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Chapter 1212 What are you saying? I don’t understand

The red-robed baldy had completely died, even his soul had been destroyed. Looking at the situation, even if the red-robed baldy had left behind a method for his reincarnation during his lifetime, it appeared that there was still not much hope of him being able to resurrect.

Song Shuhang sighed silently.

Even if he was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, death was still death.

As the Northern Emperor had said, an unprecedented era would unfold, but this era was also the most dangerous era.

Afterward, Song Shuhang raised his head again and saw that the giant shield in the sky once again, causing his liver to hurt tremendously.

Should I try appraising it again?

Although he was in a liquefied state, it still hurts when he used the secret appraisal technique.

Moreover… there was a painful sensation in his spirit. It should be the price from the accidentally appraising a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

Sure enough, in his current state, it was still difficult for him to appraise a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. With his current state, he was afraid that he would not be able to use the secret appraisal technique for a while.

Song Shuhang asked, “By the way, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, do you know anything about this combined magical treasure shield?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword: “I don’t know much about the history of the era of the ancient Heavenly City. When I had condensed into a complete sword spirit, it was already after the era of the ancient Heavenly City.”

Song Shuhang moved his consciousness over the ‘Inner World’ where there was a big sea turtle from the era of the Heavenly City. Perhaps Senior Turtle might know some things.

When he sank his consciousness into the Palace of Winter, Senior Turtle was in posing in a lotus sitting position and appeared to be at a critical juncture in refining the ‘Ice Soul Pill.

It seemed like it was not the right time to bother it.

Song Shuhang withdrew his consciousness from the Inner World.

At this time, Scarlet Heaven Sword said to him, “Right, Song Shuhang, do you see those crystal stardust? Can you try collecting them.”

Song Shuhang turned his head to look around. Scarlet Heaven Sword appeared to be talking about the stardust that was left behind after the annihilation of the red-robed baldy.

Song Shuhang asked, “Are they treasures?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Collecting the remains of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender that was annihilated must be done properly. Be careful not to directly make contact with them. Do you have something like a jade box? Put the stardust in it.”

Song Shuhang said, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Hmm… Ye Si was currently transcending her tribulation. Is it really okay for me to run over and collect treasures?

Ye Si waved at him, and said, “I’ll can pay attention to it myself, it seems that the giant shield hasn’t responded yet.”

Song Shuhang nodded and took a box out of his spatial magical treasure. This was the box that Senior White had used to keep the ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ previously.

Under the command of Scarlet Heaven Sword, he carefully placed all the stardust into it.

“Now, do we still have to confront this shield like this?” Ye Si said, “I feel like if we continue to confront it like this, the heavenly tribulation won’t be doing anything until next year.

Song Shuhang nodded, he thought so as well.

If it was possible, he would have wanted to appraise the heavenly tribulation first, so that they could act according to the results of the appraisal. However, with his current state, he could not use the secret appraisal technique.

Song Shuhang said, “We aren’t Sage Monarch Winter Melon, so let’s just attack.” He still had the ‘flat imperial crown’ card on hand, so he was confident that the situation could still be salvaged if anything were to happen.

Song Shuhang said again, “Actually, it would be great if this heavenly tribulation could be sealed. I really want to study this heavenly tribulation combined magical treasure.”

It was a pity that his current phone had yet to undergo magical modifications and there was no signal here to contact Senior White. Otherwise, he would have definitely summoned Senior White by now to request him to seal the thirty-three combined magica; treasure so that he could take it back to study it.

Ye Si said, “How about you ask Pavilion Master Chu to make a move and seal it?”

Song Shuhang shook his head. “If Pavilion Master Chu were to intervene in the heavenly tribulation, it’s likely that it would mutate into a Ninth Stage one. The cost and rewards are not worth it.”

“Hihi, then I’ll be making my move!” Ye Si smiled lightly. After that, she flipped open her life-bound golden book.

In the next moment, there was a strong water dragon that condensed from the golden book and rose into the sky. At the same time, Ye Si waved the ‘Deadly Cold’ sword and slashed it out towards the water dragon.

The sword qi merged with the water dragon and charged towards the giant shield in the sky.


A huge explosion resounded, and mist enveloped shield in the sky.

After a while, the mist dissipated.

The heavenly tribulation shield was completely intact.

“How could this be?” Ye Si blinked. Just now, her sword strike was a combination of different secret techniques, and that strike had power that was infinitely close to the Sixth Stage.

This heavenly tribulation shield is simply too hard.

Song Shuhang said, “Let’s try attacking together.”

He circulated the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique) with all he had and infused innate true yuan into his invisible saber insect, circulated his saber intent, and added the ‘Sage Seal’ on top of all of that.

Afterward, Song Shuhang made a hand seal.

The invisible saber insect soared into the sky, and turned into a ray of moonlight as it slashed towards the shield.

This was the flying saber offensive technique, (Moonlight Saber Control), that Su Clan’s Seven had imparted to him and it was also his strongest form of long-ranged attack. Although the ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’ was indeed stronger than it, Song Shuhang was not able to show the true prowess of the ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’ without the help of ‘Scarlet Heaven Sword’.

Ye Si similarly brought out her Deadly Cold sword, while she flipped her golden book to a new page, to reinforce and strengthern her sword. Afterward, she used the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’s flying sword technique to send her sword at the shield.

The sword was the first one to strike the shield, and the invisible saber insect’s strike directly followed right after.

One saber and one sword.


There was a huge thundering sound that could be heard coming from the shield.

Both the Deadly Cold sword and the invisible saber insect trembled as they were returned. However, the heavenly tribulation shield was still completely intact.

Song Shuhang: “…”

This stuff is really too hard.

If you have a strong defense and others couldn’t make you budge, that would give you quite a refreshing feeling.

However, if someone else has a strong defense and you could not make them budge, that would give you the urge to curse out.

Ye Si retrieved her Deadly Cold sword, while the invisible saber insect returned to Song Shuhang

Ye Si said, “I’ll try a secret technique of the (Tome of Never-Ending Tears).”

Song Shuhang asked, “Does it have a backlash?”

Ye Si replied, “It does, I will be weak for a very long period of time after I use it. In that ‘berserk’ state, I would have the attack power of someone at the Sixth Stage, perhaps I could destroy the shield with that power.”

Song Shuhang said, “Alright, I will protect you.”

Ye Si took a deep breath and silently circulated the (Tome of Never-Ending Tears).

Her momentum became stronger and stronger.

Behind her, the virtuous lamia’s eyes light up, but she remained motionless and only closely watched the changes happening to Ye Si.

After about ten breaths of time.

Ye Si opened her eyes and the corners of her mouth raised.

She first extended her hand out and pushed her head, but her head was intangible. And so, Ye Si showed an uncomfortable expression, and finally only shook her head, swinging around the long braids on her head.

Song Shuhang asked, “Did the secret technique work?”

Ye Si replied, “Of course it failed.”

Although it was still Ye Si’s voice, the tone of the voice had become very strange. This was not how Ye Si spoke.

Song Shuhang stared Ye Si down.

Ye Si said, “Stop taking everything so seriously, your eyes will become astringent.” While saying that, she placed her index fingers and thumbs against each other, forming a rectangular frame.

“Come on, smile.” She approached Song Shuhang and directed her fingers at the two of them.

Song Shuhang: “…”


At this time, the virtuous lamia forced herself in the middle of the two of them in an attempt to be part of the picture.

In this way, a picture of Song Shuhang, Ye Si, and the lamia clinging to one other was printed and appeared in Ye Si ‘s finger camera.

Love life, love selfies.

After taking a group photo with Song Shuhang, Ye Si pointed her finger at the heavenly tribulation in the sky and took a photo.

After that, she turned around once again and took a picture of the virtuous lamia.

After taking the photos, Ye Si folded her hands together, and three sheets that appeared to be ‘photos’ fell out of her palms.

“Here, this one is for you, keep it well. This will be something you can look back to.” Ye Si handed over a ‘photo’ to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang: “…”

After that, Ye Si grabbed the ‘Writing of the Sage’.

“The best way to deal with something like the heavenly tribulation shield is obviously to provoke it and make it leave its defensive state.” After saying that, she slammed the (Writing of the Sage) on the shield.

Song Shuhang’s eyes widened.


The (Writing of the Sage) was smashed on the heavenly tribulation shield and a vast amount of the scholarly faction’s unique righteous qi burst out.

The shield flashed violently, and its form appeared to have become a bit unstable.

The (Writing of the Sage) fell and returned to Song Shuhang’s hands.

In the sky, the heavenly tribulation shield began to change shape.

“It’s time.” Ye Si smiled triumphantly. She opened her golden book and turned to a blank page.

Ye Si’s life-bound golden book also had a lot of blank pages, which were reserved for powerful magical techniques that she could record in the future after her ascension.

At this time, she reached out and stroked on the blank page and a complex formation took shape.

Ye Si shouted, “Go!”

Hundreds of chains of various colors sprang out of the formation and wrapped around the transforming heavenly tribulation shield.

In an instant, the shield was chained up.

Ye Si extended her hand again and slapped the golden book.

The chain was reclaimed, and the heavenly tribulation shield was captured into the golden book.

“Pa, pa, p“

The golden book trembled repeatedly.

After a while, the page of the golden book settled down. Now, there was pattern on it, it was a Rubik’s Cube bound by hundreds of chains.

This scene looks familiar, where have I seen it before?

“Done.” Ye Si clapped her hands.

Song Shuhang looked at her, and said, “Cheng…”

“Hush!” Ye Si stretched out her hand and pressed on his lips. “Don’t mention that name right now.”

Sure enough, it was her.

Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin.

In theory, she was Ye Si’s ‘mother’.

For her, who has always been mysterious, to appear here. Could it be that she had come to see Ye Si transcending her tribulation?

In addition, could it be her who pulled me over?

Song Shuhang remembered the promise he made with the ‘Striped Dragon 2’, and said, “By the way, someone asked me to bring you a sentence. He told me that if we were to happen to meet, to tell you that he’s already awake and is waiting for you to come see him. Don’t be going around everywhere all the time. A good girl should go return home on time.”

Ye Si smiled and said, “What are you saying? I don’t understand.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

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