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Chapter 1092: Hamster: Oh no, I was sucked dry!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

The saber intent armor emerged, covering the Black Iron Godly Armor. The Black Iron Godly Armor, which was quite ugly, became a little more attractive.

Song Shuhang welcomed the attack of the demonic hamster with open arms… well, his left hand was still with Senior White. However, as the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ had armor for the left arm as well, he could barely assume a pose where he had both arms.

Now, it was time to see if the attack of the demonic hamster could break his defense.

[Squeak~ Song Shuhang, do you think I can’t see that the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ on you has defense of the Fifth Stage? My sight for magical treasures is far beyond what you can imagine. Watch as my sword breaks your defense!] the hamster thought, filled with excitement.

In fact, on the previous night of full moon, during the duel at the peak of the Forbidden City, its modified version of the Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique already had the power to break a Fifth Stage defensive talisman. This time, the Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique had been modified for the third time, so its power had increased even further. Even if Song Shuhang were to add another layer of armor to the Black Iron Godly Armor, the demonic hamster had the confidence to beat him down.

Lose to this sword of mine!

Under cover of the sword light, the big demon formed by the Otherworldly Flying Demon Technique roared at Song Shuhang. The demon was a combination of dense sword intent, sword qi, and evil energy of the Netherworld. It could be said that this was the strongest sword that the demonic hamster could bring out.

“Don’t dodge, just face it head on!” the demonic hamster yelled as it attacked.

“Come, if I dare to dodge, I’m your daddy!” Song Shuhang replied confidently with his arms spread wide. At the same time, he deliberately suppressed the virtuous lamia so that she would not come out this time.

Otherwise, with the character of the virtuous lamia, before the demonic hamster’s sword could even cut Song Shuhang, she would definitely make a strong appearance, scream, and then fall to the ground and play dead.

In terms of ability in destroying the atmosphere, Song Shuhang could only surrender to the virtuous lamia.

“F*ck you!” demonic hamster roared, and the sword light crashed into Song Shuhang’s body.

“Clang, clang, clang~”

Song Shuhang was shrouded by the sword light.

The defensive layer met the sword qi, while the saber intent met sword intent, followed by the entanglement between the evil energy of the Netherworld and innate true qi. Explosions, flames, the sound of metal and iron hitting one another…

The scene was spectacular.

At this moment, the several spectators on the third floor saw a satisfactory scene.

“This is what a duel is supposed to be. In the previous two exchanges, this little hamster faced injustice,” True Monarch White Crane said.

In the previous two fights, the demonic hamster could only kneel with a baffled expression on its face, not even knowing why it had been defeated. After the defeat, Song Shuhang would even swindle it.

This time, the demonic hamster was able to completely unleash its sword technique, and the scene of Song Shuhang taking a beating was quite pleasant to see.

Loli Shi said curiously, “Senior Brother Song’s light of virtue seems not to have come out to protect him? This hamster is a creature of the Netherworld, and the attack is accompanied by evil energy of the Netherworld. The power of virtue should automatically protect him, right?”

“Song Shuhang must be suppressing it. His light of virtue has evolved to a very high level, and it is not a problem for it to appear at will,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer guessed.

Little Cai said, “Will Teacher be able to persist?”

“At this moment, the hamster’s swordsmanship has yet to break Shuhang’s defense,” Su Clan’s Sixteen replied.

After the saber intent armor fused with the Black Iron Godly Armor, the resulting effect was not as simple as an addition.

The flames blazed on; this was a battle between offense and defense.

The hamster’s attacks continued and Song Shuhang felt that if things continued like this, his ‘saber intent armor’ might counterattack.

In that case, let’s provoke the hamster some more. I want it to attack me again to induce a counterattack from the ‘saber intent armor’!

“This is the sword technique you’re so proud of? It isn’t even enough to tickle me!” Song Shuhang kept his arms wide open and began trash-talking again. The Black Iron Godly Armor’s full body defense gave him a great sense of security as it defended against the wave of attacks without problems.

“Die, die, die!” The hamster had been unable to break through the defense, which caused it to seethe with anger. Song Shuhang’s defensive turtle shell was thicker than it’d thought. Now that Song Shuhang was provoking it again, how could it not get angered?

As a result, demonic hamster gritted its teeth, and the barrage of attacks sped up. The demons materialized from the sword attacks seemed to come to life, sending out roar after roar. The scene was quite impressive to watch.

Such a tyrannical sword qi!

Where Song Shuhang stood, apart from the ground right under his feet, a giant pit had appeared. The demonic hamster’s sword qi exploded, causing this huge pit to continue to expand.

Almost there. Song Shuhang carefully felt out his ‘saber intent armor’.

His saber intent armor was too lazy. It took so long for it to start fighting back even when it was under the constant attacks of the demonic hamster’s sword technique.

The crazily attacking demonic hamster suddenly got an ominous feeling––its intuition told it that if it couldn’t break Song Shuhang’s defense in the next three breaths, something untoward would occur.

“Squeak!” The demonic hamster cried out in a hurry. It clenched its teeth, and used a secret technique. Its attack power instantly soared.

The sword light’s power soared, and its attack became just like a special effect, which caused it to look even more amazing.

“Hahahaha.” At this moment, Song Shuhang smiled radiantly. “Here it is.”

The lazy saber intent armor had finally reached the critical point.

Next, taste the counterattack of my saber intent!

At this moment, the sense of crisis in demonic hamster’s heart soared. It stopped attacking, and its petite body stepped in the air and retreated.

“It’s too late to hide now,” Song Shuhang said.

The counterattack of the saber intent armor was coming. The savage saber intent mixed with Song Shuhang’s saber qi, turned into a stunning sabber, and then chopped at the demonic hamster…

If this attack connected, the demonic hamster would no longer be able to run from its third defeat.

Seeing the approaching saber intent armor’s counterattack, the demonic hamster suddenly gritted its teeth.

Then, its little tail flicked, and it took the initiative to sever it.

The tail of the demonic hamster was very small, looking like a small dot. If one didn’t pay attention to it, they would think that it had no tail at all.

After its cute little tail was cut off, it clashed with Song Shuhang’s saber intent armor to fight back.


The small tail was chopped into nothingness by the saber intent armor.

Stunned, Song Shuhang said, “Breaking your tail to save your life? Are you a lizard?”

“How hateful, to have even forced me to use this move…! I will definitely defeat you today.” After breaking its tail, the demonic hamster clenched its teeth, turned its head again, and attacked Song Shuhang madly.

But just as it was about to attack Song Shuhang, that ‘feeling of crisis’ suddenly began to emerge again.

What happened?

Could it be that there was going to be another wave of Song Shuhang’s saber intent counterattack?

“Despicable, it turned out to be a double saber attack,” the demonic hamster cried out, and when it had retreated halfway, it took another step and evaded.

Song Shuhang asked, “What?”

Just as Shuhang’s voice had fallen… a transparent root appeared in the air, then quickly shot out, heading straight for the demonic hamster.

“What’s this?!” The demonic hamster waved the sword in its hand, cutting at the root.

But the root was incorporeal, and physical attacks couldn’t cut it apart.

The moment the demonic hamster wielded its sword, the transparent roots extended and extracted the demonic hamster’s evil energy nonstop.

“Aaaah, what the hell is this?!” demonic hamster screamed.

“Oh, it’s a lotus flower root.” Song Shuhang then remembered that he was still keeping up the ‘lotus flower projection’ as the lotus roots were absorbing the mass of evil energy that had originated from the ball of liquid metal.

The evil energy of the metal ball was too huge, and even with Song Shuhang’s lotus flower projection sucking it with all its might, it would still take about a day to absorb.

And now, the demonic hamster had drawn support from a secret technique to increase its power within a short time. The evil energy on its body attracted the attention of the ‘lotus flower projection’. As such, the roots of the lotus flower projection quickly divided into several strands and stabbed into the body of the demonic hamster, greedily swallowing its energy.

“Aaaahhh, let go of me!” the demonic hamster screamed. The energy in its body was being drained very quickly, and it felt weak.

After two breaths’ time…

The demonic hamster had been defeated again. Its small body lay weakly on the ground, and it was unable to move.

Had Song Shuhang not forcefully withdrawn the lotus roots at the last minute, today, the demonic hamster would have turned into a dry mouse.

“Squeak~” The demonic hamster cried out weakly… It felt as though its body had been hollowed out, and it couldn’t even move its fingers.

Song Shuhang squatted by its side, and stretched out a finger to poke its belly. “Do you still want to fight?”

“Squeak.” The hamster cried weakly. Fight your ass… 

It had to return and fill itself up. It wouldn’t be able to make up for today’s consumption without ten days to half a month of recuperation.

Song Shuhang added, “Well, that’s all for today. At present, you and I have had three fights, one draw and two losses for you.”

The hamster tried to roll its eyes, but it unfortunately didn’t have any sclera…

Song Shuhang asked, “Say, why did you look for me today?”

The demonic hamster usually had a task entrusted to it by Senior White Two every time it came to challenge him.

Sometimes, something was asked of him, and at other times, treasures were brought to him.

“My lord asked me to bring you a fox demon,” the demonic hamster said weakly.

“A fox demon? Oh, I remember now. It must be the fox demon we met in the forbidden area previously,” Song Shuhang replied. He’d still thought that Senior White Two had forgotten about the fox demon.

Song Shuhang was originally planning to look for an opportunity to go and meet up with the teacher of the fox demon. He also wanted to look for an opportunity to pass on the ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯ to the true descendant of the “Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect” and settle his karma with it.

Song Shuhang asked, “Where’s the fox demon?”

“Sealed by me, it’s in a van outside.” The demonic hamster gasped for breath, and then said, “In addition, as a reward for defeating me, I will pass on a piece of useful information to you. You have yet to forge your own life-bound magic treasure, right?”

“Well, yes. It’s because I still haven’t figured out what kind of magical treasure to forge yet,” Song Shuhang said.

The hamster responded, “In that case, you should consider requesting a life-bound magical treasure forging method from the successor of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect.”

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