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1280 Kissing with background music?

This involuntary action and speech… Am I in the dreamland again?

The dreamland came quite suddenly this time around. As such, Song Shuhang had no idea whose life he was experiencing.

However, it seemed he was dreaming the life of a woman this time.

As such, he recalled the women that had a fair bit of contact with him recently.

Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Chu?

Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue?

Kindness from the Beast Realm?

These were the only ones he had been in contact with in the past few days, but none of these seemed to be the kind to go and play around with other fairies.

So, who was the person he had become in this dreamland?

While he was in thought, the subject of this dreamland strode toward the fairy that was by the lake.

Sensing the movement of the ‘subject’, the fairy by the lake turned around.

She had fair skin without flaws.

She had vertical pupils, and there was a conspicuous mole below the corner of her right eye, which made her look very charming. She seemed to have just cried as her eyes were reddish and teary.

It was the virtuous lamia, Fairy @#%×!

Song Shuhang recognized her at a glance.

With them being together day and night for so long, it would be strange if he couldn’t recognize her.

The woman by the lake was Fairy @#%×, so the subject in this dreamland was definitely Fairy Cheng Lin!

He had become Cheng Lin this time around.

It was his first time dreaming about the life of an ‘Immortal’.

There was one time before when he thought that he had become Cheng Lin, but he was just drawn into a dream by some alcoholic Immortal and Immortal Master Ivory Trigram.

Am I experiencing Cheng Lin’s past?

When did this happen?

Could it be before the era of the ancient Heavenly City? During it? Or maybe after it?

Fairy Cheng Lin strode closer to Fairy @#%×.

Fairy @#%× looked at Cheng Lin with some vigilance. Obviously, in the ‘setting’ of this dreamland, Fairy@#%× did not know Cheng Lin yet, and had yet to fall in love with her.

Fairy @#%× asked, “Who are you?” Her voice was flustered, and she looked like a frightened bunny.

At this time, ‘Cheng Lin’ sped up her strides towards Fairy @#%×.

She reached out and skillfully caught Fairy @#%×’s chin, and then said in a very gentle tone, “A beauty in tears would cause everyone to pity her. Miss, why are you crying alone here?”

Why in the world do you seem so skilled at this?! Song Shuhang complained inwardly.

When the two fairies were communicating, they used the language of the ancient era, but as Song Shuhang was in the dream state, he could fully understand what they were saying.

At the same time, he could experience the same things as Cheng Lin’s. He could sense everything that she saw, heard, smelled, and touched.

Song Shuhang could see Fairy @#%×’s panicked face, hear her light breathing, smell the faint floral fragrance of her body, and feel that delicate and soft sensation at Cheng Lin’s fingertips.

Fairy @#%× anxiously said, “Who are you, and why are you here?” She wanted to get rid of Cheng Lin’s fingers, but Cheng Lin’s strength was clearly higher than hers. The latter’s fingertips followed Fairy #@%×’s movements and kept pinching her chin.

Cheng Lin smiled. “Miss, my name is Cheng Lin, and my daoist name is Cheng Lin as well. How about you, Miss?”

Sure enough, it was her.

“I, I’m not going to tell you.” Fairy @#%× stood up and took a step back.

Fairy@#%× in this setting was like a cute little flower. Seeing her would make you pity her, while the mole at the corner of her eye made her look pure with a touch of charm.

“Sister, you’re so mean, but the meaner the woman, the cuter she is.” Cheng Lin squatte down, and held her cheeks in both hands before looking at the panicked Fairy @#%× and blinking.

Fairy @#%×: “…”

“I’m not kidding. I saw that you were crying by the lake, so I came over to comfort you. Sister, you can tell me what’s making you sad. Anyway, it’s not like we know each other, so you don’t have to be afraid of losing face when telling me about those things. I’m very free lately, and since you’re a beautiful lady, I can help you for free if you need my help. Mm-hm, if someone makes you cry and you need me to teach the other party a lesson, I can also give you a 20% discount.” It seemed Fairy Cheng Lin was trying to sell her cuteness with this type of posture…

…because Song Shuhang found that his head was swaying from side to side.

Fairy Cheng Lin would look pretty cute with her hands on her cheeks and her head swaying from side to side.

However, if it was a big man like Song Shuhang who was squatting on the ground, holding his cheeks in both hands and swaying his head, he would probably be discriminated against.

Fairy @#%× said, “Y-you are contradicting yourself. In the first sentence, you said that everything is free, and then in the next, you say that you’ll give me a 20% discount.”

Cheng Lin giggled, and said, “Sister, you really are quite mean~ I’m going to help you for free if you can’t handle a matter. On the other hand, beating others up is a completely different matter. Beating others up is very dangerous, and it is quite a bad thing to do. Helping you is good, but fighting for you is bad. Of course it would be different. However, it looks like someone is hurting this Sister, do you want me to beat them up?”

Fairy @#%× blushed and shook her head vigorously. “No, no!”

Cheng Lin giggled, and said, “Big sis, your thoughts are plain on your face, it’s really easy to guess.” After saying that, she stood up and clapped her hands. “Well, looking at your beautiful face. Sister, if I fight for you, I can give you a bigger discount.”

After Cheng Lin stood up, Song Shuhang discovered one thing.

After she stood up, her eyes were at the level of Fairy @#%×’s chest. In other words, her build was very short at this time. No wonder she was shameless enough to call @#%× big sis.

Cheng Lin proudly said, “Just say it. Big sis, who is the person that you want to get beaten up? Despite how small I look, I am very strong. Within 1000 miles from here, only two old men can defeat me. As for the rest, I can easily beat them until they cry.”

Fairy @#%×’s eyes lit up. “You can beat them until they cry?”

When Song Shuhang heard this, his heart suddenly moved.

In the ancient era, it was claimed that there was someone who had been beaten up until tears flowed down their face a good number of times. It was also said that this person had shed hundreds of precious tears—that person was Slow-Witted Song.

Since Fairy Cheng Lin was good at making people cry, could it be that Slow-Witted Song was the one she was going to beat?

“Big sis, who do you want to cry? I’m telling you a secret: I have a special method, a set of combos to be accurate, that make it such that even if the opponent’s will is as strong as iron, or their entire body is made of iron, I will still be able to make them shed tears,” Cheng Lin said with an eager look.

Fairy @#%× happily said, “Anyone is fine?”

Cheng Lin responded, “Uh, as long as it’s anyone other than those two old men. I’m not in the best state to go against those two old men. I’m afraid I won’t be able to defeat them.”

Fairy @#%× said, “Okay, apart from the two ancestors, are you really able to beat anyone up until they start crying?

Cheng Lin patted her chest. “Big sis, just tell me who you want me to beat up and tell me what they look like. I’ll make sure that you can see them crying in minutes.”

While Cheng Lin patted her chest in affirmation, Song Shuhang’s palm felt a soft sensation. Although the volume wasn’t large, it was very elastic. Mere words couldn’t describe the sensation.

Song Shuhang: “…”

What is this?

An unexpected benefit?

I hope she won’t sense what’s happening in the dreamland…

Otherwise, perhaps that method of hers that could make even a man of steel have tears streaming down the face would be experienced by him first-hand.

However, Immortals seemed to be very sensitive to these matters. Whenever he dreamt of something related to an ‘Immortal’, it would attract the attention of the said Immortal. This time, he directly possessed Fairy Cheng Lin’s body… Things could go south pretty soon.

Song Shuhang was a little panicky.

Fairy @#%× took a breath, and said, “The person I want to have beaten up is right in front of me. Her name is Cheng Lin, can you please make her cry?”

Cheng Lin: “…”

Fairy @#%× said, “Didn’t you say that apart from those two ancestors, you could make anyone cry? Are you going to go back on your words?”

Cheng Lin giggled, and said, “Big sis, you are so bad, but I like it.”

She raised her finger, and said, “Big sis, it’s a deal then!”

“Huh?” This time, it was Fairy @#%×’s turn to be surprised.

Cheng Lin said, “The price to ‘make Cheng Lin cry’ is 10 kisses from big sis. A 20% discount will make it eight kisses, while the further discounts for you will bring it down to six kisses. The transaction is completed.”

After that, she stretched out her hand and gently patted her arm.

She began to cry bitterly. “Waaah~”

Her wails were extremely sad, and the tears seemed like they would never stop falling.

While she was crying, she leaped forward and plunged into Fairy @#%×’s arms, wetting the other party’s clothes with her tears.

Song Shuhang felt that his face was buried in two soft round objects.

Another sudden benefit.

“Big sis, now it’s your turn. Give a kiss, one that’s sweet. I don’t want it if it isn’t sweet, waaaah~” Cheng Lin raised her head and looked at Fairy @#%×.

It isn’t easy to have me cry, but I can cry for you as much as you want.

There are many ways to cry, and I can change my style at will.

Wuuuu~ Waahhh~ Sniffle~

I can go on until the customer is satisfied.

Fairy @#%× panicked, and her small face paled in shock.

Song Shuhang: “…”

I never thought that Cheng Lin would be this kind of person!

“Big sis, are you going to renege on the deal? Waaaaah~” Cheng Lin raised her head, tears unceasingly streaming down her face, but the corners of her mouth rose in a smug smile.

Fairy @#%× was helpless. “I, I’ll owe it to you first!”

Cheng Lin proudly said, “Okay, then so be it.” After that, she reached out to wipe away her tears.

Fairy @#%× could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Cheng Lin made a sudden move. She raised her head and leaned towards Fairy @#%× lips.

Fairy @#%×’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Song Shuhang’s eyes widened as well as he watched the red lips in front of him get increasingly closer.

As he watched the lips of the two people get closer and closer, a deafening sound began playing all around him.

It was the sound of violent guitar strumming.

Kissing with background music?

No, that’s not it!

Song Shuhang had a bad feeling.



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