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Chapter 1422 Shuhang’s goal—become a reliable senior

These girls serving the tea were all immortal chefs practicing their trade under Immortal Fairy Biexue’s banner. At an important event like the Immortal Feast, they would assume the role of serving water and tea.

Due to some immortal dishes requiring special serving techniques, the serving of these dishes could only be entrusted to them.

At this time, a girl with short hair clapped her hands, and said, “Immortal Fairy has a message. If the seniors and fellow daoists really hold a competition during the Immortal Feast, Immortal Fairy is willing to provide some immortal dishes as rewards.”

“Oh? How will the rewards be given?” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber grew interested.

“The winners of the under 10, under 15, and under 20 brackets will be given an immortal dish that enhances their spiritual energy recovery for about a year. In addition, there can be a free-for-all battle for those under 20, and the winner of this battle will be rewarded with the head of a (Winged Whale King] that Immortal Fairy has personally cooked,” the short-haired girl replied with a smile. Soft Feather asked, “The head of a Winged Whale King? Isn’t that the ferocious beast that escaped and got caught again?”

She had an impression of this ferocious beast. Originally, she believed that she and Song Shuhang would be able to encounter it as they headed to the Immortal Feast. However, before they could even set out, the ferocious beast had already been captured by Daoist Monarch Clear Cloud.

Isn’t this ferocious beast very powerful? As such, its head must be very big, right? If it were to be given to a practitioner under 20, most of whom are at the Second Stage, would they even be able to consume it? Won’t they end up exploding from the amount of spiritual energy in the immortal dish?

It wasn’t only Soft Feather who had these doubts; the same went for other practitioners as well.

The short-haired girl regretfully said, “Immortal Fairy mentioned that after the Winged Whale King was brought back, a lot of its energy was lost, causing its body to have a sharp decrease in size, eventually becoming the size of an ordinary carp. Due to the Winged Whale King’s head no longer being worthy of the spot of a top immortal dish, it has been downgraded to an ordinary delicacy. Besides this, Immortal Fairy has already replaced the Winged Whale King with another dish.”

The Winged Whale King had originally been a special dish on the menu for this Immortal Feast, but now, with its quality having fallen to the level of an ordinary immortal dish, it was downgraded.

Therefore, Immortal Fairy Biexue simply put it out as a reward.

“Eh?” Song Shuhang heard this, and he suddenly thought of something. “This kind of plot development sounds really familiar… Could it be that all the nutrition in the Winged Whale King’s body has become concentrated in one location, and even Immortal Fairy Biexue was unable to sense it? This might result in the lucky boy or girl who comes out victorious from the under 20 bracket suddenly getting a powerful technique and a mysterious inheritance, which would help them advance towards the pinnacle of the world after eating this fish head!”

Soft Feather complained, “Senior Song, this plot that you just mentioned is too old-fashioned. Moreover, a plot like that is too bizarre, and gives people a sense of lack of realism, so it is no longer popular.” “Hmm, actually… I have encountered this kind of thing before,” Fairy Lychee suddenly said. “There was one time that I suddenly got hungry, so I casually looked for some food to eat at a restaurant by the roadside. Later, I discovered that the braised fish in that restaurant contained a huge amount of spiritual energy. After that meal, I successfully advanced by a small realm.”

Soft Feather’s eyes widened. “I’ve encountered something similar as well.” Senior White held a teacup and took a sip. “Actually, I remember having experienced such things over a dozen times.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “I’ve had a similar experience, but it wasn’t at a restaurant. I caught a lobster when I was fishing and cooked it. I didn’t expect that seemingly ordinary lobster to hide so much spiritual energy. In the following months, I was able to practice with double the efficiency.”

“…” Soft Feather & Song Shuhang.

Senior Yellow Mountain smiled slightly, and said, “I have also experienced this several times. Some natural treasures are very well hidden, and one is unable to notice anything special about them without eating them.”

This wasn’t the case only for Senior Yellow Mountain, but it was also the case for Young Master Phoenix Slayer, Fairy Dongfang Six, and several other seniors.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky. “Sometimes, reality can be more bizarre than a fantasy story.”

Soft Feather also looked up at the sky. “I feel that way too.”

After hearing how the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had gone through similar experiences, Song Shuhang and Soft Feather, who had never experienced this kind of adventure, became slightly embarrassed to chat with them.

A Venerable suggested, “Why not let those under 20 have their competition before the first round of meals is served?”

This Venerable’s proposal was approved by everyone.

As the meal was not served yet, everyone was idle and bored, so it was just the right time to have little guys have their competition and see who would shine the brightest among the geniuses of the different worlds.

The Southern Eternal Sword Sect had long prepared for this.

In the center of the venue, there was a huge arena that had been set up for small duels.

Above the arena, there was an independent, larger fighting space where large-scale battles could be carried out.

There were various defensive formations placed on the stage.

With those formations set up, the little guys at the Second Stage could go all out without worrying about damaging the surrounding


The first to go up on the arena was the small group that consisted of those below 10.

They were all cute-looking kids. The practitioners of this age group had only just made contact with the world of cultivation.

As they were still young, even if they were genius disciples, most of them were at the First Stage Fifth Aperture ‘Mouth Aperture’ Realm, with a few having reached the Dragon Gate Realm.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator exclaimed, “Below the age of 10 and already at the Dragon Gate Realm! With the recovery of the spiritual energy in recent times, the gap between those who are ordinary practitioners and geniuses is becoming increasingly apparent.”

Geniuses would have more support from the spiritual energy, and by using their talent to their advantage, they would be able to leave ordinary disciples far behind.

In the under 10 bracket, Song Shuhang did not recognize anybody.

Among the practitioners he knew, the only ones that were under 10 were Guoguo and Loli Zhu. However, these two were not participating in this Immortal Feast.

Practitioners could only make full use of basic body tempering techniques in the First Stage Realm as the magical techniques they knew were very weak. If they simply used fists or weapons, they could produce better effects.

Many of the seniors that were present began to discuss with one another.

For example, they would praise the disciples that had solid foundations, or praise the disciples that were particularly outstanding, having already reached the Dragon Gate Realm after practicing for three years.

Song Shuhang could not add anything to the conversation.

He could still tell which one had a better foundation, but as for what exactly was outstanding about reaching the Dragon Gate Realm after practicing a few years, he entirely had no notion about this.

However, Song Shuhang took everything very seriously, keeping all of the comments of the different seniors in mind.

Song Shuhang now had a goal. He wanted to become a knowledgeable practitioner like Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue.

In the future, when he truly became an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, if there were new members in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he wanted to be as reliable as Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue and tell them how to deal with cultivation problems.

He felt especially excited when he thought about it.

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