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Chapter 1091: A set of unique secret techniques!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang: “…”

Accompanied by the dubbing of Young Master Phoenix Slayer, the Black Iron Godly Armor ‘broke’ apart and assembled on him.

“I must be seeing things… it actually transformed!” The demonic hamster’s eyes widened as it looked at Song Shuhang, who had become an iron golem.

Song Shuhang raised his head, and said, “Senior Phoenix Slayer, will you stop messing around? The atmosphere always becomes awkward when you start dubbing.”

“Hahaha.” Young Master Phoenix Slayer laughed, his beautiful eyes looking at the demonic hamster. “What a fat hamster, it looks delicious.”

The demonic hamster: “…”

It could sense deep malice in Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s eyes. Flinching, it said to Song Shuhang, “We are doing a one-on-one duel, right?”

“Relax, none of the seniors and fellow daoists upstairs will intervene.” Song Shuhang waved his hand, having understood what it meant. At the same time, the treasured saber Broken Tyrant appeared in his right hand… and together with it, the invisible saber insect also made its appearance.

The saber insect remained invisible as it hovered by Song Shuhang’s side, waiting to make its move.

The demonic hamster took a deep breath and raised his toothpick-sized sword against Song Shuhang.

One person and one hamster stood against one another.

Sword intent condensed on the hamster’s body, and a breeze blew, causing leaves to fall in the courtyard. At this moment, the sword intent on the demonic hamster’s body flashed, cutting the leaves into fine pieces. The finely cut leaves were blown by the wind, rolling towards Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang refused to be outdone. Saber intent emerged from his eyes, and ‘whoosh’, the finely cut leaves were cut into dust.

The demonic hamster said gravely, “You’ve grasped saber intent?”

“The last time we met, I had already grasped it. But at that time, you ran so fast that I didn’t have a chance to show you,” Song Shuhang said calmly.

“I’ve underestimated you, but now, you’re at least qualified to be my opponent. Get ready to suffer a crushing defeat!” The demonic hamster prepared to use the starting move of the ‘Otherworldly Flying Demon’ technique.

“The record between us is one win and one draw for me. It seems you’re the underdog here.” Song Shuhang was still calm.

“Nonsense, if you hadn’t relied on external forces, I would have beat you down in that first battle,” the demonic hamster said angrily.

“There are no ifs and buts in this world. Only losers comfort themselves with such things,” Song Shuhang said.

As he spoke, the invisible saber insect had found a great position, aiming at the demonic hamster––the concealment of the saber insect was really powerful, and even the demonic hamster couldn’t sense its existence.

At this time.

On the third floor, Loli Shi, who was watching the battle, yawned. “Senior Brother Song and the hamster haven’t started yet?”

She didn’t sleep last night, and even experienced the explosive force of the guided missiles, which left her mentally exhausted.

“Verbal attacks are also part of a duel. Shuhang and the hamster are using words to lower the other’s momentum. The duel has started ever since the two of them stood in front of each other,” Su Clan’s Sixteen replied.

“Actually, trash-talking before fighting would usually be just to provoke the enemy, but the opening nonsense between these two has been going on for quite a while. Hey, Shuhang, are you still going to fight? If you aren’t going to fight, we will leave our seats and go home,” True Monarch White Crane called out.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Demonic hamster: “…”

“I haven’t seen you for a few days, but it seems you’ve gotten a sharper mouth. I’d like to see if your strength is as good as your words.” The demonic hamster stood up, brought its sword out of its sheath, and assumed an elegant posture.

Faced with the killing technique of demonic hamster, Song Shuhang did not use the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯ to attack.

He just calmly said, “Strike!”


The demonic hamster was suddenly stabbed in the back, the attack causing half of the Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique to break.

“Aaaah~” the demonic hamster screamed, and its body fell from the air until it flopped on the ground.

Song Shuhang held back just now… he only let the invisible saber insect break the defenses of demonic hamster and scare it.

However, Shuhang’s mutated invisible saber insect was too sharp. After breaking through the defense of demonic hamster, it also carried out an explosive saber qi attack.

The saber qi exploded inside the demonic hamster’s body, which wasn’t really powerful but could still make the hamster roll in pain.

“Ahhhh!” The demonic hamster rolled around for a long time, lying weakly on the ground and staring at Song Shuhang. “Just now… what was that?”

Why did it feel like it was suddenly stabbed? But when it turned its head, it saw nothing.

Could it be due to Song Shuhang having cultivated some weird saber intent?

“That’s my unique saber technique––❮Invisible Void Saber Technique❯.” Song Shuhang uttered some serious nonsense. He definitely was not stupid enough to reveal the ‘invisible saber insect’ to the hamster.

“I didn’t expect you to practice such a weird saber technique.” The demonic hamster stood up as it raised its sword. Then, it flung its white robe. “But your ❮Invisible Void Saber Technique❯ has been seen through by me. This kind of saber technique can only be used to surprise people. After using it once, it will no longer be effective.”

After saying all that, it got ready to use the opening move of the Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique again.

At the same time, its body glowed with the dark qi of a healing technique––the last time, it almost couldn’t afford the cost of Ye Si’s healing technique as it had not brought healing-type magical treasures along. So, when it went out this time, it remembered to bring several healing-type treasures.

The healing technique helped its wounds recover. At the same time, it activated a powerful defensive spell on its white robe. This way, Song Shuhang’s weird ❮Invisible Void Saber Technique❯ wouldn’t be able to hurt it.

Song Shuhang said, “You haven’t given up yet?”

“I won’t give up until I defeat you,” the demonic hamster said in a deep voice. “This time, let me show you the progress of my sword technique. Take my move and scream under it!”

It was a handsome display of the Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique. Sword light flew towards Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang shook his head gently. “It looks like you won’t give up unless you are fully convinced.”

While he spoke, he held the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in reverse grip, and then said, “Saber controlling technique.”

It was Su Clan’s Seven’s secret saber controlling technique––Moonlight.

This time, Song Shuhang did not attach saber intent to the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. As such, the saber turned into a ray of moonlight as it headed towards the demonic hamster.

“Saber controlling technique? I’ll break through it!” The demonic hamster rotated its body and displayed the full power of the modified(x3) Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique. It exerted all its strength and directly chopped towards the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. It wanted to knock down Song Shuhang’s saber controlling technique together with him.

Song Shuhang stretched out his right hand, faced the demonic hamster’s body, and clenched his fist, saying, “Bind.”

He imagined the hamster getting tied into a ball by a thin rope as he issued an order through the ‘Sage Seal’.

It was the power of the Sage Seal, the [Absolute Command].

The demonic hamster’s modified(x3) Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique was abruptly interrupted.

It felt its rotating body suddenly being tied up by a rope, which rendered it unable to move. Then, it watched the moonlight coming from Song Shuhang’s treasured saber Broken Tyrant chop towards it fiercely.

In addition to the saber controlling technique ‘Moonlight’, the invisible saber insect once again quietly returned behind the demonic hamster, still in the same old position, and gave the demonic hamster a deep stab in the back.

The saber controlling technique ‘Moonlight’ broke the hamster’s defense. The invisible saber insect likewise pierced through the hamster’s defense, leaving it with the same injury and the same explosive saber qi damage.

“Aaaaaaah~” the demonic hamster screamed as it fell to the ground, rolling in pain.

After rolling for a long time, it looked weakly at Song Shuhang. “This time, what was it?”

“It’s the standard ‘binding technique’. You don’t know about binding techniques?” Song Shuhang said seriously.

“Why was it invisible again?” The hamster stared at his eyes—why were Song Shuhang’s magic techniques and saber techniques all invisible?

“Well, it’s a secret technique. It’s a complete set, so they’re all invisible,” Song Shuhang said.

The demonic hamster gritted its teeth as it said, “F*ck.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Do you want to continue?”

“I refuse to accept it, I have to try again. I will definitely defeat you.” The demonic hamster gritted his teeth. While speaking, it used the ‘healing technique’ again. In addition, it also added three layers of defensive techniques to its body.

Song Shuhang calmly said, “However, if it weren’t for me being merciful, you would have already died twice.”

Demonic hamster: “…”

Song Shuhang calmly said, “Since you look very dissatisfied, I don’t think you would be willing to give up before you show your sword techniques today. Come on, I’ll give you another chance. Show your swordplay well, this is the last chance.”

“Okay!” demonic hamster said in a deep voice. This time, it did not even use its posture. It just jumped up, turned into a meteor, and quickly chopped towards Song Shuhang.

It no longer dared be careless. When it was in midair, sword intent, sword qi, and mental energy all condensed, and it slashed out a superb sword attack.

The sword qi contained explosive sword intent, which condensed into a big demon that attacked Song Shuhang. The power of this move had faintly exceeded the limits of the Fourth Stage Realm, and was at the level of the Fifth Stage in power.

On the third floor.

True Monarch White Crane held its chin. “This hamster’s sword technique has been created with the guidance of an expert, its power is considerable. Little friend Shuhang has played around too much.”

Loli Shi’s realm was not high enough, so she couldn’t understand that well. “Is Senior Brother Song going to lose?”

“If Song Shuhang chooses to receive it head on, this sword attack wouldn’t be easy to deal with. This sword has the power of the Fifth Stage,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said. “But I don’t think that Song Shuhang would choose to take it on.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “I feel that Shuhang is likely to take this attack head on. He has always wanted to test the defense of the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’. Senior Northern River said that the defense of the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ was enough to use it until the beginning of the Fifth Stage. ”

Although that sword technique had reached the Fifth Stage in power, it would not be so easy to break the defense of the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’.

Just as Su Clan’s Sixteen had guessed, Song Shuhang really wanted to take the opportunity to test his own defense. However, what he wanted to try out was the power of the combination of the Black Iron Godly Armor + Saber Intent Armor.

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