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Chapter 11: Learning System Open!

That day, afternoon at Doha Star, at the headquarters of the Federal's First Army Logistics Department.  A young officer was reporting to the Section Chief of logistics the emergency situation that was sent in today.

"Section Chief, I've already determined that there is no issues with the military doctor Mu's report.  It and the accompanying six ace pilot escorts have no deviations."  The young officer flipped through the information in his hands, clearly and respectfully reporting the situation to the higher up.

Sitting behind the office desk and going through the information was a middle-aged army general.  He listened and nodded, before finally asking:  "Are there a lot of people who know of this matter?"

The young officer was surprised.  It seemed he did not expect the general to ask this question, and quickly replied:  "Section Chief, I was personally responsible for this investigation.  Other than me and my assistant, as well as the investigated parties, no one else in the military knows the details."

"That's good, you will change the security of the information on Major General Ling Xiao's heir to S-class.  Officers without the proper security clearance are not allowed to access.  In addition, issue a gag order on people who know of this situation.  As for the follow up distribution of the inheritance, the same people as today will be responsible."

"Yes, Section Chief!"  Upon understanding, the young officer left the office room.

In the empty Section Chief room, the middle aged man whispered:  "Ling Xiao, I can only do this much for your child.  I hope he didn't catch the attention of some other people in the military."

Ling Lan was lucky.  While she was still unaware of the situation, she was given someone's careful protection.  It allowed her to escape a future of military control and becoming a war machine, giving her precious time to grow.

Although, Ling Lan currently had no interest in pondering what the military might want to do with her.  Certainly she was worried that her excessive absorption of medicine might cause the military to pay attention to her.  However, after many days it was still calm as usual and thus Ling Lan lost interest, going off to do what she was supposed to be doing.

She was originally an optimistic girl; otherwise it wouldn't have been possible for her to survive twenty-four years of inhuman torture in her past life with her mind intact.

Of course, for Ling Lan's thoughts to completely let go of the military trouble was also due to the good news occupying it.

Early in the morning, Xiao Si both excitedly and cautiously told her that she was qualified to enter the consciousness space to learn.

In Xiao Si's consciousness space, a spacious circular hall had become Ling Lan's point of entry.  It was surrounded by a circle of closed doors.  In the past, Ling Lan had tried to push open the doors, but, unfortunately, every door was closed tightly.  Ling Lan exhausted all her ideas and the doors still did not open.

After he was done laughing at her, Xiao Si finally told her; until she met the learning conditions, these doors would not open.  As for what the conditions were, Xiao Si's mouth was tight and refused to disclose even a little information to her.

Nevertheless, Ling Lan had vaguely speculated that the conditions were likely related to her physical quality.  This was due to Xiao Si, who had more than once reminded her continue cultivating in order to completely solve the hidden dangers in her body.

Knowing she was out of luck, Ling Lan suppressed her deep curiosity.  She wholeheartedly continued practicing the previous life learned Yang Sheng cultivation formula to resolve her body's hidden dangers as well as fulfil the conditions to study whatever that was in Xiao Si's learning system.  

In truth, the biggest reason why Ling Lan was so urgent, was because she was bored.  Every day on the bed all she did was eat and sleep, sleep and eat, and play by herself.  This kind of rice worm life was really difficult to bear.  In her past life, even if she could only lie in bed and could not move, she could at least still surf the internet and learn about current news, or read a web novel to pass the time…

Of course, there was another reason why Ling Lan was so frustrated.  Her mother was afraid that her secret would leak, so she did not take her out to feel the breeze or go see entertainment or something.  To be honest, it was pretty pitiful.  Ling Lan's stay in this world was approaching seven months, yet she only had these three places – the room, hall, and balcony – to wander around.  She didn't have a chance to go outside and have a good look at what kind of place the world had become.

Ling Lan felt that she was just about to go crazy when Xiao Si suddenly came and told her the good news.  This made her ridiculously happy.

So today's Ling Lan was very well behaved.  After drinking milk, she didn't clamor at her mother to walk her in a circle and soon fell asleep (in truth, she went into Xiao Si's consciousness space).

Ling Lan once again entered the lobby of the consciousness space and found that, compared to last time, the space had a slight change.  But even with this little bit, it was enough for her to be pleasantly surprised.

The originally tightly sealed door was exuding a dazzling red light.  On the door's surface was two large Chinese characters: Body Technique1!

Xiao Si stood at the side, explaining: "I've updated the language system.  It now uses your current language, so now you shouldn't have trouble understanding all the text and spoken word used here."

Ling Lan was extremely happy.  She pulled over Xiao Si and gave him a big kiss on the cheek to express her gratitude.

Xiao Si's little face suddenly flushed, his voice arrogant as he said: "Don't try to use sugar coated tactics to bribe me!  I, Xiao Si's, firmly retain my position, in relation to the standards I will never waver…2"

Xiao Si ah, when you say this, can your small butt not twist so much, can your small mouth not grin even larger…not even the slightest convincing.

Of course, Ling Lan did not notice Xiao Si's abnormalities.  Her entire attention was focused on the Body Technique door.  She slowly walked up and gave a push, the door opening.

Ling Lan did not hesitate, immediately entered.  The door she had opened suddenly closed.

Ling Lan felt the world around her turn dark.  This sudden situation surprised Ling Lan and she shouted: "Xiao Si, where are you?"

The dark space did not resound with Xiao Si's voice – it was quiet.  Dark and silent, this strange scene caused Ling Lan's heart to bounce with a constant thump-thump.  Nevertheless, she suppressed her nervousness and stood still, patiently waiting.  She believed that the cute and clever Xiao Si would not hurt her.

Ling Lan didn't know how long she had waited.  Perhaps in the silent dark, the sensation of waiting felt longer.  However, this completely sealing dark made her remember her time as a fetus and her originally violently beating heart slowed back down to normal.  She closed her eyes and carefully recalled the feeling of the time she was inside her mother's body.  A quiet peace of mind followed, slowly clearing away the sense of anxiety.  Her entire body entered a half awake, half asleep state in the middle of chaos…

After an unknown period of time, Ling Lan suddenly felt the dark world around her turn bright.  This current light caused Ling Lan to slightly squint her eyes, her body slowly recovering from the state of chaos.

Ling Lan felt her eyes return back to normal and found herself standing in the middle of an open square.  The surrounding space felt like the size of a football field – no, even larger.  It great and empty space made Ling Lan feel very small

Suddenly, a somewhat mechanical voice resounded from behind Ling Lan:  "Mental assessment result: SSS-class, permitted to learn the highest level of body technique training."

It turned out that the situation from before was a test.  It was scoring Ling Lan's performance.  If Ling Lan performanced too badly, the system would have expelled her, waiting for the next opportunity.  If she performed well, the system would use her score to choose the level of body techniques she could learn.

Of course, if Ling Lan's performance was really bad, the system would eventually open to let her learn the lowest level of body techniques; however, it would be delayed greatly.  In truth, the sooner the contractor could study, the more favorable it was to their growth.  This was also why the Meng Dola galaxy chose to let just born infants bind with a learning machine.

Nevertheless, the child's final achievements were dependent on their own body conditions.  Those with genius talent who performed excellently only need to complete the course given to them by the system to become even greater, while those with mediocre talent would only continue to lag behind…For those who learn too late, the difference between levels could never be made up, no matter how hard they tried.

It can only be said, Ling Lan's two lives of experience allowed her to gain a great advantage.  Her first time taking a mental assessment caused the system to rate her at the highest level – SSS.  However, we must give Ling Lan some tears of sympathy.  Just as the name suggests, the highest level of body technique was not easy to learn…It can be seen that Ling Lan's future was to be tortured by the system and live a miserable life.

This sudden voice caused Ling Lan to quickly turn and look back.  She saw a uniformed male soldier standing there, looking at her coldly.

Do not ask Ling Lan why she knew he was a soldier, it was a kind of intuition.  Ling Lan felt that he was like an unsheathed blade; just one look caused her breathing to becoming difficult.

Translated by somnious, unedited

1 体术 (tǐ shù): This is actually kind of funny because this actually isn't the Chinese word for martial arts (武术 - wǔshù), but actually Japanese (taijutsu).  As a result I chose to translate it as Body Technique.

2 我小四立场很坚定的,相关准则绝不动摇: I'm actually kind of confused at what he's saying…哭…I think he's just talking nonsense…

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