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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 29, Penitent Flames

Seeing Wyrnessin suddenly appear in front of him, Loysius’ heart shook.

“I’m finished!” Loysius couldn’t help but feel some despair.

The Spiritleech planted in his soul was only in his most powerful divine Life clone. Loysius had another divine clone. But now, that clone wasn’t able to flee either.

“If you don’t want to die right now, then go back!” Wyrnessin barked.

Loysius knew that by retreating, he would probably die as well, but he still chose to return to the encirclement.

“Crunch!” A dagger pierced straight into the head of a God.

And then, with a flip of his hand, Bebe collected the corpse as he flew back towards Linley. Linley, Bebe, and Delia were all in one location. If others didn’t attack them, they wouldn’t attack others either. But once any person attacked them, Linley’s team would immediately kill the enemy!

Regina was by Linley’s side as well.

Only, at this sort of critical, life-and-death juncture, Linley’s team didn’t dare to fully trust Regina either.

Blood splattered everywhere as the slaughter continued.

“Linley.” Delia looked towards Linley, who squeezed out a smile. Given the situation, and the fact that Wyrnessin had already said that only a single God would be permitted to remain living, there would definitely be casualties in Linley’s group of three.

Who would die?

“I would rather die than let Delia or Bebe die.” At this moment, Linley’s heart was in great pain.

“Even if I die, I’ll die by your side.” Delia looked at Linley, a hint of a smile actually on her face. “I am already very satisfied to be able to be together with you.”

“What nonsense are you spewing!” Linley shouted angrily with his divine sense.

But Linley’s heart was tied up in knots. Although Delia wasn’t very talented in terms of training, all these years, she had quietly supported Linley. Her quiet attentiveness and support had imperceptibly transformed their love for each other, engraving it into each other’s souls.

In neither life nor death would they be parted.

“You won’t die.” Linley looked at Delia, while at the same time paying careful attention to the surrounding area.

That white-robed man who had sold quite a few moon rings was staring at Linley’s team. Just then, Linley’s team had already discovered that the white-robed man was indeed very strong. Ten Gods had already died by his hand.

“I urge you not to come offend us.” Wielding the adamantine heavy sword in his hand, Linley sent his divine sense.

The white-robed man hesitated as he looked at Bebe. In the end, he didn’t choose to attack.

Linley and Bebe had killed quite a few people just then as well. Linley used soul attacks, while Bebe used material attacks. They were amongst the most powerful Gods of this group as well.

“HALT!” A cold shout thundered forth from the direction of Royalwing City.

Everyone who heard this angry shout felt their head grow dizzy. They lost all perception, and only a while later did they recover. By the time Linley’s team had recovered, they saw that three figures had appeared in mid-air. Beneath the light of the Blood Sun, the shadow of the leader of those figures seemed all the more majestic and dazzling.

He wore a long golden robe, had white eyebrows, and golden pupils!

White eyebrows, golden pupils!

“Governor Royalwing, Seven Star Fiend!” Linley’s heart exulted wildly. Linley, Bebe, and Delia’s faces instantly revealed a look of utter joy.

Not just them; even the silver-haired elder who was drenched in blood from the battle but had yet to die, upon realizing who had come, let out an excited call, “Lord Governor!”

“Lord Governor?” Quite a few of the Fiend trial participants stared at the newcomer in excitement.

As a Seven Star Fiend, Royalwing definitely was one of the most powerful forces of the Infernal Realm.

“Oh, Stuart [Si’tu’er’te]!” The gray-robed man, Wyrnessin, glanced at Governor Royalwing. “Stuart, can it be that you want to interfere in this matter?”

Linley’s group was shocked. They knew that ‘Royalwing’ was nothing more than the nickname which the Governor Royalwing had gained upon becoming a Seven Star Fiend.

As for Lord Royalwing’s real name, not many knew.

The white eyebrows of Governor Royalwing rose, and he stared at Wyrnessin with a sharp gaze. “Wyrnessin, this is a squad from the Fiend Castle, and they are very close to Royalwing City. Don’t go too far.” Governor Royalwing’s words contained a hint of anger as well.

“Stuart, my divine clone was killed. You tell me, am I justified or not in getting revenge?” Wyrnessin stared at Governor Royalwing.

Governor Royalwing frowned. “Your divine clone was destroyed? How could the likes of them have done that?”

Governor Royalwing knew exactly how powerful Wyrnessin was.

Wyrnessin hesitated momentarily, then said sourly, “I was staying in my lair, focusing on analyzing the Edicts of Death, but my divine Darkness clone was staying in Moon Lake Castle.” After all, Wyrnessin wanted to enjoy life as well. He couldn’t always spend his time in training.

“Who would have imagined that such a large number of people would suddenly attack my Moon Lake Castle.” Wyrnessin was furious.

Governor Royalwing now understood.

This was very simple. Many experts would choose to divide their divine clones up in multiple locations. That way, if one divine clone fell into grave danger, at least another would survive.

“How can I possibly not avenge such a huge enmity?” Wyrnessin said.

To these ultimate experts, their life was of course incomparably valuable. A divine clone’s destruction was equivalent to losing one of their lives. Who wouldn’t be utterly enraged? Wyrnessin had planned long ago to kill all of these Fiends and spare not a one.

Governor Royalwing was worried as well. He then looked at Wyrnessin and said slowly, “Wyrnessin, I understand how you feel. But…you are acting right outside of Royalwing City. You should at least give me, Stuart, a little face.”

Wyrnessin frowned slightly.

Both Governor Royalwing and Wyrnessin had become famous as ultimate experts eons ago in a long bygone era. They had long ago, in that era, become Seven Star Fiends!

“Stuart, can it be that you want to fight me?” Wyrnessin said in a low voice, frowning.

Right now, the thirty-plus survivors who were surrounded were watching nervously. Linley and the others knew…right now, their lives were in the hands of these two ultimate experts. Whether they lived or died would depend on the results of Governor Royalwing’s discussions with Wyrnessin.

“I don’t want to fight with you, but, you can’t go too far either.” Governor Royalwing said.

Wyrnessin understood Royalwing’s temper quite well.

“Fine. These little God-level fellows, I won’t kill them. But those four Highgods that are still surviving, I must kill them!” Wyrnessin said with certainty. “The destruction of my divine clones involved those Fiends!”

Governor Royalwing glanced over.

“Lord Governor!” The silver-haired elder said hurriedly, and the other three Highgods looked towards Governor Royalwing with supplicating gazes.

Governor Royalwing spoke out. “Of the four surviving Highgods, that one over there is a staff member of the Fiend Castle.” Governor Royalwing pointed at the silver-haired elder. “He can’t possibly have anything to do with your death.”

Wyrnessin glanced sideways at the silver-haired elder, then nodded and said, “Fine. I can spare him.”

“Lord Governor.” The other three Highgods, Loysius included, called out repeatedly.

But Governor Royalwing didn’t pay them any mind at all. Governor Royalwing looked at Wyrnessin, sending a divine message. “It is best if you take care of this quickly. You’ve caused so much commotion, and were taking so much time…” Wyrnessin immediately understood.

Governor Royalwing wanted face as well.


Wyrnessin smiled.

“Lord Governor!” Loysius, the muscular blue-haired man, and a gold-haired Fiend immediately called out in high voices.

“You killed one of my divine clones. Hmph!” Wyrnessin’s eyes suddenly turned white, and a translucent ripple spread out, immediately shooting towards the muscular blue-haired man, the gold-haired Fiend, and one of Loysius’ divine clones, invading their bodies.

“Ah!” Desolate screams were ripped forth from the three.

At the same time, a translucent flame swirled above the heads of the three, and then the three fell down from the skies, dead!

“Penitent Flames?” Governor Royalwing’s eyes lit up. “This Wyrnessin has become much more powerful than he had previously been.”

“So powerful.” Seeing this, the nearly thirty lucky survivors were all shocked. Highgod Fiends had been killed without any ability to fight back by this Wyrnessin, and just then, that formless attack that had created translucent flames was something they had never even heard of.

Right now, the only surviving Fiend was Loysius. This was the divine clone of Loysius which had suffered the ‘Spiritleech’.

His other divine clone had been killed.

“Penitent Flames?” Loysius stared in terror towards Wyrnessin. “The legendary Penitent Flames?” Loysius now fully understood how great the difference was between him and Wyrnessin.

“You…why haven’t you gone to challenge an Asura yet?” Loysius said.

Linley had a thought. “Challenge an Asura?” Linley knew that the Infernal Realm had, in total, 108 prefectures, and also 108 Asuras! The Lord Prefect of every single prefecture was an Asura! In the Infernal Realm, ‘Asura’ was a title given only to the mightiest of experts, and there was only one way to obtain it.

Challenging for it!

But not just anyone had the right to challenge an Asura. The challenger had to first become a Seven Star Fiend!

Upon becoming a mighty Seven Star Fiend, one had the right to challenge an Asura. If the challenge was successful, the previous Asura would lose the title of ‘Asura’, and the challenger would receive the title of ‘Asura’. Thus, there would forever be only 108 Asuras in the Infernal Realm.

“Challenge an Asura?” Wyrnessin glanced at him sideways. “First of all, I’m not too interested in that.”

“Secondly, do you think that just because I am able to use the ‘Penitent Flames’ that I will be able to defeat an Asura?” Wyrnessin snickered. “If we were still in the era of when I first arrived in the Infernal Realm, perhaps. But countless years have passed. After so many challenges, every single Asura of our era is extremely hard to deal with.”

Wyrnessin glanced towards Governor Royalwing as well.

Governor Royalwing nodded slightly, as though he shared the same thoughts.

They were both Seven Star Fiends, and they had reached the level of Seven Star Fiends countless years ago. But they didn’t dare to go challenge the Asuras! Because if their challenge was to fail, then generally speaking, the result would be death!

“Little fellows, count your blessings.” Wyrnessin glanced at the nearly thirty surviving Gods.

Wyrnessin didn’t have too much of an urge to kill Linley and these others, because he too knew that the death of his divine clone didn’t have much to do with these Gods. Since Governor Royalwing had come in person, he had to give Governor Royalwing some face.

“Everyone, leave now.” Governor Royalwing spoke out.

Immediately, under the leadership of the silver-haired elder, the nearly thirty lucky God-level survivors immediately flew towards the direction of Royalwing City.

Moments later…

In mid-air, the only figures left were Wyrnessin’s subordinates, Loysius, and the three people on Governor Royalwing’s side.

“Hmph, what are you looking at? You want to go back to Royalwing City as well? Haha, in your dreams!” Wyrnessin looked at Loysius, who ignored him silently. But then, Loysius suddenly began to spasm, shrieking in agony while clutching his head.

Governor Royalwing’s eyebrows lifted up.

“It is a Spiritleech.” Wyrnessin said unconcernedly.

Governor Royalwing was slightly startled, and he let out a surprised breath. “Wyrnessin, you were able to make a Spiritleech? Although it isn’t very effective against experts on our level, this thing is astonishingly valuable.” Spiritleeches weren’t of great use against the likes of Governor Royalwing.

However, in the entirety of the Infernal Realm, how many people were capable of being on their level?

“If you want one, you can come to my place to buy one. The price that I’ll give you will be 10% lower than the price at Blacksand Castle.” Wyrnessin said.

Governor Royalwing couldn’t help but grin.

“Stuart, I’ll be leaving now.” Wyrnessin informed him.

Governor Royalwing nodded slightly.

Wyrnessin then stared once more at that Loysius. “Kid, I told you. You will regret it…very, very much.” And then, he led Loysius and his forces into the metallic lifeform and left at high speed.”

“That young fellow has fallen into Wyrnessin’s clutches. He’s in for a tragedy.” Governor Royalwing let out a sigh.

Seven Laws, Four Edicts. Amongst these, the most sinister and one most capable of tormenting others was the Edicts of Death. And in turn, experts on the level of Wyrnessin were capable of truly terrifying tricks.

“We finally made it back to Royalwing City alive.” Linley, Delia, and Bebe stood on the streets of Royalwing City, momentarily not sure whether they should laugh or to cry. This sort of fluctuation between life and death truly made one’s heart tremble.

“Linley, this time, I truly was scared to death.” Delia revealed a smile at this moment.

Bebe pursed his lips. “That old man Wyrnessin really went too far. But, alas, it seems he’s really powerful. Grandpa Beirut isn’t here either. If he was here, everything would be fine.”

Linley took Delia by the hand. “Let’s go. We’ll go to the Fiend Castle!” Turning in the moon rings would make Linley and the others One Star Fiends.

Immediately, Linley, Bebe, and Delia headed straight towards the Fiend Castle.

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