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Chapter 1033: I can’t live on!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

The virtuous lamia screamed miserably, her expression very vivid.

After she ‘died’, she lay on the ground, completely still…

She took playing dead very seriously! Furthermore, her skill in playing dead was becoming better and better, becoming more and more realistic.

This scene was instantly transmitted through the frame of the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ to all the practitioners in the universe.

The sudden change that occurred to the virtuous lamia had startled all the practitioners in the universe.

What had happened?

What happened just now? Why did Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s golden light of virtue suddenly scream and fall backwards? Could it be that someone had taken advantage of the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ to sneak attack Tyrannical Song?

Who was it? Who decided to interrupt Tyrannical Song’s ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’?

[That’s bad, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s golden empress of virtue suddenly died during his ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’!]

At this time, many practitioners that didn’t understand much about the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ became angry. It wasn’t easy to get the chance to hear such a great speech, yet someone had actually dared to interrupt it? This wasn’t something that the myriad practitioners in the universe would let go! This guy was seeking death!

Song Shuhang: “…”

Never would he have expected that the unique hobby of the virtuous lamia would come out right as he was about to end his ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’. The originally dignified ’empress’ of a virtuous lamia had turned into a jokester in an instant.

Elder sister, my dear elder sister, couldn’t you just stay still for a few more seconds and let me finish my ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’?

Song Shuhang was filled with all sorts of feelings.

Afterward, he sped up his talking speed, quickly narrating the last part of what he remembered of Cheng Lin’s speech, ending his own speech.

Cheng Lin’s original speech was in some ancient language, and since Song Shuhang had translated it into Mandarin, it inevitably led to the loss of some nuances, which greatly reduced the effect of the speech. Still, even so, the speech was at the ‘Tribulation Transcender level’.

At the end of his speech, Song Shuhang made a daoist seal with his hand, smiled, and then slowly closed his eyes.

A perfect ending.

The practitioners from all over the universe weren’t willing to accept it, but the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ had already ended, and they couldn’t just force Song Shuhang to continue. Furthermore, besides Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, there were still three other Profound Sages who were going to give their speeches soon. Although they seemed a little cowardly, they were still Profound Sages… What they were going to say couldn’t be too bad, right?

Therefore, all the practitioners in the universe could only silently look at Song Shuhang’s figure as it gradually became vague and transparent, looking very reluctant.

“Wait, everyone, did you notice? While giving his speech, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song made a daoist seal with his hand! That was a daoist seal, and not a buddhist one!” Some people with sharp eyes had noticed this point.

“Now that you say that… Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s clothes also weren’t like those worn by buddhists!”

“Furthermore, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song talked about the Daoist Canon, and not some buddhist scripture or sutra!”

“Although he was bald, perhaps Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was simply born without hair? Or it could be that he just likes being bald… Anyway, just because Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is bald, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a buddhist.”

“I also noticed that not only did Profound Sage Tyrannical Song not have hair on his head, but even his eyebrows and eyelashes weren’t anywhere to be seen. Perhaps he isn’t actually a baldy, it’s just that all his hair had burned while going through the tribulation.”

Many daoist cultivators began to read into these small details, and their conclusions had already gotten very close to the truth.

It was likely that there’d be much controversy whether Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was a [buddhist] or a [daoist] in the following period of time, and all would heavily discuss one issue: ❮Which faction is the first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, really from?❯

“But just now, was there really someone that attacked Profound Sage Tyrannical Song? The golden empress of virtue behind him screamed miserably and then dropped to the ground, so something must have taken place!” some people said. “If none attacked, perhaps Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s speech would have lasted some mo—”

Those guys were still discussing when the golden empress of virtue behind the gradually-becoming-transparent Profound Sage Tyrannical Song suddenly came back to life.

After the virtuous lamia finished playing dead, she calmly got up again. Afterward, she stretched out her hand and fished in the air.

There were many fluctuating white lotuses in the air, which had appeared there when Song Shuhang was utilizing his ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue’ skill. Originally, Song Shuhang was preparing to wait the end of the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ to let these white lotuses vanish. But now, the virtuous lamia had suddenly stretched out her hand and picked them up, placing them into her mouth and starting to chew them.

The dignified aura of the golden light of virtue empress was completely gone.

Song Shuhang: “…”

The virtuous lamia ate very fast. Before Song Shuhang turned completely transparent, she was able to eat up all the white lotuses in the air.

All across the universe, the various practitioners were confused.

“Are the lotus flowers that appear when an expert gives a speech edible?” some people asked.

“Although there are no records about it, perhaps they are really edible!”

“Seeing the golden empress of virtue ate them with such satisfaction, perhaps they’re really delicious?”

Another topic that was worth researching––❮Is the phenomena that an expert gives rise to during their speech edible? Also, will one’s strength increase after eating such phenomena?❯

After the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ ended, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

He looked towards the virtuous lamia, feeling that she had evolved a little bit.

Just now, after the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ ended, a vast amount of power of virtue poured into his body and was then absorbed by the virtuous lamia. She seemed to have become more lively after that.

Just now, swallowing Song Shuhang’s lotus flowers seemed to be an instinctive action of the ‘virtuous lamia’, in an attempt to accumulate energy. Song Shuhang had a feeling that the virtuous lamia would be undergoing a much greater evolution soon.

Song Shuhang’s issued an order, and the huge virtuous lamia slowly entered his body.

However, when she returned into Song Shuhang’s body, the imperial hat on her head fell off, while the imperial robe disappeared.

Song Shuhang reached out to catch the wonderful imperial hat.

Where did this imperial hat originally come from? Previously, when the virtuous lamia put it on, large amounts of power of virtue had fallen on her body, giving the lamia the power to smash the ‘hydrogen bomb’ of the heavenly tribulation.

Now, when the imperial hat fell off, the power of virtue that the virtuous lamia had received from the imperial hat also disappeared. This portion of the ‘power of virtue’ didn’t belong to the virtuous lamia, but rather to the imperial hat.

After the imperial hat fell, the power of virtue within it seemed to have been consumed for the most part. However, as time passed, the power of virtue inside should slowly recover.

In other words, this gadget was similar to energy-boosting equipment that would recharge over time. After putting it on, one would be able to use the large amount of power of virtue inside, and after the energy within was exhausted, it would slowly recover over time.

Generally speaking, such equipment was very valuable, and wasn’t one-time use equipment.

Song Shuhang kept the imperial hat inside his ‘magical bracelet’, and then arrived beside the heavily damaged ‘high-quality puppet’.

The high-quality puppet was already unable to move—its back had been completely destroyed, and its ‘pseudo eternal furnace core’ was also currently locked due to the overload.

After seeing Song Shuhang approaching, the orange eyes of the puppet slightly lit up.

“I’ll store you away for the time being and find a way to repair you after we leave this place. How about it?” Song Shuhang said.

The light in the eyes of the puppet dimmed, and it entered standby mode.

Song Shuhang carefully placed it inside the size-reducing purse.

After doing all this, Shuhang turned to look at the two seniors who were holding their heads while squatting and the senior who was in a kneeling posture.

He was able to get through the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ by being resourceful, but what were these three seniors going to do?

Song Shuhang only had one ‘Cheng Lin’s Speech’, so he couldn’t help the three seniors. Thereon, the only thing he could do was to silently offer the three seniors his blessings and wish them good luck.

The speech of the first Sage in a thousand years, Song Shuhang, had ended. Next up was the second Sage in a thousand years, ‘Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was in a coma. However, when the time for his speech came, a gentle power condensed between heaven and earth, pouring into Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s body and waking him up.

His body was still very weak, but his consciousness had finally returned.

Eh? I returned to my senses? Was I resurrected? Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman wondered. A while back, they’d been completely unable to resist that terrifying wave of ‘heavenly tribulation guided missiles’ and ‘heavenly tribulation tanks’, and could only silently watch as they died.

They had failed to transcend the tribulation, but it was good that he was still alive.

Next time, he’d definitely have to find a place with no people and cautiously transcend his tribulation there. Or so Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman thought to himself.

At the same time, he examined his current condition to see in what shape he was after dying and getting revived.

While inspecting his body, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was shocked.

The ‘innate true yuan’ of the Fourth Stage had already changed into Fifth Stage ‘spiritual energy’.

Not only that, there was also a Golden Core quietly floating in his original dantian.

There were many dragons moving about on this Golden Core.

A Golden core? Did I successfully transcend the tribulation? Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman couldn’t believe it.

He then immediately began to count the number of dragon patterns on the golden core.

One, two, three… seven, eight!

Eight dragon patterns! He actually had a Golden Core with eight dragon patterns!

It was a huge surprise.

Besides this Golden Core with eight dragon patterns, there was also a ‘seal’ in his original dantian. If one were to carefully look it, they would be able to read the words [Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman] on it, which was his daoist name.

What is this seal? Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was curious, so he used his consciousness to touch the seal.

In the next moment, many scenes flowed into his mind.

The first scene was when he lost consciousness under the assault of guided missiles and tanks. Then, a layer of light appeared on his body, and his body automatically took the initiative to assume that cowardly posture of holding one’s head while squatting down.

Then came the scene of the ‘hydrogen bomb’ + Song Shuhang’s golden light of virtue transforming into an empress and smashing the heavenly tribulation.

In the end… was the scene of him ‘showing divinity in front of the masses’.

‘Showing divinity in front of the masses’? Mom, what’s all this about?

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was surprised at first.

Then, he burst into tears, and said, “I can’t live on, I don’t want to live anymore!

When Palace Master was in despair, more information flowed into his mind.

It was his turn to give the Profound Sage-Level Speech!

Profound Sage-Level Speech? Me? Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was baffled.

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