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Chapter 1211 The death of a Tribulation Transcender, the beginning of an upheaval

The feeling he got was a similar one to what a three-pointer basketball shooter would feel after shooting two consecutive three-pointer airballs in a game. Finally, on his third shot, everything was going well and the shot was perfect. Suddenly, a baldy jumped out and jumped unscientifically high and casually hit the very much needed three-pointer with a ‘slap~!

My ten thousand grass mud horses, not only need to be released and freed to the grassland, they also have the directly be sent to you through express delivery!

The golden runes which landed on the red-robed baldy condensed into a golden clock and the hour hand on the clock began to move reverse.

Immediately afterward, the golden rune returned to Song Shuhang’s eyes, and his right hand reattached to his body.

The secret appraisal technique succeeded.

However, Song Shuhang was in a very bad mood, this was not the result that he wanted.

The information found by the secret appraisal technique was transferred to Song Shuhang’s mind.

[The red-robed baldy, Ninth Stage Western Wizard + Fourth Stage Beast Realm Bloodline Warrior. He once had a head of lustrous and beautiful blond hair, until one day, when he was experimenting with a secret technique and became.]

This red-robed person was actually at the Ninth Stage. This time, the accidental appraisal directly identified the other party to be of the Ninth Stage, and Shuhang even got a bit more information besides that. In the past, if Song Shuhang were to have directly appraised someone at the Ninth Stage, he would have died because of excessive bleeding. Or, if the appraisal just straight up failed, he would not have obtained any information.

Nonetheless, the results of this appraisal were useless… Even if he was able to appraise for the dharma name of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, it would have been useless as Song Shuhang simply did not want to appraise him.

In the sky, the embarrassed red-robed baldy became stiff, and he sharply turned his body towards Song Shuhang. As an existence at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender level, he faintly sensed that the other party had used an ability to peer into the secrets of his body.

However, he soon felt that something was off, he quickly turned his head to looked behind him. After doing so, he saw the giant shield of the heavenly tribulation, quietly floating in the sky.

Hiss, his heart turned cold.

“You guys are transcending a tribulation?” The red-robed baldy’s voice was hoarse, it was as if he hadn’t drank water in a long time. Also, he did not use the ‘secret sound transmission technique’, his voice could simply be transmitted directly through the universe.

Song Shuhang nodded.

“F*ck, off all places, why could I be teleported here, this might be the death of me.” The red-robed baldy grit his teeth and opened another spatial gate in an attempt to escape.

At this moment… a tribulation cloud quickly formed in the sky, and a lightning spear was condensed and shot at the red-robed baldy.

The lightning spear was so fast that Song Shuhang only saw a flash of light. Just as the red-robed baldy had one foot into his spatial gate, he had already been hit.

The red-robed baldy, who had several magical shield-like objects floating around him, was directly pierced. The lightning spear reached his body and exploded.

“Pfff-” The red-robed baldy spurted blood once again, and his injuries now appeared to be even more serious.

Taking advantage of this moment, the red-robed baldy rushed forward and bolted into the door of space.

However, at this moment, the spatial gate exploded with a bang, and the red-robed baldy got sent flying in the opposite direction.

“F*CK!” He roared and quickly opened a spatial gate behind him.

It seemed that the red-robed baldy was being hunted down?

In addition, it was the heavenly tribulation that was hunting him down.

Song Shuhang’s mind moved, and he remembered what the ‘Great Northern Emperor’ had said before he went to live in recluse.

Currently, as the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will is being forced to retire, it is very likely that before he leaves, he would set off a wave of brutal turmoil. In this tumultuous tribulation, Immortals and Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders would be the ones to bear the brunt of the heaven’s fury.

This red-robed baldy, could he have been caught and struck by the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will?

[Anyway, I hope that he leaves soon.] Song Shuhang thought to himself. After all, if the baldy were to stay here, there was a chance that he would make things worse for Ye Si


Just as the red-robed baldy got into the spatial gate behind him, the spatial gate exploded like the one previously, he was sent flying once again. This time, his figure worsened even further.

It looked like trying to escape through spatial abilities did not work.

He gritted his teeth and took out a long magic wand from spatial magical treasure. After taking it out, he rode on it


The red-robed baldy rode his magic wand flew away in a handsome manner at great speeds. His speed was even faster than the speed of Senior White’s disposable flying sword.

Song Shuhang habitually pinched his chinthe posture of riding a wand was much stabler than the posture of ‘standing on a wand’.

When flying on a flying sword, could such a posture be used?

[Riding a flying sword and rushing forward.] Song Shuhang vigorously shook his head as he threw the idea out of the window. Swords were different from magic wands, they had sharp edges. Flying swords were simply not suitable to be ridden. And, even if tried to ride on the hilt, the hilt was too short to be ridden on and it would definitely be uncomfortable to ride on.

Relatively speaking, the saber had quite an advantage in this regard. For a saber, one can choose to assume the ‘side sitting’ posture while flying on it.

“Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!”

While he was in thought, the red-robed baldy in the distance was struck repeatedly by lightning spears, causing him to scream out again and again. Fortunately, he did not have the intent to stay with them. He gritted his teeth and flew further and further away from where they were.

Seeing that the red-robed baldy was about to disappear from Song Shuhang’s sight, the heavenly tribulation suddenly sent a giant hammer crashing down at the baldy’s body

“AAAhhhh.” The red-robed baldy screamed and was hit back with a hammer.

Song Shuhang: “F*ck.”

Why would he get smashed back here?

Wouldn’t it be better if he did not get involved with Ye Si and me?

At this time, was Pavilion Master Chu going to make a move?

Wait a minute… If the red-robed baldy was really being attacked by the ‘Wielder of the Heaven’s Will’, then Pavilion Master Chu would not be able to make a move. After all, it would be even worse if she were to get affected.

After being smashed back, the red-robed baldy seemed to have given up on healing himself. Moreover, he no longer tried to escape on his magical wand, nor did he open another spatial gate.

He raised his head and roared loudly at the sky. After that, he shouted a bunch of words in a language that Song Shuhang couldn’t understand.

It was not the language of the ancient era, rather, it sounded like the roars of beasts.

As the red-robed baldy roared angrily, four pillars of light descended from the sky, locking him place. The four pillars of light turned into four angry-eyed buddhists who each had their right palms directed at the red-robed baldy.

A power of annihilation condensed, and it appeared like he was going to be directly annihilated and reduced to nothing.

“AAAhhhh!” The red-robed baldy’s roar turned into a scream of pain.

He began to quickly recite an incantation, and crystals appeared on his body.

However, this resistance was futile.

The power of annihilation continued to act upon his body, and so his body and the crystals on it, as well as all the magic wands and the magical treasures on his body were all reduced into a small particles of stardust.

He had been utterly destroyed.

The four angry-eyed buddhists slowly disappeared, and the pillars of light dispersed, and after that, the lightning spears that filled the sky disappeared from their sight.

Only a bit of stardust was left. They had just witnessed the annihilation of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

Ye Si transmitted her voice to Shuhang to ask, “Is it over?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “It should be over.” All the abnormalities disappeared, leaving only Ye Si’s Heavenly Tribulation. The heavenly tribulation did not appear to have strengthened or affected at all.





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