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Chapter 9: Gene Stimulation Medicine!

Another five months had passed by.  The now six month old Ling Lan could finally like a normal baby begin to flip around and crawl, evolving into a reptile.  She still felt that her tongue had little difficulty moving under command and could only bounce out small yi-yi-ah-ah noises.  Even so, this was a great and happy surprise for Lan Luofeng.  Compared to other children, Ling Lan's voice was very clear and seemed to understand the meaning in her words.

Ling Lan was relieved to the point of tears.  She could finally tell her mother when she needed to use the bathroom.  During the previous period, no matter how patient she was or how much she endured, she could not communicate with her not-on-the-same-wavelength mother.  Wrongly understanding her hints caused her to, after twenty-seven years, once again feel the shame of wetting her bed.

Alright, the variety of embarrassing things that happened in these few months was endless.  Ling Lan never wanted to remember again.  She decided – the memory of this period, she would completely erase.

Today, Ling Lan woke up and felt that the atmosphere was somewhat different.  Steward Ling Qin looked very nervous while her mother helped her put on a loose absolutely-all-covering-every-angle-that-may-possibly-reveal-her-secret underwear.

Well, if she ignored the two soft round eggs inside, Ling Lan would think that wearing it really was pretty comfortable.

Not long after, a group of strangers wearing military uniforms descended into the Ling house.

Ling Lan glanced at them, surprised.  Although she didn't know if soldiers that returned from the battlefield would have such an aura, Ling Lan could feel the imposing power hidden under their uniform.  This was definitely a group of battle hardened and used to blood soldiers.

Ling Lan put on an ignorant face and pretended to play by herself.  However, her ears were stuck up really high.  She was very glad that she reincarnated to a place with Chinese people that, after so many years, still spoke Chinese.  She didn't have to re-learn the language or writing and could, from birth, obtain necessary information from the words around her.

After the person who came and her mother spoke a few words, Ling Lan finally understood.  They were here to escort Ling Lan's military inheritance; in the future, it would be sent once every half year.

Ling Lan also from today came to understand what the so-called military inheritance was.  A large part of it was, in fact, a body quality improving gene stimulation medicine.

Gene stimulating agents in the market were circulated in four grades from first grade to fourth grade.  Fourth grade was the worst while first grade was the best.  The difference between these four grades was in purity; fourth grade stimulation agents had a purity of 30%; third grade was 45%; second grade was 60%; and first grade was 75%.  The higher the purity the stimulation agent was, the least harm it did to the body.  It also allowed a person to absorb even greater amounts of medicine and allow them to increase their potential as well as physical quality.

Therefore, children who can bear more medicine as a child, their future development would be much better.  It allowed them to have an even more solid foundation for the final goal of becoming a god-class pilot.

However, the price of gene stimulation agents were also very shocking.  To explain, a civilian could work hard for their entire life and only scrape up enough to buy a bottle of the lowest grade gene stimulation drug.  And with the highest grade, the price increases exponentially by ten.  As it can be seen, the highest level of gene stimulation agents could only be bought by those who had the means and money.  Ordinary people could only look.

Of course, this did not mean that civilians did not have the opportunity to obtain better resources.  Every baby that is born can go to a public testing center to check the baby's body, testing for a total of six grades.  

Those who tested F-class, will not obtain state subsidies.  D-class babies can receive two bottles of fourth-grade gene stimulant agents per year until they can no longer be absorbed.  C-class can receive two bottles of third grade stimulant agents per year until they can no longer be absorbed.  B-class can receive two bottles of second-grade agents per year until they cannot be absorbed.

And an A-class baby has two options; one option is to accept two bottles of first grade agents per year, but still have freedom, while the other is to join the military and accept the military's cultivation and obtain an unlimited supply of first grade medicine.  However, the child could only serve the military for life.

S-class babies were directly taken by the military for cultivation.  Of course, the possibility of this happening was extremely low.  As stated before, civilians rarely had fate defying physical qualities.  Genetics determine everything.

As for those like Ling Lan – successors of military inheritances – obtained the military only special gene stimulation agents.  This medicine had a higher degree of purity than the ones on the market; reaching an efficiency that was infinitely close to 90% degree of purity.  It couldn’t be helped, the genetic drug purification research had reached a predicament.  Although they seem to have achieved a degree close to a true 90% purity, it was impossible to take that step.

This time, the military brought ten full doses of special grade medicine.  Because of the value of these ten drugs, the military also had to send an ace-class mecha to escort.

Soon, Ling Lan was stripped completely, leaving only that piece of small underwear.  A soldier that looked like a military doctor took out an extremely shiny and long syringe from his portable box.  And then he extracted one of the special grade gene stimulating agents.

Ling Lan pretended to ignore what was going on, and could only ignore.  After all, how would a six month old baby know how to be afraid of an unknown object?  At this time, Ling Lan felt fortunate.  Because of all of the treatment in her past life, she was poked with needles daily until she was numb.  Now she could calmly face them and not feel fear.

The syringe was quickly plunged into her arm.  The military doctor's skill was very good.  Ling Lan only felt like she had been bitten by a mosquito.  A little itchy and a little numb before the needle was in her skin.

The military doctor slowly pushed the agent into Ling Lan's arm, watching carefully at her reaction.  Some babies were not suited for the medicine while some others may exhibit allergic symptoms.  In short, the first time a baby is given gene stimulant medicine, they had to be extremely careful to avoid accidents.

Ling Lan hadn't even felt a difference when in her mind, Xiao Si came in uninvited.

"I feel something delicious!  It's a taste from my memory.  No, wait something isn't the same…che, what is this garbage?  The impurity affects the taste too much!"  Xiao Si became very upset, as if he felt he had been molested.

Upon hearing Xiao Si's voice, Ling Lan quickly closed her eyes.  Didn't they say that eyes were the windows of the soul?  What if, from her eyes, someone found a problem?  She would regret to the death.  Angrily, Ling Lang asked: "Why did you come out?"

Xiao Si felt he was wronged.  He had thought something good thing from his memories appeared, except it turned out to be an imitation.  Sadly, he said: "I thought it was something good, but didn't expect a bootleg.  There's a lot of impurities and if they're not cleared out of your body, it will be harmful."

Upon hearing that it would be harmful, she quickly said: "Xiao Si, can you help me get rid of it?"

Being told this, Xiao Si immediately began to show off: "Of course.  Do you not see who I am?  I am Meng Dola galaxy's most intelligent mecha king study machine and can help the contractor with a lot of things; such as the expulsion of physically harmful substances."

Ling Lan ignored Xiao Si's boasting and with some confusion asked: "If this thing is harmful to the body, why do people here inject it into babies?"

"This is because this is actually a good thing.  You can enhance your potential and body's physical quality.  However, the technology here seems to be incapable of achieving 100% purification, so the residual impurities will harm the body.  Even so, the benefits are greater than the detriments.  The problem is, this kind of medicine cannot be absorbed indefinitely due to the accumulation of impurities and at a certain point the body will completely lose the ability to absorb the drug."  Xiao Si explained.

Ling Lan relaxed.  As long as there were benefits and was not life-threatening, she could accept it.  Not to mention, Xiao Si promised that he could clean out the impurities.

Soon Ling Lan absorbed the first dose.  The military carried on to inject the second dose.  The third dose…When the military doctor picked up the eighth dose, his forehead began to sweat and his originally stable hand twitching a little.

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL’s note: o(-( I wish I could translate faster (eyes the 1000+ high pile of chapters…)

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