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Chapter 1032: Guys, don’t become silent all of a sudden!

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Aside from Spirit Butterfly, Tyrant Flood Dragon, and Lychee, True Monarch Fallout, Great Master Profound Principle, and Great Master Profound Principle also sent a series of ellipsis.

“Fairy Lychee, Senior Spirit Butterfly, what’s the matter?” Island Master Tian Tiankong asked out of curiosity.

“Now then, the way Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber explained the Daoist Canon was truly marvelous! Each word was very profound, and it allowed me to benefit immensely,” Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei said.

“I feel that the level of this speech related to the ‘Daoist Canon’ might be higher than the Profound Sage rank,” Su Clan’s Seven said.

Little friend Shuhang was unexpectedly able to talk about such a profound argument…

“Cough… If I’m not mistaken, this speech related to the Daoist Canon should be the same one we heard in the immortal cave of that Immortal, right?” True Monarch Fallout said.

“Indeed. However, that Immortal used an ancient language when explaining the Daoist Canon, while little friend Song Shuhang translated it to Chinese,” Fairy Lychee replied.

The lot of them had entered Immortal Cheng Lin’s immortal cave alongside Venerable White, braving risks inside.

“After it was translated into Chinese, the level of the Daoist Canon decreased a little, dropping from the Immortal-rank to the Tribulation Transcender-rank. If you guys have time, you should definitely head to Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins alongside Senior White and listen to the original version of her speech. Its effects are even better,” Cave Lord Snow Wolf said with a nod.

After reading this conversation, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that still hadn’t entered Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins discovered what had happened.

“Heavens, little friend Shuhang is truly quick-witted,” Dharma King Creation said.

“However, little friend Song Shuhang was still able to create a resonance between heaven and earth after repeating this Immortal-level speech. This means that he, too, has a very deep understanding of the Daoist Canon. Not bad,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly said via voice message.

Fairy Dreamland [Soft Feather]: “😁 Senior Song is the best!”

Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s body stiffened, and he forcefully swallowed back into his belly the second part of the sentence where he was praising Song Shuhang.

He had been too careless…

Up until now, he hadn’t considered little friend Song Shuhang a threat due to his cross-dressing fetish.

But now, the opposite party had produced great results in just a few months. He saved the Chu Family back then, and now, he went ahead and showed his ‘divinity in front of the masses’ after transcending the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage!

After these events, Soft Feather’s good impression of Song Shuhang had skyrocketed!

He couldn’t afford to be this careless anymore! Otherwise, he might end up losing his beloved daughter!

Venerable was in deep thought.

“In short, little friend Song Shuhang got past the hurdle of the Profound Sage-level speech thanks to his quick-wittedness,” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said. “However, I’m worried about Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman. What about his Profound Sage-level speech?”

Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang had been quick-witted enough to copy Cheng Lin’s speech and repeat it, but Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman hadn’t gone to Cheng Lin’s ruins, and he knew nothing about this speech.

Fairy Lychee said, “At this time, Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman is still keeping up that cowardly position where he’s holding his head and squatting down, and it is unknown if he has regained consciousness. There are also that Eternity and the Frenzied Strength Imparter, Fellow Daoist Horizon. I’m curious as to what they’ll talk about.”

“Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman has a unique understanding of talismans. If he can talk about the way of talismans, it would be pretty good,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly said after pondering for a moment.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Actually, you don’t need to worry that much about Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman. Given his solid foundation, he might really be able to take out a Profound Sage-level speech. I’m more worried about the other two!”

“If Fellow Daoist Horizon has to talk about something, he might go ahead and tell everyone about his ‘strength imparting’ experience. He’s definitely very skilled in that field,” True Monarch Fallout said after pondering for a moment.

“His strength imparting experience? Will the world of cultivators be filled with ‘small Frenzied Strength Imparters’ from now on? It sounds rather scary,” Cave Lord Snow Wolf said.

Fairy Lychee: “At that time, low-level cultivators would have to pay attention at any time so as to avoid a powerful senior suddenly appearing in front of them and forcefully imparting onto them several years’ worth of strength. At that time, the trust between younger cultivators and seniors would be lost forever.”

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group trembled after imagining such a scene.

At this time, Dharma King Creation had a sudden idea. “When showing one’s divinity in front of the masses, does the Profound Sage-level speech have to be a ‘speech’? Because, as I see it, this Profound Sage-level speech is nothing but a huge live broadcast—half-mandatory one on top of that. A pop-up window would appear in front of all cultivators, notifying them about the ‘divinity show’ and inviting them to join the channel with the Profound Sage-level speech. Therefore, I was thinking… it would be pretty cool if I could sing loudly and hold a universal concert during the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ after advancing to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm. If all the cultivators in the universe could hear me singing, I would definitely feel super motivated.”

As soon as Dharma King Creation sent this message, the entire Nine Provinces Number One Group quieted down.

No one dared to praise Dharma King’s initiative.

The various fellow daoists were in panic mode. Dharma King Creation had seemingly unveiled the biggest secret of the Profound Sage-level speech. Some day in the future, after he had advanced to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm and held a universal concert, the entire world of cultivators would be done for.

“Hey, how come you are all silent?” Dharma King Creation said.

After quite a while…

Dharma King Creation: “Guys…?”

After another long while…

Dharma King Creation: “F*ck, alright, I’ll break the silence myself. Can you guys stop acting like this? It was just a metaphor, alright? I wasn’t really going to hold a universal concert. In addition, I’m still at the Fifth Stage Realm, and there is a long time before I show my divinity in front of the masses. As such, why did you all keep silent? Don’t you know that not saying a word can sometimes hurt others?”

“Ahahaha, I feel relieved after knowing that Fellow Daoist Creation was just joking.” True Monarch Northern River heaved a sigh of relief.

“Fellow Daoist Creation, you should have said it earlier! You almost scared me to death. There are things you can’t joke about, and you should have said it right after the message that you were joking so as to avoid this embarrassing situation,” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

“Cough, I suddenly lost my Internet connection. I wasn’t staying silent on purpose,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly said.

“Lost Internet connection,” Cave Lord Snow Wolf said.

“Me too, me too,” Island Master Tian Tiankong said.

“My elder brother lost his Internet connection, and so did I. We use the same network,” Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei said.

“…” Dharma King Creation. Lost Internet connection your sister! I’ve decided: after I advance to the Eighth Stage, I won’t stop at singing. I’ll dance and sing very loudly, shocking every one of you bastards to death!

The corner of Fairy Lychee’s mouth twitched. She quickly changed the topic of conversation. “Actually, what Fellow Daoist Creation said is correct. The Profound Sage-level speech doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘speech’. There are many things one can do. For example, Fairy Dongfang Six might perform her ❮Nine Bewitching Dance Steps❯ at that time.”

When the bright moon appears: “Wonderful! I want to hold a calligraphy lesson when the time comes, thoroughly explaining the art of calligraphy. I’ll seize the opportunity to write down my daoist name a thousand times. That way, all the cultivators in the universe would be able to firmly keep it in mind!”

After Scholar Drunken XXX sent the message, the Nine Provinces Number One Group quieted down again, and none dared to respond.

“Hey, why did you become silent all of a sudden?” ‘When the bright moon appears’ asked out of curiosity.

After a short while…

When the bright moon appears: “Guys?”

After another short while…

When the bright moon appears: “Guys, say something.”

After another long while…

“Enough, say something! Sometimes, it’s really hurtful when no one replies!” When the bright moon appears said angrily.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “Fellow Daoist Drunken Star, after showing your divinity in front of the masses, you’ll condense the Sage Seal. At that time, all the cultivators in the universe would firmly keep in mind your name, unable to forget it even if they wanted to. Therefore, there is no need for you to resort to calligraphy.”

“…” When the bright moon appears.

In that case, why did none of your reply?!

Amidst the divinity show.

Song Shuhang’s speech was coming to an end.

All the practitioners in the universe were enthralled, and wished that the first Sage in a thousand years—Profound Sage Tyrannical Song—could keep speaking forever.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang was at the end of his rope, for he had heard only this much from Cheng Lin. It was already quite the feat that he had managed to repeat this well the part he had heard.

Although Song Shuhang looked calm, he felt huge pressure at this moment. He felt as if countless eyes were staring at him all the time, making him feel rather uncomfortable.

However, even if the Profound Sage-level speech looked scary, it wasn’t really a dangerous experience.

The speech is going to be over soon! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In addition, he had consumed a lot of energy while transcending the tribulation. As such, he got somewhat hungry when he smelled the aroma of his Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill.

Along with Song Shuhang’s speech coming to an end, the sound of the Great Way gradually settled down, becoming lower and lower.

All the practitioners in the universe understood that it was a sign that the speech of the Profound Sage was about to come to an end.

“Is it about to finish?”

“What, already?! Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, please continue for a little more!”

“I wish I could use all the good deeds I’ve accumulated to let Profound Sage Tyrannical Song continue with this speech forever!”

The ‘wishes’ of the practitioners in the universe turned into a mysterious power that headed toward Song Shuhang—it was something akin to the ‘power of faith’.

When this power of faith fell onto Song Shuhang’s body, it changed into a huge amount of power of virtue that blended into his body.

The Profound Sage-level speech could allow all the practitioners in the universe to have a glimpse of the Great Way for free… As such, wouldn’t the Profound Sage be on the losing end here?

However, the answer was no.

Because the speech was a great opportunity for the Profound Sage as well!

The process where one ‘showed their divinity in front of the masses’ was the only opportunity a cultivator had in their life to give a speech in front of the myriad practitioners in the universe.

Not making distinctions and giving a speech to all the practitioners in the universe was undoubtedly a great deed.

As such, after the end of the speech, even a Profound Sage that hadn’t accumulated any power of virtue would instantly condense a large amount of it.

The golden light of virtue filling the sky fell on Song Shuhang’s body, merging with the virtuous lamia attached to his body.

The virtuous lamia blinked her eyes.

Then, she slowly fell backwards, calling out pitifully, “Aaaaaah~”

Afterward, she tilted her head, and ‘died’.

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