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Chapter 1334 So boring, I want to get pregnan
the bow-wielding old man himself was very confused, but he had a feeling in his heart. these spoils must be put aside; they’re someone’s share.

in this war of revenge of their thirty-three divine beasts’ sect, that ‘mysterious man’ had played a key role during the fight.

but for some reason, he couldn’t seem to remember anything about the ‘mysterious man’. he couldn’t remember who it was that helped them and caused those fake deities to become pregnant.

they made it so that all of the fake deities, regardless of whether they were male or female or neutral, trembled under the pain of pregnancy and childbirth. thinking about it now, they should be a very terrifying ‘mysterious man’, right?

the more he was unable to remember who that mysterious man was, the more certain he was that they existed.

and that he definitely had to have a share of the spoils.

the bow-wielding old man kept the loot that he had set aside.

dugu bai curiously asked, “senior, whom are you preparing that loot for?”

the bow-wielding old man had a profound look on his face as he said, “this is top secret information of the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect, are you sure that you want to know?”

“top secret?” the monster fox dugu bai gulped, and said, “is it going to cost me to listen in on the secret?”

“you’re the disciple of that little girl, fleeting life, a true successor of my thirty-three divine beasts’ sect. as long as you dedicate everything you have to the sect and bring it glory, you will naturally be qualified to know such secrets.”

dugu bai said, “bring it glory? such a thing would require everyone to work together.”

the bow-wielding old man smiled and shook his head. “no. we are the secret forces of the ‘thirty-three divine beasts’ sect’. in the future, we cannot easily expose ourselves to others. therefore, the task of revitalizing the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect will be left to you and that little girl, fleeting life.”

dugu bai said, “then… i’ll inquire about such secrets at a later date.”

he felt that he was still young, and it was a bit too early for him to inquire about things that were top secret.

the bow-wielding old man looked at dugu bai.

this gaze was extremely profound and unfathomable. while dugu bai was being stared down at, he felt greatly uncomfortable.

“he’s still too young after all.” the bow-wielding old man placed his hands behind his back and looked into the distance.

fairy fleeting life’s older brother, who had claimed to be cannon fodder a, similarly placed his hands behind him and assumed the same posture as the bow-wielding old man, sating in the same tone, “too young indeed.”

what are they trying to say?

wait, could my answer just now have made the senior and elder brother dissatisfied? if so, then is it going to hinder me from marrying my teacher in the future?

should i restore my image in their minds?

“senior, elder brother. i’ve given it some more thought, i’m willing to offer my life to the ‘thirty-three divine beasts’ sect’. you can leave the task of revitalizing the sect to me. you can rest assured and tell me those top secrets. mm-hm, i believe that i’m ready to take on these heavy responsibilities.” dugu bai patted his chest hard.

the elder brother turned his head and looked at dugu bai silently, then nodded, turned his head, and continued to look into the distance.

similarly, the bow-wielding old man turned his head and silently looked at dugu bai, then nodded, turned his head, and continued to look into the distance.

dugu bai felt anxious.

what exactly are they trying to tell me?

“work hard,” the bow-wielding old man said in a calm tone at this time. “the great task of reviving the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect is in your hands. when the time comes, i will tell you of all the secrets of the divine beasts’ sect.”

is this a test?

dugu bai gritted his teeth, and said, “no problem!”

the older brother said, “we will help you appropriately in the dark. you won’t be fighting alone.”

dugu bai took a deep breath and began to think about how he should ‘revitalize’ the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect.

the bow-wielding old man used secret sound transmission to say to the older brother, [fleeting life found a good disciple who is quite similar to her.]

the older brother nodded, and replied, [indeed… birds of the same feather flock together. however, fleeting life’s eyes are truly sharp. as long as he’s trained properly, this little monster fox is the best candidate to be the next sect master of the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect. his talent for cultivation is great, and as for the defects in character, i will find ways to patch those up.]

the bow-wielding old man asked, [that would be good. what’s the relationship between him and fleeting life?]

the older brother smiled slightly, and said, [these days, young people’s affairs should be left to them to handle… what was it called, freedom to love?]

the bow-wielding old man nodded slightly.

at the same time, inside the small black room.

senior white stopped the walking tractor and climbed out of it.

“nope, this is also a dead end.” senior white stretched out his hand towards the air. a black crystal wall had appeared in front of him; this wall would prevent anyone from leaving.

and in this space, jumping through space was disabled. there was simply no way out of here.

soft feather asked, “since it’s a dead end, and we have no way of leaving by ourselves, shall we fish for some turtles?”

senior white’s clone still had a bundle of song shuhang’s long blue hair that could attract giant turtles of disaster.

“that would be a fine choice of action.” senior white nodded, and said, “if another giant turtle of disaster comes this time, let’s kill it straight away. afterward, i can study the structure of its body carefully and decipher the principle of their space-time traversal. at that time, we’ll finally be able to get out of the small black room. more importantly, in the future, we won’t have to be afraid of being caught and sent into this type of small black room anymore.”

towards the end of his words, senior white showed a happy expression.

i haven’t seen senior white this happy for quite some time.

senior white took out the thick blue long hair, and let it spread out freely in the space.

subsequently, he got ready and brought out the tree of virtue.

behind song shuhang, the virtuous lamia appeared and took out scarlet heaven sword. at a critical moment, she would be able to slash out an eighth stage-level attack, and if scarlet heaven sword were to burst out with all its strength, she could even slash out a ninth stage-level flaming saber.

soft feather and su clan’s sixteen retreated to the rear to watch the battle.

time passed minute by minute.

a giant turtle of disaster did not appear for a long time.

senior white said, “be patient, it’s just like fishing. if you don’t have enough patience, the fish won’t bite the bait. also, you should retract your auras, otherwise a being like the giant turtle of disaster that can wander through time and space might feel uneasy after sensing it and choose to retreat.”

and so, everyone began to wait patiently.

senior white reminded, “if you are bored, you can take this opportunity to practice for a while. this place is different from the inside of the ‘small black room’, and the spiritual qi here is quite sufficient.”

it might be due to this place having accumulated a lot of treasures over a long period, but the spiritual energy here was very high and quite suitable for cultivation.

meanwhile, in the wiedler’s small white room.

this was where xuan nu sect’s skylark was locked up.

after being locked up in here, her connection with the [netherworld] was interrupted, and the big boss of the netherworld who was in her body lost its energy channels and became very weak.

with that, skylark’s consciousness regained the upper hand and took control of the body.

skylark floated in the space, and said, “eh? i’m out again? i thought that it would take hundreds or even thousands of years for me to reappear.”

skylark exclaimed, “by the way, where is this place? is anyone here? can anyone hear me?”

she felt that this wasn’t the netherworld realm, and the spiritual energy here was very poor. moreover, the entire place was white, and there was nothing there.

after strolling for a long time, she felt a little nauseous.

“a place of absolute white. this is simply terrible,” skylark said in distress.

in such a world, there was nothing to do, and it was very boring.

skylark floated in the air, rolling back and forth in boredom.

skylark said, “seriously, if i hadn’t sought death so much last time, i would be at thrice reckless mad saber’s house right now. he is a very interesting fellow daoist.”

she particularly admired thrice reckless, and felt that their personalities matched a lot. she found it interesting to watch him seek death.

although she didn’t know if thrice reckless was the person she was looking for… in her long life, there was truly a very small number of people she felt close to.

after all, in this world, people like thrice reckless mad saber who regarded ‘death-seeking’ as a profession and an indispensable part of life were just too few. it was difficult to find one even in 100,000 years.

i’m regretting it a little bit now. if i’d known this would happen, i wouldn’t have sought death like that previously. if i hadn’t done that, i would’ve been able to go and play with thrice reckless.

now, she didn’t even know where she was. this strange place had nothing but white.

i’m going to go crazy.

“aaaah, netherworld boss, you’re still in my body, right? come and have a chat!

“say something, let’s talk for five minutes.

“alright then, i’ll start, okay? why were you interested in my body? what is so special about it? i’m also quite curious about this myself.

“netherworld boss, i’m going to ‘beep beep’ your mother!

“you still aren’t going to reply, huh? do you not have a mother?

“umh, talking to myself is quite embarrassing.

“how about i give you control of my body? just come out and have a good chat with me. come on, this is a rare opportunity. i feel that any conflicting views in the world can be settled with a good talk. you’d be happy, i’d be happy, everyone would be happy.

“f*ck, you cheap ball, are you not going to reply?

“ah, so boring, so boring, so boring.”

xuan nu sect’s skylark rolled around frantically in space.

“so boring, i want to get pregnant.”

skylark murmured, “ah, speaking of getting pregnant… i was originally thinking about whether or not i should marry thrice reckless and give birth to a cute child. i feel that if i were to combine my genes with his death-seeking genes, we’d definitely give birth to a very interesting child.”

it’s decided. when i get out of this white room, i’m going to look for thrice reckless and have a child.

the bored skylark raised her head and then lay motionless.

for those who loved to die, there was nothing worse than boredom. this was true for thrice reckless, and also for skylark.

after being bored for some time, skylark suddenly thought of something.

“i can have fun by transcending a tribulation!” her eyes shone brightly!

in the next moment, she began to restrain her qi and rush towards the eighth stage realm.

at the same time… inside song shuhang’s inner world, the profound sage tyrannical song’s spare body slightly vibrated…



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