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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 9, Blue Water Drop

As danger had descended upon her, Nisse’s heart suddenly trembled, and she couldn’t help but turn to look.

“Ah!” Nisse was so terrified, her face turned as white as parchment, while at the same time, in her terror, she raised her speed to the limit, fleeing forward.

“You want to run?” A hint of disdain was in the eyes of the callous looking man. He immediately activated his ‘Godrealm’, and Nisse, who had been moving at high speed, instantly became restricted and slowed down. Nisse was only a God, and in her heart, she began to feel terror. “Bebe, big bro, where are you?”

As she faced death, her thoughts were of Bebe and Salomon!

At this moment, Nisse was right in the middle of a corridor opening.

“Bebe!” Nisse’s eyes immediately lit up. To her right, roughly a hundred meters away, a figure appeared. It was Bebe, wearing his straw hat, his face filled with delight. But when he saw Nisse suddenly appear, he also saw that behind her, there was a Highgod.

Bebe’s facial expression instantly turned to that one of terror!

“A pity. I won’t make it in time.” Nisse could already sense the cold air of the sword energy behind her. Her eyes were filled with a hint of unwillingness and regret. “Bebe, actually, right now, I just want to say a few words to you and hear your voice.”

In this castle of sand, Gods were only able to stretch their divine sense out for less than ten meters. How would they speak through divine sense?

Bebe’s eyes were filled with terror!

“No!” Bebe cried out in a fierce voice. They were a hundred meters away, and he was extremely fast, but that Highgod wasn’t any slower than him. More importantly, the Highgod was too close to Nisse. “Ninny, no!!!” Bebe was filled with rage and regret.

In the same instant Bebe saw Nisse.

Linley was making his way alone through the castle of sand, which was filled with danger everywhere.

Linley had just undergone a vicious battle. After a short recovery time, his strength had returned to peak condition. Suddenly, a look of delight appeared in Linley’s eyes. “Bebe. You aren’t too far away from me. Right in front of me, there is a road heading close to your direction. It’s possible that we will meet.”

“I have a corridor in front of me as well. Boss, I’ll head over as well.” Bebe was extremely excited.

Linley didn’t imagine that although at first, when he had intentionally tried to meet with Bebe, he was unable to, after that vicious battle, just by casually walking around, he would draw closer to Bebe.

“Swoosh!” Linley began to move quickly.

Passing through curved hallways, he entered a corridor which headed straight towards Bebe.

“Haha, Bebe!”

Linley already saw the familiar figure wearing a straw hat at the end of the corridor. It was Bebe.

Linley and Bebe were roughly three hundred meters or so away from each other. They were each at the opposite ends of the corridor. As for this three hundred meter long corridor, it had three or four exits and branching corridors as well.

“Haha, Boss, I see you!” Bebe said, his face excited.

“I see you too.” Linley’s heart was filled with excitement. He couldn’t help but unconsciously speed up even faster. “Please don’t let another wall suddenly appear in the center of this corridor.” This was what Linley was worrying about; he had to come together with Bebe.

That way, he wouldn’t be separated from Bebe again.


Roughly ten meters ahead of Linley, a figure suddenly appeared from a branching corridor.

“Whoah, that scared me.” What Linley feared the most was that a wall would appear, blocking him off from Bebe. “She is?” Linley’s face instantly changed dramatically.

It was Nisse, who was being pursued and attacked!

Nisse saw that to her right, a hundred meters away, Bebe was present. But she didn’t realize that to her left was Linley!

Bebe had been lost in his excitement at the coming reunion with Linley, but when he suddenly saw Nisse being pursued, his heart instantly turned ice cold. His excited, lively eyes suddenly became filled with terror. “Nooooo!” A fierce cry rang out!

It had been so many years. Bebe had never fallen for a girl.

This was the first time he had. Although Bebe liked to joke around, in his heart, he had sworn that he would accompany this adorable girl for his entire life.

It was a very simple, pure thought. But Bebe had always kept it in his heart.

Bebe wasn’t able to rescue her in time!

But. Linley was!

“Highgod!” Linley saw that a few meters behind Nisse, there was the figure of a skinny, cruel man. Instantly, his face changed.

After the last battle he had undergone with a Highgod, Linley knew very well…that although he had fused two profound mysteries and a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, when fighting with a Highgod, his chance of victory was less than 50%. If the enemy was cautious, the chances of Linley dying would be extremely high!

If he was to save her, he would have to use his ultimate attack. Acting so hastily, it would be very hard for him to kill the opponent. Once the opponent saw Linley using his ultimate attack, he would definitely grow cautious, and most likely Linley himself would be finished.

But if he didn’t save her, Linley might be able to find a better opportunity to kill the man in one blow!

“Nooooo!” Linley could completely sense Bebe’s terror, sense Bebe’s soul shudder. His soul and Bebe’s soul were linked. Linley could clearly sense…the trembling of Bebe’s soul.

He didn’t hesitate at all!

“Kill!” A fierce look suddenly flashed in Linley’s eyes, and the adamantine heavy sword in his hand slashed out in a perfect arcing line, and then a semi-translucent sword shadow that was a faint yellow color flew out of the adamantine heavy sword, striking directly towards the skinny, cruel-looking man.

Soul attack – Voidwave Sword!

As Linley attacked the enemy without any hesitation, the terrified Bebe also let out a fierce howl, while at the same time, an enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat appeared behind him. The mouth of the illusory Godeater Rat opened as it stared coldly at the skinny, cruel man.

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

The skinny, cruel man had been chopping down with his sword towards Nisse, but Linley was very close to him, and the Voidwave Sword attack instantly struck towards him.

“Not good!”

The skinny, cruel man’s downward chopping sword blow instantly transformed into a blocking scrape. As he didn’t know how strong the opponent was, the skinny cruel man immediately used his own most powerful soul attack, and an illusion of a green, electric serpent appeared, flying out from his sword.

The Voidwave Sword and the illusory electric serpent clashed.


The illusory electric serpent vanished, while the Voidwave Sword trembled twice, then vanished as well.

“So powerful!” The skinny, cruel man’s heart shook. The opponent’s soul attack was actually on a level comparable to his own; to be precise, it was actually slightly more powerful. If this illusory sword attack had truly struck his soul, he probably would have had his soul dissipated.

Right as he was feeling stunned…

A strange ripple suddenly encapsulated his entire body. This was the innate divine ability, Godeater.

The skinny cruel man’s body went stiff for a moment, but a moment later, he broke free.

“Ugh!” The distant Bebe spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face turned pale as well. He only had the power of a God, but he wanted to use the Godeater ability against a Highgod? There was only one possible outcome. This Godeater ability was very unique!

If it succeeded, it would devour and take away the opponent’s divine spark, and the opponent wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

But if it failed, the opponent wouldn’t be harmed at all. In addition, the amount of spiritual energy this technique consumed was quite astonishing.

“There are two of them!” Only now did the skinny, callous man notice Bebe.

“What an unusual attack.” The skinny, callous man immediately began to treat Linley and Bebe as major foes. However, in the skinny, callous man’s heart, the one he was concerned about the most was Linley. This was because Linley’s Voidwave Sword was already at a level of power which could threaten his life!

“Bebe used the Godeater ability?”

Linley immediately ignored all else. Gritting his teeth, he took the opportunity to once more strike out with his adamantine heavy sword, launching his most powerful attack, the Voidwave Sword, once more.

But unfortunately, the impact of Bebe’s Godeater ability on a Highgod was too miniscule.

The skinny callous man’s sword once more emitted an illusory electric serpent, clashing once more with Linley’s Voidwave Sword. This spectacle was virtually identical to the one earlier. The two soul attacks once more cancelled out.


From the body of the skinny, cruel man emerged four deep-green lightning dragons. The four lightning dragons pounced straight towards Linley. Although the size of each lightning dragon wasn’t too massive, with all four charging over at the same time, Linley was completely unable to dodge.

“Die.” The callous, grim man watched this calmly. “This is my most powerful lightning-type attack!”

“Bang!” The Pulseguard Armor on linley’s body only resisted for an instant, then directly collapsed. Linley was sent smashing far away, with blood, flesh, and bones flying everywhere. His entire body had lost half of its mass as those lightning dragons had attacked Linley, trying to destroy him!

Bebe had just been delighted, but then upon seeing Linley immediately face death, he grew terrified anew.

“Boss!” Bebe’s eyes were filled with concern.

“Not good!” As Linley’s Pulseguard Armor was shattered, his body had immediately transformed. The divine earth clone and his main body immediately swapped, but despite swapping out quickly, Linley’s divine earth clone still only had half its body and a head left.

In the recent battles, Linley had used the divine earth clone.

After all, the divine earth clone was the most powerful, and when using it to use attacks dependent on the Laws of the Earth, using his earth clone meant the attacks would be most powerful.

In this situation, Linley had to choose to switch bodies. After all, if his divine earth clone continued to take blows like these, the divine earth clone would most likely be shattered.

“I’ll have to see how strong my Dragonform’s defense is!” Linley’s original body was Dragonformed!


The four lightning dragons finally dispersed. Linley collapsed where he stood from the explosion, the azure-gold draconic scales covering his body broken and battered, and multiple spikes on his back shattered as well. His left arm had been completely blown off, while his waist had almost been blown through as well.

“What astonishing defense!” The skinny man couldn’t help but be amazed.

Actually, the attack he had used just now had used up nearly half of its strength in breaking through the Pulseguard Armor. At the critical moment, Linley had swapped out his body, using his main body in Dragonform to take it head on. Although it was very difficult, the defense in Dragonform was indeed exceedingly great, just slightly inferior to the Pulseguard Armor.

He was badly injured, but at least he had saved his life.

“What a talent.” The skinny cruel man sighed to himself. Linley’s soul attack and his defense, despite being just a God…the skinny, cruel man understood that if Linley was born into a major clan, he would definitely be one of their most highly valued talents to be cultivated.

“Unfortunately, you’ll die in my hands.” The skinny man said to himself calmly.

“Am I about to die?” Linley’s badly wounded body lay there on the ground. He couldn’t help but feel a surge of helplessness. There was indeed a great difference between himself and a Highgod. Once the opponent noticed his Voidwave Sword, then he probably would be finished.


Right at this moment…

Linley sensed that from within the Coiling Dragon ring, surges of unique energy began to fill his body. Linley’s body instantly was repaired, and the draconic scales and spikes on his back were all healed as well. At the same time, that unique energy filled his draconic scales, spikes, and every other part of his body, strengthening the power of Linley’s draconic scales.

On the surface of Linley’s draconic scales, a layer of azure light was shining.

“What is this?” Linley immediately filled the Coiling Dragon ring with his spiritual energy.

“The three blue drops of water?” When Linley had become a Deity, the Coiling Dragon ring had a single golden drop of liquid as well as three blue drops of water within it. At that time, the golden liquid had transformed Linley’s Dragonform, while Linley had yet to find a use for the three blue drops of water.

But now, one of the three blue drops of water was emitting an azure energy that was filling Linley’s body, strengthening Linley’s Dragonform.

“Huh?” The skinny cruel man saw that Linley’s body had instantly healed. His face couldn’t help but change.


The skinny cruel man let out a cold sneer. His hands stretched out like claws, and six lightning dragons pounced towards Linley.

“NO!!!!” The frantic, furious Bebe had already charged next to the skinny, cruel man, but he wasn’t going to make it in time to save Linley. Bebe’s heart was filled with regret and self-hate. If Linley were to have died due to saving Nisse, Bebe would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

“You can die together.”

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