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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 10, Meeting

“I feel so powerful!”

In a short amount of time, one of the three blue drops of water completely converted into energy, fusing with Linley’s original body, repeatedly strengthening Linley’s draconic scales. Linley’s scales defensive power was rising at an absolutely stupefying speed!

The three blue drops of water had now become just two.

“Huh?” Linley suddenly was startled into wakefulness. “Six lightning dragons?” Linley was shocked and frightened.

Six flashing lightning dragons bellowed and attacked Linley.

Before this, the attack of just four flashing lightning dragons had not only shattered the Pulseguard Armor but also had caused serious injury to Linley. Now there were six of them. Linley wasn’t able to form the Pulseguard Armor in time. The only thing he could do was…

“Swoosh!” Linley flew backwards, trying to dodge.

But how could a person’s movement speed compare to the speed of an attack?


The six bellowing lightning dragons all smashed against Linley, and even the nearby walls of sand exploded from the collision.

“Boss!” Bebe, seeing Linley being struck by those six lightning dragons which exploded against his body, was terrified to the point of losing his mind.

“Don’t, don’t die.” The distant Nisse’s heart was filled with terror as well.

She didn’t know what to do.

“If Bebe’s Boss dies, Bebe will definitely be miserable. His Boss did this only for the sake of saving me.” Nisse could only stand there in the distance. She didn’t have any ability to interfere. This sense of helplessness filled Nisse’s heart with guilt.

Bebe, because Linley had been attacked, had lost his wits for a moment, but when experts were battling, how could they possibly lose their focus?

“Daydreaming in a battle?” The skinny man’s lightning-like sword flashed down viciously, striking against Bebe. Bebe’s body was sent flying away, while at the same time, an illusory electric serpent ignored Bebe’s defense, directly entering Bebe’s body.

A soul attack!

“Huh?” The skinny man suddenly turned to look back.

After the explosion of the six lightning dragons, Linley was just standing there, azure light flowing atop his azure-golden draconic scales. Surges of power emanated from his draconic scales. The strength of his aura caused even the skinny man to feel terror in his heart.

“What…what is this aura?” The skinny man couldn’t believe it.

He was certain that what he feared right now wasn’t Linley himself, but rather it was the aura coming off of the draconic scales.

Linley’s cold, dark-golden eyes stared at the skinny man. His lips curved upwards slightly, and this skinny man was completely unable to ascertain if Linley was smiling or not.

“I…have to thank you.” Linley said calmly.

The skinny man was stunned. Thank him?

Linley knew very clearly that if it hadn’t been for the skinny man nearly destroying his original body, which caused this ‘blue water drop’ to suddenly send its energy into his body and transform it, there is no way that Linley would have been able to utilize this blue water drop.

Currently, he had used up one of them, but Linley was still overjoyed.

This was because he could clearly sense that currently in Dragonform, he possessed incomparable, boundless strength! Absolute strength! Physical strength of the body!

“Boss!” Bebe’s delighted voice rang out.

“What?!” The skinny man turned to look and was astonished. Bebe had suffered his soul attack, but hadn’t died. “How is this possible. A mere God who suffered my soul attack didn’t die?” The skinny man was completely unable to accept this, but instantly, he had a thought. “Can it be, can it be that he has a soul protecting divine artifact?”

“Impossible. How can that be?” The skinny man couldn’t believe this conjecture.

Soul protecting divine artifacts were very special!

They weren’t like ordinary swords, sabers, armor, and other artifacts which were easy to forge. In the entire Infernal Realm, there were exceedingly few people capable of forging ‘soul protecting divine artifacts’, and many Highgods didn’t have that sort of ability. The damndest thing was…there were no soul protecting divine artifacts for sale!

Linley’s group, upon arriving in the Infernal Realm, had yet to find a single soul protecting divine artifact for sale. If there were, Linley would have bought one for Delia long ago.

This was because once a person was killed, his soul protecting divine artifact would definitely be damaged as well. A damaged soul protecting divine artifact was generally useless.


There was more to it than that. Soul protecting divine artifacts weren’t made from special ores; they were forged from ‘spiritual energy’. For example, for Linley to repair his soul protecting Sovereign artifact, he had to use his spiritual energy to repair it. This was because…soul protecting divine artifacts were made out of spiritual energy to begin with.

Only, they had a rather special structure!

Because they were made out of spiritual energy, soul protecting artifacts couldn’t be easily tamed and commanded just through blood binding. There were many profound mysteries that were involved in these things! Only the original creator of the soul protecting divine artifact, by using some special methods, could allow for his soul protecting divine artifact to be used by others.


Anyone who had a soul protecting divine artifact had definitely received permission from the creator of the artifact.

And every single creator of a soul protecting divine artifact was, without a doubt, one of the ultimate experts of the Infernal Realm! Every single one was extremely accomplished in understanding the soul, and had reached terrifying heights.

“This kid with a straw hat…he has a major figure backing him up?” The skinny man came to this judgment.

“And that Draconian! The aura coming off from his body is so terrifying.” The skinny man’s heart quivered. “What is going on. One has a soul protecting divine artifact, while the other has such terrifying defense.”

Right now, the distant Nisse was overjoyed. “Bebe’s Boss didn’t die. Bebe’s also fine. Wonderful, wonderful!”

“Haha, Boss, let’s kill this bastard together.” Bebe said through their souls.

“Fine!” Linley was exceedingly happy as well.

The powerful strength he felt in his Dragonform caused Linley want to let loose.

“Swoosh!” Bebe’s dagger shot out like lightning towards the skinny man.

“Whoosh!” Linley launched himself from the ground.

Linley shot out like an arrow, exploding forward and moving so quickly that his body turned into a blur. Linley’s right leg danced out like a saber, chopping down with a fierce, azure-golden light towards the neck of that skinny man.

The speed was too fast!

“Who cares who you are? Kill!!!” The skinny man was angry now as well.


The longsword in his hand collided head on with the draconic scales on Linley’s right leg, creating a metallic ringing sound. After having absorbed a drop of that ‘blue drop of water’ and having been strengthened to a terrifying degree, Linley’s draconic scales were not one whit inferior to a Highgod artifact.

Linley’s body landed.

“How is that possible?!” The skinny man’s face changed dramatically. Today, he had been shocked too many times.

Bebe came howling forth as well.

“You have a soul protecting divine artifact. Then, I shall use a material attack! The skinny man’s body once more emitted those four lightning dragons towards Bebe, who didn’t dodge at all, instead charging at high speed towards those four lightning dragons.


The four lightning dragons landed directly on Bebe, then dispersed, but Bebe wasn’t hurt at all.

“Die.” Bebe’s eyes were filled with murder.

“How is this possible?!” The skinny man’s mind was in utter chaos. Linley’s freakishly strong draconic scale defense, Bebe’s soul protecting divine artifact…and now, Bebe used his terrifying physical defense to blast through one lightning dragon after another. The skinny man was at the verge of insanity. “Who are you guys?!”

“Swish!” A metallic tail slapped over lightning-fast.


The sword and the iron-whip-like draconic tail clashed. The skinny man borrowed that force to retreat backwards. Ignoring all else, what he decided he needed to do was…flee!

“Freaks! Two freaks!” The skinny man cursed angrily. “Such freakishly strong defense, and a soul protecting divine artifact as well. Can they be two young masters from a major clan? But how can the young masters of a large clan come wandering around at the God-level, without a single protector?”

The skinny man knew very well. The Infernal Realm had existed for a long time, and within it, there were extremely ancient, great clans!

Those great clans were able to exist for countless years; naturally, they had power to rely on and special abilities. For the young masters of these clans to possess soul-protecting artifacts was very normal. Linley and Bebe’s performances were very much similar to that of those young masters of those clans.

Only, why would high and noble young masters get involved with this sort of escort mission?

“Big bro, kill him!” Nisse’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Huh?” The skinny man was suddenly startled into wakefulness.


A ray of black light flashed past his eyes. The skinny man didn’t even have a chance to react before the dark black light entered his body.

The skinny man immediately collapsed.

“Hmph!” Salomon stared coldly at the corpse on the ground.

“Big bro.” Nisse immediately ran over, throwing herself into Salomon’s arms and beginning to cry. “Big bro, just now I, I almost was killed by him. Sob…” After having experienced the terror of a near-death experience, then being worried for Linley and Bebe, she finally was no longer able to hold back her tears upon seeing her big brother.

“Don’t cry.” Salomon comforted her.

“Big bro, just now, if it wasn’t for Linley, I would be dead already.” Nisse lifted her head to look at her big brother. “Just now…” Nisse immediately explained everything.

Salomon, hearing his sister’s explanation, immediately turned to look at Linley. Upon seeing Linley’s Dragonform, Salomon was slightly surprised. However, his experience was much greater than his little sister’s, and he immediately bowed and said thankfully, “Linley, thank you. You saved my little sister’s life. I, Salomon Boyd, will never forget this!”

Salomon Boyd. This surname one which Linley didn’t particular understand the importance of.

‘Boyd’ was a clan name which Linley had never heard of.

“Big bro…” Nisse stared in astonishment at her big brother, Salomon.

Her big brother wouldn’t easily reveal his identity. Why did he do so now?

“For the sake of Bebe, even if I had to risk death, I would rescue Nisse.” Linley said. At the same time, he returned to his divine earth clone, his body once more becoming covered with the Pulseguard Armor.

“Boss.” Bebe and Linley exchanged a glance.

“Let’s hurry up and go.” Linley said hurriedly. “I don’t know what the situation is with Delia.” Linley was worried about Delia.

Immediately, Linley, Bebe, Salomon, and Nisse began to traverse this sand castle.

After having absorbed that blue drop of water, his Dragonform had quickly raised in power to yet another monstrous level. Linley had already made his decision.

“My main body’s Dragonform has an exceedingly strong material defense, while it also has a soul protecting Sovereign artifact. It has sufficient material and spiritual defense. In the future, if I face an ordinary Highgod, I am capable of killing them head on. However…the soul protecting Sovereign artifact is damaged!

Linley was still somewhat worried.

“Ordinary Highgods using a soul attack aren’t able to use it to seek out a weak spot. But in Moon Lake Castle, when I was hit by the soul poison of the Godslayer Arrow, the soul poison was actually able to search for the ‘weak point’ in my damaged soul protecting Sovereign artifact to attack my soul.” Linley understood.

It was just that the opponents he had encountered thus far weren’t very powerful.

If his enemy was a powerful Highgod, the Highgod would be able to use his soul attack to seek out the weak points, then attack the gap.

“Thus, in the end, I can’t completely reveal this trump card.”

Unless it was critical, Linley wouldn’t easily reveal the secret of him being able to Dragonform. After all, only a trump card that remained hidden would be effective. Besides, his ‘Pulseguard Armor’ wasn’t weak either.

Linley and the other three walked shoulder by shoulder, but were unable to find Delia.

“Strange. Why has the sand castle stopped transforming?” Bebe muttered.

Linley had noticed this as well.

“Perhaps…the person who set up the castle of sand is currently busy battling, and so he has no energy to deal with changing the castle.” Salomon guessed. Salomon’s words were correct; at this moment, the green-robed elder, ‘Mr. Wind’, was currently battling with Learmonth!


A terrifying explosion occurred, while at the same time, the entire ‘castle of sand’ seemed to have lost its controller. With a rustle and rumble, the sand began to flow down, and the entire castle of sand in the blink of an eye transformed into boundless amounts of sand dunes.

The castle of sand was gone!

The destruction of the castle of sand allowed everyone to see the sky, to see the Blood Sun.

There were quite a few corpses lying about the sand. Many of the Fiends had died miserable deaths, while the lucky survivors were in the midst of the desert. All of them seemed to be astonished, including Inigo and his subordinates.

“What is going on?” Inigo didn’t understand. How did the castle of sand which his teacher controlled suddenly collapse?

Linley was staring at his surroundings. Immediately, he saw from afar the ashen-faced Delia, who had the Deathgod Golem by her side. “Delia!” Linley immediately rushed over, overjoyed.

“Linley!” Delia’s eyes were immediately filled with joy as well, and she too rushed over towards Linley.

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