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Chapter 24: Overly Familiar Little Boys.

Ling Lan thought that the next test was also one by one and didn't expect, upon arrival, it was completely out of her expectations.

The test for endurance and speed were at the same place, the academy's athletic field.

Ling Lan and Ling Qin had just arrived when Ling Qin was stopped by an accompanying staff, indicating that parents and guardians couldn't follow in.

Ling Lan originally didn't need Ling Qin's escort, but couldn't bare to refuse this steward grandpa who spent his entire life loyal to the Ling family's heartfelt intentions.  Upon seeing Ling Qin's worried eyes, she busily reassured him before bidding farewell.  This considerate behavior was noticed by the staff accompanying Ling Lan.

"I didn't expect you to be so sensible…"  The staff who was leading Ling Lan into the field praised her.  He'd seen enough crying, bored expressions, and various other attached expressions and behavior.  However, Ling Lan's small adult-like consoling appearance surprised him without end.

Ling Lan smiled and didn't speak.  It wasn't like she couldn't say that she was a more than thirty year old lady, how could she act like a little baby who couldn't leave her parents or guardians?

Perhaps Ling Lan's calm and good tempered expression made the escorting staff feel inclined towards her, so he pointed to the children on the lawn in front of them and explained:  "Over there are children who are ready to test.  There right-most with the least amount of people are civilian children, the middle are military and political family children, while the left, with the greatest amount, are large clan children."

Upon the staff member's actions, Ling Lan looked over to the grass and saw that a lot of people had already gathered there.  They were all children testing for this year's enrollment.

In Doha Star, there were numerous Scout Academies like this.  But this Scout Academy that Ling Lan was enrolling in was the best one in the system, none were better.  The families that qualified for this academy test, except for the large clans who lived in Doha who already had entrance exam privileges and high ranking children who belonged to military and political families, were children who received military inheritances – such as Ling Lan.  The children who inherit military honors may be civilians, clan members, and military and political families.  Therefore, the field ended up divided into three groups.  

Of course, those who failed the exam would return to attend the Scout Academy nearest to their home.  This situation couldn't be helped; Doha Star's Central Scout Academy only wanted the best students, quality before quantity*.

However, most of those children who failed the entrance exam were from civilian families who had military inheritances.  The academy announced that it was because the physical quality of these children did not meet the school's admission criteria.  As for if there was any other reasons, it was unknown.

Because of this claim of being the strongest Scout Academy, each year it received two special classes…of course, you have to have money, strength, and power!

Ling Lan realized that this was the staff's sincerity and quickly smiled:  "Thank you!"

It could only be said, Ling Lan's smile was very beautiful.  This smile was deeply carved into her bone marrow – as long as someone held good intentions, she would not withhold this smile.  In her past life, she used this smile to obtain care from the doctors and nurses.  And this life, with her perfect inheritance of the merits of both her mother and father's good appearances, it was brimming with lethality.

Upon seeing that smile, the staff was surprised.  He subconsciously rubbed his nose and then looked around.  Finding that no one had noticed, he advised:  "Little guy, don't smile like this from now on.  It's not good for you."

If this child's family didn't have much power, perhaps because of his young age, he likely won't be in much danger.  However, in another five or ten years, he couldn't be sure.

Hearing this, Ling Lan felt a moment of surprise.  She was just about to ask, but because the staff had arrived at the location and was surrounded by people, it wasn't good to speak.  Ling Lan could only, under his worried and caring gaze, bid him farewell.

"Xiao Si, say, just what did that person mean?"  Ling Lan frowned and asked Xiao Si.

Xiao Si didn't speak.  He just copied Ling Lan's smile and showed it to her.  Ling Lan had never seen her current smile.  She just knew that her smile was good and allowed people to put down any vigilance towards her and make them feel good.  But now seeing her current smile, she understood why the staff would advise her.

Yade, it turned out that being too good looking was also a kind of trouble.  She used to be at most pretty; when she smiled it would at most give the feeling of warmth and pleasure.  Now it wasn't the same – the androgynous her in addition to that beautiful face, when smiling like that, carried a kind of breathtaking soul hooking effect.  This was just a six year old child, if she grew bigger…

Ling Lan didn't believe that love between two men would have ended by this era.  Although she was in fact a woman, but she didn't really want a gay guy confessing to her.

Ling Lan immediately came to a decision – from now on she couldn't smile like this anymore.

As soon as Ling Lan entered, the gaze of children from all three groups fell on her.  As it was just said, Ling Lan really did look good.  Even in this era of handsome men and beautiful women, her appearance was super-class.  And children were the kind to straightforwardly express their preferences, so beautiful children were always popular.

Thus, while Ling Lan was still trying to figure out what to do, a sturdy child standing in the middle military and political family group waved to her and shouted:  "Here, here!  Come here quickly!"

Black lines formed on Ling Lan's forehead.  So open and familiar, who was it ah?  How come she didn't know them?

Nevertheless, the other person's greeting relieved her of her troubles, so she slowly walked over.  Of course, she must be slow.  In the case that she misunderstood and the person was greeting a child behind her or something, she could avoid embarrassment.

However, Ling Lan's worry was unnecessary.  The child really was greeting her.  She hadn't even walked halfway before he became impatient and ran up and dragged her over.

Ling Lan looked at the small hand had that clasped her own without asking and thought despondently, who was he ah?  Why did he so familiarly grab her hand without asking permission?

Keke, don't blame Ling Lan.  In two lives, this was the first time a strange man, uh, little boy held her hand.  Our fierce student, Ling Lan, was embarrassed.

Upon arrival, before the boy could speak, she heard a heavily jealous voice:  "Qilong, who is he ah?"

Ling Lan looked intently and saw that it came from a small chubby girl.  She glared fiercely at Ling Lan, as if Ling Lan was trying to rob her of a beloved thing.

Ling Lan was helpless.  Were children of this era all so precocious?  They even knew how to be jealous?  Also, if she was jealous shouldn't she take a look at the other party?  She was a boy right now, alright?

Ling Lan felt a bit weird.  Her looks right now should be a lot better than Qilong's.  How come it seemed like the chubby sister couldn't see it?  Immediately becoming jealous, could this mean that this little girl didn't like her type?

Ling Lan didn't know that this era wasn't like her previous era that saw thinness as beauty.  The children here used health and robustness as a beauty standard.  Ling Lan's sick and soft bean sprout appearance, no matter how beautiful she looked, not many girls would bother to give her a glance.

Qilong didn't notice that the small attendant at his side was jealous.  He carefreely introduced her to his friends:  "He was the one who tested before me.  Don't assume he's weak because he's thin, his strength is really great."  Qilong liked making friends with people who were stronger than him, it made him feel like he could improve.

Ling Lan froze.  It turned out that at that time, Qilong had already noticed her.

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL's Note: Wheeeee! The first group of the little partners have shown up!  Also lol RIP say farewell to the cute and smiling Ling Lan…Um.  Well, it definitely can be said that the staff was correct, although we can be sure that anyone with bad intentions towards Ling Lan will have their bones snapped and spine ground to dust!  This smile also drives the male lead mad in the future (im sorry im so desperate to get to the male lead ahhhhh ;;).

ML appearance countdown: 84 chapters

* 宁缺毋滥 (Nìngquēwúlàn): Lit. 'would rather be short of than have excess'

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