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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 27, Highest Bidder Takes It

Infernal Realm. Nightblaze Prefecture.

A mountain range without any life whatsoever. The stones of the mountain were charred black, and there was some decayed wild grass as well.

Within this mountain range, there was a lake that was dozens of kilometers in circumference. The lake water was rancid, and it emanated a deathly aura as well. Some white skeletons were floating on the top of the lake. This mountain range was a forbidden area!

Even Fiends didn’t dare to go near this place.

“Drip, drip…” The deathly lake water began to bubble.


Suddenly, the massive surface of the lake suddenly was pulled apart, and the lake waters naturally pulled open, revealing a corridor that was dozens of meters wide which led straight into the depths. Nearly a hundred figures appeared from the depths of the lake. Aside from the leader, who wore a gray robe, the others all wore black robes.

Nearly a hundred people stood there in the air above the lake.

The gray-robed leader had pitch-black hair, but the most eye-catching part of him was still his two eyebrows, which drooped all the way down to his chest. If Loysius had been here and seen this gray-robed man, he definitely would have been shocked. Because this gray-robed man looked exactly the same as the master of Moon Lake Castle.

“BASTARD!” The muscles around the gray-robed man’s eyes were twitching. He was currently at the edges of an absolute explosion of rage.

The gray-robed man growled, “It seems that I, Wyrnessin, have been hidden from the world for too long. Those people have forgotten my name. They actually destroyed my divine clone! I told them…that I would make them regret it!” The gray-robed man’s heart was filled with boundless rage.

He had two mighty divine clones.

He had first developed his divine clone of Death, while his original body was that of a divine clone of Darkness. In terms of power, his accomplishments in the Edicts of Death had far surpassed his accomplishments in the Laws of Darkness. Despite that, given the power of his divine Darkness clone as well as the many guards he had, he shouldn’t have had any problems.

But who would have imagined that…

One of his bodies had been destroyed.

“Kill them, kill them all!” The gray-robed man’s heart was filled with murderous thoughts.

He only had two bodies to begin with. Both of them represented a life. Losing a divine clone…of course he would be furious.

“Master, where shall we go?” A black-robed man behind him said respectfully.

“My Moon Lake Castle is close to Royalwing City! Based on the Fiend Castle’s rules for choosing Fiend trial assignments, they would definitely select nearer locations.” The gray-robed man said in a low voice. “Those Fiends have most likely boarded the metallic lifeform and begun to head back to Royalwing City.”

“We will first go to Royalwing City!” The gray-robed man said coldly.

“Yes, Master (Lord)!”

The nearly-hundred black-robed men behind him simultaneously called out, with the only difference being in their manner of address.

“Hmph, no matter what, they’ll have to return to Royalwing City! We’ll stop them outside Royalwing City.” The gray-robed man immediately looked at one black-robed man, whose body suddenly vanished. At the same time, a sinuous metallic creature appeared in mid-air. The gray-robed man and the nearly-hundred black-robed men entered the metallic lifeform.


The metallic lifeform split through the air, making haste towards Royalwing City.

In terms of speed, this metallic lifeform’s speed was far faster than the one which Linley’s group was on.

Not too far away from Moon Lake, the metallic lifeform Linley was in was currently hovering in mid-air.

The silver-haired elder flew back to the metallic creature and immediately instructed, “There’s nobody else inside. Head out!” Immediately, the metallic lifeform transformed into a blur, disappearing into the distant horizons.

Within the metallic lifeform, the silver-haired elder entered the front cabins, saying in a sonorous voice while looking at everyone, “Everyone, stand up for now and gather at the center of the walkway.”

“Stand up?”

Although puzzled, Linley and the others all stood up. The nearly hundred survivors in the rear cabins all gathered at the center of the walkway. Suddenly…the metallic creature shrank in size by a large margin, both in length and in width. The seating arrangements changed so that only a hundred appeared.

When they had arrived, they had fifty rows of twenty seats each.

Now, they had twenty rows of five seats each. The body was much smaller.

“There’s very few people here right now. No need for the metallic lifeform to be so large.” The silver-haired elder said calmly. After speaking, he left the rear cabin and returned to the front cabin.

Currently, there were only a hundred seats, causing the people in the rear cabins to be fairly close to each other now.

“Heading back.”

Linley looked out from the translucent metallic window of the metallic creature, feeling relaxed.

“Boss, when we return to Royalwing City and turn in the moon rings at the Fiend Castle, we will become Fiends.” Bebe chortled as he looked at Linley and spoke. “By then, we’ll be able to wear Fiend medallions. Haha, at least when we enter the city, we won’t have to stand in line to pay the fees any longer.”

“Pay the city entrance fees?”

Linley and Delia were speechless when they heard this. To them, what was a single inkstone these days?

“Who here has moon rings? If anyone has moon rings, I’m willing to pay a price to buy them.” Suddenly, a voice rang out from the rear cabin. This voice instantly caused everyone in the rear cabin to look over. The speaker was a soft, sinister looking, handsome man.

“Pay a price to buy them?” Linley was shocked. “As bold and audacious as this? The staff members of the Fiend Castle are in the front cabin.”

Bebe frowned. “Uh? He is speaking so loudly. If that silver-haired old man hears it, won’t that will be terrible?”

Regina’s eyes were shining. She was looking at the people nearby. Upon hearing Bebe’s words, she lowered her voice and explained, “Bebe, the only thing that matters in the Fiend trials is whether or not you have the required item. They don’t care how you acquired it. Whether it was by theft or by purchasing, as long as you can turn in a moon ring, that’ll be enough.”

Hearing this, Linley’s group now understand.

“The reason the Fiend Castle does this is to encourage internecine strife.” Linley mused to himself.

Only, this was what the Infernal Realm was like to begin with. Slaughter and battle was the main purpose of this place.

“If you want to buy it, haha…I do have an extra moon ring.” Suddenly, in the rear cabin, a voice rang out. This voice caused Regina and some others to immediately grow excited, and they hurriedly looked over.

The person who had an extra moon ring was an extremely muscular bearded man who was just 1.2 or 1.3 meters tall.

“Dwarf?” Linley raised an eyebrow.

“What price?” A woman with long golden hair asked.

“My asking price isn’t too high. A million inkstones. If you want it, pay up.” The muscular dwarf said directly.

“A million?” Some people immediately exhaled in shock.

To a Highgod, perhaps a million inkstones wasn’t much. But to a God, a million inkstones was an extravagant sum. Even for the likes of Linley’s group, when they had sold off that Highgod artifact, they had only received 750,000 inkstones.

But how would an ordinary God acquire a Highgod artifact?

Only after one battle and plundering after another would one be able to amass a fortune in excess of a million inkstones.

“Too expensive.” Regina frowned. She didn’t have enough wealth to purchase it.

“I’ll take it.” Immediately, that soft-looking, handsome man spoke out.

Although nearly a hundred had survived, there were still twenty or thirty who hadn’t acquired moon rings. The others, upon hearing someone was offering to buy it, immediately grew frantic.

“I’ll pay 1.1 million inkstones.” Some people hurriedly called out.

“I offered to pay first.” The handsome man said frantically.

The muscular dwarf said, “I already said the price. One million inkstones exactly. Here you go. Give me a million inkstones.” The muscular dwarf was very straightforward. He immediately carried out the transaction with the handsome man. The others couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Regina let out a sigh.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing to pay; she simply didn’t have the money.

“Who else has moon rings?” Someone called out loudly from the rear cabins.

At this moment, a white-robed middle-aged man laughed calmly. “I’ll set the same price as that short gentleman. A million inkstones. Whoever wants a moon ring, give me a million inkstones and I will give you a moon ring.”

“There’s more?” Regina couldn’t help but to look over, but she didn’t have enough money.

“Swish!” Instantly, several figures immediately charged over.

“Here you go.” A jade-haired woman immediately shoved an azurite cube that was ten centimeters on each side in the hand of that white-robed middle-aged man.

“Sell it to me.” Some others were calling out. “We’ll give you a million inkstones also!”

“I already gave him a million inkstones. This moon ring is mine.” The jade-haired woman said hurriedly, while at the same time, she stared at the white-robed man. She was worried that the white-robed man was lying. However, she believed that he probably wasn’t.

The white-robed man smiled as he accepted the million inkstones, and with a flip of his hand, handed a moon ring over to the jade-haired woman. “All yours.”

The jade-haired woman was overjoyed. Accepting the moon ring, she returned to her own seat.

The others were very disappointed.

The white-robed man only smiled. “Don’t fight. As long as you have enough money, I’ll be able to sell enough moon rings.” With a flip of his hand, the white-robed man produced five more moon rings in his palm.

This scene caused everyone to be stunned.

“Where did this guy get so many moon rings?” Everyone in the rear cabins stared at the white-robed man.

Immediately, some people handed over a million inkstones, and all of them received a moon ring.

The white-robed man continued smiling. “If anyone else wants a moon ring, please come over. I have more.” As he smiled towards the onlookers, the entire rear cabin immediately fell silent.

Only those with enough money could buy it.

Although over twenty people had failed to acquire moon rings, only six of them had more than a million inkstones. The others didn’t have enough money to buy them.

Regina suddenly stood up. Laughing, she said, “Sir, please lower the price for the moon ring just a little bit. A million inkstones is simply too much. The moon rings are only useful to us. To others, it is nothing but an interspatial ring.”

Interspatial rings were worthless. Not even worth a single inkstone.

“Right.” Instantly, many people also begun to clamor. “Why don’t you lower the price, like maybe five hundred thousand inkstones? What do you say? I think there will still be quite a few who will buy from you.”

“Right. Five hundred thousand inkstones.” Regina also said. Regina’s own assets were only around eight hundred thousand inkstones.

“You can’t do that.” The people who had just bought moon rings found it unfair. “We paid a million inkstones to buy it.”

The white-robed man laughed calmly. “I already said, a million! If you don’t have enough inkstones, I’d rather not sell than lower the price.” After finishing his words, the white-robed man fell silent.

Regina’s face couldn’t help but change.

“Regina, how much do you have on you?” Delia suddenly spoke out.

Regina couldn’t help but look at Linley’s group. Actually, just then, Linley’s group had been secretly chatting through using their divine sense. On this trip, Linley’s group had made some enormous gains. The Deathgod Golem alone was worth a hundred million inkstones. The black-robed guard’s wealth in his interspatial ring was an astonishing figure as well.

“I…still lack two hundred thousand.” Regina said with a hint of eagerness.

Bebe chortled, then with a flip of his hand, retrieved two azurites. “Right, here you go!”

Seeing this, Regina couldn’t help but feel excited. “Thank you!” She immediately accepted it, then ran over to the white-robed man.

Outside Royalwing City, the gray-robed man was seated in the meditative position in a patch of grass, with dozens of experts next to him.

“Master, a metallic creature of the Fiend Castle is flying over. It is coming from the direction of Moon Lake Castle.” A voice rang out in the mind of the gray-robed man, who immediately opened his eyes. He growled, “Come with me.” Immediately, he led the dozens of figures flying into the sky.

A few dozen kilometers outside of Royalwing City.

The metallic creature which Linley was seated in was flying at high speed towards Royalwing City. Linley’s group was very happy. After all, they were able to see the distant Royalwing City grow closer from outside the translucent window.

“We’re finally arriving.” Linley’s group was all smiles.


“Boom!” The entire metallic lifeform shuddered violently, and then with a ‘BANG!’ sound, the entire metallic creature exploded into countless shards of metal. The Fiends within the metallic lifeform, caught completely off guard, immediately controlled their bodies to float in midair.

Linley’s group was hovering in midair as well, but as they stared at their surroundings, their faces turned white.

In the area around Linley’s entire group, there were nearly a hundred black-robed men standing in mid-air. These black-robed men had completely surrounded everyone in Linley’s group, without anyone being able to flee. Every single black-robed man emanated an absolutely astonishing aura.

“Highgods. All Highgods!”

The faces of everyone present changed, Linley included!

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