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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 28, Wild Revenge

The ten Fiends who had been lucky enough to survive as well as the nearly hundred Fiend trial participants were all in a state of shock. They were surrounded by a large group of Highgods who were staring at them as if they were corpses. The hearts of everyone present shook.

“Why is this happening?” Linley didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing.

They were just about to arrive at Royalwing City and become Fiends, but at the final, critical juncture, they were waylaid by a group of Highgods.

“What are you doing?” The strongest of the experts in Linley’s group, Loysius, stared at the surrounding people, frowning as he spoke. Although Loysius wasn’t confident in his ability to battle against so many Highgods, he was confident in his ability to escape.

“What are we doing?” One of them, a black-robed man snickered.


A number of black-robed figures voluntarily moved aside, creating a corridor in the air. A gray-robed figure flew out.

“Master (Lord)!” The black-robed men all bowed respectfully.

But the gray-robed man just stared at Loysius, his eyes filled with a boundless, baleful look, as though he wanted to eat Loysius alive.

“You…you are!!!” Loysius and the others all stared in shock at the gray-robed man. The gray-robed man’s appearance looked absolutely identical to that of the master of the castle. At this moment, Loysius and the other Fiends who had seen the appearance of that master of the castle were all stunned.

They all thought of a possibility!

“Can he be…?” The master of the castle who had been killed was just a divine clone!

The gray-robed man’s face was cold and grim, and a hint of a cruel smile played at the corner of his lips. His gaze swept past Loysius and the others, but in the end landed upon Loysius once more. His other divine clone was destroyed by this Loysius.

The one who he hated the most was this Loysius as well.

“Who are you!” A shout roared out, and the silver-haired elder flew to the front, staring angrily at the gray-robed man. “This was the metallic creature of our Fiend Castle. You dare to destroy it? And it seems you want to attack? You are being rather too arrogant!”

“Fiend Castle?”

The gray-robed man lifted an eyebrow, turning to look at him. “What of it? I don’t believe that the true experts at the headquarters of your Fiend Castle will come looking for me, just because I killed your group. In addition…the relationship between the powerful Seven Star Fiends and those of you in the Fiend Castle is nothing more than a working relationship. They won’t obey your orders.”

The silver-haired elder was stunned.

“You ask me who I am?” The gray-robed man’s jaw shifted slightly as he looked disdainfully at the silver-haired elder. “Then I’ll tell you. My name is Wyrnessin! Have you heard my name before?”


The silver-haired elder frowned slightly.

“Wyrnessin!” Loysius and the others all had the same thought. Indeed, this gray-robed man was the master of the castle. Or, precisely speaking, the other divine clone.


Linley, Delia, Bebe, and Regina were all shocked and suddenly understood. When the black dragon had been killed at the castle, he had shouted loudly that he was Wyrnessin. “No wonder he came for revenge.” Linley was secretly in dread now. “No wonder, before that castle lord was killed, he said that the one who killed him would regret it. Before dying, the castle lord had said his name…but it seems as though everyone has forgotten who he is.”

Linley could tell.

Perhaps Wyrnessin’s name was once very famous, but nobody present knew it.

“Ugh…” Wyrnessin let out a low sigh. “It seems I truly have been hidden away for too long. Even the staff members of the Fiend Castle have forgotten me.”

Wyrnessin himself just stood there in mid-air, but while chatting, he naturally exuded a sort of strength which caused everyone, Loysius included, to feel terrified. Everyone understood…this was an exceedingly powerful expert!

As Wyrnessin was sighing, Loysius and his third brother were chatting with divine sense.


Suddenly, a sonic boom appeared and two shadows suddenly flew towards the north.

Wyrnessin was standing south of them. Loysius and his brother didn’t dare flee in that direction, so they chose to flee towards the north.

“Hmph!” Wyrnessin let out a cold sneer.

The twenty-plus black-robed men who were standing to the north sent out palm strikes with their right hands almost simultaneously. Their united blows suddenly filled the air in front of those twenty-plus black-robed men with a black energy, immediately forming an enormous black ‘web’ which swept towards Loysius and his brother.

The spreading of this giant web caused Loysius and his brother to immediately retreat in terror.

“Sou!” At this moment, Wyrnessin moved as well, suddenly appearing by Loysius’ side. Loysius, with a savage laugh, chopped over with a back-handed stroke from his light blue scimitar, but Wyrnessin just flicked a single finger, tapping the scimitar.


A clear metallic sound rang out.

“Aaaah!” Loysius actually lost his grip on his light blue scimitar. The scimitar fell downwards, while Loysius himself held his head in agony, emitting an agonized scream.

“Big Bro!” The muscular blue-haired man called frantically, but Loysius didn’t seem to hear him. He continued to spasm there in mid-air, while at the same time holding his head and screaming in absolute agony.

“Big Bro, what is it? What’s going on?!” The muscular blue-haired man was absolutely besides himself.

“Stop!” Wyrnessin said calmly.

Loysius’ agonized screams suddenly halted, and he returned to his senses. He stared in terror at Wyrnessin. “You…you have a Spiritleech?”

“Spiritleech?” Hearing this title, the faces of the muscular man and the other Fiends turned absolutely white. The term ‘Spiritleech’ was something which experienced people would occasionally hear of. Even in Blacksand Castle, the ‘Spiritleech’, a forbidden item, was rarely available for purchase.

Even if it was available, the price would be absolutely staggering.

Wyrnessin chuckled. “Right. I spent a good amount of effort to create this Spiritleech.” “You, you made it?” Quite a few people present were stunned.

There were perhaps many, many Highgods who had trained in the Edicts of Death. However, those capable of creating a Spiritleech were extremely rare. In the entire Infernal Realm, there were 108 Asuras, but it would be hard to say if there were 108 people capable of creating a Spiritleech.

“Did you think I would let you die so easily?” Wyrnessin snickered. “You should feel proud that I’m wasting a Spiritleech on you.”

“Proud?” Loysius’ entire body was shaking. When he thought about the terrifying effects of the Spiritleech and about the pain he had just been in, beads of sweat began to appear on Loysius’ head.

“Bang!” Gritting his teeth, Loysius attempted to smash his own head in and commit suicide!

But before his hand touched his forehead, Loysius once more began to scream in agony. “Aaaaaah!” Holding his head, his entire body spasmed, a savage look on his face. Moments later, Loysius stopped screaming, his face ashen as though he were an invalid. He stared in terror at Wyrnessin.

“I told you!” Wyrnessin, right now, was like a Sovereign, standing far above them and holding their lives and deaths in his hands. He stared down at Loysius. “I would make you regret it!”

Everyone’s hearts shuddered in terror.

He was able to create a Spiritleech. This meant that this Wyrnessin had already reached an astonishing level of attainment in the Edicts of Death.

“Haha.” Wyrnessin suddenly let began to laugh like a madman, the laughter causing everyone, including Linley’s group, to feel terrified. Wyrnessin’s gaze swept across the other Fiends. “Everyone involved in this matter will die!”

Those Fiends as well as the nearly hundred surviving Fiend trial participants as well as the staff members of the Fiend Castle were all terrified.

“Boss.” Bebe said with his divine sense.

“Watch to see how things develop. At the last moment, we’ll have to flee.” Linley didn’t know what should be done either.

Even someone as mighty as Loysius wasn’t able to resist Wyrnessin at all. Although Linley had never heard of a Spiritleech, from the discussion between the two as well as the expressions on Loysius’ face, he could tell that this ‘Spiritleech’ was definitely no ordinary item.

“Wyrnessin, you, you can’t!” The silver-haired elder said hurriedly. “Royalwing City is right there, you, you can’t…”

“Royalwing City is over there? I’m not killing anyone within Royalwing City! What have I to fear?” Wyrnessin chuckled, then swept his icy gaze across Linley’s group. “So what if I kill a few little people like you?”

Linley was currently thinking at high speed.

“No. We have to live.” Linley glanced at the nearby Delia and Bebe. “No other choices. We’ll have to flee. When nearly a hundred of us flee, we can’t all be caught. Moreover, we are very close to Royalwing City. We might be able to make it into the city.” Linley continued to calculate their chances.

“I can’t die!” “I don’t want to die!”

The other Fiends and Fiend trial participants didn’t want to die either. They were all thinking frantically.

“Brothers, let’s all flee!” Suddenly, a divine sense rang out in the minds of every person present.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but decide to move.

“Westwards. Hurry!” Linley sent with his divine sense.

In that moment, more than half of the hundred surrounded people began to flee in separate directions.

“Boom!” In the area around them, all of the black-robed men simultaneously swept out with their right palms. Just like last time, a dense layer of black energy came out from every black-robed figure. If one took a close look, the black-robed figures had complicated magical runes on their bodies or robes. All the black-robed men were joining forces…

Every single direction was completely locked down.

A heaven-encompassing net!

Linley and the others had nowhere to flee. “Aaah!” Those who had moved the fastest and had run into the black web seemed to have been struck by a surge of powerful energy which knocked them back.

Linley and the others once more returned to their original position.

“Flee?” Wyrnessin looked disdainfully at them. “If I were to let a group of little fellows like you flee, then I, Wyrnessin, wouldn’t have face to stay in the Infernal Realm any longer.” Wyrnessin glanced disdainfully at the silver-haired elder, then said, “However, I can give you a chance. A chance not to die.”

Linley and the others couldn’t help but to look at Wyrnessin.

“It is very simple.” Wyrnessin pointed at Linley’s side. “In your group, one Highgod can live, and one God can live!” Wyrnessin’s smile was so bright. “Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance!”

Linley’s group was completely stunned, but then, right away, all of them looked warily at each other.

“Linley, what should we do?” Delia said with her divine sense.

Linley maintained his silence, his eyes filled with worry.

What should they do? What could he do?


Suddenly, someone attacked. Instantly, the ‘thread’ tying them together on the same side was broken.

“Don’t piss me off!” Linley roared towards the others, brandishing with his adamantine heavy sword.

Wyrnessin bellowed, his long eyebrows dancing in the air, “I won’t kill the final survivors. Haha, kill, kill!” Wyrnessin’s eyes were filled with wild savagery.

Right now, Wyrnessin was venting his anger.

His divine clone was destroyed. Thus, he would make sure that everyone involved would be doomed!

“Not die?”

Wyrnessin said to himself. “First, give you some hope. After the final two survivors come out, I will make you suffer the most agonizing torment. I won’t kill you. However, I am capable of tormenting you until you commit suicide!” Whenever Wyrnessin thought of the two people who would be ‘survivors’, and yet would face such a terrifying outcome, he couldn’t help but feel excited and eager. “I told you. I will make you all regret it.” Wyrnessin said sinisterly to himself.

Since he was going to take revenge, how would Wyrnessin let any of them flee?

“Hm?” Wyrnessin suddenly narrowed his eyes.

He saw that all of a sudden that Loysius fell downwards at high speed, this sudden drop causing the surrounding black-robed figures to be unable to block him.

“Fleeing?” Wyrnessin immediately chased afterwards.

“Aaaah!” Loysius, in mid-air, once more let out an agonized cry, but only one of his divine clones was screaming. The other divine clone of Loysius actually continued to fly downwards at high speed. However…Wyrnessin appeared in front of it.

“You want to run?” Wyrnessin looked at him disdainfully. “Did you think that I didn’t know you had a divine clone?”

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