate as it would take them an entire lifetime to become experts at them!

In the final group of those under 20, Song Shuhang recognized two people.

The two he recognized were the two girls with colorful hair that were with Sage Monarch Blue Phoenix. The taller one was called Yan, while the shorter one was called Ling.

After seeing these two girls, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

Song Shuhang asked, “Soft Feather, what would happen if the two girls ended up being matched against a chicken spirit? Do you think they’d be able to fight?”

In the area where the two young girls lived, little chicks seemed to be treated like sacred animals. As such, if they were to be matched against a monster chicken, would they be able to fight?

Soft Feather thought for a while, and said, “If I were them, I might take the chicks away as


“…” Song Shuhang.

Anyway, the two girls were worthy of being the disciples of a Profound Sage. The smaller one, who had become 15 years old not too long ago, had already reached the Second Stage Fourth Dantian ‘Dragon Body Dantian’ Realm. The taller one, who was older, was already at the peak of the ‘Dragon Horn Dantian’ Realm, and she wasn’t far from reaching the Third Stage.

With them being beast cultivators, their bodies were stronger than humans’. However, after the Second Stage, their cultivation speed would become slightly worse than that of human cultivators.

In the end, the tall girl, Yan, won the under 20 bracket by relying on a secret technique.

“Heh, I’m definitely going to take that Winged Whale King’s head immortal dish.” Yan wiped the sweat from her forehead, her face filled with excitement.

Soft Feather whispered, “It’s a pity, Senior Song. If you’d gone up there, nobody would have been your match.”

Song Shuhang sighed, “Forget it, it isn’t good to bully people.” He looked at Loli Shi, who wasn’t far away, and saw her sulking. She had believed that she would be able to win at least a few matches in the Immortal Feast.

I need to toughen up, Shi secretly said in her heart.

Song Shuhang felt a little strange and embarrassed. If he had known, he wouldn’t have cheered her on so as to avoid disturbing her.

While Song Shuhang was in thought, the free-for-all match for the under 20 bracket began.

Everyone below 20 was pulled into the ‘fighting space’.


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