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1336 An unprecedented tribulation-transcending technique a prolonged illness could make the patient a doctor… and song shuhang had been getting these electric shocks for a good while now. as such, he could now judge the level of a heavenly tribulation’s lightning just by feeling it.

he was very sure that the electric shock that he could feel was one of an eighth stage heavenly tribulation.

what exactly is going on here? i’m not transcending a heavenly tribulation right now, and i haven’t lent any part of my body to any fellow daoists who are transcending a tribulation…

“i’m not the one responsible for this. i just recently came out of the heavenly tribulation realm,” senior white’s clone said to affirm his innocence.

“aaaah~ here it is again.” song shuhang’s entire body convulsed.

while he was in the middle of being electrocuted, he suddenly realized something. “could it be that it’s that body?!”

his consciousness swept through his inner world, immediately checking the sword saber peak. after doing so, he found that the ‘profound sage tyrannical song spare body’ that had been dragged over there by the invisible sword insects had disappeared.

song shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “sure enough, it’s because of that body!”

​​”?” senior white’s clone.

song shuhang said, “the body that i ended up acquiring after the resurrection artifact was activated is nowhere to be found… if i’m not mistaken, it should have gone to the heavenly tribulation realm to transcend a tribulation.”

su clan’s sixteen pondered for a moment, and said, “but that body of yours should be the same as your main body, with a strength at the fourth stage realm. why is it transcending the heavenly tribulation of the eighth stage?”

senior white asked, “could it be like the previous time, when several cultivators transcended their tribulation together and caused it to mutate, getting all dragged into the heavenly tribulation realm?”

song shuhang shook his head.

that was his inner world; there was nobody transcending their tribulation in there.

“what if senior song isn’t transcending a tribulation, and it’s just that his spare body was implicated and pulled into the heavenly tribulation realm?” soft feather hypothesized.

su clan’s sixteen asked, “but who would implicate his spare body?”

senior white clapped his hands. “fairy skylark, it’s definitely her! the resurrection magical treasure was forged with skylark’s eye as a core material. therefore, if skylark were to rush toward the eighth stage profound sage realm again, it’s very likely that song shuhang’s spare body would be implicated.”

“aaah~ it hurts so much~” song shuhang convulsed again. this time, the intensity of the current had become even greater.

he no longer wanted to be electrocuted like this. he had to figure out a way to deal with it.

senior white said, “should i try knocking you out? as long as you’re asleep, there’s a chance that your consciousness will be transferred to the spare body. after that, you’ll at least be able to take some initiative, which is much better than being completely passive like how you are right now.”

song shuhang gritted his teeth and nodded. “okay!”

in the next moment, song shuhang felt everything become black.

senior white’s slender finger had touched his forehead, which caused him to collapse.

su clan’s sixteen reached out to hold song shuhang, and then carried him into the tractor.

soft feather suddenly said, “by the way, sixteen, senior white, do you feel that the senior song’s aura has been getting stronger?”

indeed, whenever song shuhang’s body began convulsing, his aura would rise slightly.

in his body, the second ‘immortal bone’ was forming.

a fourth stage cultivator had to condensate nine ‘immortal bones’. these immortal bones weren’t real bones, but similar to how normal bones would support the body of a normal person, these ‘bones’ supported the cultivation of the cultivator. whether it be the apertures, the dantians, or the mysterious meridians, they were all attached to the immortal bones. the power of these bones directly poured into the illusory core within the life dantian, piercing it in order to strengthen and temper it.

after the nine immortal bones were condensed, one would then have a chance to rush into the golden core realm.

the procedure of the immortal bones piercing one’s illusory core was extremely dangerous. if the core were to accidentally break, the cultivator would virtually lose all chances of advancing. unless, of course, they manage to find a natural treasure or get an expert to heal them and restore their illusory core in the process.

advancement to the fifth stage from the fourth stage was extremely difficult. this was also the reason why the number of the fifth stage spiritual emperors was much smaller compared to the number of fourth stage cultivators.

“it looks like the power of the heavenly tribulation is tempering the immortal bones in his body.” senior white pinched his chin.

su clan’s sixteen asked, “however, isn’t it song shuhang’s spare body that’s bearing the brunt of the heavenly tribulation?”

senior white said, “although it’s the spare body that’s suffering through heavenly tribulation, his main body can somehow sense it. consequently, it’s not that strange that the tempering that his spare body experiences is reflected on his main body.”

su clan’s sixteen rubbed her eyebrows, slightly having difficulty understanding the principles behind senior white’s words.

inside the heavenly tribulation realm.

‘profound sage tyrannical song’, who had been lying prone on the ground, suddenly jumped up.


due to him having jumped too high and the position wherein he ended up being, a bolt of tribulation lightning directly struck him, causing his entire body to twitch, and ultimately sending him crashing back to the ground.

if it were the body of an ordinary fourth stage cultivator that had taken these strikes, they would have been brought to death’s door. even if it weren’t a direct strike, the remnants of an eighth stage lightning tribulation would already be fatal to an ordinary fourth stage cultivator.

however, song shuhang was only scorched and sent back down to the ground. although he was heavily wounded and experienced pain that felt like death, there was still a long way to go before he really died.

song shuhang struggled to get up, opened his mouth, and exhaled black smoke. besides his body, his internal organs were also injured by the lightning tribulation.

“i’m still alive.” song shuhang secretly let out a breath of relief.

perhaps it was because his physical body far exceeded the strength of an ordinary fourth stage cultivator, or perhaps it was because he’d experienced the strikes of eighth stage lightning tribulations for an extended period of time, but his body had somehow acquired a certain level of resistance to it.

at this time, he directed his gaze toward the sea of lightning in the distance.

he saw a familiar figure in the distance.

thick and long blue hair… it was fairy skylark.

this was the source of the disaster this time.

the posture that fairy skylark assumed as she transcended her tribulation was one that song shuhang had never seen before.

when it came to the methods with which most cultivators transcended their tribulations, they could generally be divided into three types: a, b, and c.

a, those who were strong enough to fight the heavenly tribulation head-on—one of the best examples of which was senior white. “this heavenly tribulation is quite interesting, i’m going to beat it up and take it back home with me.”

b, those with a strong defense that could bring them through the heavenly tribulation—one of the best examples of which was the fifth sage in a thousand years, sage monarch winter melon. “come and try cutting this old man down! if my defenses shatter, i will lose. but if you can’t get past my defenses, then i’m prepared to stay in this stalemate vigorously for several years.”

c, those who used all kinds of weird secret techniques, formations, and other things to get through to the end of the heavenly tribulation. the best example for this was the ‘crouching down while holding your head’ secret technique and the ‘fiercely kneeling on the ground’ secret technique that the second, third, and fourth sages in a thousand years had used. “daddy, please be gentler.”

as for fairy skylark’s tribulation-transcending technique, it was to lie down and roll around while under fire from the heavenly tribulation.

skylark repeated, “ah, it hurts, it hurts!”

she didn’t go on defense or offense, and she didn’t use any secret techniques.

she completely relied on her humongous health bar.

it was a battle to see which one was better between the might of the heavenly tribulation and her vitality!

song shuhang was dumbfounded.

he had never seen such a tribulation-transcending technique before. it was simply cruel to oneself with no regard for their own life!



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