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Chapter 26: The Exam Begins.

Evidence proved that the children of this era had very strong bodies and high endurance.  No matter how angry Luo Lang was, he was still vigorous and robust despite the uncertain color of his face.  It could be seen that he was extremely enraged.

Seeing Luo Lang appear like this, Ling Lan felt like she couldn't continue.  Her two lives added together made her more than 30 years old.  She could be considered on the same level as a weird aunt, how could she bully other children?

A somewhat ashamed Ling Lan faced Luo Lang and laughed:  "Just kidding, you shouldn't get angry."

Ling Lan's smile surprised Luo Lang for a moment and her suddenly soft attitude caught him off guard.  This stupidly stunned expression caused the little partners around them to start laughing again.  It couldn't be helped, that look was extremely stupidly moe.  Even Luo Lang's sister started giggling upon seeing her brother's adorably silly appearance.  However, she quickly lowered her head shyly, feeling a bit of regret at her own behavior.  How could she laugh in such a way at the brother who loved her so much…

And Ling Lan, because of her sudden careless laugh, caused herself a headache.  It was really troublesome.  It turned out that she just accidentally revealed that breathtaking smile, causing Xiao Si to flip out.  She was worried about how she was going to pacify the little guy that was becoming more and more like a bunch of dynamite.

While Ling Lan was busily appeasing the angry Xiao Si, Luo Lang, because of the laughter of the other small partners, awoke from his stupor.  He realized that he disgraced himself.  A pair of blush bloomed on his white face, spreading to his ears.

Then, furiously, he actually rushed towards Ling Lan…uh, towards the nearby Qilong and overwhelmed him.  The two of them began fighting.

Qilong and Luo Lang twisted into a pile.  Qilong's good friend, Han Jijun, didn't discourage, but actually pulled Ling Lan and Han Xuya out of the way and stood idly by.  Luo Lang's sister silently backed up a few steps and hid to the side and only watched her brother with a worried expression.

Once Ling Lan finally coaxed Xiao Si, she realized that no one had come forwards to stop the fight.  She found it strange.  In her era, the moment children started fighting, they would be pulled apart and scolded.  Here, the field staff weren't very far away and obviously saw the situation, but turned a blind eye.  What was going on?  Ling Lan felt her three outlooks* being challenged by this world.

Ling Lan wasn't a person who can endure.  She ended up asking the question on her mind, once again attracting Han Jijun's attention.  But when he found that Ling Lan really didn't understand, he was stunned.  This was part of common knowledge that should be taught by the father.  Did Ling Lan's father not tell him?

Although Han Jijun was puzzled, he still explained to Ling Lan:  "This is a habit of childhood training.  Whoever has an argument that they want to resolve, fighting is allowed.  But, no matter who wins or loses, you have to have to smile and let go of any hate afterwards."

What a really strange teaching, were they not afraid of raising a bunch of crazy and violent people?  Ling Lan once again felt that the ideological education she received in her past life was incompatible with the strongest takes all idea here.  For example, regardless of civilian, aristocratic, or influential clan children, their first goal was to be a soldier, their second goal was to be a soldier, their third goal was to be a soldier…because soldiers were the strongest – especially after becoming mecha pilots.  Only those who were physically unqualified and couldn’t become soldiers had no other choice but to choose other occupations.

And Ling Lan's education starting from childhood was how to become the strongest mecha pilot.  Everything she learned was meant to serve this goal.  Her mother, steward Ling Qin, never asked her if she liked it or not.

To be honest, she really didn't feel much towards that so-called idea of piloting mecha.  After all, she was a girl; from the start she didn't have a lot of interest in fighting. (TL: *coughs violently*)  It was just she didn't expect she'd come to this everyone-is-a-soldier world.  Even more, she didn't expect to be accompanied by a so-called mecha king learning machine.

Ling Lan couldn't help but rub her chin and think:  Could this be heaven's will?  Everything was already declared for her, she must walk down the path of a mecha pilot?

Qilong and Luo Lang fought and appeared equal.  In truth, Qilong was better in combat by a degree, but Luo Lang had an unyielding tenacity.  Although he was at a disadvantage, he was still able to hold on.

Ling Lan really wanted to know the final results of their fight.  But, when she saw the staff calling in test groups became closer and closer to their number, she knew there wasn't a chance.  She regretfully reminded:  "It's about to be our turn to test.  Will you guys be ok if you keep fighting like this?"

The two kids on the ground suddenly froze.  Luo Lang's reaction was faster than Qilong.  He immediately pushed away Qilong and quickly climbed up, starting to straighten his clothing.  Although he couldn't return to that look of a noble son, his good etiquette education didn't allow for him to face the examiner with such an embarrassing appearance.

Qilong was caught off guard and was pushed away by Luo Lang, rolling two laps.  He quickly got up before speaking stubbornly:  "When the test is over, let's continue our fight."  The careless him was already accustomed to his sorry appearance and only wiped his forehead of sweat twice with his sleeves and was done.

Luo Lang, of course, wouldn't back down.  So the two agreed that they would determine who was stronger after the test.

What a pair of kids with high will to fight.  Ling Lan felt that she really was old and had a hard time understanding their unexplainable need to fight.  By now, Ling Lan had long forgotten that culprit that caused Qilong and Luo Lang's fight was her.

The speed of examination for candidates was very fast.  Qilong and Luo Lang had only rested for a moment and hadn't fully restored their physical strength when the staff shouted for Ling Lan's group.  Ling Lan and the nine other people did't dare to hesitate and quickly ran over.

The ten of them stood on the runway and made final preparations.  At this time, an examiner came over and explained the content of the exam.  The exam required the group to start running from the starting line and safely run to the end to complete the exam.  As for the core, it was dependent on the time it took to finish the exam.

As Ling Lan finished her preparation work, she didn't forget to observe the row of candidates in front of them.  This was a bad habit she gained from No. 1.  Every time No. 1 came out, everything he did was likely a kind of test.  This made Ling Lan very nervous and was afraid to even miss a single action or remark in the case that they were hints to some kind of test.  This rigorous caution had long become her instinct.  

Ling Lan watched as the group of candidates on the examiner's orders quickly ran from the starting line before quickly disappearing without a trace…

"You noticed?"  Han Jijun came over and spoke quietly.  He also noticed the problem.

"En.  The weather is obviously sunny, but once you start running on the runway, fog appears…"  Ling Lan saw what was strange and understood the reason the examinees in front of them barely ran that far before vanishing.

"Seems like they used virtual environment technology here.  I feel that this exam isn't so simple."  Han Jijun was definitely a smart kid.  Other kids might not be aware of the many high-tech things (such as Ling Lan), but he understood very well.  

Han Jijun's reminder caused Ling Lan to secretly keep her guard up.

Soon, the examiner at the starting line beckoned Ling Lan and the group to come over.  Once they saw that everyone had finished preparing, they gave the order – start running.

Qilong led the way and Luo Lang followed closely.  It seemed like the two intended to compete with one another.

Ling Lan was third, followed behind by Han Jijun.  This child who liked to use his brain had the same idea as Ling Lan and intended to stay behind Qilong to observe for a while before making a decision.  The other children followed one by one after Han Jijun.

Translated by somnious, unedited

* 三观正 (sān guān zhèng ): The 'three outlooks' here refers to what is the 'mainstream' value, outlook on life, and worldview and thus supposedly 'won't cause harm' because supposedly everyone agrees with it.

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