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Chapter 1090: If I can’t make it call me father and beg for mercy, my surname isn’t Song!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

For the demonic hamster, Medicine Master’s building was already a place it was very familiar with. In addition, it had received the help of its master, Senior White Two, so it could easily avoid the formation which guarded the building and simply walk in from the front door.

After entering the door, the demonic hamster yelled, “Bed-wetting-hang, come out for a fight!”

Due to the formation isolating the room from the outside, before entering through the door, the demonic hamster did not sense the auras of the Sixth Stage True Monarch White Crane and the Fifth Stage Young Master Phoenix Slayer in Medicine Master’s building. In all honesty, the hamster wasn’t really a qualified demon of the Netherworld, but due to its identity, it was destined to be above ordinary demons.

The demonic hamster’s body was small, but its voice was not. After a loud shout, Song Shuhang and the other people in the room heard its yell.

The corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched fiercely.

“Looking for you?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked.

“Bed-wetting-hang?” True Monarch White Crane stared strangely at Song Shuhang.

“Bed… wetting…” Su Clan’s Sixteen blinked.

Shi looked dazed.

Little Cai looked puzzled.

Song Shuhang rubbed his face. “It’s this guy again, and he even dares to throw dirt on my name. I’m not going to spare it this time.”

This time, if I can’t make it call me father and beg for mercy, my surname isn’t Song!

The demonic hamster’s power was at the peak of the Fourth Stage. Song Shuhang was slowly catching up with it, being also at the Fourth Stage. There was no longer a gap of a big realm between them. As such, Song Shuhang felt that even if he did not use the three-headed, six-armed form alongside Ye Si and the virtuous lamia, he would still be able to face the demonic hamster.

“None of you have to do anything, I’ll go deal this little mouse myself,” Song Shuhang said as he jumped out of the window.

When he jumped out of the window, the ‘Sage Seal’ was happily covering him with layers of dignity, making the image of its master appear much greater.

The Sage Seal even faintly drew out the light of virtue in Shuhang’s body, casting a light golden radiance on his body.

At this moment, from the perspective of the demonic hamster.

After stepping into Song Shuhang’s residence, it couldn’t wait to scream out the words of “provocation” it had come up with after thinking for one day and night. It dared to guarantee that as soon as it shouted out the word “bed-wetting-hang”, Song Shuhang would definitely be filled with anger and come out to fight it.

Recently, the demonic hamster had made great progress in swordsmanship, and it was preparing to transcend its demonic tribulation in a few days and ascend to the Fifth Stage. Before it ascended, Senior White Two had given it a task, which was to bring a fox demon (♂) to Shuhang.

So, it took the opportunity to ready itself and have a bout with Song Shuhang as well.

It wanted to let the stupid Song Shuhang know that its swordsmanship today was completely different from how it was a few days ago. A scholar who had been away for three days had to be looked at with different eyes—this was what it was talking about!

Its plan initially went without a hitch, and it could even be said to have been quite successful.

After saying “bed-wetting-hang”, Song Shuhang couldn’t wait to jump out of the window to find it.

Young people, tsk… the cultivation of their mind is far from enough.

However, before it could even sneer at Song Shuhang’s ‘cultivation of mind’, it suddenly felt that an oppressive force had enveloped it.

And, the source of that oppressive force… was unexpectedly Song Shuhang?

At this moment, Song Shuhang’s body exuded a faint light of virtue, and his every hair had been dyed with a golden brilliance. But, what brought pressure to demonic hamster was not the ‘light of virtue’ that restrained the demons of the Netherworld. That pressure came from Song Shuhang himself.

It was the same pressure that high-level cultivators gave to low-level cultivators.

The Netherworld Realm couldn’t witness the main world’s ‘show of divinity in front of the masses’ nor the main world’s ‘Profound Sage Speech’, so the demonic hamster was confused for quite a while as to what the great feeling of oppression coming from Song Shuhang’s body was all about.

But… it soon understood. When its eyes were staring at Song Shuhang, it couldn’t help but know of the other party’s ‘Sage Name’.

The first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song!

My Lord, what in the world is going on? Did I read that wrong? Are my eyes going bad? Or is this a nightmare?

” Ty(Da)… Tyrannical(daddy)… 1 ” The demonic hamster’s hands which were holding the toothpick-sized sword trembled. However, before it pronounced the word ‘Song’, it closed its mouth forcibly to avoid accidentally said out loud the ‘Sage Name’.


At this moment, Song Shuhang landed on the ground, and his face twitched when he heard the words being squeezed out of the demonic hamster’s mouth.

Although he had vowed to hit the demonic hamster until it begged him for mercy and called him father, that was, in the end, just some casual stuff he had said.

So when the demonic hamster really pronounced those words, Song Shuhang felt his face twitch.

The atmosphere between the man and the hamster became slightly awkward.

After a short pause, Song Shuhang said, “Good mouse.”

The demonic hamster said angrily, “F*ck! You took advantage of me!”

“You’re the one that called me like that, I didn’t force you to do it,” Song Shuhang said.

“What’s the deal with that ‘Sage Name’, which idiot gave it to you?” The demonic hamster felt extremely wronged.

“Who knows? Some random guy,” Song Shuhang said.

If there really had to be an ‘idiot’, then it should be the ‘Will of the World’. The ‘Sage Name’ Tyrannical Song which he got was not what he wanted, but rather merely a random combination of characters chosen from his daoist names.

At this time.

In the dormitory of Jiangnan University Town.

It was bright outside. Gao Moumou did not know why, but he had woken up early.

“Hell, how come I woke up again,” Gao Moumou said.

He felt like something was wrong these days as his sleeping time had been decreasing every day. He would sleep for less than three hours and already wake up.

This was undoubtedly a symptom of insomnia…

But unlike ordinary insomnia, although he only slept for three hours a day, he did not feel sleepy at all, but instead felt full of energy.

He even went to get checked up a few times, but the doctor told him that his body was in excellent form. In this era where almost everyone had substandard health, it was rare for people to maintain their physical form like Gao Moumou. The doctor asked Gao Moumou to keep it up and maintain his body healthy.

Gao Moumou, who could not sleep, rolled over and looked at Song Shuhang’s bed. Shuhang did not return last night. He couldn’t have shared a room with Teacher Su, could he?

Looking to the side, Yangde and Tubo were both sleeping soundly.

After sighing, Gao Moumou pulled out his cell phone and started typing.

At such an early part of the day, there really was nothing to do. Regardless, he was filled with energy, so what else could he do besides typing out some characters?

In the small fish tank in their dormitory, a turtle showed a human-like smile—the task assigned by the young lady was still being beautifully done today.

Back to Song Shuhang and the demonic hamster’s fight scene.

The demonic hamster finally calmed down. “Speaking of which, surnamed Song, what the hell is going on with you?”

Song Shuhang’s Sage Name and Eighth Stage pressure weren’t fake, but Song Shuhang’s strength was fake… With its eyes, it could see that Song Shuhang’s real strength was only at the Fourth Stage.

“It’s hard to say. An accident happened during my heavenly tribulation a few days ago. After narrowly escaping it, I got a Sage Seal,” Song Shuhang replied.

The demonic hamster could confirm this kind of thing when it asked Senior White Two, so there was no need to hide it.

“What, still want to fight me?” Song Shuhang laughed. He felt it particularly interesting when demonic hamster had called out the word ‘daddy’.

“Yes! My sword technique has reached the master level today. I definitely have to let you experience its beauty.” The demonic hamster raised its toothpick-sized sword and pointed at Song Shuhang. “However, you first put away the pressure coming from your body, it would be too insulting to this hamster!”

“If I could, I would’ve put it away, but I don’t have enough control over it.” Song Shuhang reached out and gently touched the ‘Sage Seal’, saying, “In fact, before you came and challenged me, I’ve been trying to stop it from—”

Song Shuhang had yet to finish speaking when the Sage Seal suddenly moved slightly. In the next moment, it stopped using the ‘dignity’ function on its host.

The Sage Seal’s ‘dignity’ function… had just shut down.

Song Shuhang: “…”

The demonic hamster stared at Song Shuhang questioningly.

“Trust me, before this, I couldn’t turn off this majestic feature no matter what I tried,” Song Shuhang said earnestly. At the same time, he guessed that he might have mastered one of the methods to control the ‘Sage Seal’.

Violence couldn’t solve the problem. At present, he was not strong enough, and he needed to approach the Sage Seal with gentleness to get his will across.

“It’s useless to say any more!” The body of the demonic hamster shook. After no longer being placed under that oppressive force, it felt its condition immediately improve. “Come and fight, Song Shuhang! This time, I must let you understand what peerless swordsmanship truly means! Even if you call your ghost spirit out, I’m not afraid. ”

“Unfortunately, Ye Si went to transcend her tribulation, and won’t be able to come out for the time being,” Song Shuhang said.

The demonic hamster secretly let out a sigh of relief. Then, its small claw lightly touched a spatial magical treasure on its chest. The spatial magical treasure contained a lot of money, with the money being the one in circulation in the main world—most of the money was in RMB, and there was still a small amount of USD and Euro. This stuff was to be used for bribery… No, it was a suppressive treasure to be used against Song Shuhang’s powerful Fifth Stage ghost spirit. This was because the ghost spirit seemed to like the various currencies of the main world.

Hearing of Ye Si’s absence, the demonic hamster was relieved as the money could be saved for the next bribery… No, what it meant was that it could be used for the next time it had to go against ‘Ye Si’.

“Hmm, she’s in luck. Otherwise, she would have to bear witness to my peerless swordsmanship too.” The demonic hamster flung its white robe, and said coolly, “You are still in time to ask for mercy, Song Shuhang! Otherwise, if you wait for me to make my move, don’t cry and call me father later, because I won’t let you off!”

“The same goes for you,” Song Shuhang said.

While talking, Shuhang stretched out his hand.


On the second floor, a black iron statue jumped out of the window and landed behind Song Shuhang.

The demonic hamster mockingly said, “Do you want to use a puppet? Do you have no other means besides using external assistance?”

“No… this is not a puppet. It is my daoist robe,” Song Shuhang said.

The black iron statue ‘cracked’ and open up.

“Black Iron Godly Armor, transform!” On the third floor, Young Master Phoenix Slayer dubbed Song Shuhang’s scene.

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