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Chapter 1031: Everyone, listen to my speech!

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Heavens, what to do now? Song Shuhang’s heart was stifled.

He was just a newly ascended Fourth Stage cultivator, and even after counting the time that he’d spent cultivating in the Time City of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, not more than four months had passed since he had started. He’d only been able to experience so much, and faced with the task of having to deliver a speech in front of practitioners from all kinds of systems, what could he say?

Should he talk about ❮ Five-Year Simulation for the Three-Year University Entrance Examination 1 ❯?

If he were to talk about that, he would probably get beaten up by practitioners from all over the world.

Or, should he talk about his cultivation experience?

However, in retrospect, he didn’t have much to say about his cultivation experience.

Furthermore, with regard to what he’d experienced, few people in the world would believe him. After joining the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he had followed his seniors and trained a little bit, without even acknowledging a teacher. Afterward, he reached the Fourth Stage under the guidance of these seniors from the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

He couldn’t just tell the practitioners from all over the world: “In all honesty, cultivation is mostly about fate and luck. I trained a little and followed my seniors around, and in a little over four months, I’ve already reached the Fourth Stage.”

Practitioners from all over the world would definitely beat him if he said that.

Moreover, he wasn’t the Scholarly Sage. He wouldn’t be able to display a smile similar to that of the Scholarly Sage and then simply introduce to everyone his cool birth, his cool childhood, his cool training, and his cool achievements.

If he couldn’t talk about his cultivation, then should he talk about his ‘tribulation- transcending experience’?

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang looked at Eternity and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, who were beside him and holding their heads while squatting down. Moreover, there was still Senior Horizon, who had assumed the ‘orz’ posture before anyone realized.

Thinking back to what he had experienced in this tribulation…

The first wave of the heavenly tribulation was relatively weak; at that time, everyone was able to face it head on! [Come, fight me!]

The second wave of the heavenly tribulation… here, they used the ‘hold one’s head and squat down’ posture while faintly swaying.

The third wave of the heavenly tribulation… at that time, the ‘orz’ posture appeared, and they knelt on the ground.

At last, he came across Senior Almighty Merchant, who provided him timely assistance.

How could he possibly share such a tribulation experience with others?!

Seeing that the time for his ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ was approaching, cold sweat covered Song Shuhang.

What do I say? What can I talk about?

Who can give me a draft?!

At this time, practitioners from all over the world were all looking at the sky with heads raised—although the previous ‘divinity show’ had been quite exciting for everyone, these practitioners were more interested in the following ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’.

According to the records, after the Eighth Stage Profound Sage had displayed their divinity in front of the masses and condensed the Sage Seal, a ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ would soon follow.

In ancient times, the cultivators—even if they were loose cultivators—would have relatively fast cultivation speed. This wasn’t only due to the strong spiritual energy in the world at the time, but also because Eighth Stage Profound Sages would appear every one or two hundred years or so during that time period. As such, loose cultivators could frequently listen to ‘Profound Sage-Level Speeches’, benefiting greatly.

This first Sage in a thousand years—Senior Monk Tyrannical Song—what was he going to talk about?

“Merciful Buddha, will Great Master Tyrannical Song explain Mahayana Scriptures? Us buddhists would be definitely interested!” the buddhist disciples said excitedly.

“In this little monk’s opinion, lotus flowers will bloom from Great Master Tyrannical Song’s mouth as he discusses the wonders of life.”

“Perhaps Great Master Tyrannical Song will condense an Eighth Stage Golden Lotus, explaining the wonders of the ‘state of mind’—bringing his palms together as a simple greeting while smiling with the purity of a lotus flower.”

“This monk thinks that Great Master Tyrannical Song will explain the ‘principles of virtue’. The Great Master has condensed his power of virtue to an unprecedented and extreme state. Perhaps he’ll discuss the wonders of the light of virtue.”

The buddhist disciples all made various comments, but without exception, they all believed that they’d benefit greatly tonight.

Some buddhist disciples had tactfully taken out pen and paper, prepared to record Great Master Tyrannical Song’s speech so they could study it well later.

Finally, it was time for the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’!

Song Shuhang still hadn’t figured out what to say, but the time had already come.

He braced himself, using everything he had to keep a calm and straight face.

What do I do? What do I do?

Song Shuhang could feel billions of eyes staring at him from all over the universe—practitioners of all kinds were all staring at him. The pressure was as great as a mountain!

If there’s nothing I can do, I’ll just risk it all. Anyway, I’m already bald, so I’d better sit cross-legged and put the ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue’ skill to good use, imitating Buddha and just wearing a smile without saying a word.

Afterward, with a profound expression, I could say to practitioners from all over the world something like: “Do you understand?”

This way, there’s a great chance that I’ll be able to get through by fooling everyone.

“It’s here, it’s here! The ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ is coming!” Practitioners from all over the universe under the Eighth Stage Realm did everything they could to put their other matters aside and gaze at the sky in order to listen to the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’.

Even some of the great sects’ hidden Eighth Stage experts sat quietly, waiting to hear what this newly advanced fellow daoist had to say about cultivation. Perhaps they could also comprehend a few things through analogy.

At this moment, under the gaze of practitioners from all over the universe, Song Shuhang sat cross-legged.

When he sat down, the empress-like virtuous lamia floating behind him also bent down, attaching herself to his body and boosting even further Song Shuhang’s awe-inspiring aura.

Song Shuhang’s eyes slightly lowered as if he was entering a state of ‘meditation’.

A moment later, he opened his mouth, gently letting out a breath.

…In the end, he did not imitate Buddha’s posture of picking up a flower and smiling, for imitating such a posture would only let him deceive those lower-level cultivators—he definitely wouldn’t be able to fool the stronger ones. At that time, he might just end up getting beaten up.

At last, just as the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ started, Song Shuhang got an idea.

Although he didn’t know any speech, he could recite from memory the speech of another powerful cultivator.

He still remembered the speeches that the Scholarly Sage and Immortal Cheng Lin had given back then.

The scholarly faction held the copyright for the speech of the Scholarly Sage, and he couldn’t casually talk about it in front of everyone. However, there was no problem in doing so for Immortal Cheng Lin’s speech.

Therefore, he recalled the whole process of Empress Cheng Lin’s speech.

Cheng Lin’s speech didn’t begin with something profound, but with the widely circulated Daoist Canon.

Song Shuhang imitated Cheng Lin’s posture when she had begun her speech, imitating her aura as well.

There was a lot of karma involved between Song Shuhang and Cheng Lin, to the point that Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit, Ye Si, was one of Cheng Lin’s fragments.

Therefore, as Song Shuhang started imitating Cheng Lin, his aura changed accordingly.

A deep and enigmatic aura emanated from Song Shuhang’s body.

It was both mysterious and wondrous.

Practitioners from all over the world that were paying attention to the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ froze! They felt that the first Sage in a thousand years, Great Master Tyrannical Song, had seemingly turned into a different person as the speech was about to begin.

The virtuous lamia wrapped around Song Shuhang, and under the bright light of virtue, people weren’t able to see his appearance clearly.

However, when practitioners from all over the universe saw the bright light of virtue, they suddenly realized many things.

The dazzling light of virtue was like a mirror formed from the ‘path of virtue’.

Daoist, buddhist, demonic, and monster cultivators, as well as ancient witches and ancient sorcerers—as long as these people had no evil thoughts directed at Song Shuhang—they were able to see their own reflection in the light of virtue, discovering many things about them.

The Profound Sage had yet to begin his speech, and practitioners from all over the universe had already benefited a lot.

However, the Sea King, the mysterious puppet cultivator, Demon Monarch Anzhi, and a few other cultivators of the Limitless Demon Sect only felt that the ‘light of virtue’ was extremely dazzling and didn’t gain any insight from it.

The virtuous lamia helped Song Shuhang appear even more outstanding. In the next moment, Song Shuhang’s hands formed a daoist seal, and he slowly opened his mouth.

His voice sounded as if it had gone through the vicissitudes of life, as if it came from ancient times.

Song Shuhang slowly recited the introduction of the Daoist Canon, neither fast nor slow.

The Daoist Canon was widely spread in the world of cultivation, with not only the daoist disciples, but even demonic, buddhists, and monster cultivators having a rough understanding of it.

All over the universe, countless practitioners had heard about the Daoist Canon, and some daoist disciples had to listen to it since childhood, to the point that they had gotten sick of it.

But now, Song Shuhang explained the Daoist Canon from a completely different point of view, something unheard of. His words were full of mystery, and the profound content of the Daoist Canon was explained in just a few words.

As Shuhang spoke, people could indistinctly see pure white lotus flowers blooming from the mouth of the first Sage in a thousand years.

As these lotus flowers bloomed, the wonders and beauty of Tyrannical Song’s ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’ rose by a notch!

The lotus flowers were just the beginning of the phenomenon brought about by the speech.

Later, during the ‘Profound Sage-Level Speech’, every word of Song Shuhang transformed into the ‘sound of the Great Way’, resonating with heaven and earth. The unceasing emergence of auspicious clouds and white lotuses, coupled with the sound from the speech, seemed like a piece of music that made all the practitioners intoxicated.

The same content was heard differently by different people, with everyone having their own understanding.

“This isn’t a Profound Sage-Level Speech!” A veteran Profound Sage of the daoist faction breathed heavily, and said, “This is a Tribulation Transcender-Level Speech!”

No, perhaps it was of an even higher level!

“A Tribulation Transcender-Level Speech? However, hasn’t Profound Sage Tyrannical Song just ascended to the Eighth Stage?” a disciple asked doubtfully.

“I’m definitely not mistaken, this simply cannot be a Profound Sage-Level Speech. It is very likely that this Tyrannical Song had a Tribulation Transcender for a teacher. It’s likely that he was gradually influenced by his teacher, and the level of his speech ended up being way higher than Profound Sage rank,” the old Profound Sage said seriously.

“Strange, why is Great Master Tyrannical Song not talking about Buddhist or Mahayana Scriptures, and instead speaking of the Daoist canon?” Many people of the buddhist faction were doubtful.

Furthermore, Great Master Tyrannical Song’s speech on the Daoist Canon was very profound. It was clear that this first Sage in a thousand years had studied the Daoist Canon to an unimaginable level.

Could it be that Great Master Tyrannical Song isn’t a buddhist cultivator? Unconsciously, this thought flashed in the minds of many people.

In the Nine Province Number One Group.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly: “…”

Tyrant Flood Dragon wants to father a football team: “…”

Fairy Lychee: “…”

This Profound Sage-Level Speech… why the hell did it sound so familiar?

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