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Chapter 1213 Pavilion Master Chu, do you find me handsome?

Ye Si gently patted Song Shuhang. “Young man, if you have free time, you should study the language of the ancient era some more. It will definitely be useful to you. I can’t understand you well when you speak Mandarin.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

You can’t understand it well? Didn’t we just use Mandarin to chat? You speak it this well, yet you can’t understand it?!

“See you again, take care in the meantime,” Ye Si said.

“Wait!” Song Shuhang hurried to say.

He still wanted to ask Cheng Lin a few other


Cheng Lin and Slow-Witted Song had both lived during the ancient Heavenly City’s time, and their relationship was pretty good.

As such, he wanted to know more about Slow-Witted Song, the Divine Beast Department, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect, the ancestral golden dragon, and also about the virtuous lamia…

Song Shuhang wished to ask all these questions at once and solve all the doubts in his heart.

However, ‘Empress Cheng Lin’ didn’t give him this opportunity.

Ye Si lowered her eyes, and shortly after, a confused expression appeared on her face.

“Eh? My secret technique didn’t work?” She turned to curiously look at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang sighed. “It failed.”

The empress had run away very quickly. Song Shuhang couldn’t even see her shadow.

Ye Si was bewildered. “Strange, how did it fail? I’m an expert when it comes to this secret technique! Ah… what about the heavenly tribulation?”

Song Shuhang replied, “It was seized by your ‘beep, beep, beep-‘ and sealed into your life-bound golden book. Heavens, is this the censorship skill?”

Lately, experts really liked to make use of this technique to censor people.

In the past years, censorship had been running rampant on the web and censoring all kinds of words. Now, powerful experts had started to abuse it in real life as well. How was one supposed to keep living like this?

Still, Senior White Two was the ruler of the Netherworld Realm, so it was understandable that he could use such a technique. However, how come Empress Cheng Lin could use it well?

Was it possible that one could bully and censor low-level cultivators once they had reached the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender or Immortal Realm?

“My what?” Ye Si blinked. Then, she opened her life-bound golden book and found the ‘heavenly tribulation golden shield’ sealed inside.

Song Shuhang replied, “I’m getting censored. I can’t tell you. It will just get turned into a series of ‘beep’.”

“In that case, use the power of our contract to share the information with me.” Ye Si was quick-witted.

Song Shuhang clapped his hands. “Right! I’d forgotten about it.”

As such, he used the power of the contract to transmit the information to Ye Si.

“Well? Did you get it?” Song Shuhang asked.

Ye Si replied, “Why did you send me a big mosaic?”

Song Shuhang: “..

Verbal and visual censorship had teamed up? That was truly scary.

“Now then… since the heavenly tribulation was sealed, does it mean that I transcended successfully?” Ye Si lifted her head to looked at the sky.

However, if she had already transcended, why hadn’t she advanced to the Sixth Stage?

On the other hand, if she had yet to transcend, what about the next wave of the heavenly tribulation?

Upon hearing her words, Song Shuhang remembered about Little Cai’s and Lady Onion’s current situation.

“Ye Si, the last wave of the heavenly tribulation is very likely going to appear in the form of ‘inner demon tribulation’. Be careful,” Shuhang warned.

Ye Si nodded, and just as she was about to reply…

…her body stiffened, and her eyes lost focus.

It was a sign that she had fallen into the inner demon tribulation state.

The virtuous lamia gently supported Ye Si. embracing her.

“It’s the inner demon tribulation again… Is everyone transcending the tribulation as of late going to fall into this state?” Song Shuhang wondered.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said to the virtuous lamia, “Let us return to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.”

The virtuous lamia moved beside Song Shuhang and left Ye Si to him.

Song Shuhang grabbed Ye Si as the virtuous lamia took Scarlet Heaven Sword from his hands.

Scarlet Heaven Sword exclaimed, “Wait! Let me breathe fresh air for a little longer!”

Nowadays, even criminals were allowed out in the open for a short period of time.

However, before it could speak further, the virtuous lamia lifted her head and swallowed it down.

Scarlet Heaven Sword: “…”

Dammit, listen to me once in a while!

After swallowing Scarlet Heaven Sword, the virtuous lamia scattered and merged with Song Shuhang’s body.

“There seems to be something wrong with the virtuous lamia,” Song Shuhang said while hugging Ye Si.

Ye Si had fallen into the inner demon tribulation, yet she didn’t seize the opportunity to get intimate with her. On the contrary, she even returned her to him! It made no sense at all!

Is it possible that Cheng Lin quietly told her something when she took possession of Ye Si’s body?

While he was in deep thought, a shiny space gate appeared before Song Shuhang.

“Come back first.” Pavilion Master Chu’s voice echoed in Song Shuhang’s ears.

Song Shuhang held Ye Si and entered the space gate.

Teleportation was instantaneous, but Song Shuhang was slowly starting to feel its wonders.

Passing through space and instantly reaching another place was truly a cool thing.

Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, inside a small lake.

Pavilion Master Chu sat in a small boat, and her long hair spread behind her, covering the whole deck.

The lake and the beauty formed a painting-like picture.

After stepping into the space gate, Song Shuhang appeared on the other side of the boat.

“Eh?” Song Shuhang looked in surprise at the beautiful lake. Pavilion Master Chu was a household god that never left her room, how come she went for a boat ride outside?

Was the sun rising from the west today?

Pavilion Master Chu glanced at Song Shuhang. “Are you thinking about something improper?”

Song Shuhang immediately shook his head. “Of course not.”

Experts of the Ninth Stage were truly scary. They could even detect the slightest fluctuations of mood.

“Ye Si fell into the inner demon tribulation, and I am no longer able to help her. Therefore, she can stay with you for the time being,” Pavilion Master Chu said softly.

What she was the most worried about had happened. Ye Si had fallen into the inner demon tribulation.

The destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was Pavilion Master Chu’s inner demon, and it could be said to be Ye Si’s inner demon as well. This time, Ye Si could only rely on herself to get through this tribulation.

Perhaps there was a chance that Song Shuhang, who had signed a ghost spirit contract with her, could also give her a hand.

“Don’t worry. I have faith in Ye Si. She’ll definitely be able to get through it,” Song Shuhang said.

After all, Ye Si was a strong girl.

If she really couldn’t deal with it, Song Shuhang still had one last method: Dharma King Creation’s singing.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group, quite a few seniors or their disciples were transcending the tribulation. If these seniors or their disciples fell into the inner demon tribulation and were unable to get through it…

Dharma King Creation might get the chance to uprightly hold a concert.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang felt somewhat alarmed. The reason was that there were quite a few people on his side that had transcended the tribulation as of late: Lady Onion, Little Cai, and now also Ye Si. If Dharma King held a concert, he would have no choice but to participate as well to accompany the girls…


“Take good care of Ye Si,” Pavilion Master Chu said softly.

“Don’t worry. Ye Si and I are a single entity now. I’ll naturally take good care of her,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. Actually, Ye Si’s strength would reach the Sixth Stage after transcending the tribulation, and she would be the one to care of Shuhang most of the time.

“Mm-hm, I feel relieved now,” Pavilion Master Chu said. “Do you want me to send you back, or are you going back on your own?”

“Pavilion Master Chu, please send me back. I’m just a Fourth Stage cultivator, and it would be troublesome for me to get back to Earth from here,” Song Shuhang said.

The biggest problem was that he couldn’t orient himself well in space, and it would be a tragedy if he were to get lost.

“Fine.” Pavilion Master Chu yawned. “I’ll open a space gate for you so that you can go back. I want to… have a… good sleep.”

“Oh, it seems you wanted to sleep outside today! And here I thought you were finally going to change your style and stop being a household god.” Song Shuhang finally understood.

Pavilion Master Chu lazily glanced at Song Shuhang. “Although I don’t know what this ‘household god’ is, I feel like you’re making fun of me.”

“How can that be? There is no way I’d make fun of Pavilion Master Chu, “Song Shuhang said. “Right, Senior Chu, there was something I wanted to ask you about.”

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Do tell.”

“Was Slow-Witted Song’s name ‘Song One?” Song Shuhang asked.

Pavilion Master Chu yawned. “Did you find anything new on him?”

“Yes, I saw a few messages at the ancestral golden dragon’s place,” Song Shuhang replied.

Pavilion Master Chu sneered. “Hehe.”

Song Shuhang: “…” Did I say something wrong?

Pavilion Master Chu continued, “You’re right. Slow-Witted Song’s name is Song One.”

“Is his full name Tyrannical Saber Song One?” Song Shuhang asked again.

Pavilion Master Chu lay on the back cushion on the small boat and adjust her position to a comfortable one. “What’s this Tyrannical Saber’ thing?”

But just as she replied, a memory from long ago resurfaced in her mind. The first time she’d met Slow-Witted Song, she remembered that he had a very funny prefix before his ‘Song One’ name. However, she could not clearly remember what the prefix was.

It isn’t Tyrannical Saber Song One?

“In that case, can you tell me about Slow-Witted Song’s appearance?” Song Shuhang asked again.

“Hmm, one can say that he was quite handsome,” Pavilion Master Chu replied. Her voice was getting lower and lower; she’d fall asleep soon.

Song Shuhang coughed. “Pavilion Master Chu, do you find me handsome?”

Pavilion Master Chu: “…”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sometimes, not saying anything at all could really hurt one’s heart.

Pavilion Master Chu sighed. “What is that you want to ask? Stop beating the bush around and tell me directly. Otherwise, I’ll fall asleep and won’t be able to reply to any question.”

“Cough, I wanted to ask if Song One, or Slow-Witted Song, was a ghost spirit,” Song Shuhang asked.

“How did you reach this conclusion?” Pavilion Master Chu asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang said, “I came to this conclusion after finding some clues. Therefore, I decided to ask Pavilion Master Chu about it.”

“No,” Pavilion Master Chu replied determinedly as she shook her head. Although Slow-Witted Song’s state was very strange, she was sure that he was no ghost spirit.

He isn’t a ghost spirit?

“You seem very interested in Slow-Witted Song.” Pavilion Master Chu narrowed her eyes as she looked at Song Shuhang.




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