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Chapter 10: Absorbed Everything!

The military doctor could not be blamed for his lack of calm.  Even the rare double S physique babies could only absorb up to the seventh dose.  When the military came over, in order to express the importance of Major General Ling Xiao's heir, they took 10 doses with them.  The military thought that no matter how excellent Major General Ling Xiao's heir was, six doses were more than enough.  However, Ling Lan was an oddity.  Even at the eighth dose there was no slowing of absorption.

The eighth dose was injected by the syringe and still went in smoothly.  Whether or not the body could still continue absorbing medicine, the injector could tell.  When pushed in without obstruction, it meant that the body could still intake medicine.  If there is an obstruction, it meant that the body had reached the degree of saturation.  If there was no possible way to continue injecting, it meant that the body could no longer absorb the medicine.

Upon watching Ling Lan smoothly absorb the eight dose, the military doctor's originally calm demeanor changed.  With his back to Lan Luofeng and Ling Qin, he sent a look that indicated to the assistant to contact the higher up officer.  

Although the military doctor thought they had hidden their actions well, they were unfortunately seen by Ling Lan.  Of course, this was because the doctor did not think to guard against Ling Lan.  Imagine, how much could a six month old baby even understand?  Little did he know, this world had such an aberration known as Ling Lan – a baby with adult cognition at birth.

Noticing the doctor's action, Ling Lan realized that the situation wasn't good.  Afraid that her absorption of the drugs had been too excessive, Ling Lan quickly asked Xiao Si: "Xiao Si, something doesn't seem right.  It seems like we absorbed too much of the drugs, how about we stop now?"

Xiao Si, having just received such a great benefit, was not willing to let it go, he assured: "No problem.  Didn't they bring ten doses?  If they brought so much, it probably meant they must've calculated how much you could absorb…"  Xiao Si naturally thought.

Ling Lan was suspicious: "Really?  What if they just prepared extra?  Perhaps only an evildoer baby could absorb this much.  We've just arrived, so being lowkey can't be wrong."  Ling Lan wasn't wrong.  Unfortunately, she didn't know that even if they withdrew right now, it was too late.

Xiao Si's heart was unwilling to give up, after all this medicine was a good thing.  It allowed his host to completely remove her body's hidden danger.  He thought for a bit and decided it was better to take care of now before considering the future.  With that, he said: "On the tenth dose, I will cover it up and create an illusion of you absorbing to saturation.  That way, even if you were a bit excessive, it will not cause others to suspect anything.  They'll just pay a little more attention to you while you grow up.  In the future, we'll just slowly decrease your absorption and gradually dilute the impact of this event."

Without waiting for Ling Lan to reject his idea, Xiao Si continued: "Just so you know.  By absorbing these ten doses, not only will the effectiveness of your practice increase by several times, it will completely resolve your body's hidden dangers.  You won't have to worry about your spiritual power crushing your flesh."

"Eh? Didn't you say that by practicing Yang Shen cultivation method, in two years I will completely resolve the hidden dangers?  Could it be you're still keeping something from me?"  Ling Lan finally understood the meaning of Xiao Si's words.

Xiao Si froze.  Realizing that he had leaked information, he could only honestly reply:  "I meant that if your spiritual power no longer increased, in two years you can resolve this risk.  But you have to understand, even if you don't practice your spiritual power, it will grow with age."

Ling Lan was angered: "To think you didn't tell me this.  Do you not understand that this is very dangerous?"

Xiao Si looked up to the sky, his expression innocent: "I didn't tell you?  Probably there were too many things…"

Ling Lan really wanted to grab this kid and give him a hard beating.  But, unfortunately she had already agreed to no longer hit him and could only hatefully let him go.  She started to suspect, could it be that the little guy expected something like today to happen, so had her agree ahead of time to not beat him?

She tried to inhale a few breaths with great effort.  When she calmed down, she finally asked: "Can you honestly tell me, in these six months, how much has my spiritual power grown?"  Even if she died, she had to die knowing a little.  Ling Lan didn't want to be a confused ghost.

"Actually, it only grew just a little bit…"  Xiao Si compared his little fat fingers, representing that it really didn't improve that much.

"Then by a little bit, do you mean there's no danger?"  Ling Lan sneered sarcastically, no longer believing in this not so much trust to speak of little kid.

Xiao Si was immediately disheartened.  Embarrassed, he spoke: "If you didn't have this time's medicine, two years later you will become seriously ill.  But as long as you continue to use the yang shen cultivation method, I estimate that three years later, you will recover.  Now with this medicine, all your hidden dangers are resolved, so there is no problem."  Having said that, his face showed a touch of pride.  If was as if he forgot about the horrible situation they'd be in if they didn't have the medicine.

Upon seeing this, Ling Lan could only helplessly let this little guy off.  Fighting with him would only antagonize herself.  Nevertheless, she still severely warned Xiao Si; later, no matter what kind of situation, he had to clearly tell her everything and was not allowed to say one part and hide another part.

Xiao Si answered clearly, but whether or not he could do it, Ling Lan wasn't sure.

In fact, Ling Lan felt there was something off about Xiao Si.  Although he claimed to be her contracted growth partner, her learning course could not be opened by her.  That is, if Xiao Si refused to open it, she could not open the course room door.

If it was other people, they would probably worry about this.  Perhaps they would probably also doubt whether or not this learning machine was malicious.  Ling Lan was very open-minded; since she couldn't learn it, then she wasn't going to go and forcefully beg for it.  If she was bored, just having someone she could talk and mess around with was always good.

In the end, Ling Lan was not the kind of person who had a top dog mentality.  She just wanted to live safely, freely, painlessly, and without disease.

Soon, the assistant who left to report the situation returned.  He lightly nodded at the military doctor, indicating to continue injecting.

Receiving orders from above, the military doctor no longer worried.  In fact, what made him worry was not jut Ling Lan's evildoer absorption level, but also towards how to explain to the higher ups on how so much of the drugs were consumed.

Finally, on the tenth dose, the military doctor felt resistance towards the injection grow.  When the syringe only had a few drops of medicine left, he found that he could no longer continue pushing in.

Only then did the military doctor pull out the needle.  He quietly wiped off the sweat on his forehead.  It was good that he managed to finish feeding the baby on the tenth dose, completing their task.  It wasn't that history didn't have an infant that could suddenly absorb ten doses of the drug, just rare.

The military didn't delay for very long and soon bid farewell, leaving the enthusiastically hospitable, yet unaware Lan Luofeng, and the slightly suspecting Ling Qin.

Ling Lan watched the military personnel leave before finally relaxing.  Then suddenly, she felt her bladder was heavy, as if she was holding back something and felt bewildered.  Just so you know, in order to absorb the medicine, her mother did not give her milk, why did she suddenly have the urge to pee?

Seeming to feel Ling Lan's mood, Xiao Si spoke with embarrassment:  "I was afraid to be found out by the military personnel so I didn't dare to use the sweat glands to excrete.  Thus I sent the impurities there…"

The implied meaning was, with so many impurities there, if she didn't have urine – then there really would be a problem.

Ling Lan didn't even get a chance to call her mother for help, when she felt that she once again miserably wet the bed…

"Xiao Si, you're dead!"  Ling Lan howled!

NND*, finally, with difficulty, she found back a bit of her self esteem and successfully became a cute little baby.  She didn't expect that right when her beautiful and bright days had just appeared, it was ruined by this self-asserting Xiao Si.

Ling Lan was once again sad, especially when she heard her own mother slap her PP, laughing that she wet the bed again.  She felt her whole life darken.

Translated by somnious, unedited

*NND is shorthand for 奶奶的 (nǎinai de), which is like 'damnit'.  Literally, it just means 'grandmother's'.

TL’s note: 慢慢走……慢慢爬……慢慢……慢死我了!!!!!!!!!哭。

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