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Chapter 1335 Please let your consciousness die, okay?

xuan nu sect’s skylark happily said, “heavenly tribulation, come on! i want an authentic heavenly tribulation this time! who would want to transcend that weak ass demonic tribulation from before?!”

the venerable-level energy within her body burst out wildly, directly pushing her to the level where one would have to ascend to the eighth stage realm.

afterward, under the influence of the law of tribulation, skylark was taken away from the small white room and brought into the heavenly tribulation realm that was made for those who were transcending to the eighth stage.

“hahaha, i’m too f*cking smart! this is the real heavenly tribulation realm, not the one with that weak demonic tribulation! come on, i’m ready!” xuan nu sect’s skylark laughed loudly.

there were violent seas of lightning that were gathering above her head.

the seas of lightning exuded an aura of destruction, one of a scale that far exceeded an ordinary heavenly tribulation of the eighth stage.

xuan nu sect’s skylark said, “this is exactly what i wanted!”

while she was talking… a figure came crashing down from the air, and they fell directly in front of skylark.

it was a kind-looking young man. at this moment, the young man lay naked in front of her, his body twisting in a strange manner.

xuan nu sect’s skylark: “…”

she knelt down and poked the young man.

“crap, he’s still alive!” skylark was shocked. this was clearly her heavenly tribulation, so why the hell did a young man come in here?

“wait, this young man looks a bit familiar.” xuan nu sect’s skylark stretched out her hand to turn the young man’s head. “uh… isn’t this tyrannical song!”

perhaps it was because xuan nu sect’s skylark was locked into the small black room earlier than song shuhang, or maybe it was because she was just plain weird, but for some reason, she could still remember and recognize him at a glance.

“hey, little friend tyrannical song, why did you come here? this is my heavenly tribulation, why did you jump in to join in on the fun?” skylark poked song shuhang.

however, song shuhang did not react at all.

“is he asleep? or in a coma? strange, what’s happening with this heavenly tribulation? why did fellow daoist tyrannical song join my heavenly tribulation?” xuan nu sect’s skylark pinched her chin and fell into thought.

she kept pondering for a considerable amount of time.

suddenly, she clapped her hands, and said, “regardless of the reason, now that he’s here the power of the heavenly tribulation should become even stronger! this is so exciting! fellow daoist tyrannical song, let’s join hands and get through this heavenly tribulation together! afterward, we can show our divinity to everyone majestically. if we can get through this heavenly tribulation smoothly and get the chance to have our divinity show, i’m going to tell fellow daoist thrice reckless that i’m so bored that i want to get pregnant.”

when she said ‘pregnant’, she suddenly felt her left eye get warmer. she discovered that the word seemed to have activated a certain function in her left eye.

skylark stretched out her hand to cover her left eye. “ah, right, i remember now, my left eye is his eye. it’s the scholarly sage’s impregnating eye.”

xuan nu sect’s skylark subconsciously looked at the ‘profound sage tyrannical song’ lying on the ground.

he’s been unconscious for a while now, should i use the impregnating gaze on him and try to wake him up with the pain of pregnancy and childbirth?

when skylark thought about this, she was quite ready to give it a try.

but after thinking about it a bit more, she shook her head.

the heavenly tribulation was about to come down, and the effect of the impregnating gaze lasted for over half an hour. if he died during the heavenly tribulation because of the pain of childbirth, she would have to bear that fault.

she liked to seek death, but she was a woman with principles.

if her death-seeking would cause a fellow daoist to die, she absolutely could not go through with it.

after all, not everyone was like her and liked to seek death.

perhaps because it wanted to escape the tribulation, profound sage tyrannical song’s body kept twitching…

although tyrannical song didn’t wake up, another consciousness did.

[the heavenly tribulation realm? f*ck!] the wisp of the liquid metal ball’s consciousness left in skylark’s body had recovered. however, its consciousness was still at a disadvantage and unable to seize control of her body.

what kind of sick joke was this? it was actually in the heavenly tribulation realm.

it was a creature of the netherworld. as such, it was restrained by things like the heavenly tribulation. consequently, the heavenly tribulation realm was like hell to it.

skylark happily said, [hahaha, you’re finally awake.]

she had been extremely bored in that ‘pure white world’, but now, she’d finally found someone she could talk to. she was happy from the bottom of her heart.

the ruler of the netherworld roared, [why are we in the heavenly tribulation realm?!]

[because i was bored,] skylark replied. [in that pure white world, there was nobody to accompany me or chat with me. i was so bored that i wanted to have a baby, but there wasn’t anybody who could cooperate with me. so, what else could i do other than transcend the heavenly tribulation?]

the ruler of the netherworld said, [you’re seeking your own death! you actually chose to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the eighth stage without any preparations?! in addition… you even brought a clone to cross the tribulation with you? were you thinking that you weren’t going to die fast enough?]

skylark stretched out his hand and stroked her long blue hair. the sea of lightning in the space crackled, while her long hair fluttered despite the lack of wind.

she opened her mouth and whispered, “i…”


a muffled boom of thunder could be heard as the sea of lightning descended in the space.

the sound of thunder overwhelmed skylark’s voice.

nobody could hear what she was saying.

the sea of lightning exploded, and the first wave of the heavenly tribulation formed a vast number of weapons. the sea of lightning had transformed into thousands of magical treasures, each of which was at the peak of the seventh stage.

“come at me.” skylark stroked her body lightly, and an extra layer of clothing appeared on it.

what she had just put on was a tight-fitting battle suit that perfectly accentuated her figure. it added a little white hat on her head, and let her long blue hair fall straight down to her calf.

“i’ll try to use an ice-type secret technique this time.” skylark put her hands together, and a 30-meter-long ice blade formed in her hand.

nobody knew how long skylark had lived… and even she herself had already forgotten. her realm was also at a very strange place—until now, she was only at the seventh stage venerable realm.

in her long life, skylark had mastered countless secret techniques. some had even long been lost to the outside world, only existing in skylark’s memory.

she waved the ice blade and faced the thousands of magical treasures, shattering them one by one.

however, a part of the lightning managed to pass through the ice blade into skylark’s body.

skylark didn’t feel anything herself, but the ‘consciousness of the ruler of the netherworld’ that was in her body screamed.

the energy that it had left in skylark’s body was getting reduced further and further.

“oh, it’s just as i thought,” skylark said. “the heavenly tribulation is your nemesis… as long as i transcend this tribulation for long enough, the mark you left in my body will be completely gone.”

the liquid metal ball gritted its teeth, and said, “did you do this deliberately?”

“no… i was truly just bored to the point that i ended up transcending this tribulation. i wasn’t even sure that the tribulation could hurt you. originally, i hoped that i could talk to you and find a way for us to get along with one another.” xuan nu sect’s skylark threw the ice blade.

the ice blade exploded, and the terrifying impact spread in all directions.

the power of the explosion lifted skylark’s long blue hair, causing a part of it to flick forward and cover the lower half of her face.

her appearance was a mix of both chinese and western type. her facial features had traces of eastern descent while having a western appeal.

under normal circumstances, she, who was always smiling, would look very pretty, but when the lower half of her face was covered, and only her blue eyes were exposed… one would find that her eyes were exceptionally sharp.

skylark whispered, “but now it seems… that i no longer need to negotiate with you. please let the consciousness you left in my body die, okay?”

at this moment, she was like a completely different person.

the ruler of the netherworld only felt that the skylark in front of it had become very strange; it was no longer the carefree skylark that it knew.

while she spoke, she rolled up song shuhang’s body with her legs, making his figure quickly move away so that it could avoid the aftermath of the explosion.

the liquid metal ball said, [you’re simply dreaming if you think that a mere eighth stage heavenly tribulation can wipe out my consciousness.]

skylark’s eyes drooped slightly. “is that so?”

without saying anything more, she plunged into the heavenly tribulation.

this time, she took the initiative to guide the power of the heavenly tribulation into her body.

the consciousness of the liquid metal ball became angry and anxious, but it couldn’t control skylark’s body.

“nobody likes to be controlled by others, and i am naturally no exception.” skylark gave up her resistance, and even took the initiative to let the power of the tribulation into her body, guiding it to obliterate the consciousness of the ruler of the netherworld.

but while skylark was going against the heavenly tribulation with all her strength, there was a considerable amount of the shock waves that would fall on profound sage tyrannical song’s body.

the main target of this heavenly tribulation was xuan nu sect’s skylark, and profound sage tyrannical song had somehow become a collateral item.

the heavenly tribulation mainly attacked skylark, but it still had some energy to destroy profound sage tyrannical song’s body.

“crack, crack~”

the sound of electricity crackled, and several bolts of tribulation lightning fell on profound sage tyrannical song’s poor body, electrocuting and tenderizing it.

meanwhile, in another small black room.

song shuhang, who was cultivating, opened his eyes sharply, and his whole body trembled as if he was being electrocuted.

“aaaah~” song shuhang jumped out of the tractor and twisted around violently.

senior white, who was still fishing patiently, turned his head curiously. “shuhang, what’s wrong with you? are you having cramps?”

a giant turtle of disaster had not appeared for a long time, so under senior white’s advice, song shuhang, su clan’s sixteen, and soft feather all seized the time to practice. as for senior white, he continued to turtle fishing alone…

song shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “no, it’s like i was being electrocuted. it was so strong that it felt like i was going to die.”

soft feather opened her eyes, and said, “but senior song, nobody electrocuted you.”

su clan’s sixteen quickly stretched her hand out and touched song shuhang, and then she shook her head. “there isn’t any current.”

song shuhang trembled, and said, “strange, it really felt like lightning had struck me just now… aaaah~ there it is again, it’s here again.”

his saliva came out as he received another electric shock; this taste was really sour.

why do i find this sensation very familiar?

song shuhang said, “ah, i remember! previously, when senior white borrowed my left hand to transcend his tribulation, this is exactly what i felt. this level of electric shock… i can’t be mistaken!”

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