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Chapter 1424 A sheet that’s soon to be greatly sought after

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, who was 18 years old, was also pulled into the fighting space.

“Eh? Senior Song was also pulled in?” Soft Feather said in surprise.

The sheet beside her also entered the space with Senior Tyrannical Song. This sheet of cloth was the one she had bought from Senior Almighty Merchant-right before Song Shuhang was pulled over, he accidentally reached out to grab it and ended up bringing it with him.

Senior White said, “Shuhang has been transferred into the fighting space.”

It was a spatial mechanism that a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal had set up, and it was paired with the crystal pillar that identified the age of a cultivator. After the crystal pillar determined one’s age, everyone that it had identified to be below 20 years of age would be pulled into the fighting space. As it had been something made by a Tribulation Transcender, it should be impossible for any mistakes to occur in the process. That was, of course, unless another Tribulation Transcender stepped in and messed with it.

Even if nobody in the entire Immortal Feast believed that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was only 18 years old… it was a fact that he was only 18 years old.

Soft Feather’s eyes immediately shifted to the projected screen that showed the fighting space.

What will Senior Song do inside the fighting space? Is he going to choose to bully the kids at the Second Stage?

Or is he going to go with a more interesting choice?

Inside the fighting space.

Everyone under the age of 20 had been pulled into the fighting space without warning, causing the area to fall into chaos. The chaos brought about messy fights.

Some people subconsciously attacked, some defended, some shrank into a ball, some screamed, and some were beaten black and blue.

In a mere five seconds, more than half of the young cultivators who were brought inside the fighting space were ejected.

Most of those who had been ejected were First Stage practitioners.

This (eject] function was a protection mechanism.

Before the free-for-all in the fighting space began, a defensive rune had been attached to every participant. This defensive rune would form a Second Stage defense in the practitioner’s body.

When this Second Stage defense was broken, the participant would automatically lose their qualification to continue inside the fighting space.

At the same time, as soon as they lose their qualification, they would be sent out of the fighting space.

This ensured that the young practitioners who were pulled into the space would not suffer any fatal and serious injuries.

The main reason this defense mechanism was kept hidden inside the practitioners’ bodies was to ensure the fairness of the free-for-all as much as possible.

The guests of the Immortal Feast came from all over the universe, and many of them followed the path of cultivating one’s body, which led to them having a stronger physique and a shocking defense. Their body’s defensive prowess was most likely above that of the Second Stage defensive rune. After a large number of low-level practitioners were sent out, the fighting space became empty, and the chaos had ended. Loli Shi took a defensive posture and stepped back vigilantly. Her strength was at the beginner-level of the Second Stage Realm, and among the practitioners in this free-for-all, she was at the lower-middle in terms of strength.

If it were not for her luck, she would have been sent out in the first wave.

Shi inwardly told herself, Although I know that I won’t be able to win this free-for-all, I don’t want to be kicked out that early.

In the previous stage matches, she hadn’t been able to perform properly.

Therefore, she wanted to test her secret technique during this free-for-all!

Shi’s mental power surged to its limits, and she used a secret technique to sense the actions of other practitioners around her while retreating. While she was retreating, she suddenly bumped into someone with her leg.

Not good, I’m getting ambushed from behind!

Shi was startled-the other party was able to avoid her senses completely and hide behind her without being noticed. This could only mean that the other party’s strength far surpassed hers!

Shi was unwilling, but she did not give up. Without even looking behind her, she swept her leg backward.

At this time, a large hand gently grabbed her calf.

The power in that hand was so great that Shi could not resist at all. However, the strange thing was that the force of this hand was very gentle, and it appeared to have no intent to hurt her.

Shi turned her head curiously and looked behind her.

At this moment, she saw a dark man squatting behind her. The man was wearing a seemingly ordinary sheet…

It was precisely because of this strange sheet that the man did not have any sense of existence.

This sheet is a magical treasure!

Did the other party use this magic treasure to hide their aura and get close to me?

Song Shuhang softly said, “Little Shi, don’t be nervous, it’s me.” While he said this, he loosened his grip on Shi’s leg and pulled her in front of him.

He had also been confused when he was pulled into the fighting space.

Previously, he had been thinking about whether or not he should join the free-for-all for those under 20 and bully the young ones who were at the Second Stage. However, when he really did get pulled into the fighting space, he suddenly lost interest.

With his Fifth Stage strength, the pressure from his golden core alone would cause all of the Second Stage practitioners to fall to the ground.

As such, Song Shuhang silently covered himself with the sheet that he had grabbed from Soft Feather.

This sheet bought from the Almighty Merchant had the ability to hide one’s aura. Song Shuhang, who was already half-invisible, had his existence suddenly weakened to the extreme.

Ever since the beginning of this free-for-all, nobody noticed him. He silently sat in the middle of the crowd, watching the chaotic battles of the practitioners around him.

In the entire free-for-all space, only Loli Shi seemed to be fated to meet him as she accidentally hit him while retreating.

“Demon Sage T-Tyrannical Scholar!” Fear emerged in Shi’s eyes.

Why is Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar here?

Isn’t this supposed to be a free-for-all for those under 20?

“Hush.” Song Shuhang raised his eyebrows.

Shi immediately covered her mouth, afraid to speak.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “Ahem. I didn’t mean to affect your performance in the previous match. I only wanted to cheer you on.”

Shi frowned, and tentatively asked, “Senior, did we know each other in the past?”

Song Shuhang sighed. “This is getting tiring… Anyway, we did know each other before. However, I’m in a strange state right now, so you can’t remember me. We were good friends.”

“We were friends?” Shi blinked.

The first Sage in a thousand years… was friends with her?

It sounded amazing.

“Right, Shi, do you want to win?” Song Shuhang suddenly said. “I caused your performance to fall off in the previous matches, so do you want me to lend you a hand during this free-for-all?”

After thinking for a while, Loli Shi said, “I want to win, but I want to win using my own strength. I don’t want to cheat by getting external help.”

“You’ve got backbone. Alright then, I won’t take the initiative to help you,” Song Shuhang said while opening the sheet slightly. “Come in. This sheet is big enough to cover the two of us.”

Shi looked puzzled. Song Shuhang said, “The sandpiper and the clam fight, and the fisherman profits in the end. Do you know of this story?”

Shi nodded.

Song Shuhang said, “This free-for-all compares not only strength, but also wisdom. For example, if you look over to the right, you can see those three practitioners at the Dragon Gate Realm uniting against that Yan girl from the Beast Realm. They’re doing this because they know that Yan is stronger than anyone else in this space. If they don’t defeat her first, the victory will be in her pocket. As such, they joined forces in order to send her out.”

Shi responded, “So?”

Song Shuhang seriously said, “So, now that you’ve found a place where you can hide, you should preserve your strength. Then, when the free-for-all is nearing its end, you can come out again and try to claim victory. It’s a pretty good strategy, isn’t it?”

Shi said, “Senior has a good point.”

In a free-for-all, hiding first is also a strategy…

While thinking about this, Shi nodded. She slipped underneath Song Shuhang’s sheet. Then, with only their heads exposed, they watched the ongoing fights around them.

This sheet was truly magical.

After putting on the sheet, practitioners at the Second Stage Realm couldn’t notice the two of them.

It was as if there were two separate worlds, one inside the sheet and the other outside.

No matter how fierce the fights were getting outside, it did not affect Song Shuhang and Shi, who were wrapped in the sheet.

The scene in the fighting space was naturally projected inside the Immortal Feast’s venue.

But the practitioners in the venue would all ignore Song Shuhang and Shi, focusing on the other practitioners inside the fighting space.

Fairy Lychee discovered that Shi had yet to be ejected from the space, and so began searching for where she might be. She and a senior sister of her sect searched for a long time before they found her.

Fairy Lychee and the others could only see Shi wrapped in the sheet, and they subconsciously ignored Song Shuhang, who was with her.

Fairy Lychee curiously asked, “Is that sheet a magical treasure? When did Shi get such a


Soft Feather raised his hand, and said, “This is the magical treasure that I bought some time ago. It has the effect of hiding a practitioner’s aura and weakening their existence.”

The invisible scholar sighed faintly. “What kind of horrible function is that?”

“Fairy Soft Wood, why is your magical treasure on Shi’s body?” Fairy Lychee asked in confusion.

Soft Feather replied, “Because Senior Song brought it in.” While saying that, she brought out her own notebook and recorded another daoist name.

This state was really interesting. Over a cup of tea and some cold dishes, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had already given her several daoist names.

Among these daoist names, there were good-sounding ones and some ordinary ones. For now, she planned on writing them all down first. Who knew, maybe she could use them in the future?

In addition, Senior Song didn’t choose to bully the Second Stage practitioners.

Senior Song’s personality really hadn’t changed.

This was the Senior Song that she knew!

Inside the free-for-all space.

Yan, the strongest in the space, had quickly been sent out by a group of people. After getting sent out, she looked depressed, and her cheeks inflated like buns.

The other practitioners in the free-for-all space started forming groups, having in-fighting, and then forming new groups.

Song Shuhang and Loli Shi watched everything with relish.

Finally, the chaotic situation ended.

The one who had the last laugh was a thin but tall young man.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Heh~ What a coincidence. Someone from the Limitless Demon Sect?”

Long time no see!

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