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Chapter 8: Comparison Test.

The more Ling Suren thought, the more he felt he was right.  The hesitation in his eyes vanished and he sneered: "Since my nephew Ling Xiao's wife has requested such a thing, we, the Ling clan cannot be difficult.  Wherever Ling Lan chooses to go, we will not care."

"If Ling Lan inherits, the Ling clan must withdraw from Doha within a month.  At that time, Uncle Ren, do not blame me for being ruthless."  Lan Luofeng raised her eyebrows and looked at the representatives on both sides of the military and government as if to remind Ling Su Ren; the military and government parties were the witnesses, making it impossible for them to go back on their words.

In the face of an aggressive Lan Luofeng, Ling Suren angrily spoke: "If Ling Lan cannot inherit, can I also request you all to leave Doha in a month?"

Lan Luofeng sneered: "The fact that I dare to say it means that I can do it.  Do you mean to say that the Ling clan does not have the resolution and determination of this one woman?  Of course, if you are willing to forfeit the inheritance, then I can let up just this once, and you all may continue to stay in Doha."

Lan Luofeng's words gave them a way to retreat, forcing Ling Suren to show all of his cards while not allowing the Ling clan the opportunity to regret their decision.  It was also meant to give the Ling clan an opportunity; if they were less greedy, they could stay in Doha for the remaining two decades and ensure the status of the Ling clan.  Lan Luofeng was sure, in twenty years, if the Ling clan put all their efforts into cultivating a good child, they would still have the opportunity to remain in Doha.

Hearing Lan Luofeng's words, Ling Suren's heart went sure enough – Lan Luofeng wanted to struggle one last time.  He no longer had any worry and smiled mockingly: "Since you insist on this, good.  We, the Ling clan, promise you.  Just as you say, if Ling Lan successfully inherits, the Ling clan will immediately withdraw from Doha.  If the child that we have chosen inherits, then Ling Lan must leave Doha.  For the rest of his life, he is not allowed to enter Doha, nor is he allowed to enter the Federation's military and governmental system."

If this was the case, then he might as well completely destroy all promise in Ling Lan's future.  He did not wish to see the fully grown Ling Lan take revenge on them many years later.

Hearing this statement, Lan Luofeng's heart filled with hatred.  A moment ago, she had been softhearted and gave them a chance to retreat.  She did not expect the opposition to be so heartless to as not give her a single chance.  If Ling Lan really was a boy, the Ling clan's decision would have completely destroyed his future, turning him into a mediocre person.  Her soft heart instantly hardened, her eyes becoming cold: "Good!  As you wish."

Lan Luofeng directed a servant to prepare a detector, but was stopped by Ling Suren.  He turned to the military representative:  "This time the military should have brought a detector along with them, let us trouble you for it."

Lan Luofeng didn't raise any voice to stop it.  She couldn't say she even had this idea; even if she did, she wasn't stupid enough to pull tricks in front of the military representatives.

Receiving Ling Suren's request, the military did not refuse.  After all, they also wanted to get detailed and accurate data.  And when it came to accuracy, how would civilian grade ever beat military grade.

Soon, an advanced and compact detector was carried in by military soldiers.

At this time, while lying in Lan Luofeng's arms, Ling Lan and Xiao Si were having an emergency discussion.

"Will they be able to detect my biological sex?  And your presence?" Ling Lan was a bit anxious.  If she was found out, she had to leave here with her mother.  Although she didn't know what the outside world was like, just from listening to Ling Suren and Lan Luofeng's words, she knew it absolutely could not compare to now.

It wasn't that Ling Lan was afraid of suffering, but that it was her father's military inheritance.  Why couldn't his child inherit, and instead give benefit to who knows which woodwork this other child crawled out of?  

Indeed.  Ling Lan, used to concept of inheritance from the earth of countless years ago, could not understand this unreasonable practice.  Thus she didn't want to give up; Ling Xiao's inheritance, she will obtain.

Xiao Si's words held disdain: "They haven't even succeeded in developing true artificial intelligence, how could they even compare to me?  Relax, even if they could test biological sex, I can still turn you into a male."

Xiao Si's arrogant tone made Ling Lan's heart move: "Xiao Si, are you able to change the test data?"

This little kid became proud: "Of course!  During your first test right after birth, it was me who helped cover it up.  Otherwise your spiritual power would have long cause the detector to explode."

Explode?  Why did this term make Ling Lan feel ominous?  Before Ling Lan could fully comprehend what was said, she heard the military representative ask: "Who will test first?"

Tightening her grip on Ling Lan, Lan Luofeng coldly stated: "How about Ling clan's candidate test first."

Ling Suren thought that Lan Luofeng still refused to give up, so wanted to delay the results.  He didn't want to spend more breath fighting with Lan Luofeng and nodded.  He directed the woman next to him to place the child into the detector.

Soon the child's test results came out:


Physical Quality: S Level!

Spiritual Power: First Level!

Potential: S- Level!

Concluding evaluation: Excellent, recommend large effort cultivation.

When the data came out, the military representative's expression became careful.  If it was this child, he was definitely worthy the military's full effort to cultivate.  After all, all A+ potential and above children had a certain probability of becoming an ultimate weapon mecha manipulator.  Although the hope was very slim, having hope was greater than no hope at all.

The military representatives' behavior satisfied Ling Suren.  He knew, the military had no space to refuse this child.  But, the ruthless him did not show delight.  Calmly, he spoke to Lan Luofeng: "Nephew Ling Xiao's wife, it's still not too late to withdraw your words.  As long as you give up the inheritance, we, the Ling clan, will make a commitment to give every effort to cultivate Ling Lan until adulthood."

Going full force to take someone else's things and then turn around to hypocritically pretend to be the good person? Dream on!

Lan Luofeng only mocked: "No, I just wish that when you leave Doha, you will be quick about it."

Once she was finished speaking, she went up to the detector and carefully placed Ling Lan inside.

By this time, Ling Lan and Xiao Si had already finished discussing, deciding to maintain the original results.  Originally, Xiao Si had thought the other child's data was better than Ling Lan's, so he had a bit of trouble deciding on how to subtly improve Ling Lan's results.  Now, upon seeing the result, Xiao Si was completely calm.

Thus, in this way, Ling Lan's originally sealed information was publically announced to the world.


Physical Quality: S Level!

Spiritual Power: Second Level!

Potential: S Level!

Concluding evaluation: Excellent, recommend absolute full effort cultivation.

Xiao Si still subtly did some alterations.  The original full effort cultivation turned into absolute full effort cultivation.  He was very proud, this is bound to be much better than the other brat.

In fact, even if Xiao Si didn't alter the test, he would not have changed the outcome.  When the test results appeared, the military and political representatives immediately decided that Ling Xiao's military inheritance would go to Ling Lan.

The reason why military and government representatives were able to be so decisive, was because they saw the resulting potential evaluation.  The other qualities were indeed important, but they could be made up after the fact.  Compared to them, potential was determined at birth and directly determined what the future development of a child could reach.  A+ level and S level, may, on the surface, appear to only have a small difference.  However, later in life the difference will be very large.  When becoming ultimate weapon class mecha pilots, the probability of success for S level significantly exceeded A+ level by 5-10%.

Just with this reason, they were worth the military's full effort to cultivate.

Lan Luofeng finally let out a breath of relief.  Although she had confidence in Ling Lan, without the definite announcement, she was still worried.

At this time, how did Ling Suren not know that he fell into Lan Luofeng's trap.  The redfaced him could not help but want to tear Lan Luofeng into eight pieces.  However, currently Lan Luofeng was not afraid.  The military and government representatives were still at the scene, the Ling clan dare not to do anything.

Coldly, she said: "Ling Suren, I won't bother to see you out!"  Since they had already split from the Ling clan and tore off their face, Lan Luofeng decided no longer to keep up appearances.

"Hmph, we will leave!"  Seeing how the guests were looking at him with disdain, he knew he could no longer stay.  He took his people and left.

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL’s note: Whew, Lan mama is actually pretty ruthless when it comes down to it.

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