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Chapter 1281 From this day onward, you are Cheng Lin

With the sound of the violent guitar, Song Shuhang’s surroundings changed. From the vast lakeside, it turned into a live concert with an atmosphere of heavy metal.

The Fairy @#%× in front of him had also turned into Dharma King Creation.

The plot instantly turned into that of a horror movie.

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but curse, “F*ck!!!”

It was Dharma King Creation’s concert arena where inner demons were dealt with.

Previously, he was discussing with Senior White Two how a lovelorn cultivator that was talking with their beloved might suddenly see them turn into Dharma King Creation.

Now, the same thing happened to him.

Only after experiencing it for myself, I can truly understand how terrible it is.

When ‘Fairy Cheng Lin’ was about to kiss Dharma King Creation, Song Shuhang’s heart died a little.

Fortunately… Cheng Lin’s kiss did not connect.

When the sound of the violent guitar echoed, the scene changed, and the ongoing storyline was paused.

Then, the Dharma King Creation that Fairy @#%× had turned into teleported on the stage.

He had a guitar in his hands as he began to sing the third song of the concert with all his might.

This song was a fast-paced one; it was so fast that nobody could properly hear the lyrics.

Song Shuhang also had no idea what he was singing about.

Moreover, in this strange ‘dreamland’, he did not have Senior White Two’s buff. As such, the singing did not reach his ears in the form of ‘sound of nature’ but in the form of hellish sound.

Negative status effects such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, and dizziness emerged.

Song Shuhang mused, Sure enough, this dreamland isn’t like the others… it should be Ye Si’s inner demon.

The interaction between ‘Cheng Lin’ and Fairy @#%× just now was probably the content of Ye Si’s inner demon tribulation.

However, what was the deal with Ye Si’s inner demon?

Shouldn’t her inner demon be related to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

Why did it become Cheng Lin’s past?

Even if Cheng Lin was her mother, Ye Si’s inner demon had no reason to cause her to dream about Cheng Lin’s past, unless… Ye Si and Cheng Lin were like one single entity.

This conjecture would simply be terrifying.

In addition, what made Song Shuhang even more puzzled was this: Why did his ‘dreamland’ ability lead him to enter Ye Si’s inner demon tribulation?

The dreamland would normally allow him to experience the life of the target, when did it unlock this new function?

Anyway, the inner-demon-slaying concert of ‘Dharma King Creation has already appeared. Ye Si’s inner demon tribulation should soon be coming to an end.

With Ye Si’s willpower, it should be no problem for her to break out of Dharma King Creation’s concert.

As long as it wasn’t about the incident at the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, Ye Si would definitely be able to get through the tribulation.

Song Shuhang felt that he merely had to wait for Ye Si to break out of the tribulation.

However, another change suddenly took place.

Dharma King Creation, who was singing hoarsely on the stage, was suddenly twisted and crushed as if he was thrown into a meat grinder.

This scene was simply horrifying, so Song Shuhang couldn’t help but shout in his mind, “Senior Creation!”

The whole inner-demon-slaying concert was shattered to pieces.

Ye Si’s inner demon is this powerful…?

After shattering, Dharma King Creation and the concert stage turned into light particles.

The particles finally condensed and turned into a female daoist priest.

She was holding a whisk, and there was a bright, moon-like halo above her head that covered her face.

After appearing, she stretched out her hand and pushed at the crooked daoist hat on top of her head to straighten it.

It’s Empress Cheng Lin.

Ye Si’s inner demon is Cheng Lin?

In the distance, Cheng Lin trod on air and walked towards Song Shuhang.

Every time her bare feet would take a step, a jade lotus would form to support her.

After a few steps, she had already arrived before Song Shuhang.

She bent slightly and held Song Shuhang’s cheeks with both hands.

She said with unprecedented motherly care in her voice. “I’ll use this opportunity to pass everything on to you.”

Song Shuhang found himself asking, “Why?”

It was not him talking but rather ‘Ye Si’.

Cheng Lin smiled, and said, “From this day onward, you are Cheng Lin.”

Ye Si replied, “I am Ye Si.”

Cheng Lin said, “You are Ye Si, and you will always be Ye Si. You are not truly becoming Cheng Lin as ‘Cheng Lin’ is but a mere daoist name… But from this day onward, this daoist name belongs to you.”

Ye Si asked, “What about you?”

Cheng Lin softly said, “The ‘Cheng Lin’ from the past no longer exists. She has completely disappeared.”

Ye Si slightly froze.

Completely disappeared?

Cheng Lin said, “Yes, completely disappeared. There will be no transmigration, no resurrection, nor rebirth… She has become a mere part of history.”

After saying that, she gently leaned over and kissed Ye Si’s forehead.

She gently said, “From now on, there will no longer be an Immortal Cheng Lin. There will only be you, Ye Si with the daoist name ‘Cheng Lin’.”

A bright, moon-like mark emerged on Ye Si’s forehead.

Cheng Lin had seemingly come to leave behind her will.

What had happened to her?

Wasn’t she alive and well after the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City? How come she was going to disappear now?

Cheng Lin softly said, “You will slowly be able to digest everything that I have imparted to you. See you later… No, see you never again.”

Ye Si was silent.

Song Shuhang frowned.

Was this an eternal farewell?

If it was really an eternal farewell, what about Fairy @#%×? She was relying on him, and there were now signs of her rebirth. As his light of virtue further condensed, she would one day be able to return to her previous self. Given her obsession with Cheng Lin…

Song Shuhang willed it, and the power of virtue in his body flowed out.

The power of virtue then condensed the outline of the virtuous lamia.

“Aaah~” After appearing, the virtuous lamia looked at Cheng Lin, calling out anxiously as she waved her arms.

Her hands fell on Cheng Lin’s body but directly passed through her, just as if she were an illusion.

Cheng Lin’s body slightly froze.

The appearance of the virtuous lamia was beyond her expectation.

However, she quickly calmed down.

Cheng Lin softly said, “@#%×, you’re here.”

@#%× was the proper pronunciation of her name, and this time, Song Shuhang was able to understand the meaning behind the name in the language of the ancient era.

This name had two meanings.

One was ‘promise’, while the other was ‘to wait’.

However, if he wanted to translate the virtuous lamia’s name directly into a modern language, he wouldn’t be able to think of any word off the top of his head.

Cheng Lin said softly, “You came at the right time. I have something important to tell you.”

The virtuous lamia calmed down. She tilted her head and looked at Cheng Lin.

She already possessed a certain level of intelligence, but even Song Shuhang did not know to what extent she had recovered.

Cheng Lin softly said, “I’m going to disappear completely, and I will no longer be able to be reborn through my path to immortality.”

The virtuous lamia heard this and felt greatly worried. She repeatedly waved her arms in an attempt to grab Cheng Lin.

“Calm down, I’m not done talking yet,” Cheng Lin said as if she were coaxing a child. “After reaching this point, I will no longer hide it from you. I have already secretly reincarnated!”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Didn’t you just say that you were going to disappear forever, without the possibility of being reincarnated, resurrected, or reborn? Now you’re saying that you’ve already reincarnated? What exactly is it that you’re trying to say?

The mother of that certain man surnamed Zhang had once said: The more beautiful the woman, the more likely she was to tend to deception.

The virtuous lamia heard these words and calmed down again. She tilted her head and looked at Cheng Lin, waiting for her to follow.

Fairy Cheng Lin said, “In fact, you should have already discovered which body I’ve reincarnated into!”

The virtuous lamia’s eyes brightened.

Song Shuhang’s heart also moved—her reincarnation was definitely not Ye Si. Ye Si could only be regarded as Cheng Lin’s daughter. Therefore, if Cheng Lin had reincarnated, there could only be one possibility…

Fairy Lychee of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’!

Song Shuhang felt that he discovered the truth.

“Yup, my reincarnated body is little friend Song Shuhang,” Fairy Cheng Lin said. “This time, I turned into a man and became little friend Song Shuhang. I wanted a child, and although I could’ve birthed one by myself, I wanted to have one with you as well.”

Song Shuhang: Σ(°△° )︴

Ye Si: “…”

You damn liar! Song Shuhang felt like flipping a table.

Song Shuhang had met the other part of the third Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, [Striped Dragon Two]. At that time, Striped Dragon Two had clearly told him that he was neither a reincarnation, nor the reborn version of another cultivator.

Like hell I’m your reincarnation!

If he’d been Cheng Lin’s reincarnation, tStriped Dragon Two would have captured him back then.

Moreover, the virtuous lamia was currently living in the form of light of virtue. Was she supposed to give birth to a ball of light?!

The virtuous lamia blinked, and she looked down at Ye Si… Her eyes seemed to see Song Shuhang through Ye Si.

After a moment, her eyes brightened.

Idiot! You’re actually believing it?! Song Shuhang roared inwardly.

Cheng Lin said, “We will be happy in the future, my reincarnation, you, and my daughter Ye Si. We’ll be a happy family~”

Don’t mess up my relationships, you bastard! Song Shuhang wished he could grab Cheng Lin and shake her around like crazy.

Ye Si said, “What about Song Shuhang and I? Should I call him father now?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

If you don’t stop, I really am going to flip the table!

Cheng Lin said, “Huh? Do you have an affair with little friend Shuhang? This makes things a bit more troublesome.”

Ye Si said, “It’s not really an affair… The two of us felt that we were very compatible, so we wanted to try things out. However, I somehow ended up becoming his ghost spirit.”

“In this case…” Cheng Lin said. “From now on, you are no longer my daughter. You and @#%× shall compete for my reincarnation!”

Ye Si said, “If you want to go for Song Shuhang, you will have to go through me first! I’m Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit, his senses and consciousness are shared with me. I am him, and he is me!”

Senior Sister Ye Si, mind your IQ! Don’t let it be dragged down by the enemy. They’ll bring you to their level and defeat you with their experience. You have to stop playing their game!

While they were talking, Cheng Lin suddenly stopped.

Subsequently, her figure gradually became transparent.

She softly said, “Time is up.”

Then, she completely disappeared, as if she had never even appeared.

The virtuous lamia subconsciously reached forward and grabbed in front of her, but she could not catch a thing.

She paused for a long while and sighed faintly.

“A poor lie,” she muttered. This time her words were no longer a clip cut from a TV series or a movie, nor was it Scarlet Heaven Sword speaking for her, but it was her original voice instead.

From the beginning to the end, she did not believe a single one of Cheng Lin’s words.

Song Shuhang: “…”

The more the beautiful women, the more likely they were to deceive others, and the more likely it was that they would be acting. Even the virtuous lamia was no exception.

After the virtuous lamia finished speaking, she disappeared.

“Shuhang,” Ye Si said suddenly. “I know that you heard everything… My words just now were for you.”


Ye Si proudly said, “If someone wants to get to you, they’ll have to get through me first.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Ye Si continued, “In addition, Cheng Lin’s previous words were for you, not me.”

What? Which words?

“From this day onward, you are Cheng Lin,” Ye Si said. “Your eighth daoist name shall be Cheng Lin.”

[What? I’m Cheng Lin? That daoist name can’t do for me. Also, let’s take a step back… Even if I were to take the name ‘Cheng Lin’, it would only be my seventh daoist name since I’ve already given one to Little Cai,] Song Shuhang corrected.

Ye Si said, “You still have the Sage Name ‘Tyrannical Song’.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Ye Si smiled, and said, “From now on, I am you, and you are me. There is no longer any distinction between us.”

“You are Song Shuhang and Ye Si, while I am Ye Si and Song Shuhang.”

This meant that after the inheritance of ‘Cheng Lin’ was imparted, the relationship between Ye Si and Song Shuhang would become even closer.

The relationship between the two would go further than the relationship between a normal ghost spirit and its master.

As this relationship became more intimate, Song Shuhang’s and Ye Si’s minds would achieve a certain degree of synchronization.

Song Shuhang asked, [Why did Cheng Lin disappear?]

Ye Si replied, “I don’t know.”

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but think of Slow-Witted Song.

The guy who was said to have mastered Cheng Lin’s ‘path to immortality’.

Pavilion Master Chu said that a path to immortality could only be mastered by a single person, which was why she couldn’t figure out how Slow-Witted Song mastered Cheng Lin’s path.

According to the clues that Song Shuhang had obtained just now, if Cheng Lin were to disappear for real, then it should be possible for Slow-Witted Song to master her path to immortality.

If this was the case, what was the relationship between Slow-Witted Song and Cheng Lin?

Song Shuhang sighed deeply in his heart.

The relationships between Slow-Witted Song, Cheng Lin, Pavilion Master Chu, the Ancestral Golden Dragon, and other people from ancient times are exceedingly complex. Just thinking about it causes my brain to hurt.

Song Shuhang asked, [When is your inner demon tribulation going to end?]

Ye Si said, “It’s already over… However, it will take some time for me to wake up.”

She still needed to digest what Cheng Lin had left her.

After Ye Si finished talking, she gently waved her hand.

With that, Song Shuhang’s consciousness left.

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