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Chapter 1279 This fairy is so beautiful, I’m going to go and have some fun with her

Senior White Two said, “Inner demons are intangible, ever-changing. Their existence approaches that of thoughts. In addition, since they can amplify the weak points within a cultivator’s heart… they are especially difficult to deal with. However, what if an inner demon took shape, assuming a fixed form?”

It was difficult to deal with inner demons due to them being ever-changing and intangible. Because of that, one wouldn’t be able to beat them with normal methods.

Within the inner demon tribulation, the inner demons never had a fixed form. They could be a stone, a grass, a familiar person, a stranger, an enemy, an animal, or a monster beast, or even darkness, a bright moon, or the rising sun.

As long as there was a single weakness within a cultivator’s heart, the inner demon would be able to take that shape. It was the editor, the director, and the actor that cooperated with the cultivator to complete a big show, a show in which it handled pretty much everything.

Some fools had the special ability to pull the IQ of the other party to a level that was the same as their own. After that, they could use their rich experience to defeat the opponent.

Inner demons had a similar ability: they were able to pull the cultivator into a battlefield where they reigned supreme, and then used their rich experience to kill the cultivator.

However, what if the usually ever-changing ‘inner demons’ took a fixed shape?

There was no need to project the materialized form of the inner demon to the main world; it was enough as long as the form was fixed. As long as the cultivator had a firm will, they would have a good chance at eradicating this type of inner demon. As a result, the chance of success they had at transcending their inner demon tribulation would increase greatly.

“Making their form fixed?” Song Shuhang pinched his chin and thought.

Senior White Two further explained, “For example, the sound of nature can set this venue as the background of the inner demon tribulation, while the inner demon could be Dharm King Creation himself.”

Song Shuhang immediately pictured it inside his head and couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “Pfff~”

Forcefully replacing an inner demon, eh?

It was quite interesting thinking about how all of the cultivators who were affected by the sound of nature suddenly had their original inner demons transformed into Dharma King Creation’s concert.

Suppose there was a cultivator who had just been emotionally hurt, and whose inner demon tribulation happened to be the person he loved. As they were discussing their feelings, the lover suddenly turned into Dharma King Creation. And then, the scene of the concert would take over, while his lover—Dharma King Creation—would begin to sing loudly.

Inner demons, tribulations… everything would be forgotten, and the cultivator would definitely try to get out of that place as soon as possible.

Song Shuhang said, “No wonder every cultivator who had woken up from their inner demon tribulation was calling out for help and surrendering. They probably had to experience Dharma King Creation’s singing for quite a while.”

While they were talking, a foaming young cultivator, who was caught in his inner demon tribulation, suddenly sat up. “Save me! 10,000 Dharma King Creations are singing. Mommy, save me~ Master, save me~ I don’t want to attend such a concert. No, Master, how did you become Dharma King Creation? No~ Everyone is becoming Dharma King Creation!”

As soon as the young cultivator sat up, he saw Dharma King Creation roaring on the stage and the eight Dharma King Creations surrounding the venue on aircrafts.

“Aah, there are Dharma King Creations here as well~ Please let me go… I’m not transcending the inner demon tribulation anymore!” The eyes of the young cultivator rolled up and he fell to the ground weakly.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Senior White Two laughed, and said, “It seems that we underestimated the power of this concert. Can you imagine that? 10,000 Dharma King Creations singing together?”

Song Shuhang remarked, “That inner demon is simply too terrifying.”

However, the effect of the sound of nature was very strong. At this moment, several cultivators were able to struggle out of their inner demon tribulation.

Song Shuhang affirmed, “Senior Creation is going to be a big hit, his success will only be limited by the vastness of the universe!”

Although it wasn’t an ability to directly destroy inner demons, Dharma King Creation’s singing could greatly increase a cultivator’s chances of getting past the inner demon tribulation.

Song Shuhang said, “I have a hunch that Dharma King Creation’s next recording is going to sell well!”

Senior White Two said, “Recording? That stuff won’t have any effect. The effect of the ‘sound of nature’ is strongest when heard live. If it’s heard over a recording or a mobile phone, it has nearly no effect at all. One would only hear the hellish sound of that violent roaring. It would be the kind of sound effect that could cause a person’s body to go weak and make them feel desperate.”

When Dharma King Creation sang to Song Shuhang through his mobile phone previously, even Senior White Two hadn’t noticed the sound of nature that was hidden in the singing.

The sound of nature was only audible at the concert venue wherein Dharma King Creation was singing.

“Eh? Recordings and mobile phone broadcasts won’t work? ​​Then why was Soft Feather able to get past her inner demon tribulation while listening to Senior Creation’s music?” Song Shuhang looked puzzled.

He quietly glanced at Soft Feather who was still cheering.

Sure enough… Was this girl really just different from others?

I’m afraid that even Senior White Two might have guessed wrong. Soft Feather might not have actually heard the ‘sound of nature’ hidden in the song. Instead of that, she was simply able to appreciate the hellish sound in Dharma King Creation’s singing…

Now, Dharma King Creation was taking a short break after having sang the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯.

He softly said, “The next song is a new song that I wrote quite recently. The style of this song is completely different from my previous songs. I define its nature as a ‘lullaby before bed’. It’s a very gentle song that everyone should be able to appreciate.”

What? A gentle song? One similar to a ‘lullaby before bed’?

Behind him, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple struggled and said, “Urgh~ I dare to guarantee that… the effects of Fellow Daoist Creation’s lullaby will be absolutely great.”

As he was a Sixth Stage True Monarch, he was able to barely resist until now.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple was the youngest Sixth Stage Realm cultivator in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’. He was of the same generation as Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and Su Clan’s Seven, but was the first one among his peers to reach the Sixth Stage.

“Woof~ A violent lullaby~ Woof~ One where one has no choice but to sleep~” Doudou’s body twitched continuously.

Song Shuhang glanced at Doudou in surprise. “Eh? Doudou, you haven’t fainted yet?”

“Woof~ I’ve already passed out twice,” said Doudou before tilting his head and passing out once again.

Song Shuhang asked, “Should I move you into my Inner World?”

However, Doudou could no longer respond.

Song Shuhang remembered the sea turtle and asked, “By the way, Senior Turtle, should I bring you away from here?”

However, the sea turtle was not able to reply, either.

It had shrunk in its shell, and did not even dare to breathe. It seemed super scared.

Song Shuhang looked puzzled.

Senior Creation’s singing was this powerful?

At this time, on the stage, Dharma King Creation took a few steps back, while a light that came from the sky enveloped his figure again.

As the light dispersed, Dharma King Creation’s attire became that of a ancient sunshine boy.

“This song, ❮The Warmth of Touch❯, is dedicated to everyone,” Dharma King Creation said in a soft tone.

Interestingly, when Dharma King Creation spoke in a soft tone, his voice was very crisp.

The accompaniment sounded again.

This time, the accompaniment was a very soft piano sound that made people feel calm.

Dharma King Creation lowered his volume, and slowly sang, “Fleeting time that passes without notice, what does it reflect in my eyes? The moonlight descends upon me, gently caressing my face with its soft fingers…”

This time, there were no strong sound waves, and there was no hellish sound.

As his singing became softer and deeper, the cultivators that were still alive seemed to experience an auditory hallucination.

They seemed to hear a song from the distant sky, one that came to them and passed through their ears.

The sound was very natural. No, it was the sound of nature itself.

It was just that the sound was very hazy and quite indistinct.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple subconsciously said, “This can’t be Creation’s voice.”

Riverly Purple Mist, who had regained consciousness, said the same. “Senior Creation cannot possibly sing such a song.”

Great Master Profound Principle shook his head hard. This was definitely a fake Dharma King Creation.

As he continued to perform, Dharma King Creation was getting better and better. This was the first time that he sang a song that was as gentle as this, but he had never expected it to be this amazing.

At the same time, the eight Dharma King Creations on the aircraft opened their mouths and gently sang the ❮The Warmth of Touch❯ with him.

Dharma King Creation’s Song x9!

Everyone was immersed in the singing—to be precise, everyone was looking for the strands of the sound of nature in the singing, trying to catch them.

At this time, Song Shuhang suddenly yawned.

Drowsiness overflowed his mind.

He was different from the other listeners. He was the one who was able to sense the sound of nature most intuitively. This time, the sound had something like a strong hypnotic effect.

After a few breaths, Song Shuhang could no longer stand it, so he sat down right where he was, and slept sweetly after tilting his head.

Only Soft Feather was in the same situation.

She rubbed her eyes vigorously to resist the drowsiness. As the true number one fan + sole fan of Dharma King Creation, she wanted to use her will to resist this drowsiness so that she could at least listen to the entire song.

However, as the song was halfway through, she was no longer able to keep up.

The charm of sleep was simply too powerful, and even her powerful will could not resist it. No matter how hard she rubbed her eyes, it didn’t have any effect at all.

As such, she stopped resisting, took a step back, and sat back in her seat.

Before she went to sleep, she turned to look at Song Shuhang.

Eh? Senior Song has gone to sleep too?

Other than her and Senior Song, nobody else seemed to be affected.

Soft Feather yawned once more before stretching her hand and subconsciously bringing out her ‘size-reducing purse’.

She then pulled out a blanket.

After that, she draped the blanket over her body, leaned her head back on her seat, and slept sweetly.

Song Shuhang slept soundly.

His consciousness soared high up into the air, flying around…

It was unknown for how long his consciousness flew, but suddenly the scenery around him changed.

He found himself at the edge of a small lake surrounded by hazy mist.

Song Shuhang’s body moved towards the lake uncontrollably.

In a few steps, he was able to discern the silhouette of a beautiful woman sitting by the lake.

The beauty supported her chin in one hand, making it so that only less than half of her face could be seen.

At this time, Song Shuhang found himself saying, “Woah, this fairy is so beautiful, I’m going to go and have some fun with her.”

…WTF, why the hell do I have a woman’s voice???




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