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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 8, Many Dangers

“A Highgod!”

Linley glided away like a bird in flight, gliding away alongside that explosive burst of sword energy while at the same time, the adamantine heavy sword appeared in his hand. Wielding it as though it were weightless, he sent it slamming over…and a multiple meter long earthen yellow sword shadow chopped out.

Pulsating Essence Attack!

This was a type of material attack developed after fusing the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’. It was primarily reliant upon the ‘Essence of the Earth’, with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ supporting it.

Compared to the ‘Voidwave Sword’, it was the opposite; the Voidwave Sword was primarily reliant on the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, while the ‘Essence of the Earth’ supported it.


The two forces collided, and the wild explosive force backlashed onto both. Linley borrowed that backlash force to flee, while the golden-haired youth also took a few steps back. He stared in astonishment at Linley. “What a powerful sword. A God actually has such strength!”

This gold-haired youth was not angry; he was instead delighted.

These Highgods didn’t have much interest in killing God-level Fiends, but now this Highgod did. Just based on that sword alone, Linley was qualified to have him treat this fight seriously.

“Swoosh.” Launching himself upwards, the Highgod shot out like an arrow, piercing through the air at high speed in pursuit of Linley.

Linley, fleeing in front of him, had already begun moving at his maximum speed early on, but the enemy behind him continued to draw closer. “This Highgod is so fast, and also, it seems he is a wind-style Highgod as well.” From the opponent’s previous attack, he could essentially sense that the opponent was a wind-style Highgod.

“Haha, flee?”

The gold-haired youth pursued at high speed while reaching out with his left hand, clawing at the air.

“What’s this?” While fleeing, Linley’s face changed dramatically. His body seemed to have been bound by countless thin threads. Although Linley was still able to flee, a restrictive force seemed to act upon him. Even his speed fell down by half!

“This is the Profound Mysteries of Dimensional Space!” Linley instantly realized what this was. He had seen Delia often use this technique against others. But now, Linley was the one who had been hit.

“Terrible!” Linley’s heart was filled with worry. “The power of this Highgod in using this technique is much greater than Delia’s.” Linley knew that the strength of an attack was connected to one’s divine power. The same type of profound mystery at different levels of divine power had different strength levels.

In the blink of an eye, the gold-haired youth reached a distance of less than ten meters from Linley.

“You won’t be able to run!” A loud laugh rang out, and a strange ripple spread over Linley. Linley’s speed dropped yet again, and in his heart, he was shocked. “The Godrealm of a Highgod!” Linley knew long ago that facing a Highgod was extremely dangerous.

Although there was a chance for victory, he only had a tiny chance.

“In terms of profound mysteries, this gold-haired youth is a Highgod who knows all nine profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. I can only hope that he hasn’t fused any of the profound mysteries.” Linley knew that the only chance of success he had was…a soul attack!

“The Voidwave Sword must not fail.”

Linley had continuously fled upon meeting this gold-haired youth; he didn’t use his Voidwave Sword at all. Linley didn’t dare to rashly unleash it; he had to seize the best opportunity to kill the opponent in one blow. Otherwise, given the difference between him and his opponent, the opponent could easily rely on his speed to use a material attack to kill Linley.


It was one thing to not unleash his ultimate attack, but if he was to unleash it, he had to succeed.

“Either you die or I die.” Linley continued to grit his teeth, constantly thinking up new ways to flee.

However, now that he was bound by the ‘Dimensional Wind’ and the ‘Godrealm’, and given that Linley’s speed was lower to begin with and was now only a third of his normal speed, the difference between them was so great…that unless something unexpected were to happen, the outcome of this battle was predetermined.

“Swish!” Linley’s body suddenly came to a halt. His face changed dramatically as he stared in front of himself.

In front of Linley, behind him, and above him, there were ten ‘gold-haired youths’. This gold-haired youth had actually created nearly forty doppelgangers, completely encircling Linley.

“The situation just got worse.” Linley was frantic. “The forty doppelgangers…which one is the real one? Bebe isn’t present. I’m unable to determine which one is real. What should I do?” Linley gripped the adamantine heavy sword, looking cautiously about him.

The gold-haired youth had transformed into nearly forty doppelgangers to encircle Linley.

“Haha, in front of me, you still want to run? Your speed is too slow, too slow.” The gold-haired youth chuckled.

Linley warily watched his opponent.

“Haha, die.” The gold-haired youth chuckled, and then the nearly forty doppelgangers almost simultaneously struck out. Instantly, Linley was completely covered by knife-edge palm attacks. Linley was completely unable to dodge; his only choice was to take the attacks head on!

“He…looks down on me.” Linley, seeing this, was laughing coldly in his heart.

Doppelganger was one of the nine profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. This Doppelganger Technique created bodies that had the aura of the original body. Generally speaking, others would find it very hard to tell the true body from the false bodies. This was an exceptional technique for fleeing. But as for attacking, it was weak.

The Doppelganger Technique was meant for fleeing or to be used against weak experts.

After all, the strength of each doppelganger was far inferior to that of the main body.

The doppelgangers of Highgods, in terms of strength, wouldn’t be much stronger than that of Gods.

“Hmph. A single doppelganger’s attack might not be strong, but the combined attacks of thirty-plus doppelgangers are considerable in power. In addition, my main body’s knife-edge palm attack is included as well.” The gold-haired youth was completely confident. “This fellow is just a God.”

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

In an instant, the many knife-edge palms landed on Linley’s body. Linley in total was hit by twenty eight palm blows, and had been only able to dodge ten of them.

Of the 28 palm blows, twenty seven of them landed on Linley’s ‘Pulseguard Armor’ and collapsed, while leaving Linley’s ‘Pulseguard Armor’ completely unharmed. But the twenty eighth palm blow landed directly on Linley’s body.


The Pulseguard Armor cracked open, and Linley’s chest was struck by a vicious blow that all but went through his chest. Blood splattered outside, while his shattered white bones were revealed as well. This blow that split apart the ‘Pulseguard Armor’ had been launched by the gold-haired youth’s real body!

The gold-haired youth was surprised. Linley’s ‘Pulseguard Armor’ was simply astonishing.

“A defensive Highgod artifact?” The gold-haired youth chuckled. “Unfortunately, you are a God. A defensive Highgod artifact in your hands won’t be used to maximum effect.” The gold-haired youth was disdainful.

“Crackle…” Linley’s ‘divine power’ in his body bubbled out, immediately healing his wound. At the same time, the ‘Pulseguard Armor’ on his body once more reformed. As long as his divine power remained, this ‘Pulseguard Armor’ could instantly recover.

“A defensive artifact?” Linley, in his heart, was disdainful. “So this is the true body!”

From that attack just now, Linley was instantly able to tell which of the bodies in front of him was the true body.

“Already healed?” The gold-haired youth was astonished. He immediately realized that Linley wasn’t using a defensive artifact, but rather a material defense.

“Haha…your material attack isn’t bad, and your material defenses aren’t bad either.” The forty gold-haired youths circling Linley all spoke out. “A pity.” After speaking, the nearly forty gold-haired youths instantly moved as one. Right now, whether the youth attacked as one or en masse didn’t make much of a difference to Linley.

From that exchange just now, Linley was already certain as to which one was the real body.

The gold-haired youth’s speed was far greater than Linley’s. He easily and continuously changed directions as he drew near Linley.

“This brown-haired kid has a powerful material attack and defense. It seems I’ll have to kill him with a soul attack.” The gold-haired youth made up his mind. “I refuse to believe that the soul defense of a God can be very powerful!”

“Death take you!” The gold-haired youth calmly lashed out with a sword blow, causing tiny tremors to appear in the air as well as a low humming sound.

Linley’s eyes narrowed. “My only chance!”

“Rumble…” Linley’s adamantine heavy sword struck out as well with his most powerful attack…the Voidwave Sword!

“Clang!” Linley’s face suddenly changed. His Voidwave Sword had met no opposition at all as it struck into the enemy’s head. The enemy’s attack, in turn, didn’t carry any soul power at all.

“What?” Linley suddenly had a bad feeling. “Vibrations!”

A strange sort of vibration directly entered Linley’s brain. This strange vibration first clashed against that soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, the translucent scaly membrane around his soul, then shattered and dispersed.

Linley had managed to withstand the attack, but the enemy…

“Aaaah!” The Highgod’s entire body swayed, a low growl emitting from his lips.

Although this Highgod had become a Highgod on his own, and had an extremely pure soul and strong defense, in the face of Linley’s ‘Voidwave Sword’, created from the fusion of two profound mysteries, his soul still trembled and a large amount of spiritual energy immediately collapsed.

He immediately became woozy.

“Die!” Howling angrily, Linley followed up with another sword blow.

The adamantine heavy sword struck directly onto the dazed gold-haired youth.

“BANG!” The gold-haired youth’s soul was no longer able to withstand it, and it directly collapsed.

“Swoosh!” A figure suddenly appeared from within the gold-haired youth’s corpse. “Another one?” Linley’s eyes turned wide, but as if by reflex, he lashed out yet again…

Once again, the Voidwave Sword!

“BANG!” That figure collapsed as well.

Only now did Linley sit down.

Having executed three ‘Voidwave Sword’ attacks in a row, Linley’s spiritual energy had been nearly exhausted. Actually, when he executed the third ‘Voidwave Sword’, Linley had already begun to feel his head split.

“I was too nervous. The divine clone of that gold-haired youth was just a Demigod clone. It wasn’t worth me using the Voidwave Sword at all.” Linley glanced at the divine clone, then laughed inwardly at himself. “Fortunately, that fellow finally died.” Linley directly collected the gold-haired youth’s interspatial ring, divine spark, and divine artifact.

And then, Linley ran a few hundred meters away, enduring the pain in his head. He found an unassuming location and immediately retrieved an amethyst.

“The Voidwave Sword uses up far too much spiritual energy.” Linley stored the amethyst into his Coiling Dragon ring, which immediately refined it, causing surges of golden fog energy to enter Linley’s consciousness. The dry, parched sea of consciousness once more began to throb with spiritual strength.

“Whew.” The head-splitting pain began to subside, and Linley let out a long breath.

“Facing a Highgod really is dangerous.” Linley, thinking back to that battle, said to himself, “If that gold-haired youth had instead relied on his speed and material attacks to come at me repeatedly, he absolutely would have killed me.”

Linley quickly came to a conclusion based on the results of that battle.

“Those who become Deities on their own will have their souls nurtured and transformed repeatedly by the natural Laws, and so will have exceedingly strong soul defenses as well. Just gold-haired youth just now was able to take a hit from my ‘Voidwave Sword’ without dying. It seems as though in the future, I must be careful.” Linley became all the more cautious.

Linley had narrowly escaped the last attack, but the other Fiends wouldn’t be so lucky. How could it be easy for a God to overcome a Highgod?

Linley was someone who had fused two profound mysteries of a Law, which was extremely rare amongst Gods. And more importantly…Linley had a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact which negated the gold-haired youth’s attack. Otherwise, how could Linley’s soul have withstood it?

“Big bro isn’t here, and Bebe isn’t here either.”

Nisse was filled with panic. She took one careful step after another through this castle of sand. Just now, she had discovered the corpse of a Fiend. Clearly, this castle of sand was filled with life-threatening dangers.

Soundlessly, a skinny, callous male figure suddenly appeared from the wall behind NIsse.

“This little girl isn’t bad. I’ll kill her first.” The callous man said quietly to himself. Just now, he had killed three God-level Fiends. In front of him, God-level Fiends weren’t able to fight back at all. Looking at Nisse in front of him, the callous man laughed to himself. “Let me end your life.”

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