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Chapter 25: Same Group of Small Partners.

Ling Lan couldn't help but curiously ask:  "How do you know?"  Each child's test scores were only known by examiners.  All the examiners were borrowed from major military regions and knew the principle of confidentiality.  They were all very tight-lipped.

Qilong was embarrassed:  "In fact, when I went to take the test, the two examiners were chatting.  They said you were a rare genius and your strength was absolutely unique.  I think if the examiner said so, then your strength must be great."

De, the examiners were too excited and accidentally leaked a bit of information.  This kid looked carefree but was not without critical thought and immediately seized the key points.

"Oh right, what's your name?  My name's Qilong, his name's Han Jijun.  He and I grew up together, he's my best friend."  Qilong didn't have any sense of strangers meeting for the first time and happily pointed at and introduced a small boy standing next to the chubby sister.  That expression had a bit of prideful bragging in it, causing Ling Lan to curiously glance at the boy that made Qilong so proud.

The little boy was very calm and nodded slightly at her, not speaking.  However, his gaze held a difficult to conceal look of inspection.  Of course this was likely due to his young age.  Perhaps when he grew a bit more, he'd be able to hide it better.

The inspection in the other person's eyes did not make Ling Lan feel unhappy, because she was clear that there was no malicious intent.  It was just to determine whether or not Ling Lan had enough worth to befriend Qilong.  This worried appearance allowed Ling Lan to understand that the two of them had a deep friendship.

Seeing the nearby carefree Qilong, Ling Lan suddenly thought of the novels she had seen in the past.  Sure enough, every big silly had a cunning and good at scheming close friend at their side.  The two little boys had a very intimate relationship ah…God really was fair.

Ling Lan's impression of Qilong and Han Jijun improved by a lot.  Her demeanor became more gentle and friendly as she faced Han Jijun:  "Hello, my name is Ling Lan, nice to meet you."

"Ling Lan, this is Han Jijun's cousin, Han Xuya.  She always likes to follow and play with us.  Don't lower yourself to her level."  Qilong didn't wait for Han Jijun to answer before interjecting and pointing at the chubby sister.

He didn't notice that because of his words, he angered the chubby little girl and caused her face to hatefully twist into an ugly expression1.  This made Han Jijun give Ling Lan a helpless and headache-laced look.  It seemed that in order to coordinate the relationship between his good friend and cousin, he put in a lot of effort.

Ling Lan smiled without speaking, not responding to Qilong's words.  This made the angry chubby sister's mood a little better.  At least that little boy was tactful and wasn't that annoying.  A girl's emotions were always so fickle, it wasn't a matter of age.

Like this, the children chatted like small adults.  They didn't speak more than few words before hearing the child next to them shout:  "The test is about to start."

The examiner responsible for the test had appeared on the big field.  The staff began to group the children.

Grouping was actually very simple.  Every 10 numbers was a group.  Ling Lan looked at her own test number – No. 7253.  When she looked at Qilong and the other's numbers, her forehead was suddenly covered in black lines.  Ah, this was too much of a coincidence.  Their numbers were behind her – 7254, 7255, 7256…

Ignoring Qilong's excitement, Han Jijun's surprise, and Han Xuya's slightly twisted expression, Ling Lan reluctantly looked up.  Her mouth couldn't help but twitch:  This was so called law of crossing?  People who were related to each other would unconsciously gather?  Did such an initiative directly send Qilong to her door?

In addition to them four, there were still six other people with sequential numbers who belonged to the same group gathered around them.  There was no solution, who told them to have such a big group of people?  Scattered individuals always looked to combine with larger groups of people.

Their new companions were five boys and a girl.  One of boys and the girl looked very similar and were probably dragon phoenix twins2.

Although certainly nowadays there weren't many who were ugly, that pair of dragon phoenix twins were extremely beautiful.  They were like jade dolls, crystal clear.  The boy was proud and confident and the girl was shy and lovely.  The two similar faces appeared completely different temperaments, causing Ling Lan to unconsciously glance a few times out of curiosity.

Perhaps Ling Lan's gaze was somewhat warm.  The pair of dragon phoenix twins seemed to have noticed it, the little princess-like girl shyly smiled at her.  Ling Lan automatically returned one back.  The boy saw this scene and glared at her fiercely, as if warning her not to play around with his sister.

Ling Lan helplessly rubbed her nose.  De, she just smiled a little and was treated like a small lecher.  This little boy's protective heart was really strong, ah.  But, to think of protecting his sister from lechers, isn't this a little too early?

Qilong saw the other person's glare and refused to back down, glaring back.  He didn't forget to comfort Ling Lan and said:  "Ling Lan, it's alright.  This kid Luo Lang's character is just like that.  To him, his sister is more important than anything else."

It seemed that Qilong was familiar with this dragon phoenix twin pair.  Otherwise it would be impossible to easily call out the other person's name.

Ling Lan helplessly said: "So he's a siscon ah!"

"Siscon?!"  Upon hearing this, Qilong froze for a moment before going 'puchi' and spraying out a laugh.  "Ling Lan, you're really gifted.  How'd you perfectly capture that, siscon…Why couldn't I think of such a wonderful description?"

Qilong's exaggerated response stunned Ling Lan.  In truth, siscon in her original era was used until it was rotten.  Almost no one didn't know what it was.  She didn't expect that this era wouldn't have that term….

Ling Lan's heart moved.  Could it be that countless years of cataclysms and turmoil really caused a break in knowledge and culture?  Then the books that Xiao Si downloaded may really bring them their first pot of gold….

Qilong's strange reaction made the other children curious.  They busily asked him quietly and soon the word 'siscon' spread amongst the small partners.  Except for the pair of dragon phoenix twins, the entire group of children knew.  They covered their mouths and laughed in secret.

Their secretly laughing movements blew their cover.  The dragon phoenix twin's boy, Luo Lang, couldn't continue pretending that he saw nothing.  His face became darker and darker to the point that he couldn't tolerate it anymore.  He directly went up to Ling Lan and asked:  "Hey, what are you talking behind our backs about?"

With an innocent face, Ling Lan pointed to herself:  "I?  Talk behind your back?  Why would I talk behind your back?"  The person that was laughing wasn't her.  If he had to find someone to condemn, he should find Qilong, right?  If it wasn't for his big mouth, how would the surrounding children know what she said and start secretly laughing?

"Then why would they laugh at me?"  Luo Lang angrily accused.  He saw it clearly, because of some words said by Ling Lan, Qilong and the others began to laugh at him.

This accusation made Ling Lan quite powerless:  "You're not paranoid schizophrenic, are you ah?

"Paranoid schizophrenic…"  Puchi, the surroundings once again burst into a round of snickering.  Ever since Luo Lang came up to Ling Lan, the small partners focused all their attention onto them.  As expected, they heard another interesting phrase.  They found out that this seemingly weak boy in front of them really could speak and could use words that they never heard of before.  Yet the words he spoke were very on point.  They couldn't help but go 'ya de, he's really too talented'.

Qilong was the one that laughed the most uncontrollably.  Even Han Jijun's originally calm demeanor changed.  His mouth couldn't help but curl unconsciously into a smile, easily returning to his identity of a child.

If they didn't laugh, it would have been fine.  However, the moment they laughed, Luo Lang became more enraged.  He pointed at them and was angered speechless.  Ling Lan shamelessly thought, will this little kid faint from anger?

Translated by somnious, unedited

ML appearance countdown: 83 chapters

1 嗤牙咧嘴 (chī yá liězuǐ):  Lit. to bare fangs/snarl

2 龙凤双胞胎(lóngfèng shuāngbāotāi):  Dragon Phoenix twins are a pair of male/female twins (dragon – male, phoenix – female)

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